How to Create a VTT File: WebVTT Caption Generator

WebVTT (.vtt) is one of the most popular caption & subtitle file formats. WebVTT stands for “Web Video Text Tracks” and the file format is compatible with almost all major online video players, social media platforms & video editors that accept sidecar caption files. Luckily it’s extremely easy to create a WebVTT file online with Rev, and only costs $1.25 per video minute. So a 10 minute video would cost you $12.50. Rev also has 50,000 captioners working 24/7, so no one can match our turnaround time. Ordering captions completely beats the time consuming process of writing caption files yourself (any video editor knows the pain).


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Let’s get started with creating a VTT file.

How to Create a WebVTT File with Rev

1. Upload your video file or paste a video URL

Upload your video file or paste your video URL here. You can also use Rev’s YouTube and Vimeo integrations for easy caption file orders in the future. Rev accepts almost any video file format. Order Captions

2. Select “WebVTT (.vtt)” as your output file format

You can pick as many of these as you want, including SRT files, plain text files (select “Transcript” for a .txt file), and more. Select Caption File Format WebVTT

3. Select additional order options like Rush or Foreign Subtitles

You can “Rush” your order for faster delivery, and add foreign language subtitles if you want your captions can be translated into multiple languages.

Subtitle VTT Options

4. You’ll receive an email when your VTT caption file is ready

Your captions will usually be finished before the next business day. The amount of time it takes to caption depends on the length of your video file.

5. Edit your captions in Rev’s Captions Editor

Need to make final tweaks? You can do this in Rev’s caption & subtitle text editor. Check out an example of a file in the Rev Captions Editor here. You can download several subtitle formats out of the Editor, including WebVTT.

6. Download your final VTT file

You’re done! You have your VTT file without the hassle of writing it yourself.

How to Upload your VTT file to Major Video Platforms

You might need help adding your WebVTT file to major video platforms. Rev has made some helpful guides to make this easy:

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