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How to Get German Subtitles For Videos, TV Shows, and Movies

German Student ordering German Subtitles for Videos

RevBlogSubtitlesHow to Get German Subtitles For Videos, TV Shows, and Movies

Have you ever gone to watch a video, TV show, or movie only to find it’s in a foreign language without subtitles? We all know how frustrating that can be. Being so, you don’t want viewers of your content to hit that roadblock. However, when it comes to adding German subtitles, it can seem tricky. 

Despite the fact that German is the 11th most-spoken language on the planet, German subtitles aren’t a standard offering on many U.S. platforms and streaming services. So how can you easily make your video content accessible to a German audience? 

Read on to learn how to get German subtitles from Rev!

Why German subtitles are a good idea

The bottom line is that German subtitles can help you reach a broader audience. Consider that there are over 132 million people who speak German on the planet, and about 56 million more who speak it as a second, third, or fourth language. 

Further, most Germans are active online. Germany ranks #11 on the top 20 list of countries with the most internet users (over 79 million). Additionally, more than 90% of digital video viewers in the country watch YouTube (approximately 42.4 million). 

Adding German subtitles to your video content ensures that Germans in your audience can access your content. Plus, it can help you reach a larger German audience as the subtitles help your content to rank for German search terms.

How to order German subtitles from Rev

Rev has a team of expert translators standing by and ready to create German subtitles for your video files. You can place your order online and have the subtitles ready in less than a day. Here’s a closer look at how it works. 

1. Get started

First, head over to our website page for Global subtitles and click “Get Started.”

Rev Global Subtitle Services


2. Upload file(s)

Next, upload your TV show, video, or movie file. You can pull videos from your YouTube or Vimeo account, paste a URL, or upload files from your computer. Note, once you upload a file, you will have the option to upload additional files.

Tip: If you pull videos from your YouTube or Vimeo account, you can also opt to have the subtitles uploaded directly to your account.
Order Global subtitles

3. Select “German subtitles”

Once you upload your video(s), you’ll have the option to select the language(s) for your subtitles. In this case, you would select German. However, you can pick as many languages as you’d like. Next to the language, you’ll find the price per minute of video. For German subtitles, the cost is $8 per video minute. Don’t feel like doing math? Don’t worry. We calculate the total cost for the video(s) you upload and display it on this page. 

Select German Language for subtitles

4. Consider burned-in subtitles 

Next, you have the option to check the box for “burned-in subtitles.” These are subtitles that are permanently embedded into your video file. They can be helpful when you want the subtitles to show up no matter what (no opt-in). 

For example, if you are adding subtitles to a movie that is intended only for a German-speaking audience, it makes sense to add the subtitles permanently. They are also often used when a video player doesn’t support timed text. The additional cost for burned-in subtitles is $0.25 per video minute. 

If you don’t have your subtitles burned in, they will be delivered to you in the file format of your choice (more on that next). You will then add the subtitles to your file yourself.

5. Select the output file format

The last option on this page is for output file format(s). If you don’t select the burned-in subtitles, you can select one or more file format options from the list. 

6. Checkout

Once all is set,  click “Checkout.” Then, log in or create an account and pay. 

7. Our translators go to work

Next, we’ll send your order to a professional translator in our vetted network. You’ll get your file back in less than 24 hours. 

8. Make final tweaks

At Rev, we guarantee up to 99% accuracy for files that are clearly audible or you get your money back. Our wide network of translators enables us to deliver high accuracy levels, even in different dialects. However, once you get the file back, you can review the subtitles in our user-friendly editor and easily make any adjustments that are needed.

That’s it! Then, download your files and add them to your videos!

Get videos, TV shows, and movies with German subtitles

You no longer have to wish that you could easily add German subtitles to a video file. With Rev, we make it fast, easy, and affordable. Even if it’s a last-minute request, we’ll have the file ready in as little as 20 minutes and no more than 24 hours. 

Ready to get started? Get your Global subtitles today!

Affordable, fast transcription. 100% Guaranteed.