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Cheetah .CAP, MacCaption, and Scenarist are incompatible with some of the selected languages.

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  • What's the difference between captions and transcription?
    • Captions are timed text shown on screen (ie: on TV, YouTube, Vimeo, etc) used to communicate spoken content and sound effects as the video plays.
    • Transcription converts your audio to an editable text document. It is useful for capturing the details of any audio recording to review later (ie: meetings, interviews, etc).
    • Need transcripts instead? Order transcripts
  • Tell me about your confidentiality policy.
    Rev has a strict customer confidentiality policy. All customer files are encrypted both at rest and in transit via industry best-practices.
  • What are translated subtitles?
    Subtitles translate the video's spoken and written language into the viewer's language. They are intended for viewers who can't understand the language spoken but can hear the audio.