The Best AI Transcription Service for Audio & Video Files

Trained humans are excellent at converting audio speech to text. But if speed, scale, or affordability are your priority, artificial intelligence (AI) transcription is a better option.


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AI transcription services use software trained on hundreds of hours of human speech. Upload your audio or video files to a server, and the transcription service quickly converts the audio and returns a transcript to you. Or, you can hook up your website or app to an AI service using an API (application programming interface) for real-time transcription.

Transcription software like this is a popular choice among journalists and podcasters. It’s also a powerful, affordable tool for students and clerical workers who want to transcribe notes automatically.

Rev’s automatic transcription service and Rev AI speech-to-text API offers the most accurate speech recognition in the world. Across a range of tests, Rev’s speech-to-text engine had an average error rate of just 14%. By comparison, our tests showed Amazon’s service error rate at 18.42%.

What Makes a Good AI Speech Transcription Service?

Error rate is a significant factor when choosing a transcription service. If an accurate transcript is your priority and time/money aren’t an issue, human transcription is the way to go.

But you will want to weigh up all these factors and more before deciding whether to go with an AI or human service and choosing which transcription provider to use.


No two AI speech-to-text engines are quite the same. They are programmed differently and trained on different word sets and audio types. The AI needs to recognize when a word is spoken, what the word is, and what it isn’tAutomated Speech Recognition (ASR) also benefits from a degree of speaker identification. This prevents it from ‘gluing together’ sentences or snippets from different speakers.

Complex audio with background noise, heavy accents, and people talking over each other is a bigger issue for AI than for a human transcriptionist. However, when tested on 30 podcast recordings, still achieved accuracy of 86%. This makes Rev more accurate than all the leading competitors.

Rev recently beat Google, Amazon, and Microsoft in accuracy rates in internal tests for ASR accuracy rates.

Rev Beats Google Microsoft Amazon


Sometimes speed is more important than accuracy. When you need that transcript now, AI will always be faster than human transcription.

Upload audio to Rev’s AI transcription service, and you can expect your text file within five minutes. You’ll receive an ETA once your file is uploaded.

API Access

Using an AI transcription service via an API saves time and increases the scale of what you can do. You can use an API to add automatic speech recognition to your website, app, or work software.

Rev is excited to share our great speech-to-text API for developers. Compared to Google’s speech recognition API, Rev’s is cheaper, more accurate, and with more advanced speaker diarization for English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and German audio.


Usable, versatile transcription features take the pain out of working with transcripts. Rev returns your converted transcript in the file format of your choice. But, we also add it to our transcript editing platform synced with your original audio or video. This makes it easy to scoot through your media, making corrections, highlighting passages, or excising the quotes you need. Just click on a point in the transcript to hear it back.

Rev also offers search functionality across your saved transcripts. It’s easy to find your way back to the exact phrase you need. And Rev offers multi-user access and sharing options to allow others to edit the work and keep everyone on the same page.

When You Might Prefer to Use Human Transcription

AI transcription works best with as few speakers as possible and limited background noise. It is ideal for transcribing notes you’ve dictated for yourself or podcasts with limited overlapping speech.

Human transcription is preferable if the audio is complex with mixed accents, background noises, or lots of speakers. It is also preferable if accuracy is paramount, for example, for legal reasons or high-quality, customer-facing text. Law firms, market researchers, education providers, and video companies often favor human transcription. Rev’s top human transcription service guarantees a 99% accurate transcript. That means a maximum of 10 errors per 1,000 words. And Rev’s transcription is fast and competitively priced.

Your Choice of AI Service

But if you’re looking for the best AI transcription service for audio and video, Rev offers a few quick and cheap solutions. You can get your transcript in minutes by uploading files or pasting a URL to your original media.