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23 Side Hustle Ideas to Make Money

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Nowadays, side hustlers are pulling in bigger bucks than ever before. It’s easy to see the appeal of working in America’s flourishing gig economy. Who wouldn’t want to bust out of the cubicle every once in a while — especially when it comes with an extra paycheck?

If you’re looking for ways to earn some spare cash, build your savings, and finally experience what it’s like to be your own boss, here are 23 side hustle ideas to get you on the path to bigger paydays.

1. Social Media Management

Turn tweets into triumphs and likes into leads. Social media managers make money by creating engaging content for small businesses, startups, agencies, organizations, and more. Content may include captions, blogs, graphics, and especially strong social media video content, which is one of the best tools for generating organic traffic and leads.

Best for: Those familiar and up-to-date with social media best practices, those with a marketing background or experience with helpful marketing tools

How to get started: Manage accounts for yourself or your friends to build a portfolio. You can look at online job boards like Indeed or LinkedIn to discover new opportunities.

Education/certifications: A bachelor’s in marketing, communications, or business is helpful, but you can also get certified in social media marketing on sites like Hootsuite or HubSpot.

Potential earnings: $10-$50/hour

Pro tip: Make the most of your social media side hustle by including captions on your videos to reach a wider audience.

2. Running an Online Store

Sell your products online and earn some extra cash in this side hustle from home! E-commerce platforms like Etsy and Shopify help you sell everything from jewelry to electronics. If you’re not the creative type, no problem! Sell products for others as a reseller or retailer. Who knows — someday, you may even open your own brick-and-mortar store.

Best for: Entrepreneurs and those with sales backgrounds

How to get started: Research products or create your own, and get familiar with sites like Shopify, eBay, and Amazon.

Education/certifications: Formal education isn’t necessary, but knowledge of e-commerce platforms or digital marketing strategies is helpful.

Potential earnings: $200-$1,000+/month

Pro tip: Consider profit margins and shipping costs when pricing your products to ensure long-term success.

3. Become a Video Content Creator

Do you have what it takes to become a video influencer? If you know how to capture attention with short or long videos on apps like TikTok, you could be raking in some serious cash as a video content creator. Popular influencers make money through sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, and partnering with brands that appeal to their followers.

Best for: Those with a strong social media presence or charismatic personality

How to get started: Find your unique niche and build a significant following on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok. Start posting regular video content and interact with other video content creators through comments or collaborations.

Education/certifications: No formal education is needed, but a digital marketing, video production, video editing, or digital storytelling background is helpful.

Potential earnings: $50-$500/post

Pro tip: Create accurate captions in multiple languages (like Spanish or Japanese) for your videos to make them sharable worldwide.

4. Freelancing Writing or Editing

If you’ve got plenty to say and know how to say it, freelance writing or editing could be a great, flexible side hustle for you to display your word nerdiness. Start writing blog posts, landing pages, product copy, and much more for clients who need high-quality content that can turn readers into leads.

Best for: Writers, editors, and those with educational backgrounds

How to get started: Create a writing portfolio and add it to your personal website or LinkedIn. You can also upload it to a freelancer platform such as Fiverr or Upwork.

Education/certifications: A bachelor’s degree in English, writing, journalism, or communications is helpful but not always necessary to make money.

Potential earnings: $20-$100/hour

Pro tip: If you’re starting from scratch, try publishing content on your own blog to help showcase your skills to potential clients.

5. Graphic Design

If you feel at home using software like Adobe Suite, you can earn big bucks creating graphics for clients in a variety of industries. Even in the age of AI, there’s always a need for skilled human designers who know how to utilize both old and up-and-coming technologies to create eye-catching graphics for all types of media.

Best for: Those with design backgrounds, creatives with a good eye

How to get started: Build an online graphic design portfolio and showcase it on your website or on platforms like Squarespace, Upwork, or Fiverr.

Education/certifications: A formal graphic design degree might be preferred, but it is not always required. You can also get certified through Adobe or another design software.

Potential earnings: $25-$200/hour

Pro tip: Take online graphic design courses to stay up-to-date with the latest design principles and processes.

6. Photography or Videography

We could all use someone who knows how to capture our good side. If you’ve got a knack for taking stunning photos or videos, become a photographer or videographer and make your living capturing people’s happiest moments. Learn the ins and outs of photo and video editing to take your work to the next level and impress your clients.

Best for: Creatives with an eye for composition and visual storytelling

How to get started: Take photos and videos for friends or local businesses, share your work on social media, and share your budding portfolio on freelance websites like Upwork or Fiverr.

Education/certifications: A bachelor’s degree in photography or videography can provide a great foundation, and any additional training programs can help you build a solid portfolio.

Potential earnings: $100-$500/session

Pro tip: Provide your clients with transcriptions of recorded spoken events, such as speeches, stage performances, and conferences to set yourself apart from the competition.

7. Professional Cleaning

Are you an expert in all things cleanliness? Are you constantly tidying up after your family and friends? Throw on your rubber gloves and become a professional cleaner! Cleaners make money through services like deep cleaning, decluttering, carpet cleaning, and window cleaning in homes, offices, and commercial buildings.

Best for: Tidy and/or handy individuals with extra time during the day, those who don’t mind being active and on their feet for hours

How to get started: Create flyers, post on job boards like TaskRabbit, and ask your friends to spread the word about your cleaning offerings.

Education/certifications: No education is required, but you can become certified in cleaning or safety protocols for credibility. Check if your state requires a license for the services you offer.

Potential earnings: $20-$100/hour

Pro tip: Create video content showcasing your cleaning skills with before-and-after shots to help bring in new business. Not convinced of the benefits? Check out these video marketing statistics to learn more.

8. Doing Handiwork

If you know how to fix a broken window or a leaky faucet, or if you’ve always been handy around the house, you can turn your innovation into compensation by doing handiwork. You can do side jobs that pay cash by offering basic repair services, painting, installations, and maintenance to homeowners, or step up your game and offer your services to local businesses.

Best for: Those with construction backgrounds, those experienced with repairs and DIY projects

How to get started: Complete projects for friends, family, and local businesses, and list your credentials on service marketplaces like Thumbtack and Handy.

Education/certifications: Formal education isn’t necessary, but experience or training in maintenance or construction is helpful. Consider getting certified in plumbing or electrical work.

Potential earnings: $20-$50/hour

Pro tip: To guarantee consistent work, stick to services that require regular upkeep or maintenance, such as landscaping or pool maintenance.

9. Babysitting or Childcare

When it comes to kids, there are never enough helpers. If you’re willing to read stories, clean up snot, and calm down the occasional screaming child, babysitting or childcare might be the perfect side hustle for you. Just remember that each age group brings its own set of challenges, so be prepared to have your patience tested — and then rewarded with some serious cuteness.

Best for: Young people, those with childcare backgrounds

How to get started: To find the best childcare jobs, use word of mouth among family and friends, or post on community boards on websites like Care. You can also create flyers to hang around your neighborhood.

Education/certifications: Most prefer a formal education in childcare, and certification in CPR, first aid, and child safety is highly recommended. Check with your state for any additional licensing requirements.

Potential earnings: $20-$100/hour

Pro tip: Look for childcare opportunities in after-school programs and community centers.

10. Tutoring

If you have a unique skill that you can teach or if you’re great at explaining things, tutoring can be a flexible and rewarding side hustle. You can tutor clients of all ages online or in person, whether it’s helping students with math homework, teaching retirees how to paint, or helping non-native English speakers improve their language skills.

Best for: Those with a unique skill set, background, or specific training

How to get started: Find students by posting on tutoring boards such as Wyzant and Varsity Tutors.

Education/certifications: A bachelor’s degree in your subject area is helpful but not needed if your knowledge is strong. A childcare or education background can enhance credibility.

Potential earnings: $20-$75/hour

Pro tip: Make extra money by creating an online course based on your tutoring specialty.

11. Pet Sitting or Dog Walking

If you know how to make tails wag or cats purr, consider a side gig working with pets. If you’re not afraid to take the reins on someone else’s furry friend, you may enjoy pet sitting or dog walking. This is a fun side hustle with lots of flexibility. Plus, with dog walking, you can even get some extra exercise — who wouldn’t love getting paid to do that?

Best for: Pet lovers, those who can walk for long distances and are strong enough to handle dogs of all sizes

How to get started: Use word of mouth to spread the word to family and friends and post on sites like Rover or Meowtel.

Education/certifications: A background or certification in pet training is helpful. For credibility and pet safety, get certified in pet CPR and first aid.

Potential earnings: $15-$50/hour

Pro tip: Advertise by posting photos of you with the pets you watch, but remember to ask permission from the owners first.

12. Delivering Food

Everyone needs to eat, and food delivery apps are more popular than ever. Whether making deliveries for a specific restaurant or through a third-party app, being a delivery driver offers you flexible hours and a consistent cash flow. You can make deliveries with a car, a motorcycle, a moped, or even a bicycle.

Best for: Those with reliable transportation

How to get started: Sign up for delivery platforms such as Uber Eats or DoorDash.

Education/certifications: A valid driver’s license and clean driving record are required. Remember that some platforms run background checks and vehicle inspections.

Potential earnings: $15-$40/hour

Pro tip: Sign up for multiple delivery apps to increase your chances of picking up orders.

13. Renting Out Space

Have some extra space in your home that could be put to good use? Turn that extra room into a revenue stream by renting to a tenant or by hosting temporary guests and travelers. However, if you decide to rent to temporary guests, be sure you’re ready to provide a high level of hospitality, as short-term visitors can leave reviews of their experience.

Best for: Homeowners or property owners with extra space, those with hospitality backgrounds

How to get started: Create a Craigslist ad to advertise your space to potential tenants; Create an account on Airbnb, Vrbo, or a similar hosting platform and add your home to make it rentable

Education/certifications: Formal education is not required, but experience in hospitality or property management can go a long way. Stay familiar with local rental laws and regulations.

Potential earnings: $500-$1,000+/month

Pro tip: If you don’t have time to clean in between guests, hire a cleaning service.

14. Website Development

If you have a coding or web design background, you can use your knowledge to earn some extra cash through website development. Web developers build sites for all types of clients, concentrating on each client’s unique branding and making it easy for visitors to find business information. You can use a website builder or, if you have the skills, code from scratch.

Best for: Tech-savvy individuals, those with coding experience

How to get started: Create a profile on Fiverr showcasing your web design experience and offer your services to family, friends, or local businesses.

Education/certifications: A bachelor’s degree in computer science or web development is helpful, though you can also get certified in web development languages online.

Potential earnings: $500-$5,000+/website

Pro tip: Focus on building websites for a specific industry so you can demand a higher price for your niche expertise.

15. Driving for Uber or Lyft

If you’re a fantastic driver with great social skills and deep knowledge of your city’s streets, consider becoming a driver for Uber or Lyft. Your passengers could reward your skills by tipping you big time. However, make sure you’re prepared to have strangers in your personal vehicle, and remember that passengers can (and will) rate their ride with you.

Best for: Those with reliable transportation, good drivers, those with strong social skills

How to get started: Sign up on Uber or Lyft and pass the necessary background checks.

Education/certifications: A valid driver’s license, compliant vehicle, and clean driving record are all required. Additional background checks and vehicle inspections may also be required.

Potential earnings: $15-$40/hour

Pro tip: Stay near busy areas like downtowns or airports to find more riders.

16. Delivering for Amazon Flex

Amazon is dominating the delivery world, and you can join the ride without having to set foot in a truck. Deliver for Amazon Flex using your own car by signing up and choosing your delivery blocks — it’s as simple as that! You’re responsible for your own gas, but thankfully, Amazon optimizes your route for efficiency. How convenient!

Best for: Those with reliable transportation and flexible hours

How to get started: Sign up through Amazon Flex and schedule your preferred delivery blocks.

Education/certifications: A valid driver’s license and proof of insurance are required. Depending on your state’s regulations, background checks may also be required.

Potential earnings: $18-$25/hour

Pro tip: When planning your schedule, keep track of peak delivery times to earn the highest rates.

17. Senior Caretaking

If you’ve got a soft spot for seniors, there are always opportunities in senior care — whether you’re helping with basic daily tasks at home, providing specialized care for seniors with medical conditions, or simply offering companionship. Sharing a nostalgic meal or engaging in a pleasant conversation can be enough to make a huge difference in a senior’s life.

Best for: Those who love working with the elderly, those with healthcare backgrounds

How to get started: List your services on service platforms like Care and, if possible, get certified in senior care.

Education/certifications: Certifications in senior care or healthcare are highly preferred. To increase credibility, you may also consider training in CPR, first aid, or dementia care.

Potential earnings: $15-$50/hour

Pro tip: Offer overnight services at a higher rate.

18. Participating in Focus Groups

Lend your voice to those who will pay for your feedback. Focus group participants are paid to give honest opinions on products, services, designs, entertainment, and more. If you’re always leaving reviews for your purchases or if you’ve got a critical eye, this could be a great side hustle to earn you some extra spending money.

Best for: Anyone who enjoys sharing feedback on products or services

How to get started: Sign up for platforms like Focus Group or search for local research groups in your area.

Education/certifications: No formal education is required. However, you may benefit from having relevant experience in the focus group’s topic of study.

Potential earnings: $50-$300/session

Pro tip: Conduct your own focus group research to improve a side hustle you’ve already started.

19. Personal Training

Flex your fitness knowledge by sharing it with those who need motivation! Personal trainers make money by designing custom-tailored workout routines for folks who need a little help getting into shape. Make money by helping people lose weight, train for athletic events, build muscle, or just improve their overall health.

Best for: Those with fitness education or backgrounds in physical training and nutrition

How to get started: Get certified as a personal trainer and advertise your services at your local gym or on social media.

Education/certifications: To train others, you must have personal training certification from an accredited organization. Additional training in fitness, nutrition, and anatomy is also helpful.

Potential earnings: $30-$100/hour

Pro tip: Offer online sessions and videos to increase your client base.

20. Face Painting

You don’t need to be Michelangelo to turn face painting into a successful side hustle. Pick up some child-friendly paints, grab some brushes, and start painting simple designs that’ll put smiles — and smiley faces — on children’s faces! Attend birthday parties and community events to earn a competitive hourly rate, and expect tips from happy parents.

Best for: Creative individuals with art backgrounds, those who enjoy working with kids

How to get started: Buy kid-safe paints and materials, practice your painting skills with friends and family, take photos of your work, and advertise on service platforms like Thumbtack or Upwork.

Education/certifications: Formal education or a background in childcare is helpful. Training in art or face painting techniques can also be beneficial, so look for face painting certification programs. Consider getting first aid or CPR certified for added credibility.

Potential earnings: $50-$100/hour

Pro tip: Market your services during the most popular times of the year, including summertime and Halloween.

21. Offering Consultations

Your advice can be powerful. If you’ve got experience in a specific industry, you can earn money by offering consultations on anything from how to structure a business to improving business operations. Consultants offer expertise in a wide range of fields, so consider your options and make sure you have the proper credentials.

Best for: Experts in any industry

How to get started: Look for connections on LinkedIn and at networking events, share business cards, and build a strong website that showcases your expertise.

Education/certifications: Experience in your given industry is often required to find clients who will trust your word. To earn more trust, consider seeking an advanced degree or additional certifications.

Potential earnings: $50-$300/hour

Tip: Develop your own series of webinars or online workshops, and add live captions to your webinars to reach more clients.

22. Becoming a Podcaster

It may seem like there are more podcasts now than ever before, but that doesn’t mean you can’t offer a unique voice and join in the fun! New podcasts are in high demand, which is why you see so many in the first place. If you can find a unique niche to explore, you can build a strong, loyal audience that tunes in whenever you post.

Best for: Storytellers, experts in niche subject matters

How to get started: Choose a topic, decide if you want a co-host, write a script, and start recording. Post your work on Spotify or a similar podcast platform.

Education/certifications: No formal education is needed, but you may benefit from experience in audio editing or production. A journalism background can also be helpful.

Potential earnings: Varies widely

Tip: Use a transcription service to create expert, easy-to-share transcripts of your podcasts.

23. Doing Odd Jobs

Sometimes, you don’t know what job you’ll excel at until it appears before you. If you’re multi-talented and in good physical shape, you can find all types of unique jobs, such as yard work, helping people move, assembling furniture, and running errands — the possibilities are endless!

Best for: Jacks-of-all-trades, those with physical strength for multiple activities

How to get started: Look for odd jobs online on job boards like TaskRabbit, Fiverr, and Upwork.

Education/certifications: No formal education is required, but you may benefit from any number of skills or training experiences.

Potential earnings: $15-$50/hour

Tip: Offer same-day services for an extra fee.

How Do I Know Which Side Hustle Is Right for Me?

The right side hustle for you depends on your interests, skills, and time. Take note of what you can do well in a reasonable amount of time because, after all, time is money. It’s fine to wonder how to make extra income while working full-time, but don’t let your side hustle take away time from earning your main source of income. And remember—if you don’t like the gig you’ve picked up, you can always find a new option that better suits your needs.

Side Hustle Red Flags

As with any job, a side hustle isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. Make sure to avoid these common side hustle red flags:


Multi-level marketing (MLM) scams will tempt you with quick ways to make money that typically require doing work with no immediate gain — or, often, no gain at all. Be wary of these scams, which tend to look for gullible “new recruits” who must “earn commissions” without getting paid. If you feel pressure or aren’t given more details, avoid it at all costs.

Online Scammers

Online scammers are rampant these days. Avoid anyone who refuses to chat over the phone or on video with you or urges you to do something for them quickly. If the earnings seem too good to be true, they most likely are. Scammers are even becoming more advanced with AI technology, including using fake emails and voicemails. Stay alert and always get the full details.

Upfront Costs

You picked up a side hustle to make money, not lose it. If your new gig requires you to shell out too many upfront costs and there’s no promise of reimbursement, head for the door. These may include training fees, administrative fees, application fees, equipment or uniform costs, membership fees, subscriptions — anything your employer should legally be required to pay.

Lack of Information

You’re entitled to know everything a job entails. If someone refuses to provide information regarding hours, job details, expectations, or compensation, this is a massive red flag you shouldn’t ignore. Don’t be afraid to say no to a gig if you aren’t getting the details you need to do the job properly.

What Side Hustle Makes the Most Money?

The most lucrative side hustles tend to be video content creation and website development, where you can make up to $3,000 per month or up to $5,000 per project, respectively. However, web development usually offers the most consistency, as making money as a video content creator requires a large audience. In contrast, provided you’ve got a strong portfolio, web development projects can easily be found on sites such as Fiverr and Upwork.

Make Your Side Business Hustle an Instant Success

Whether you become a cleaner, a delivery driver, a videographer, or even a face painter, remember that the side hustlers who make the most money are the ones who go the extra mile from the start. This means maintaining an active online presence, creating social media videos with easy-to-read and accurate captions, transcribing podcasts and media materials to reach wider audiences, and always adding a personal touch to whatever you do.

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