May 24, 2022

Police Searching for Gunman in Fatal Subway Shooting in NYC

Police Searching for Gunman in Fatal Subway Shooting in NYC Transcript
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On Sunday May 23rd, a man shot and killed another passenger on a subway train crossing the Manhattan Bridge. Read the transcript here.


Stephanie Bertini: (00:00)
… wanted signs like this one behind we at subway stations across New York City. Right now, police are asking anyone with information to call crime stoppers. He was on his way to a Sunday brunch, but 48 year old Daniel Enriquez will never get to sit, eat, and socialize again. Police say his life was stolen when he was shot by a stranger on the Q train. Investigators say the murder was random, unprovoked. Detective zeroing in on this suspect. As you can see, his face hidden in these still images captured on surveillance cameras.

Speaker 2: (00:35)

Speaker 3: (00:36)
This is not good.

Stephanie Bertini: (00:38)
The news horrifying for New Yorkers. The MTA chair and CEO, responding with understanding and concern.

Janno Lieber: (00:44)
For so many new Yorkers, the transit system is the only way to get around and to live their normal lives. You can’t do that if you’re scared to get up and go to brunch.

Stephanie Bertini: (00:57)
Enriquez left his home in Brooklyn and got on the train before noon yesterday. Police say as the train crossed the Manhattan Bridge, the gunman began pacing, walked over to the victim and fired a single shot. Surveillance video now serving as a vital piece of evidence, as the victim’s family waits for justice.

Eric Adams: (01:15)
It is my responsibility to keep New Yorkers safe. My heart goes out to that family. I am sorry that they lost their loved one. We have to continue to make sure that we are not losing loved ones.

Stephanie Bertini: (01:29)
The mayor addressing the victim’s family and the community. As it’s clear, public transit is becoming more dangerous. In just under two months, a mass shooting on the subway, a gang shooting during rush hour and other disturbing crimes. On the books, a 75% spike in subway crime in January. In response, the NYPD deployed more officers into subway hotspots.

Speaker 6: (01:53)
Something has to be done because this cannot keep happening.

Stephanie Bertini: (01:57)
But no matter what can be done, this can’t be changed or reversed. The face of 48 year old Daniel Enriquez now a reminder of how fragile life is and of how unfair things can be. A cash reward being offered for any info that leads to an arrest. Again, if you have information, call Crime Stoppers. I’m reporting live tonight, Stephanie Bertini, Fox 5 News.

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