Jul 12, 2022

Uvalde shooting investigation Latest on video release Transcript

Uvalde shooting investigation Latest on video release Transcript
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Officials have gone back and forth over whether to release the video from inside a hallway at Robb Elementary School. Read the transcript here.


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Speaker 1: (00:00)
Turning now to the investigation into the school shooting in Uvalde. Today marks seven weeks since 19 students and two teachers who were killed at Robb Elementary, and the calls to release that video from the day are growing stronger. This morning Cleo Green with us. Cleo, this all comes on the heels of yesterday’s hearing.

Cleo Green : (00:15)
Yes, and it has been six weeks since that shooting at Robb Elementary School and people want to see that video. It has not been released, we’ve only seen those still images. People want to know what happened in those 77 minutes in this video from the time that gunman entered Robb Elementary School until officers were actually able to get inside of that classroom and take that gunman down. Well as you can imagine families of the victims, they want to see that video, lawmakers do, and so does the governor

Speaker 3: (00:42)
That video needs to be released, as well as the audio. Texans need to know but frankly the people of Uvalde, they deserve to get to know exactly what happened, and I urge that it happen very quickly.

Cleo Green : (00:55)
So what’s the hold up? It was clear yesterday the Uvalde district attorney will not allow the release of that video citing the ongoing criminal investigation. The DA must give approval for that video to be released. Now some of the footage in that video has been viewed by our sister station in Austin, they say it shows that in the first 30 minutes there was 13 rifles inside of the school with dozens of officers from multiple agencies, including DPS, standing in that hallway waiting to enter the classroom for nearly 70 minutes, doing nothing.

Cleo Green : (01:26)
In the meantime the Uvalde community, they have been protesting outside of the school, outside of this office where they’ve been doing the investigation. I do want to add here that a lot of things have been very murky, a lot of things to clear up during this investigation, the most recent here being from Representative Justin Burrows, who was appointed as the chair investigative committee for the Uvalde school shooting. Now he did initially say that the mayor and DPS have come up with a date as to when the video would be released to the public but that’s not true, we got to wait for the DA’s approval. So he tweeted here recently saying it is my intention to show the hallway video to the people of Uvalde regardless of any agreement. I will not release it to the public until the people of Uvale have seen it for themselves. A lot of people waiting and we’re still waiting to see what happens with the outcome of this investigation. Mark, I’ll send it back to you.

Mark: (02:12)

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