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Converting or transcribing your MP3 audio files into text can be a challenge. At least, it used to be a challenge until made audio transcription simple…and fast…and affordable. Rev offers several audio to text options for MP3’s and all audio files & video files, which you can learn about here. Let’s get started.

How to Transcribe MP3 to Text

When you need an MP3 recording converted, or need to transcribe audio files to text, you can have it done—quickly and affordably—by speech to text transcription experts with 99% accuracy guarantees.

1. Place Your Order with Rev

To get started, click on the Get Started button on Rev’s transcription page. This is for Rev’s professional service (99% accuracy, transcribed by humans, for $1.25 per audio minute).

You can also try Rev’s more affordable AI-powered automatic transcription service & text converter for just $0.25 per audio minute.

2. Upload Your Files

Rev has three easy ways to get your file to our transcribers.

  1. Upload your MP3 file from your computer
  2. Share a link to a public URL

Once you’ve added a file, simply follow the prompts to get a price quote and a turnaround time. All file transfers are secure and encrypted. Transcriptions are rated 99% accurate. Rev accepts all file sizes and most file types, in addition to MP3.

3. Choose Additional Options like “Rush” or “Timestamps” (Optional)

Need a rush job? Not a problem. Simply request a rush and include an additional $1.25 per minute to get it up to five times faster. 

Rev’s team of professional transcriptionists are transcribing audio 24/7, meaning a transcribed copy of that interview you did over dinner will be waiting in your inbox when you get to work in the morning.

4. Finalize your Transcript in Our Easy-to-Use Text Editor

Rev has the best transcript editor in the business, which makes it easy to edit & finalize converting your MP3 files to text. You can also share your transcript in this visual tool which includes highlighted text as it’s spoken, and a video or audio file in the top right corner.

Pro tip: Rev also offers automatic transcription, which is less accurate than human transcription but only $0.25 per minute. This is a great option to convert your MP3 to text quickly using our best-in-class speech recognition engine.

Best Ways to Capture Your Audio

Different occasions call for varied methods of recording. Your method of recording doesn’t matter: Rev has you covered.

  • Online Voice Recorder – Rev offers this completely free tool for recording through your desktop computer or mobile tablet. Fire up your microphone, click the ‘record’ button and you’re good to go. Record the audio and download an MP3, all at no cost to you. 
  • Voice Recorder for Android and iPhone – With the Rev Voice Recorder app, you can record directly to your phone. File-sharing options, such as automatic Dropbox sync, Slack, Evernote, email, and text message are accessible through the app, so you always have your recordings within reach. This free voice recording app is available for download from Google Play and the Apple App Store. You can also order a transcript directly from your phone.
  • iPhone Call Recording – Whether incoming or outgoing, you can capture and transcribe any calls made on your iPhone. Downloading the Rev Call Recorder free app lets you record unlimited calls and order a professional transcription for just $1.00 a minute. And you can place the order with a simple tap on your iPhone.