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The “Yeah, Let’s Just Call 2020 Over Now” Rev Roundup

The Rev 2020 Product Release Roundup

RevBlogRev SpotlightThe “Yeah, Let’s Just Call 2020 Over Now” Rev Roundup

Alright. We know 2020 isn’t technically over yet.

But you know what? It kinda is. Right? Like, are you really going to fight us on this? Do you have that kinda energy?

As the holidays approach and we look forward to duct-taping 2020 onto a rocketship and launching it into the sun, we’re taking some time to reflect. We’ve already got our decorations up. We’re ready to call it a year, sip some eggnog, and just… move on.

Like everyone on the planet, we faced challenges. Like everyone on the planet, we tried to make educated guesses. Some of those guesses worked out, some didn’t. We learned from our customers. We worked hard to provide them with the best possible speech-to-text services, meeting their demands as we learned what the new normal would become.

In the end, we believe we hit the nail on the head with more than a few exceptionally notable products and features, and just in case the world around you was too chaotic for you to note them, we created this list right here.

Take a look below, and happy early 2021!

We Made Zoom Accessible — Rev Live Captions for Zoom

Powered by, our industry-leading Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) engine, Rev Live Captions for Zoom instantly make your Zoom meetings and webinars more accessible and engaging for your attendees. With our best-in-class accuracy and custom vocab features, you’ll understand what’s being said whether you have the sound on or off.

We Made Captions EasierOpen Captions (a.k.a. Burned-In Captions)

This is a biggie. Now you can get your captions or subtitles hard-coded directly into your video. That’s right — no more annoying sidecar files. No more post-production delays. Just 99 percent accurate Rev captions or subtitles added to your video and delivered to you. Plus, you can customize the text size, font style, background, and more. Learn more right here.

We Provided a Source of TruthRev Transcript Library

Our Rev Transcript Library really took off this year. Democratic primary debates. COVID-19 press conferences. An entire presidential election campaign cycle. We transcribed all of it and became a go-to source for the textual truth of these events.

We Launched a Scalable Enterprise ServiceRev Pro

Our enterprise offering is perfect for individuals or businesses with recurring or large volume transcription or captioning needs, who want a scalable workflow. If that sounds like you, then keep reading. Rev Pro includes volume discounts, free first draft transcripts, enterprise-level security, a dedicated account manager, priority customer support, advanced integrations, and much, much more.

We Helped Simplify Caption Workflow (Even More)New Caption Integrations

Rev has significantly expanded our integration offerings. In addition to YouTube and Vimeo, we now integrate with JWPlayer, Brightcove, Panopto, Kaltura, YuJa, WarpWire, and Ensemble Video. Rev integrations streamline the captioning ordering process and upload the completed caption file to the appropriate video. Find out how they work right here.

We Spruced Up Our Call Recorder (To Much Fanfare) — Updated Rev Call Recorder App

If recording phone calls is a regular part of your workflow, you need to check out our new and improved Call Recorder app. We took the Call Recorder we launched in 2018, added a new call flow and a facelift, and voila! Recording calls — and ordering transcripts of those calls afterwards — has never been easier. This free app now offers unlimited, no-merge recording, making it effortless to record your audio and then easily transcribe your phone calls and meetings directly from your phone — all within the same app!

We Helped You Save On Dead AirtimeRev Online Audio Trimmer & Cutter

We love our customers, and we love their feedback. Case in point — the Rev Online Audio Trimmer. This free tool fulfills one of the most common customer requests: the ability to trim excess audio from their audio files. It’s a quick and easy way to clean up your audio. And did we mention it’s free?

We Improved Order VisibilityNew Order Details

Are you on a tight deadline? Do you need to know where your order is? Right now? At this very second? New Order Details information now provides you with up-to-date information on the status of your order, and when you can expect it to be completed. Simply go to the “Order History” page and select an order within your Rev account to see where your file is in the order cycle and the estimated time remaining.

We Made “My Files” More You-Friendly

We souped up the “My Files” page for a better user experience. In addition to new icons that help users delineate file types, we also added drag-and-drop and batch download functionality.

We Came, We Saw, We Zapped 

New fields in our Zapier templates enable customers to rush their transcription and captions orders, streamlining workflows and making the ordering process more convenient. We also added a new order type for Automated Transcription.

And There’s Still More to Come…

New Languages for Automated Speech Recognition

We’re super excited about this one, and if you’re somebody with multilingual speech-to-text needs, you should be too. Early next year, we are launching new languages for our speech-to-text API. This service will be available for Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese. Didn’t know Rev was in the ASR game? Learn more about right here.

Review Captions Before Subtitling

This feature (being released in the next month or two!) is another highly requested feature from customers. It will allow customers who ordered subtitles to review/edit their English caption files before those files are sent to subtitlers for translation. We expect this to improve overall subtitle quality across languages.

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