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Announcing Rev AI Labs: New Capabilities to Power the Applications of Tomorrow


RevBlogRev SpotlightAnnouncing Rev AI Labs: New Capabilities to Power the Applications of Tomorrow

We are excited to announce Rev AI Labs, a collection of cutting edge Rev AI capabilities that we want to get in the hands of our users as quickly as possible. 

To kick things off, we are introducing our first three Open Beta features, which are available to all customers today!  They are:

What does Open Beta mean?  Rev AI Labs features will fall into one of three categories: 

  • Open Beta
  • Closed Beta
  • Alpha

Open Beta features are available to all customers and are publicly documented with a corresponding “LABS” label in our API documentation. Pricing (if not free) may not be finalized but will be published on a per-capability basis. 

Closed Beta features are available to approved customers. They are documented separately and are flagged for use only by whitelisted accounts. Again, pricing may be promotional (free) or not finalized, which will vary on a per-capability basis. Generally, customers who are granted access to our Closed Beta feature gain access to all Closed Beta features, though there are some exceptions (some features are more tightly controlled).  

Alpha, like Closed Beta, requires approval for access and represents early implementations of experimental capabilities. Alpha capabilities may change considerably as they progress toward Closed Beta and beyond, and in some cases, they may be retired.  

Questions about these features?

Please email your queries or feedback about labs to


  • What is the difference between a “Labs” feature and a “Generally Available” feature?
    • Labs features are still being validated across a number of different metrics.  Each feature will be at a different stage of its validation process (market fit, performance, pricing, support, etc.). Rev AI Service Level Agreements (SLAs) do not apply to Labs features. Once a Labs feature has been validated ready for scalable and continued use, it will “graduate” to GA.  
  • What is the price of a Rev AI Labs feature?
    • Each Labs feature will have its price published, either in its API description, on the pricing page, or in a separate shared document. Some features will be promotional (free) while they are in Labs. Pricing of features may change – we will send notification ahead of time if there is any upcoming price change to a Labs feature. At the time of the launch of these features, there will be no pricing changes to Labs products through at least the end of January 2022.
  • Can we request new features? 
    • Absolutely! You can submit feature requests by emailing
  • How do I get into your Closed Beta and Alpha programs?
    • Closed Beta and Alpha are by invitation only at this point.  If you are interested in learning more, please fill out this form and tell us what you hope to be able to do or test with Rev AI.  If we have something that meets your needs, we will reach out!
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