How to Get a YouTube Video Transcript

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Just say it! More and more businesses realize that saying it is quicker and more conclusive than typing it out. Documentation via YouTube video has become the norm in presenting new product and useful instruction to consumers, business partners, and employees. According to a Forbes article by Jessica Baron, “The popularity of video is also giving companies incentives to create more video content. Marketers, influencers, news sites, and anyone else who wants to deliver a message to the next consumer generation – which also happens to be the most diverse in history – is going to have to invest in video content.”

Benefits of YouTube Video Transcripts

Those who are deaf or hard of hearing benefit as video transcripts are invaluable to the understanding of the video content. Many viewers prefer to watch video content on mute because they are in an environment that would not be receptive to audio. Transcription of audio will aid these viewers in receiving full content of the YouTube video.

Background noise and other distractions take away from the validity of the words spoken in videos. Our transcription service offers real-time transcription for real-time understanding as distractions are eliminated. While the transcript text is only as good as the actual words said in the video, having the text available creates ease of editing and altering delivery styles. The bottom line is that whether you are the owner of a shared YouTube video or an interested viewer, the benefits of video transcripts are numerous.

How Do I Get YouTube Transcripts?

After completing your video and perhaps even uploading it to YouTube, a transcript of the spoken words are needed to further the marketing or instruction of the content. What now?! No worries! Accurate transcription is available, affordable, and really easy to order.

Step by Step Instructions in Ordering YouTube Audio and Video Transcriptions


1. Go to set up an account and select “Get Started” from the menu.

2. Upload Files or send us a YouTube link by clicking the “Paste a URL” button.

Order Transcripts Youtube

3. Go to your cart, check out, and Rev professionals will get to work

Once the audio has been extracted from your video, the content is transcribed within hours and sent back to you by our prescreened and experienced transcriptionists. You will have the choice of directly attaching the transcribed content to your YouTube Video or simply hanging onto it for future edits.

Marketing to a diverse consumer group using video on YouTube has never been easier. Retaining what is read is known to be more effective than retaining what has been visually displayed. It makes sense to have YouTube videos transcribed for both personal and business ventures.

With thousands of vetted English speaking transcribers ready to enhance the video experience for your viewers, the quality and quickness of transcribing your YouTube videos can make all the difference.

Why YouTube Video Transcripts?

Did you miss something there? states, “Reading is an active process whereas watching is a passive one.” While engaged in active viewing of a video with pertinent information, the last thing your consumer wants to do is to get caught up in note-taking and miss half of the detailed content. Video transcripts offer complete content while giving viewers the freedom to engage visually in the video and not worry about missing a thing.

Whether you are a viewer or a videographer of YouTube videos, the benefits of video transcripts are immeasurable. Using our transcribing services, words in the video are transcribed into text. The text can then be saved as a print document, text file or incorporated as closed captions into the owner’s video. As an owner of a shared video, the transcript is helpful when performing edits and when capturing audio for legal documentation, not to mention the time saved by saying it instead of typing it. There may be times when a visual is not permitted or not accessible, transcribed audio of your YouTube video can easily be a deal saver.