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Announcing: Rev Premium Service Captions


RevBlogRev Product FeaturesAnnouncing: Rev Premium Service Captions

The Rev team is thrilled to unveil Premium Service Captions, our latest enterprise innovation for Rev Pro customers. For businesses managing large volumes of video content, Premium Service Captions grants you on-demand access to our top captioning professionals, who will follow your unique style guide and ensure consistent, reliable quality at scale.

If your organization handles hours and hours of video content, or needs special attention paid to technical phrases and complex terminology, then you’ll want to pay attention, because this is for you!

I like the sound of this! Can you give me some more details?

Of course! Premium Service Captions will help your organization customize your captions, be more productive, and protect your brand’s reputation, so you can spend less time on quality control and more time doing what you love.

Customizable Preferences

Premium Service Captions allows you to customize the requirements for your captions, so you can change your preferences across speaker labeling, caption positioning, atmospherics, profanity, terminology, and more. 

If your organization adheres to a unique style guide, Premium Service Captions ensures that your captions will stick to those guidelines. For example, one of our customers’ style guides requires that “Black” be capitalized when used in a racial or ethnic context, so they have customized their captions preferences accordingly.

This feature is also especially helpful for users in complex fields like medicine, where terminology is specific and very, very technical (i.e. “Type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM)” is correct, but “Type one diabetes” is incorrect).

Plus, you can choose which of your orders need Premium Service Captions to make sure that your most important content gets extra special attention.

Files Handled by Expert Captioners

Rev’s proprietary automatic speech recognition (ASR) surfaces a first draft of your captions to the top 5 percent of our expert captioners. These Revvers are the best of the best — masters of accuracy, content, timing, and following your unique style guide. Then, your Premium Service Captions go through a second layer of quality review before being delivered to you.

Increased Productivity

Spend less time in quality control and more time maximizing the efficiency of your distribution workflow. And if you do find errors, you can contact your dedicated customer success manager to have those files re-captioned.

Even for customers without special terminology guidelines, Premium Service Captions can help you be more efficient in your distribution workflow. Take Premium Service Captions customer MVD Entertainment Group, who handle the distribution of hundreds of films per month to platforms like Amazon, Apple, Fandango, and more. Premium Service Captions help MVD scale their quality control process and reduce the number of files that don’t meet those streaming platforms’ strict quality requirements. 

This higher level of service has helped MVD cut down the average amount of time spent in quality control by roughly 90 percent (from 4 hours to 30 minutes) and reduce the number of files that get rejected from platforms by 80 percent.

How to Get Access to Rev’s Premium Service Captions

Premium Service Captions are specifically designed for and only available to Rev Pro customers. (Interested in learning more about Rev Pro services? Click here!)

Are you a Rev Pro Customer interested in Premium Service Captions? 

Complete the form below and your Account Manager will contact you with more info on pricing.

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