How to Convert M4A to Text Online

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Today’s business environment includes more phone and video conferencing than ever. Millions of professionals now conduct online interviews, meetings, brainstorming sessions, and much more on a daily basis. 

Through it all, they’re recording and creating audio files for everything. That means a lot of transcriptions, which have traditionally taken a significant amount of resources. 

There is a better way, however: a speech to text solution that quickly allows for converting m4a files into text. The process of converting audio to text is as easy as 1-2-3 with our platform:

How to Convert M4A to Text Online

1. Upload Your M4A Files


First, select the M4A audio file to convert from your computer. You can also choose to paste a URL that takes our transcription experts directly to your English M4A file. The third option for sending a video file or audio file is to automate the upload process by using a video platform integration, our API, or Zapier. 


Next, go to our website and select “Get Started” from the Transcription page. Follow the onscreen steps to place your transcription order. You can also choose to send additional information, such as speaker names and a list of specific or unique terms. Other order options include video captions and foreign subtitles.


The file transfer process is confidential and highly secure thanks to a suite of comprehensive security tools. We use transcription during the file transfer process as well as throughout file storage and until it gets transcribed. 

2. Let the Experts Turn Your M4A Files to Text

Always Available

Once we receive it, our team of native English-speaking transcribers takes the audio files you uploaded and converts those m4a files to text. 

These transcription professionals work around the clock and are available seven days a week to accept transcription requests. 

The Human Advantage

Using human transcribers is much more accurate than an automated transcription process. 

Your audio files may contain technical words and phrases that a machine may not recognize or understand. Also, human transcribers can more effectively handle audios with difficult audio quality, multiple speakers, and speakers with accents. 

3. Receive Edited Final Transcript 


Typically, within 12 hours of placing a standard transcription order for an audio or video file that is less than 30 minutes, you will receive an encrypted, editable file. 

If you are in a hurry, you can also select rush delivery when you order, and you will receive your text in less than four hours.  

Review and Share

Then, you can use our interactive editing tools to polish and finalize your document. These tools also provide a way to annotate your transcription. 

From there, you can choose from various file formats to export and share.

Summary of Steps

How to Transcribe M4A to Text?

  1. Send Your M4A Files
  2. Let the Experts Turn Your M4A Files to Text
  3. Receive Edited Final Transcript