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What’s an Example of an Interview Transcript?

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RevBlogTranscription BlogWhat’s an Example of an Interview Transcript?

Marketing teams have more on their plate, spending up to 10 times more energy to meet goals. As new social channel platforms hit the mainstream, professionals need to pivot their messages to meet these new audiences. Using interview transcripts for documentation and inspiration may be the best way forward for time-strapped teams.

Here’s how you can use an interview transcript to boost your marketing efforts.

What is an Interview Transcript?

A transcript is a text created as a verbatim record of an interview conversation. The interview can be internal (between marketing team members) or external (with a client). Transcripts can replace notes as a more accurate depiction of the discussion.

Examples of Interview Transcripts Used in Digital Marketing

Transcription brings some exciting possibilities to marketers, making their jobs easier and more efficient. Here are some of the ways professionals use transcripts today:

  • Client testimonials in social media and brochure materials
  • Customer examples to be included in case studies and whitepapers
  • Client interviews as ideas for upcoming campaigns and success stories

It’s also ideal for video optimization through accessible closed captioning or subtitles. (Up to 80% of Facebook videos are watched with the sound off.) Start transcribing interviews to get the voice of the subject as fertile ground for future marketing efforts.

Why Choose Transcripts For Your Marketing?

Transcription can get you there, whether you are hoping to boost your brand in search results or social media marketing. Here’s how:

  • Transcripts are objective.

Any time a customer or client speaks, you should be listening. By capturing their exact wording in a transcript, you are sure to get an accurate account of their story. You’ll avoid inserting your own opinions or bias.

  • Transcripts are accurate.

Two listeners may attend the same meeting but have different interpretations. Transcripts give everyone a way to reflect on interviews accurately. Word choice can affect interpretation, so marketers must do everything they can to get it right. 

  • Transcripts save time.

Handwritten notes are laborious and time-consuming to reconstruct. They are also not very useful to anyone but the original notetaker, who can read between the lines. Transcription services cut hours or even days of note translation off the timeline. This can speed up the process for your next video SEO or Facebook ads project.

  • Transcripts add context.

Even if your teams can’t make the entire meeting, transcripts give them a way to go back and see the entire conversation. You can even use a series of interviews to tell a brand story; transcripts offer a timeline of what was said.

  • Transcripts protect your brand.

You’ll want to get client buy-in before ever using their words in a marketing campaign. However, if things do go wrong, you’ll have a clear record of what was said to back you up. Transcripts kept on file ensure that new teams can review past efforts. This keeps everyone in compliance. 

Which Transcription Solution is Best?

Today’s audio and video transcription services are more accurate and affordable than ever before. Still, there are choices to make among offerings:

AI-generated transcription is cheaper and delivered in minutes to as many team members as you want. The transcription software accuracy is only about 80%. It may not be suitable for noisy environments and interviews where speakers use heavy dialects or seem indistinguishable.  

Human-generated transcription is up to 99% accurate and ensures you can get a high level of discernment between speakers. Industry terms are more likely to be typed out correctly, as well. The cost and turnaround times for this option are higher. If you are OK with turnaround times of up to 12 hours, this is an excellent choice.

Bottom Line…

So much of marketing efficiency and effectiveness comes from having a robust and trustworthy voice. To transcribe an interview, record the conversation with your choice of software. Then, visit Rev to upload your file and choose between AI or human transcription.

Whether you’re hoping for better search engine optimization results or getting your brand message to the hearing-impaired, transcription has too many marketing uses to ignore.

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