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Introducing Rev AI: Build Speech-To-Text Into Your Applications

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RevBlogRev Product FeaturesIntroducing Rev AI: Build Speech-To-Text Into Your Applications

Rev AI is an API that allows software developers to directly access our speech recognition model.

Since launching Temi, we’ve been tirelessly refining our Speech-To-Text models. Today we’re happy to say that we possess the world’s most accurate speech recognition service. Check it out for yourself.

On our internal test set of over 30 hours of audio, we are more accurate than any competitor, including the Google Speech video model. To make our powerful speech recognition more accessible, we’re releasing a developer API to access our models.

Noteworthy Rev AI Features

In addition to having best in class accuracy, our advanced speech models are also built to support punctuation, capitalization, timestamps, and speaker diarization. On average, Rev AI transcribes a ten-minute audio file in three minutes or less. To put that in context, an audio file of the same length would take the average person 40 minutes to transcribe.'s API features

Rev AI will allow you to build speech recognition directly into your apps. We offer output in .json and .txt format. You can see an example of our .json output below:

black background with white code RevSpeech API .json output

Who is Rev AI for?

This API will let companies who currently use or are looking for a speech solution to integrate with our accurate speech engine. If you are building a service that could leverage powerful speech recognition, check out our API!

How does Rev AI work?

When you send a file through our API, we process it using our state-of-the-art recognition engine and return it to you with punctuation, capitalization, speaker segmentation, and word-level timestamps.

How much does Rev AI cost?

There’s no upfront cost for you to integrate with our API. The only cost is for our transcription service which is 3.5 cents per audio minute, and your first five hours of transcription are free to test with. If you’re expecting large volumes, contact us to set up an enterprise plan.

What’s next for Rev AI?

On the roadmap, we’re planning to allow even more customization of output, utilize custom dictionaries, and support streaming inputs.

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