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Amazon Transcribe vs. Rev Automated Transcription Comparison

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Automated transcription is a part of the workflow for professionals across many industries. Market researchers, podcasters, and journalists (to name a few) all rely on automated transcription to get more out of recorded audio. 

Regardless of your industry, there are a few important factors you’ll want to consider when selecting the best automated transcription service for your needs. Price, security, speed, and accuracy are the four factors that differentiate one service from the next. 

With more options for automated transcription services popping up all the time, the easiest way to determine the right one for your needs is to compare two leading services side by side. We’re taking a look at Amazon Transcribe vs. Rev Automated Transcription to see how they measure up against each other. 

Comparing Rev Automated Transcription to Amazon Transcribe

To help you understand how Rev Automated Transcription works and how it compares to Amazon Transcribe, we’re going to look at four specific areas:

  1. Price—What is the cost per audio minute to convert audio to text? 
  2. Accuracy—How accurately is the audio converted to text? In automatic transcription, this is also referred to as Word Error Rate (WER). WER determines the accuracy of the text. A low rate indicates that the transcription closely matches the audio.
  3. Security—Are the files I submit kept safe? 
  4. Speed—How fast is the audio I submit converted into text and delivered back to me?

Amazon Transcribe vs. Rev Automated Transcription

1. Price per minute 

Rev: $0.25 per minute

Amazon Transcribe: $0.024 per minute

2. Speech to text accuracy

Rev: 13.9% WER

Amazon Transcribe: 18.0% WER

3. Secure audio files

Rev: TLS 1.2 Data Encryption and Secure Servers protect your data. View Rev’s Privacy Policy and NDA upon request.

Amazon Transcribe: “We strive to inform you of the privacy and data security policies, practices, and technologies we’ve put in place.” Read more Amazon Transcribe’s Privacy Policy

4. Speed and delivery time

Rev: 5 minutes 

Amazon Transcribe: 8 minutes

Testing a New Automated Transcription Service

Before sending a bulk order to a new automatic transcription service, we recommend testing it out with a smaller file first. It’s always a good idea to submit a five to ten-minute test file to both services so you can compare and determine the best fit for your needs for yourself. If you’d like to try Rev’s automated transcription service, click below for some complimentary minutes and good luck in your search!