Free Transcription Tools: Learn About Rev’s Tools for Transcripts

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Whether they’re for an interview, class lecture, a meeting, or legal matter, high-quality transcription services can be lifesavers. They ensure accuracy, prevent misinterpretation, keep teams in sync, and save time. 

To create the best transcripts, Rev several tools to help. These tools make the transcription process easier, simplify workflows (like editing and sharing), and streamline the recording process. These tools are free with Rev’s 99% accurate human transcription service and our affordable, automated transcription—where transcripts are generated by artificial intelligence.

Here’s a quick overview of each.

1. The Best Transcript Editor 

The Rev Transcript Editor helps you review, annotate, and collaborate on your transcribed audio or video files. The editor does this by providing several powerful features. An embedded media player ensures word-for-word accuracy by allowing you to read along.

Timestamps and search help identify where information is located. And whether you’re working alone or with a team, the editor makes adding notes, comments, or highlighting text uncomplicated. Transcripts can even be downloaded and shared in three different file formats (Microsoft Word, PDF, or text).

2. The Call Recorder App Transcribes Phone Calls & Interviews

Rev’s Call Recorder App makes transcription for incoming or outgoing calls effortless. The app eliminates the hassle of typing while talking or creating audio files of your phone call with other devices. The app, currently on iPhone, offers free and unlimited recording for all phone calls. It lets you transcribe a previous call in a few taps. Sharing is also fast with email, Dropbox, and other sharing services.

3. Our Voice Recorder App (with built-in transcription)

Interviews, memos, lectures, and meetings are easily placed on the written page with the Voice Recorder App. It allows an unlimited number of recordings. Users can trim a piece of audio without fuss, and as with all Rev’s tools, there are a wealth of sharing options. The Voice Recorder App allows you to send audio files via text, email, Dropbox, Slack, and a host of other apps. What’s more, it’s beautifully basic with a one-tap-record button on startup. This free tool captures and transcribes audio from anywhere.

4. Record on Any Device with the Online Voice Recorder

No smartphone or recorder? No problem. We have you covered with our Online Voice Recorder, that’s accessible from any browser. Record from your device of choice, be it a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. The purpose of this tool is to be as helpful and frictionless as possible. A transcription requires only a couple of clicks to create an order that will be processed in 12 hours or less. Plus, even if you’re not looking for a transcription, the tool allows you to download an MP3 file of your recording free.  

You can transcribe your recorded audio after recording & trimming.

5. Make Edits On the Fly With the Online Audio Trimmer 

If you need to cut excess audio off a recording, Rev’s Online Audio Trimmer lets you do just that. The Online Audio Trimmer accepts seven different audio file types and provides trimming controls to customize your file’s exact length. The trimming can cut unusable audio with heavy background noise, which saves you money when you order a transcript

What’s more, both the Online Audio Trimmer and Rev’s Online Voice Recorder provide secure and encrypted privacy for your uploaded files. The tool will not store any files or information.

6. Add the Rev API for In-App Service 

For developers, we also offer an Application Programming Interface (API) to connect our transcription software to their apps. The RESTful API gives developers the power to create apps connected to our high-quality transcription and caption services. Developers just need to integrate apps with our API, swap in production keys when ready, and start placing orders.

7. Rev AI for the Most Powerful Speech Recognition API in Existence

Rev AI has consistently beat tech giants like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and more in accuracy tests. This makes it a perfect speech-to-text solution for developers and businesses to build powerful downstream applications. We train our speech engine on 50,000+ hours of human-transcribed content from a wide range of topics, industries, and accents.

Rev Beats Google Amazon Microsoft in Speech to Text Accuracy