Jul 23, 2020

Liverpool v. Chelsea Jürgen Klopp Post Match Press Conference: Liverpool Wins Title

Jurgen Klopp After Liverpool wins title
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Jürgen Klopp, manager of Liverpool football club, held a post-match press conference after Liverpool defeated Chelsea 5-3 to win the Premier League title & trophy. Read his press conference transcript here.

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Speaker 1: (00:00)
[inaudible 00:00:00] this late guys. Thank you anyway. Fire away. Fire away, please.

Speaker 2: (00:07)
Jurgen, sorry to drag you away from the party, but from getting the job done against Chelsea to lifting the Premier League trophy as well, how memorable a night has it been so far?

Jurgen Klopp: (00:16)
Absolutely special. Easy. We don’t have to compare because we never won it before and we all know that it could have been different and could have been better. Could have been worse if we wouldn’t have won the game, for example. So, I think the boys gave us opportunity to have a very special night because I think a lot of people thought before the game, one team fights for the Champions League and the other team is maybe already on a beach. But, these boys are so special. I couldn’t be more proud. Throwing a performance like this tonight on the pitch in an open game obviously, but nice goals, incredible goals, super football in moments. And, I loved the game. And, so we could enjoy so far and will enjoy the rest of the night.

Speaker 2: (01:03)
Jurgen, you’ve also spoken about how this side can improve in little ways. Did we see perhaps an example of that in the performance of someone like Naby Keita tonight?

Jurgen Klopp: (01:12)
Exactly. So, each player who played now, the majority of the games can improve. That’s how it is. That’s the age group they are in, making better decisions, being clearer in whatever they do, but being defensively better than everybody. But, then other players that didn’t play that much, for example, that was a good example for that. Chris Jones is a good example that we don’t make it want to make it too big, but he looks kind of ready, so as well. So, means we have space and we have potential for improvement and we will work on that, obviously not tonight, anymore. But, from, yeah, whenever on. Now we have to have a party, then we have to recover.

Jurgen Klopp: (01:52)
Then we play Newcastle and now we have 96 points. It would obviously be really nice if we could get 99. And, so, yeah, but it will be difficult, but who cares? It was tonight very difficult because Chelsea was so good and the boys did it anyway.

Speaker 2: (02:07)
Guys, hands up, but clearly it’s going to be a couple of… Just turn your mutes off, please and just ask your questions and then we’re going to have to shoot. So, those, I know you waited a long time, so please ask your questions, before I… Anyone? Could be short. Guys?

Speaker 4: (02:24)
Jurgen, sorry, I won’t detain you from a drink but can I just ask how you felt when you emerged onto the Kop, onto the podium and you seen the trophy there? The emotion of all that.

Jurgen Klopp: (02:37)
It was absolutely great. It was absolutely great, but made it even more special that the families could be there in the stadium, they’re not allowed for the game, but for the trophy lift it was allowed. And, so we knew that in the stadium, but because the light, we didn’t know, we didn’t see them exactly.

Jurgen Klopp: (02:55)
But, I knew my family, which I didn’t see for a pretty long time was here tonight, which made it even more special because you want to share these moments with them, with loved ones. I had all my loved ones around me with the players, the staff, all the people I work with together, but my family means a lot to me. So, it was really, really special in that moment. And, I loved the moment the boys did just right. It’s strange to stand on a stage and you, you there’s nobody in the stadium, not nobody, but not as many as you would imagine a situation like that.

Jurgen Klopp: (03:32)
But, I really have to say the people who organize it made absolute best of it. If it would have been like a last game or today Chelsea, if you win, we are champions, they wouldn’t have had the opportunity to go on the Kop. So, I was never before on the Kop, it was pretty special. And, I think it makes sense that in a moment when the people are not in, we use the Kop End to celebrate it with them together in our heart. So, it was really good.

Speaker 4: (03:57)
Great stuff, thank you.

Speaker 1: (04:00)
Guys, any final ones? [inaudible 00:04:04].

Jurgen Klopp: (04:05)
Thank you very much.

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