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How to Add Captions & Subtitles to DailyMotion Videos Like an Expert

How to Add Captions & Subtitles to Dailymotion videos

RevBlogCaptionsHow to Add Captions & Subtitles to DailyMotion Videos Like an Expert

DailyMotion is a French-based video sharing platform that’s second only to YouTube in viewership and video uploads.  With more than 300 million unique monthly visitors who consume more than 3.5 billion videos per month, DailyMotion is a place for marketers, influencers, and anyone with a story to tell.

Adding closed captions can help your DailyMotion videos reach a wider audience & improve accessibility for deaf & hard-of-hearing viewers. It’s also clear that more and more online videos are being watched without sound by the average person.

How to Add Closed Captions & Subtitles to a DailyMotion Video

It’s easy to add subtitles or captions to any DailyMotion video. All you need is a video on DailyMotion and a SubRip Subtitle (.SRT) file, which you can order from Rev here.

1. Select the video you want to caption on DailyMotion

Copy your DailyMotion video URL and paste the URL to Rev here. Request your captions as an SRT file. When captioning is complete, you’ll receive a link to an editable .SRT file in your email. Make any changes you like, save it to your computer and return to DailyMotion.

Order Captions
Rev Caption Output File Format

Pro tip: You can also order foreign subtitles from Rev if you want your captions translated into multiple languages

2. In DailyMotion select the video and click “Advanced Edit”

This will be in your video’s “advanced edit” tab.

3. Click the “Add Subtitles” button and choose your subtitle language

You can click here and get even more subtitle languages.

4. Click “Upload”

Locate the .SRT file on your computer that you got from your order and select it.

5. Once the file uploads click “Save”

Your DailyMotion video is now live with captions.

Adding captions can give viewers more ways to enjoy your creations. With the help of professional captioners , you’ll get 99% accuracy with a quick turnaround time – so you can share your vision with the world.

What is DailyMotion?

DailyMotion was launched in Paris in 2006, just about a month after its rival YouTube, and the two sites share many essential features.  Anyone can upload video content for free to one or more of DailyMotion’s four categories – News, Sports, Entertainment, and Music.

With DailyMotion’s Partnership program, content creators can share in revenue generated from views on the site, and they can also embed videos on other sites and social media platforms. Creators can also sell their videos outright for broadcast both on the DailyMotion platform and on any other sites the owner chooses.

Why Closed Caption Your DailyMotion Videos?

Closed captions add both spoken dialogue and other sound effects in text form to video content of all kinds.  Captioning began as a service for the deaf & hard-of-hearing, but it can be helpful for many other reasons, too. If you need to keep the video’s volume low or turned off, or if background sounds are distracting, closed captions can help. 

Captioning is also useful when speakers’ accents are difficult to understand. In fact, many Americans turn on closed captions when watching videos from Great Britain! Captions can also give students another tool for learning a video’s content, or for mastering a new language.

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