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Unforgettable Instagram Caption Ideas to Inspire Your Videos & Photos


Dec 31, 2019

Instagram caption ideas for photo and video illustration

RevBlogCaptionsUnforgettable Instagram Caption Ideas to Inspire Your Videos & Photos

Do your Instagram caption ideas evoke an emotional response? If not, then you’re missing opportunities to meet your goals and build a following. Extensive research shows, “emotions powerfully, predictably, and pervasively influence decision making.” Especially gut reactions like double tapping to “like” a photo. You want the likes? Then your photos and videos must generate an emotional response and trigger action. *Tap-tap*

But, your Instagram photo is only one piece of the social media marketing puzzle. Creating captions for Instagram is almost as crucial as delivering captivating visuals. Instagram copy furthers your brand narrative while enticing followers to learn more. Learn how to delight your audience using Instagram caption ideas designed for building relationships and increasing interaction.

Instagram Caption Ideas: Best Practices

The best Instagram caption ideas spur a response. However, putting your followers first is the secret formula. By understanding their needs, you’ll discover what fuels their level of involvement. Their engagement levels play a role in your brand’s success. After all, “Fully connected customers are 52% more valuable, on average, than those who are just highly satisfied,” according to Harvard Business Review.

Combine unique photos and videos with a punchy first line to attract attention. Then reach your goals with a compelling call to action (CTA). Before writing your next Instagram post, make sure you’re taking a people-first approach.

1. Base your content on audience insights. Look at what performs best for your brand and check out your market research. Start by reviewing Instagram and website analytics. Which posts get the most attention, and why? Consider the:

  • Timing of Instagram posts
  • Format of photos and videos
  • Hashtags in Instagram captions
  • Audience data like location and age
  • Emotional motivators for your followers

2. Let your goal guide the way. Each word in your Instagram post encourages a connection while steering your audience towards a specific action. When choosing Instagram caption ideas, ask yourself if your copy supports your purpose.

3. Keep Instagram posts consistent. Don’t throw off your audience with an emoji or phrase that isn’t in line with your brand personality. Each element, from Instagram photos to hashtags, is part of your brand’s story. A steady voice, tone, and style increase trust in your company.

4. Feature a clear CTA. Clicking “like“ isn’t enough for Instagram’s algorithm. Your call to action must provoke a response. Direct people to your bio by saying, “click the link.” Or ask your followers to leave a comment or tag a good friend.

5. Add value to the moment. Use Instagram caption ideas that inspire, educate, or otherwise help your audience. Every caption for Instagram builds a relationship or deepens a connection. Turn posts into micro-moments that grind on emotional motivators.

Rules for Captioning Instagram Photos and Videos

Before posting, read, and abide by community guidelines. By using Instagram best practices, you increase your chances of organic engagement. Make sure your Instagram caption ideas:

1. Hit the right length. The maximum length for a post is 2200 characters or roughly 330 words. On mobile, only the first 8-10 words or so are visible, so it’s crucial to get your point across in your first line.

2. Incorporate a variety of hashtags. You can use up to 30 hashtags. This number includes hashtags in your original post and the comments. Add one or two to your message, then create line breaks to add the rest below the meat of your post.

How to Write a Caption for Instagram

The first sentence of your Instagram post plays a huge role. Ask yourself why your followers want to read more, then deliver. Start with a blank page and write out a dozen or more Instagram caption ideas. Next, tweak your word choice for optimal engagement. For example, you may want to build anticipation or stir your follower’s fear of missing out (FOMO).

Whether you stick with one line or tell a longer brand story, review your Instagram post for clarity. Cut unnecessary words and look at how your post appears across devices. Use emojis and line breaks for a better appearance. Then, add hashtags and tag followers for extra brand visibility.

1. Emojis. Use emojis to break up your copy or highlight a CTA
2. Copy. Mix in sensory words and power words
3. Tags. Tag a micro-influencer, a good friend, or follower to extend your reach

Instagram Caption Ideas for Photos and Videos

The best captions for pictures on Instagram are authentic. You use a visual and words to convey an emotion, showcase a benefit, and encourage a response. Mix it up with clever Instagram captions, heartfelt sentiments, and funny Instagram posts.

Remember, users search for hashtags, like #funnymoments, to take the edge off their day. To increase engagement, ask your audience to caption your photo or video in the comments. Kick start your Instagram caption ideas with these brands:

Shake Shack, with 699k followers, delivers one-liners along with longer posts. Regardless of the length, each message garners thousands of likes. Shake Shack’s Instagram captions feel genuine, not rehearsed.

H & M frequently gets more than 100k likes on its Instagram posts. The brand’s to-the-point phrases deliver simplicity. But, the company also responds to every comment which skyrockets its engagement levels.

Chubbies funny Instagram posts generate tons of responses. Each message feels like a conversation you’re having with a good friend. Plus, each Instagram caption compliments the graphic for a full narrative.

Clever Instagram Captions for Videos

Videos aren’t going away. But, not everyone turns up the volume for your video. Develop Instagram caption ideas that add context to your video while showing your brand personality.

Don’t merely repeat what’s going on in the video. Instead, add depth to your story. Use Instagram captions that compliment your video’s central message.

Add burnt-in captions to Instagram videos to increase clickability. Satisfy followers by using closed captions to keep attention.

Repurpose Content Into Captions for Instagram

You already have tons of good Instagram material on your website. Leverage your data and content by giving it a new life in an Instagram post.

    • Insert text into your Instagram pictures or create Instagram quotes.
    • Get your videos transcribed and pull a direct quote from the video for your Instagram post.
    • Offer your fans social proof with a testimonial from a customer.

  • Use compelling statistics to encourage users to click the link for more information.
  • Share a piece of a song lyric or line from a popular movie.

Start Brainstorming Your Instagram Caption Ideas

Create captions for Instagram that help your brand develop deeper connections. Do this with people-first marketing. After all, stronger relationships result in more engagement. Plus, follower involvement increases your reach and brand visibility. Turning your Instagram caption ideas into optimized social media copy helps you reach your marketing goals.

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