How Rev’s Most Popular Integrations Work

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Workflow is everything. A workflow that integrates first-rate tools, a streamlined strategy, and the right collaborators puts you on the path to productivity and excellence.

Integration is the key word here. You need the different elements of your workflow to operate together like well-oiled machinery.

At Rev, we work hard to ensure efficient cooperation between Rev’s tools and the other top platforms and services you love to use. Rev designs its integrations to take the pain out of moving captions, transcripts, and videos between platforms.

Some of Rev’s most popular software integrations include:

  • YouTube. Rev works securely inside your YouTube account, downloading and uploading the videos you want and ensuring the captions work the way you need.
  • Vimeo. Send Rev your video directly from Vimeo. Automatically pull captions for all videos on your Vimeo account. Order foreign-language subtitles with the Rev + Vimeo integration.
  • Zoom. Install the Rev Live Captions app for Zoom to automatically add real-time captions to Zoom meetings.
  • Dropbox. Link your Dropbox and Rev accounts to order captions straight from your Dropbox folders.
  • Zapier. Rev and web integration tool Zapier work together to help you integrate Rev with multiple apps.
  • Hook up Rev’s best-in-class speech engine to add speech-to-text solutions to software applications.

Let’s take a look at how to use each of these top speech-to-text integrations.

Let Rev Add Captions Directly to Your YouTube Videos

Rev is an official third-party captioning tool for YouTube.

Rev’s team of human professionals provides captions or subtitles for YouTube videos from $1.25 per minute. We guarantee 99% accuracy within 12 hours. If you integrate the service with YouTube, Rev can add these captions to your YouTube video as captions on your behalf. This will also add an accurate YouTube transcript for your audience.

To set up Rev/YouTube integration:

  1. Go to the Rev Closed Captions page or the Rev Foreign Subtitles page. Click Get Started.
  2. On the Order Captions page, choose YouTube.
  3. When prompted, give Rev access to your YouTube account.
  4. Select the YouTube videos you’d like captioned. Click Add Selected to Cart.
  5. Rev preselects the Automatically deliver files back to YouTube box. You may finish the checkout process.

Also, you can set up the integration so that Rev automatically captions any video you upload to YouTube. Just click the sync option setting in your account.

Add Rev as another Tool in Your Vimeo Toolbelt

Vimeo comprises a set of video creator tools, of which video hosting is just one. Serious video makers use Vimeo to create, share, and collaborate on their material.

“Every business, every team I’ve talked to, needs professional-quality video to be easier so that they can use it to communicate,” says Vimeo’s CEO, Anjali Sud. To make this communication tool complete, creators can hook it up to Rev’s speech-to-text tech. Rev can get to work right in your Vimeo account and upload finished captions to your videos the moment they are done.

To get started:

  1. Go to Rev’s Order Captions page and choose Vimeo.
  2. When prompted, give Rev access to your Vimeo account.
  3. Select the videos want captioned and click Add Selected to Cart. (This is where you’ll see the option to sync your Vimeo account with Rev for caption delivery automatically.)
  4. On the checkout page, select the Output File Format you desire. You will also see the option to order foreign-language subtitles.
  5. Complete the checkout process.

If you’d like to edit your subtitles, select the file on your My Files page. They will open in Rev’s online editor. When you’re ready, click the big red Upload to Vimeo button in the top right corner.

Live-Caption Your Zoom Meetings and Lectures with Rev

Everybody uses Zoom for meetings these days. It’s important not to overlook accessibility needs. Integrate Rev with Zoom to automatically live caption everything that is said in calls.

  1. Go to Rev Live Captions here and click “Start Free Trial”.
  2. Sign up for an account and you’ll get 7 days of Zoom live captioning for free.
  3. When your Zoom meeting begins, click Show Subtitles.
  4. Each attendee can decide whether to see the captions on their device.

Rev’s automatic captions are powered by the most accurate, most advanced English language speech recognition service available.

Order Subtitles from Dropbox with a Click

Uploading and downloading can be a drag. As can working on many copies of files in different locations. Instead, Dropbox users can order captions and transcriptions directly from their Dropbox files.

  1. Sign in to your Rev account, and select My Integrations from your account page.
  2. Click Link New Account and select Dropbox from the dropdown menu.
  3. At the prompt, sign in to Dropbox or create a new Dropbox account if needed.
  4. You may receive a warning about connecting the app. Click Continue to acknowledge you trust Rev. And then click Allow to give Rev necessary permissions in your Dropbox account.
  5. To use Rev within Dropbox, click the Open menu next to your desired file. Clicking Open will open a tab with options to order different services from Rev.
  6. After choosing the required options, complete the checkout process.

You can save your add-on preferences and payment information during checkout. This makes the process faster in the future.

Integrate Rev with Multiple Apps Using Zapier

Zapier is an app integration tool. So, if you’d like to integrate Rev with an app that isn’t mentioned above, you can probably use Zapier to do it.

With a Zapier account, you create workflows called Zaps. You can define ‘triggers’ in multiple apps to trigger ‘actions’ in your Rev account. For example, you can set up a Rev Evernote integration to add an automatic note to Evernote every time a new Rev transcript lands.

There’s no single way to use Zapier because it works as a hub between Rev and your most-used apps. To get started, head over to Zapier and choose an app to integrate.

Power Up Your Integration Game with is the portal to Rev’s speech-to-text API (Application Programming Interface). An API is a functional map that connects a piece of software to your own applications using a set of rules that you help to define.

You can hook multiple applications to the API to add speech-to-text solutions to software applications. transcribes live-streamed or asynchronous audio. It is a perfect alternative to Rev’s off-the-peg services if you need to transcribe at scale.

To tailor Rev’s powerful speech recognition engine to your needs, start by working through the user documentation.

And, if developing is not your thing, don’t forget about those simple off-the-peg Rev integrations above.

Find the Speech-To-Text Integrations for Your Needs

At Rev, we know everybody has their own workflow that works for them. But there is always room to tighten your workflow. Why not optimize your routine for efficiency and productivity by activating Rev integrations today?