How to Download Subtitle SRT Files

Foreign language films are very popular, in part, because they are accessible to more people when they use English subtitles. Unfortunately, it can be costly to hire a standard translator to watch your videos and provide an additional SRT file. Here’s how you can affordably create and download subtitle SRT files on your own, from any video file you already own.


Get a SRT file for an English Video



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What are SRT files?

First, let’s cover what an SRT file is. SubRip Subtitle Files (SRT) take the subtitle information from a film or video and put it into a plain-text format that can be displayed during playback. In addition to the words being translated, they contain data that helps the right words to show up at the right time in your video.

SRTs have become more in-demand over the past few years as social media has transitioned to more video content. Social media posts can be played to a variety of audience members, with a variety of language preferences. It makes sense to have several SRT options available so that each audience has the language subtitles for the language they speak.

SRT subtitle files are one option; you may also choose SRT closed captions, as well. Closed captions are the English version of subtitles & are used to display over English-language content. They are useful for those who are hard of hearing or learning to speak English as a second language. That’s why they are often used for movie subtitles.

How to create an SRT file

To start, go to the Rev English captioning service page or the Rev foreign language subtitle page and start your order. You’ll be prompted to choose your method of uploading video files. Currently, there are four options:

  • Choose a file location on your computer and select it
  • Paste the URL for a public file site
  • Link a video hosting account, such as Vimeo or YouTube
  • Harness the ease of an integration like Zapier or the Rev API

After your file is uploaded, complete the checkout and pay for your purchase. Someone from Rev’s team of thousands of translators & captioners will listen to your video file and create an SRT file within 24 hours. No matter if you use technical jargon, have distinct accents, or speak quickly, an accurate text file will be made. You’ll be prompted when it’s time to download.

How to upload your video with SRT files

Do you now have both your original video file and its matching file with the .SRT file extension? You can upload it to your social media platform or website. Most social platforms accept SRT files. You’ll have to be sure that you use the same original video file that your SRT file was created from, however. This is important so that they match up in perfect timing during playback!

This method is much simpler than painstakingly typing out the captions or subtitles for each video in the platform’s text editor. It also gives you an option that you can use again and again. Each video’s SRT file can be reused for each platform or playback experience.

You’ll also see better engagement on videos displayed on social media platforms. Users can currently have their video player sound turned off by default. SRT files give you a way to communicate even with a phone or mobile device turned to “mute.”  The SEO benefits of subtitles files are also notable, especially on YouTube videos. They rely heavily on search terms to show users the right videos, and adding subtitles can help you get found.

Rev also now offers burned-in captions and subtitles. This allows you to download your video with captions already added to your video. Just check the “Burned-in Captions” or “Burned-in Subtitles” option at checkout.

Burned-in Caption pricing

Downloading subtitles with ease

Instead of using third-party software that claims to download subtitles for movies, consider a service that puts humans to work. Rev’s professionals are native-speakers in the languages they translate, so you can get 99% accuracy. This is true for even hard-to-hear audio or videos with sound interference. From movies and TV shows to lectures, it’s simple to add subtitles in even the most complicated languages.

Get better accuracy than subtitle download sites and ensure your video file is accurately translated. With a cost of far less than hiring an in-person translator, this is a game-changer for SRT files. With results in about 24 hours, you can have your video reuploaded to the site of your choice with subtitles available for your viewers!

You can also watch videos yourself on your own computer with Windows Movies and TV app. Just place the original video file in the same folder as the matching SRT file. Change the names of both to be identical, except for the file extension. When you go to play, your computer’s software will automatically display the CC button. Click it and watch your subtitles in action!