How to Export Avid ScriptSync Transcripts

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If you’re an Avid editor, you might be familiar with ScriptSync; a tool native to Avid Media Composer that helps editors accelerate their workflows by searching text from a transcript to quickly find their footage selects. Script-based editing is a popular technique, and having ScriptSync-ready transcripts from Rev will help you tell your story faster.

You can learn more on how to edit with ScriptSync transcripts in Avid Media Composer, and be sure to request access to this new transcript export format by filling out the form at the bottom of this article.

What is a ScriptSync (.TXT) file?

ScriptSync files from Rev are simply your transcript formatted in a way that allows you to sync the text with your video footage in Avid Media Composer.

How to get ScriptSync-ready Transcripts

To get started, you’ll want to order transcription from Rev. Be sure to upload all your footage files that contain dialogue you’ll want to work with in Avid.

Open Transcript Editor

Once your transcription order is ready, you can download your ScriptSync-ready transcripts from the Rev Transcript Editor.

Export the ScriptSync (.TXT) File

To export a ScriptSync-ready Transcript in the Rev Transcript Editor:

  • Click Download in the top right of the editor
  • Select the Avid ScriptSync output format
  • Click Export to download the .TXT file

Now that you have the export of your transcripts as ScriptSync TXT files, you can import and sync them with ScriptSync in Avid Media Composer.

Importing the Transcript into Avid Media Composer

To start using your new transcript file, learn how to edit with ScriptSync transcripts in Avid Media Composer.

Get access to ScriptSync Transcripts

Fill out the form below with your name and Rev account email to request access to the ScriptSync transcript export format.