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Introducing Custom Vocabulary for Rev Live Captions for Zoom

introducing custom vocabulary for rev live captions for zoom

RevBlogRev Product FeaturesIntroducing Custom Vocabulary for Rev Live Captions for Zoom

Rev Live Captions for Zoom are now even more accurate.

Starting today, Rev Live Captions for Zoom customers can add custom vocabulary to their accounts, ensuring that their captions are as accurate as possible.

For the many, many people working, learning, or teaching remotely, Rev Live Captions are a scalable, automatic captioning solution to make meetings, webinars, and classes via Zoom more accessible and effective. Captions help keep people focused, and also ensure that your Zoom session is understandable for deaf, hard-of-hearing, or non-native English-speaking participants.

And if you’re a live captions user, you want the most accurate live captions you can get, right?


Rev Live Captions are powered by the world’s leading Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) engine. And with our new, free custom vocabulary feature, you can enhance that accuracy even further for your entire account.

How does it work?

It’s super easy! 

  1. Log into your Rev Live Captions account.
  2. Simply go to the Custom Vocabulary page.
  3. Enter your specific terms for the entire account.
  4. Once the terms are added, our speech recognition engine will recognize these terms and automatically improve the accuracy of your meetings, webinars, or classes.

This sounds exquisite… but what does it cost?

The custom vocabulary feature is part of every Rev Live Captions for Zoom subscription and is provided at no extra cost!

I think I need Rev Live Captions. How much is a subscription?

It’s $20/user, billed monthly. The price is right when you consider the array of goodies you’re getting:

  • Live captions for Zoom Meetings and Webinars
  • Post-meeting transcript
  • User management
  • 80 caption hours (per month)

Whether you’re working remotely, hosting a webinar, or teaching a class, Rev Live Captions for Zoom are a perfect tool to make your virtual meetings more comprehensible and inclusive. Give them a try today! And if you need any help setting up your live captions, check out this help center article.

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