We’re prepared to serve market research firms and a range of other customers with diverse backgrounds and ever-changing needs. That’s why our security measures evolve as our customers do. We understand the need for security in sharing documents that contain company assets and other sensitive information. In the world of market research, transcripts are a useful way to transform the words of customers and users into actionable insights. Whether in the form of focus groups or 1:1 interviews, we want to protect not only this valuable data but also the privacy of every participant; hence, this conversation about security. Suffice to say: we get it. And here’s how we do our part.


An NDA protects companies in three ways. Information that 1. is critical to your company’s infrastructure; 2. contains clear security information; or 3. is internally defined as sensitive, is covered by a well-crafted NDA. All of our transcriptionists are under an NDA. We’re happy to work with customers to agree on one, or you can even provide your own.


We use only the highest standard in modern encryption. All files are stored and transmitted using TLS 1.2 encryption using a 128-bit AES key. To deconstruct this jargon, here’s an analogy. It would take a supercomputer 13.75 billion years to break this encryption and compromise our security.

Our Secure Portal and Disable Download

Our transcriptionists work remotely but log into a secure portal to execute their work. You can select an option to disable download, meaning our transcriptionists cannot download your audio files onto a personal device for remote work. These two things guarantee that all interaction with your data occurs in our secure portal.

US-Based Servers

Our servers are based in the United States, and it’s possible to delete any and all of your files from our system once a transcript is complete. We also utilize Amazon Web Services for our cloud-based storage and transmission. We chose AWS because it’s simple to use from anywhere in the world, which means we’ll meet compliance regulations regardless of a customer’s location.


We don’t just say we respect your confidentiality, we get out the white gloves and handle everything with care. Transcription is widely used in different industries and although the need for security is constant, the standards vary from industry to industry. That’s why we go the extra mile to make sure every customer is covered, from large corporations to independent freelancers.

Questions about our transcription security protocol? Please send us an email at support@rev.com.