Jun 5, 2022

3 dead, 11 injured after shooting on South Street in Philadelphia 6/05/22 Transcript

3 dead, 11 injured after shooting on South Street in Philadelphia 6/05/22 Transcript
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A barrage of bullets from multiple shooters left three people dead and nearly a dozen more wounded on South Street in Philadelphia. Read the transcript here.

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Speaker 1: (00:00)
Okay. Inspector D F pace, P-A-C-E. Shortly before midnight this evening, police who were on patrol on south street, heard numerous gunshots coming from the 200 block of south street. Police were already on location and they observed several active shooters shooting into the crowd.

Speaker 1: (00:32)
One of the officers observing an active shooter discharged at that individual. That was an active shooter. It’s unclear at this time, whether that individual was struck or not, there are at least two guns that have been recovered from the scene. One with an extended magazine. At this time, as a result of the shooting, we have numerous shell casings throughout the 200 block and 300 block of south street.

Speaker 1: (01:07)
14 individuals we know have been struck by gunfire and taken to area hospitals. Three of those individuals, two men and a woman were pronounced deceased after arrival at the hospital, suffering from multiple gunshot wounds to the body. I want to emphasize that south street is man by numerous police officers. This is standard deployment for Friday and Saturday nights, weekends. And especially during the summer months, I’d be more than happy to answer any additional questions if I can at this time.

Speaker 2: (01:51)
Let see there’re multiple shooters. Did anybody give any descriptions of where we acted looking for them?

Speaker 1: (02:00)
This is still an active investigation and we just don’t have a lot of information at this time. You can imagine there were hundreds of individuals just enjoying south street as they do every single weekend when this shooting broke out. So this investigation is fluid. There are still a lot of unanswered questions, but I’m giving you as much information as I can at this time. Investigators from our homicide division, our officer involved shooting team and our internal affairs shooting team are all on location. South street is known for being a corridor for entertainment. There are numerous eating establishments, drinking establishments and businesses throughout the entire area of the 200 and 300 block south street. There are numerous cameras. Now it’s one or two o’clock in the morning. At this time, these businesses for the most part are now closed. However, we expect to be able to gather a lot of video surveillance footage from these cameras as this investigation proceeds. And we look forward to getting a lot more information on the identity of the individuals responsible for these shootings.

Speaker 2: (03:16)
The two weapons were they both guns, that were found at the scene?

Speaker 1: (03:19)
Both are handguns, both are semi-automatic handguns.

Speaker 2: (03:27)
Is there any idea yet in terms of maybe what direction the active shooters fled the scene?

Speaker 1: (03:33)
At this time, we know that at least one of them fled southbound on American street, which is just between second and third streets. Again, it appears after the officer discharged that the individual dropped that weapon, that he was again actively shooting. He was within about 10 to 15 yards of the shooter watching this person shoot into the crowd when the officer engaged that shooter. And as a result of that brave officer, that individual again, we’re uncertain whether he was struck or not, but the officer was able to get that individual to drop his gun and flee. At this time, that is one of the individuals that we’re currently looking for.

Speaker 3: (04:17)
Is that the gun with the extended magazine?

Speaker 1: (04:21)
We believe there was an extended magazine on that particular weapon. That’s correct.

Speaker 3: (04:25)
Was there a fight that broke out prior to the shooting?

Speaker 1: (04:29)
I do not have any information. I can’t tell you for certainty, if that was the case or not.

Speaker 3: (04:36)
Are there other injuries’ referral to the shooting or is there anybody hurt, like pandemonium?

Speaker 1: (04:42)
Well, at least 14 individuals were struck by gunfire. In addition to that, we don’t know if individuals may have been injured running away. Obviously as the shooting broke out, you have large crowds that are fleeing the area.

Speaker 3: (04:58)
And how long did the shooting last for, from starting in a second of the sound to it’s going this way, assuming West westbound?

Speaker 1: (05:05)
The shooter that the officer engaged was standing at American and south shooting in a westerly direction. At the time he was engaged, the officer was again just about 10 or 15 yards, just east of him. When he saw this individual shooting at the crowd and engaged. Your initial question had to do with whether or not the weapon that the shooter had.

Speaker 3: (05:32)
That shooter had the extended magazine?

Speaker 1: (05:35)
That weapon that was dropped did have an extended magazine. At this time, I can say that there are just multiple casings throughout this area on the 200 and 300 block of south street.

Speaker 3: (05:48)
I was just going to ask you what are the boundaries in terms of the scene, in terms of south street?

Speaker 1: (05:53)
Well, the scene runs from the 200 block to the 300 block of this particular incident.

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