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Inc Best Workplaces 2020

RevBlogRev Named to Inc.’s Best Workplaces 2020

More than 3,000 companies applied; not quite 400 made the list. And that makes it all the sweeter that Inc. has selected on their Best Workplaces 2020 list! 

Rev has always strived to create an inclusive, engaging, and dare-we-say fun place to work. Along with building an awesome suite of products and services, we’ve simultaneously created a real, cohesive culture across two offices (situated, no less, quite far apart, in Austin and San Francisco). 

We attribute the notoriety (at least partially) to a fabulous suite of benefits, but also to the fact that we prioritize our employees’ well-being above all else.

According to Inc., the strongest “engagement scores” — what they looked at in deciding who made the list — came from companies that focused on the most human elements of work. The companies they selected are leading the way in employee recognition, performance management, and diversity.

While researching, and ultimately selecting, the finalists, Inc. and Quantum noticed a few themes.

Best Workplaces 2020 Themes Where Rev Stands
100% provide health insurance.
50% allow employees to bring pets to work. We used to have furry co-workers and miss them so much! As we grew, we ran into building restrictions that prevented us from bringing them in – bummer.
62% take employees to offsite retreats to relax and recharge.  
20% offer paid sabbaticals to reward length of service.

How did we get here? We figured you’re dying to know. So we sat down with our VP of People, Kathy Marshall, to paint the full picture. 

Q: How would you describe Rev’s culture? 

A: Diverse, inclusive, and balanced. Employees are encouraged to share ideas and opinions on ways to make Rev better across the board — with our products, our product offerings, our marketplace of freelancers, and ways to further improve and promote our internal culture. All ideas are heard and considered.

We are very proud of our selection process.  We choose only the most qualified, highly driven talent, who will appreciate, promote, and embrace the culture of autonomy that we’ve created. Everyone here is responsible for delivering results that directly impact the company’s bottom line. The result is a passionate and collaborative workforce that builds meaningful work relationships while sharing the same passion to provide thousands of freelancers around the globe with opportunities to work where and when they choose. Heady stuff…

It’s not always about work, either. We encourage employees to live an active lifestyle and maintain a healthy work-life balance. We host activities like yoga and self-defense classes, as well as activities that encourage camaraderie. We’ve been able to maintain a strong culture with virtual workouts, social hours, and other fun activities that bring people together.

Q: What would you say are some of Rev’s most unique perks? 

A: Our mission is to create fulfilling work-from-home jobs for our 50,000+ freelancers. In line with this, Rev employees have the flexibility to work remotely and take time off as needed. We really believe a healthy work-life balance yields the strongest performance in employees. 

Rev employees are located across the country, so we provide opportunities for teams to meet and interact face-to-face 2-3 times a year. We bring everyone together for an annual field day every summer and holiday party in the Fall, and every team has the opportunity to travel together for a team-building offsite for up to 3 nights. We believe that these efforts provide a unique opportunity to bond, solidify their team goals, and a better understanding of how they impact the broader company vision. 

Lastly, Rev supports professional development with a generous learning budget for employees to grow their skills to advance their careers. Learning funds can be used to attend conferences, seminars, classes, training sessions, or the purchase of books or other supplemental enrichment materials. Pretty cool, right?

Q: What sets Rev leadership apart? 

A: We’re lucky to have an incredibly genuine, accessible, and transparent leadership team who never shy away from tough questions and prioritizes open communication in order to build and sustain trust. We host regular town halls, where a member of the leadership team or even a board member shares company updates and opens up the floor to questions. Employees submit their questions ahead of time anonymously. 

If all of this sounds cool to you and a place where you would like to work, contribute, and thrive, then check out our careers page and apply for one of our open positions.  

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