Sep 15, 2022

Florida’s DeSantis Sends Planes With Migrants To Martha’s Vineyard Transcript

Florida's DeSantis Sends Planes With Migrants To Martha's Vineyard Transcript
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As the political battle over immigration intensifies, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis sent a plane filled with migrants to Martha’s Vineyard. Read the transcript here.

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Speaker 1: (00:00)
This morning, a surprising scene in Martha’s Vineyard, two planes filled with about 50 migrants landing on the island according to emergency management officials. Authorities say the planes were sent from Florida Wednesday afternoon by Governor Ron DeSantis. This video provided by DeSantis’ office, which says it was obtained by a source on the ground, appears to show the migrant’s arrival on the island. DeSantis’ office saying, “The planes were part of the state’s relocation program to transport illegal immigrants to sanctuary destinations.” Adding, “States like Massachusetts, New York, and California will better facilitate the care of these individuals who they have invited into our country by incentivizing illegal immigration.”

Julian Cyr: (00:48)
This is really clearly a political stunt.

Speaker 1: (00:52)
Republican Governor DeSantis borrowing a tactic from other Republican governors, moving migrants to other states in order to protest the Biden administration’s border policies. Since April, Texas bused more than 7,000 migrants to DC, which declared a public emergency last week. The state has also bused thousands to New York and Chicago. Local democratic lawmakers in Martha’s Vineyard, outraged. Representative Dylan Fernandez posted to social media saying he met with the immigrants at a local church, and that dozens of beds have been supplied by local social services, along with meals, medical care, and a play area for children at a shelter.

Dylan Fernandez: (01:34)
Some of these people, I’ve been told, traveled months just to get to the border and then were sent here in an airplane with very little information about where they’re going or why they were going there.

Savannah: (01:49)
Kerry, it sounds like the local community pulled together to give shelter and help to these migrants, but were local officials given any kind of warning to prepare for the arrival?

Kerry Sanders: (02:01)
Well, several local officials say that Florida gave them no warning, that they did have to scramble to provide some humanitarian aid to those who are arriving and they liken it to responding to a natural disaster. Savannah.

Savannah: (02:13)
All right, Kerry Sanders, thank you very much.

Al Roker: (02:18)
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