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Vernon Research Group Saves 43% on Transcription Costs [Case Study]

[Case Study]: Vernon Research Group Saves 43% on Transcription Costs by Hiring Rev

RevBlogCustomer FeaturesVernon Research Group Saves 43% on Transcription Costs [Case Study]

Many market research firms use our services to transcribe focus groups, interviews, and phone call recordings. To learn more about how one particular firm, Vernon Research Group, uses transcription as an integral part of their research and data analysis process, check out the case study below.

The Challenge: Accurate Market Research Transcriptions

For market research firms, transcripts are essential to objectivity and preventing researcher bias when analyzing focus groups or interviews. If a firm has a high volume of audio recordings, it’s either an expensive or lengthy process to get transcripts of every session. Most transcription companies charge extra fees for rush orders, which is anything faster than the standard 3-5 business day turnaround time. With pressure from clients to deliver research results as fast as possible, waiting on a transcript becomes a major bottleneck in a project.

Vernon Research Group was spending too much time waiting on transcripts of their sessions to be delivered. These transcripts were necessary so they could begin coding, analyzing, and presenting the findings of their research to their clients. Not only was their transcription provider, Atomic Scribe, charging rush delivery fees, but their rate also went up an additional $0.35-0.50 per audio minute for multiple speakers and difficult audio; those costs added up.

The Solution: Rev Transcription Service

For Vernon Research Group, Rev delivers transcripts within 24 hours for files under 60 minutes. We guarantee 99% accuracy and don’t charge extra fees for multiple speakers or poor audio quality. Rev’s simple pricing and faster turnaround time has allowed Vernon Research Group to deliver projects in eight weeks, a process that used to take ten.

Another positive is that with Rev, transcripts are delivered as they are finished. That means if Andrew Juhl, a data analyst at VRG, submits multiple audio recordings, he can get to work as soon as the first file is transcribed.

“I like that work orders come back piecemeal as they’re done. If I submit 12 audio recordings, once the first one comes back, I can start getting to work on coding and doing the work on my end. I don’t have to wait for all 12 to come back,” said Juhl.

To keep our pricing straightforward, these are the same fees, turnaround time and accuracy guarantee we promise to all customers. Our transcription pricing would be beneficial to any market research company dealing with large amounts of audio and demanding deadlines. We’re ready to transcribe your files today, no lead time or minimum contracts required.

“Rev enables us to handle more projects. By having our research studies transcribed faster than with our previous service, we’re able to increase our work efficiency by more than 20%. What took ten weeks to complete, now only takes eight. This lets us take on more projects and increases profitability.” –Andrew Juhl, Data Analyst, Vernon Research Group

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