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How to Get Chinese Subtitles For Movies, Videos and TV Shows

Chinese woman gets subtitles for professional videos

RevBlogSubtitlesHow to Get Chinese Subtitles For Movies, Videos and TV Shows

With the increasing role that online video content plays in growing your business, it’s more important than ever to make sure your content is accessible to everyone. Adding subtitles to your video content is an easy way to help your videos reach further. Adding subtitles helps to grow your opportunities, enabling your content to be enjoyed by a global audience. 

In this blog, we’ll teach you how to enhance your video content with our Chinese (Mandarin) subtitling service, allowing your videos to reach one of the world’s largest online audiences. We’ll cover why Chinese (Mandarin) subtitles are important, how to generate Chinese (Mandarin) subtitles and download  them once complete.

Why Are Chinese (Mandarin) Subtitles Important?

With around 900 million native speakers, there’s no doubt that Mandarin is one of the most spoken languages in the world. In addition, China ranks first in the number of internet users within the country, with a large percentage of global internet users being native to China. This means that without Chinese (Mandarin) subtitles on your videos, your work would miss out on being enjoyed by the biggest online viewership in the world. 

However, despite being the world’s second most-spoken language behind English, few US video platforms or streaming services offer Chinese (Mandarin) subtitling

With Rev’s Chinese (Mandarin) subtitling, you can make your online video content accessible to millions of Mandarin speakers worldwide. And since these new viewers are likely to use a browser in their native language, including Mandarin subtitles will result in your video content ranking much higher for Chinese search terms.

How to Generate Chinese (Mandarin) subtitles

1. Go to

To get started, go to and select our Global Translated Subtitles service. This service generates subtitles in over 15 languages, including Chinese (Mandarin) subtitles, to your videos, with an English caption file also included for free. Once you’re there, select ‘Get Subtitles’ to begin.

Rev's Landing Page

2. Upload Your File

Once you’re on our ‘Order Global Subtitles’ page, upload the video you want to add Chinese (Mandarin) subtitles to by clicking on the ‘Upload Files’ button and selecting the correct file. Alternatively, you can share a link from a public website or pull videos directly from your YouTube or Vimeo page, making it easier than ever to upload your content.

After you’ve uploaded your video, select the output file format you would like. Don’t worry if you change your mind, as you can alter this later. After you’ve selected your format, now you can choose which language you would like your video content subtitled with.

Rev's Order Global Subtitles Page

As well as Simplified Chinese (Mandarin) subtitling, we also offer Traditional Chinese (Mandarin) subtitling, so make sure you’ve selected the correct one, as your desired audience may use one or the other depending on their location and background. We recommend both to help your content reach the widest possible audience possible.

After making your choice, you now have the option to have your subtitles burned-in or open. Selecting burned-in means that your content will always have subtitles on screen, useful for when your content is only intended for Chinese (Mandarin) speakers. However, if you want your content to be seen by audiences across the globe, open subtitles are the best option. Open subtitles allow you to easily switch between different languages, for example, between Simplified and Traditional Chinese (Mandarin) subtitles.

Rev's Language Select Page

Finally, all that’s left to do is fill in the rest of your order details and checkout. When we’ve finished your Chinese (Mandarin) subtitling, we’ll notify you by email.

3. Edit Your Subtitles 

Although Rev has a 99% accuracy guarantee, you may still want to make your own adjustments and tweaks. To do this, visit the ‘My Files’ page and select the ‘Caption Editor’. Here you’ll easily be able to make any changes to your Chinese (Mandarin) subtitles, such as change their on-screen position, alter spellings and much more using the additional menu options.

Rev's Caption Editor Page

4. Download your Chinese (Mandarin) Subtitles

When you are satisfied, simply select ‘Download’ to get your edited subtitle file. If you choose to include burned-in Chinese (Mandarin) subtitles in your video, you can download the file with the subtitles embedded. Otherwise, you can get the subtitles as a separate file. Once downloaded, all that’s left to do is to share your content with your new global audience.

Start Creating Videos using Rev’s Chinese (Mandarin) subtitling

With thousands of professional translators fluent in over 15 languages, including French, German and Spanish, using Rev is the easiest way to get Chinese (Mandarin) subtitles on your video content. With Rev, you can efficiently and affordably scale your videos to viewers worldwide, making your content accessible to everyone. 

Get started with Rev today and share your content with audiences around the globe.

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