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How to Get Japanese Subtitles For Your Videos


RevBlogSubtitlesHow to Get Japanese Subtitles For Your Videos

Whether you’re a video company or an organization which produces video content, you most likely want your videos to be seen by the widest audience possible. One way to broaden your reach and viewership Is to make your content accessible to audiences that speak different languages by including subtitles. 

In this blog, we’ll look into how you can target the 126 million native Japanese speakers around the world by adding Japanese subtitles to your videos.

Why Are Subtitles Important? 

Subtitles help bring content to worldwide audiences – from helping non-native speakers enjoy foreign movies to making online content accessible to anyone across the globe.

They do this by providing a translation of what is being said on screen, allowing viewers to understand what is being said even if they don’t speak the language. Subtitles can also work well for people watching video content without the audio, like on their social media feeds. 

Why Use Japanese Subtitles?

Japanese is the 9th most widely-spoken language on the planet, with millions of native speakers across the globe. 

However, Japanese subtitles are not commonly offered in the US on most streaming services or video platforms, leading to a lot of content being inaccessible for those who only speak Japanese. 

Adding Japanese subtitles to your content will help you target this massive audience and make your content accessible to those native speakers.

Where to get Japanese Subtitles

Rev offers a simple and straightforward way to get accurate subtitles in Japanese for your English video content. Below is the 3-step process for ordering Japanese subtitles from Rev:

1. Upload your video

To get started, upload your video to Rev. You can upload a file, paste a URL, or pull from an online video platform like YouTube or Vimeo. 

2. Pick ‘Japanese’ and let Rev get to work

Select ‘Japanese’ from the languages offered and we’ll get started on your subtitles. Our professionals subtitle all speech and atmospherics from the video you upload, delivering fast, accurate and high-quality work.

With Rev, you also have the option to customize your subtitles in our editor and order burned-in Japanese subtitles for your videos. To add burned-in subtitles to your videos, follow the steps above and select ‘burned-in subtitles’.

3. Download and publish your new subtitles

With our foreign language subtitle service, we guarantee a 24-hour turnaround time. For extra convenience, you can choose a variety of file types. Once you receive your files (with the subtitles added to your video), you can then go ahead and publish your content. 

Start Creating Videos with Japanese Subtitles with Rev

With thousands of professional translators who are versed in over 15 languages, including Japanese, French and Spanish, you can trust Rev to help you with all your translating and subtitle needs. 

Try Rev today and make your content more accessible to a global audience.

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