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Rev AI Expands Its Presence in the European Union

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RevBlogRevver SpotlightsRev AI Expands Its Presence in the European Union

Rev AI is thrilled to announce the launch of our very first European data processing center in Frankfurt, Germany. With this expansion, Rev AI customers can store and process their data in either the United States or European Union, all while maintaining compliance with regulations in both regions.

GDPR Compliance in EU 

As businesses’ speech-to-text needs become increasingly global, our EU expansion will allow companies to operate confidently in compliance with GDPR policies. (Click here to read Rev’s new GDPR-compliant Data Processing Addendum.) 

Rev AI remains committed to data security, implementing stringent measures to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our customers’ data. That’s why Rev AI’s staff is trained on the proper use of our systems and best practices for both security and privacy. All Rev employees have completed background checks and have signed confidentiality agreements. (To read about our privacy policy, please click here.) 

How Does Implementation Work?

Rev AI customers who need both US and EU servers will need to have two accounts (one for each region) to submit jobs. While this means that order history will be separate for each account, Rev AI does support shared billing where invoices and balances may be shared across accounts. Customers choose the processing region at the time of job submission, based on the URL. 

Supported Features 

The first iteration of our Frankfurt global deployments server will support the following APIs:

Supported functionality

  • Async API, English only
  • Inline API Custom Vocabulary (no CV based on pre-built ID)

Not yet supported

  • Rev AI Human Transcription
  • Insights (Topic Extraction, Sentiment Analysis, Language ID)
  • Streaming

Note: submitting non-English, streaming, Rev AI Human Transcription or Insights jobs will result in 404 errors until these features become available. 

Data Privacy and Delineation 

When a non-US region is used for job submission, all sensitive data is restricted to that region.  Billing, account, and transactional data are stored in US servers.  

Here’s a breakdown of data storage locations specific to the EU endpoint by data type:

* Job Failure Error Messages and Job Metadata may be duplicated to the US for analytics purposes. This data does not contain personal information.

Note: All data sent to the U.S. endpoint for processing will be stored in the U.S.

This document will be updated with additional regions as Rev AI expands its geographic footprint.

Customer Support 

Customer Support requests to Rev AI are managed through a combination of US-based Solutions Engineering, Customer Support Operations, and Engineering teams. 

We advise our customers not to send any specific job details as described above through customer support channels such as Zendesk, email or slack if 100% data compliance is required.

Rev will request explicit permission from our customers before reviewing, accessing,  or investigating any job type data in question that requires job data stored in the EU. Without this permission, Rev AI Customer Support will do its best to provide adequate support in the absence of specific data.  
Interested in getting started with an EU account? Get in touch with us here or write to us at

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