When it comes to captions, accuracy is critical. If captions misrepresent the conversation taking place on screen, audience members who depend on those captions might miss out on important plot twists and dialogue. To avoid these kinds of closed caption fails, Rev guarantees 99% accuracy.

You can probably think of a time when both the sound and captions were on, only for funny captions to steal the show. Be it the timing, the descriptions, or the actual mistakes in the captions, these snafus can lead to lots of laughs. And we can all stand to laugh a little bit more.

1. Ron Swanson knows a good joke when he hears one.

Ron Swanson caption

2. If we had to sum up Canada in one image, we probably would have chosen differently.

Cartoon caption

3. “Yo, Mr. White! I don’t like how intense this scene has become!”

Breaking Bad Caption

4. People (and ponies) continue to use this classic insult to this day.

Pony Cartoon Caption

5. Wait a minute, does this mean Santa only rents his reindeer for Christmas Eve? What about the other 364 days of the year?

Christmas Carol Caption

6. Kids have it so rough. Always being told to wait until they’re older to do cool things.

Caption mistake 6

7. This is why cooking is difficult for so many people.

Cooking Caption Mistake

8. Now that’s funny.

Laugh track captions

9. Oh no, not that!

10. Wait for it…

Mickey Mouse Caption

11. Nearly as effective as Rosetta Stone!

Japanese Language Caption

12. Gordon Ramsay is so skilled at swearing that he’s capable of doing it via censored mouth blur and closed captioning.

Gordon Ramsay Bleep Caption

13. Can you hear it?

Intel Caption

14. Sobs + tears…carry the two, equals…nope, we’re just as confused as you are.

Star Trek Caption

15. Not a scene from “Edward Scissorhands”.

Caption Mistake Example

16. Is there anything more rock and roll?

Caption Mistake Interview

17. Variety is the spice of life, after all.

Funny Caption Example

18. Coming soon: “James and the Giant Peach”, the sequel.

Confusing Caption Example

19. Rest assured, Portlandians were furious about this development.

Funny Caption Example 2

20. Sometimes there are no words for what you’re trying to express.

Confusing Caption Example 2

21. When you’ve got pizza on the brain, it’s all you can think about.

Pizza Delivery Caption

22. How cute would it be if those business ants had little suits and ties?

Sponge Bob Caption

23. His singing voice is terrible, though.

Caption of Singing

24. Someone is brushing very aggressively.

Cartoon Caption 2

25. And here we were thinking Pokemon only said their own names.

Pokemon Caption

26. Is that so?

MLB Caption

27. Thrash metal fans would argue there is no other kind.

Adventure Time Caption

28. To be fair, the unknown is pretty scary.

Funny Caption Example 4

29. We all know someone who laughs like this.

Friends Caption

30. Onomatopoeia at its finest!

Cartoon Caption 4

31. It’s the most important meal of the day, after all.

Caption Mistake Example

32. Could you tell us more about the origin of this name?

News Report Caption

33. These are going to require my full attention.

Napoleon Dynamite Caption

34. Plums – the most versatile fruits out there.

Funny Caption Mistake

35. Dogs do make some pretty strange sounds.

Funny Caption 5


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