Jul 8, 2021

UFC 264 Pre-Fight Press Conference Transcript: Conor McGregor vs. Dustin Poirier

UFC 264 Pre-Fight Press Conference Transcript: Conor McGregor vs. Dustin Poirier
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Transcript of UFC 264 pre-fight press conference on July 8, 2021 with Conor McGregor, Dustin Poirier, and Dana White.

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Announcer: (00:00)
Welcome to the UFC 264 Presser inside the T-Mobile Area, where, in just 48 hours, one of the biggest combat sporting events of the year, goes down, right here, in Las Vegas, Nevada. The UFC 264 trilogy will put an exclamation mark on one of the greatest trilogies in UFC history and, ultimately, help shape each man’s respective legacy. Introducing first, the sport’s biggest superstar, the Irish supernova who’s captured titles in two weight classes and elevated the sport of mixed martial arts to new heights. This is the notorious Conor McGregor. His opponent, a former champion, the pride of Lafayette, and winner of six of his last seven fights, including a January knockout win over McGregor, which evened the score at one, apiece. Please welcome Dustin, the Diamond, Poirier.

Moderator – Dana: (03:51)
What’s up, everybody? How are you? [inaudible 00:03:51]

Question 1: (03:55)
Yeah, Dustin, I want to start with you. Dustin, after that last fight, you said Conor had lost his aura to you. You didn’t see that around him anymore. I wonder, this is an entirely different environment, right? We’re talking sold out, bunch of Irish flags everywhere. We know that Conor performs well under the lights. Does the challenge change for you? I know the fight’s the same, but with everything that’s around it, does the challenge change for you in this one, because of this?

Dustin Poirier: (04:20)
Not anymore. For me, the aura’s not there anymore. A very dangerous fighter sitting right here, for sure. No doubt. I see a man. You guys in the crowd, cheer it up, have fun, but I see a man, here in front of me, that I defeated and I know I can defeat again.

Question 1: (04:43)
Dustin, in the cage after that last one, you were still in the cage and you were already saying trilogy, we’ve got to do this again. Obviously, it’s a huge money fight, but at that moment, when you’re still in there, what’s going through your head? Is it, “This is going to be the biggest paycheck I’ll ever cash”, or was there something else about it?

Dustin Poirier: (05:00)
I knew this was next. As soon as I got to my hotel room that night, I knew this was next. I’ve been preparing for this fight since that fight ended.

Question 1: (05:08)
Yeah. In all discussion, I know you’ve heard it, low kicks, calf kicks, low kicks, calf kicks. When you hear that, do you say, “Yeah, I executed perfectly”, or do you say, “Why are people not giving me credit for everything else I did in that fight?”

Dustin Poirier: (05:20)
The calf kicks lead to hands that opened up shots, but that’s MMA. There’s a lot of different moving parts. That’s what it is. If it’s not calf kicks, it’ll be something else, take downs or boxing that opens up-

Conor McGregor: (05:34)
You’re going to walk like a dog in that octagon on Saturday night.

Question 1: (05:43)
I guess, lastly, for me, Dustin, this is obviously different. It was similar last time. It’s getting kind of ugly again. Is this getting personal for you at this point?

Dustin Poirier: (05:51)
No, straight business, man. This is-

Conor McGregor: (05:54)
You’re only a little b***h. Your wife is your husband. You’re only a little b***h of a thing; a silly little hillbilly. Joe Lee’s wife, Joe Lee’s wife, Joe Lee’s wife, you little b***h of a thing.

Dustin Poirier: (06:21)
You used to be a lot better than that, man. The trash talk was a lot better than that. F***ing weak.

Question 1: (06:26)
Thanks, Dustin. Conor, I want to ask you the same. Conor, throughout your career, when something has gone wrong, you’ve always evaluated spot on and made the corrections right afterwards. You really did point to those low kicks and said how dangerous those were. In the time since, have you seen other issues or other challenges that he presents to you, or is that really all that you need to address here?

Conor McGregor: (06:44)
This is my bread and butter. This is what wakes me up in the morning with fire in my belly. Errors to correct, tactics to prepare for. I’ve had a great camp, a great focus on the opponent’s details.

Dustin Poirier: (06:57)
I’m doing d**k kicks this time.

Conor McGregor: (06:58)

Dustin Poirier: (06:59)
I’m throwing d**k kicks this time.

Conor McGregor: (07:00)
Yeah. Shut your mouth, you little filly or I’m going to dance on your head.

Question 1: (07:06)
Conor, it’s clear that the gentlemanly Conor that was in Abu Dhabi is not here this time around. Dustin’s admitted, at fight number one, you got in his head. As you’re sitting there right now, do you feel that you’ve been able to get into his head or under his skin again?

Conor McGregor: (07:18)
I’m going to go through his head, put holes in them, and take it off his shoulders. That’s the goal here. He’s done here. This is it for him. This is the end of the road. Even after that last fight, “Oh, I don’t love this anymore. I don’t love doing this.” He knew what was coming. He knew the smacks he took. It’s on, now. Saturday night, he’s getting walked around that octagon like a dog and put to sleep.

Question 1: (07:41)
Hey, Conor, just one last one for you. We think about all the things that you’ve accomplished in your career. Certainly, there’s not a title on the line in this one, but what would a win in this trilogy series mean for you? What would this mean, as part of your legacy?

Conor McGregor: (07:53)
It’s beautiful. Another addition, another feather to the cap. It’s what I love to do. I love to come in here, defy the odds, do the unthinkable, and put on a show.

Question 1: (08:03)
Thank you, Conor. [Dane 00:08:04], just one quick one for you. I know that you were teasing some big numbers and big trends and were excited about it. As we sit right here, what can you tell us about the status of this pay-per-view and where you expect it to end up?

Moderator – Dana: (08:14)
I’m saying it’s the most pre-buys we’ve ever had for any fight. We expect big numbers to come in that night. If you know you’re going to be home on Saturday night and you know you’re going to watch the fight, buy it now, so you can avoid that.

Question 2: (08:32)
Question for Conor. You walked out, you posed for the crowd. It seems like you pulled some of Dustin’s hot sauce out and threw it at him. Why did you feel the need to pour out his hot sauce?

Conor McGregor: (08:42)
It’s garbage. Don’t have that garbage up on my bleeding stage. Where’s the proper 12, the real sauce, the real Irish hot sauce.

Question 2: (08:55)
Dustin, it seems like you have something to say.

Dustin Poirier: (08:57)
I’ve got a nice bottle of Red Breast 21 sitting at the house after I whip that ass.

Conor McGregor: (09:05)
Good one.

Question 2: (09:06)
Another one for Conor. This is really the first time you’ve been in the same room with Dustin since Fight Island. Has seeing him in person now, after all the back and forth, on social media-

Conor McGregor: (09:15)
I think he looks rough, to be honest. It looks like the wait is getting to him. I can see it in his eyes. There’s stress in his eyes, a lack of sleep. You can see it. It’s coming for him on Saturday night and he knows it and I know it. I’m going to love doing it.

Question 2: (09:31)
Dustin, same question. Is finally seeing Conor in person, after all the back and forth on social media, has it elicited any more emotions or is it still just business, as usual?

Dustin Poirier: (09:41)
No, it’s just business. I see a man here. A man-

Conor McGregor: (09:43)
I see a corpse.

Dustin Poirier: (09:43)
-that needs to get crazy.

Conor McGregor: (09:45)
I see a dead body.

Dustin Poirier: (10:08)
Thank you.

Question 3: (10:10)
This is a question for Conor. This is a question for Conor. This ocho cinco with B/R Betting. A quick question, myself and the entire B/R Betting family, we’re walking with you Saturday night. I want to hear from your mouth, are you a lock?

Conor McGregor: (10:27)
I’m a lock. I’m going to kill this man.

Moderator – Dana: (10:36)
Thank you. Go ahead, Robert.

Question 4, Robbie, Barstool: (10:38)
All right. Robbie, Barstool Sports, over here. Question for Conor. Conor, we know you left the kids at home this time. Are they going to be watching on Saturday night or are they not allowed to witness the violence you plan on delivering?

Conor McGregor: (10:50)
The fight will be about 5:00 in the morning on Irish time, so the kids will be asleep. They’ll watch it in the morning, when they wake.

Question 4, Robbie, Barstool: (10:56)
I love it. I’m looking forward to it. Thanks, Conor.

Question 5: (11:01)
Conor, when people think about you, they think about the guy who apologized to absolutely nobody. Is that guy here today and will he be here on Saturday?

Conor McGregor: (11:11)
An evolution of that guy. I’m better than that man, do you know what I mean? I’m out there evolving. I’m about to come on full circle and I look forward to showing it on Saturday night.

Question 5: (11:20)

Conor McGregor: (11:21)
That night was the single greatest performance in UFC history, widely regarded. The night I won the second world title in Madison Square Garden. This performance, on Saturday night, I’m going to top it.

Question 5: (11:36)
Dustin, you’re not just a contender anymore. You’re a big deal in the entire UFC. How do you make sure you don’t fall into the trap of falling into the hype?

Dustin Poirier: (11:48)
I’ve never really had that hype push. I know who I am. I’m the same guy. It’s easy to be me, man.

Question 6: (11:58)
Question for the notorious Conor McGregor. You’re already a hall of famer, your legacy is already cemented. Winning against Dustin Poirier, winning this trilogy fight, where does it stack up against all the accomplishment, beating Aldo, getting the Champ status against Eddie Alvarez. Where would this rank?

Conor McGregor: (12:19)
My mindset, I’m back on the building site now with a hard hat, a [inaudible 00:12:23] vest, and two hammers in my hands. That’s my mindset. I’m not relishing in all my past accomplishments, all the money I’ve got in the bank. All the former accomplishments, all that. I don’t care about that. I’m back on the site in a [inaudible 00:12:37] vest with two hammers on my f***ing hands.

Question 6: (12:41)
Out of curiosity, did you finish the bottle of hot sauce that Dustin gifted you on Fight Island?

Conor McGregor: (12:47)
Didn’t touch it.

Question 6: (12:50)
Dustin, question for you. Winning this trilogy, would it be more meaningful than winning the interim lightweight strap at UFC 236 against Max Holloway?

Dustin Poirier: (13:02)
It’ll be, I think, bigger for the hype-

Conor McGregor: (13:05)
Don’t contradict yourself, Dustin, because the last time we were up here, you were giving us all a large one. Saying, oh, the title means everything. Yet here you are looking for the bread and the butter, you little fake c***.

Question 6: (13:18)
Then, this is the last question for both of you. Get your hand raised Saturday evening, how quickly would you like to return? Would you like to fight for the strap before the end of 2021 against [Oliver 00:13:29]?

Conor McGregor: (13:29)
Yes, we’re going to fill out the Allegiance Stadium, the Death Star.

Question 6: (13:36)
For you, Dustin?

Dustin Poirier: (13:38)
Yeah, of course. That’s the next move. End of the year.

Question 7: (13:43)
Question for Conor. Conor, the say that game recognizes game. When you look at Dustin, does he feel like he’s on your level? Do you recognize him as a champ?

Conor McGregor: (13:54)
No, he’s not in the same stratosphere as me. The man looks disgraceful up here. He looks frail. He looks frail at this weight now. I’m telling you, his head, his body, his frame, his eyes. That weight class is getting to him. I’m all the way, ready to go. There’ll be no 155, there’ll be nothing free given here. Everything is getting took here.

Question 7: (14:13)
Second question for Dustin. You entered the UFC as a young fighter. Now you’re a wise business man. What’s that journey been like for you to be entering the fight game, but now in the business game?

Dustin Poirier: (14:27)
It’s been a lot of growth. Learning from losses in life and in fighting. Just getting better-

Conor McGregor: (14:33)
Your wife is your husband.

Question 7: (14:37)
Last question for Dana. What’s it feel like to have fans in the house in Las Vegas?

Moderator – Dana: (14:43)
No, it’s good to be back home. It’s awesome.

Question 8: (14:53)
This question’s for Conor. Conor, in the build up to the last fight, you were unusually kind to Dustin. Now, in fight week, it’s the exact opposite. When did that switch happen?

Dustin Poirier: (15:02)
He got knocked the f**k out. Not McGregor fast, McGregor sleep.

Question 8: (15:19)
Dustin, in this week, Conor said that in the last fight, that you fought him scared. I just want to get your reaction to that.

Dustin Poirier: (15:27)
What’d you say?

Question 8: (15:28)
Conor said this week, that you fought him scared in the last fight. I just want to get your reaction to that.

Dustin Poirier: (15:33)
I have a healthy fear going into every fight. I know the dangers. I know I’m a human being and if I make a mistake, it could be the last mistake in that fight and I could wake up asking what happened. I bring that into every fight.

Question 8: (15:43)
Last one, for Dana. Earlier this week, we heard about Nick Diaz versus Robbie Lawler. Do you have an update on that fight?

Moderator – Dana: (15:51)
I said it’s something we’re working on for September.

Question 8: (15:54)
All right. Thanks, guys.

Moderator – Dana: (15:55)
Thank you.

Question 9: (15:56)
Question for Conor. Conor, win or lose, do you respect Dustin Poirier no matter what happens on Saturday night?

Conor McGregor: (16:04)
I don’t give a f**k about him, to be honest. I don’t give a rat’s ass about him. He’s Buster Douglas. He’s Buster Douglas, is what he is and that’s the way he’s going to go down. He’s going to be known for that. It was a fluke win and I’m going to correct it on Saturday night.

Question 9: (16:22)
Dustin, same question for you. Do you respect him as a fighter, despite all of the antics?

Dustin Poirier: (16:27)
I do. I don’t hate anybody up here. I’m in a different place, mentally, man. Respect to him and everything he’s done.

Question 9: (16:36)
Question for Dana. Is this a return to form? Does this Conor look very familiar to you, versus the one that you saw in Abu Dhabi?

Moderator – Dana: (16:42)
That’s for me?

Question 9: (16:47)

Moderator – Dana: (16:47)
What’s the question?

Question 9: (16:49)
Does this Conor McGregor look-

Moderator – Dana: (16:50)
I’m so f**king freaked out that these two are going to move either way-

Conor McGregor: (16:53)
He’s not going to do nothing.

Moderator – Dana: (16:54)
-that I can’t pay attention to this fight.

Conor McGregor: (16:56)
Don’t keep watch on me, because that little filly won’t do nothing.

Dustin Poirier: (17:00)
I’m going to slap you up if you come near me.

Moderator – Dana: (17:01)
What did you say, sir?

Question 9: (17:02)
Does this look more familiar to you, than what you saw in Abu Dhabi with Conor?

Moderator – Dana: (17:08)
Yeah. Listen, I think that every version of Conor that’s shown up over the last several years is always a different version. He does what he’s got to do. Who’s next? Is that it?

Question 10: (17:32)
Conor, right here. Conor, right down here. Conor, question for you. You have won exactly one fight since Barack Obama was president.

Conor McGregor: (17:46)
Watch your mouth. I’ll go down and smash your nose in.

Question 10: (17:51)
Hold on. Conor, as a fighter-

Conor McGregor: (17:52)
I’ll go smash your nose in and then I’ll laugh. Then, I’ll laugh.

Question 10: (17:52)
[crosstalk 00:17:52] over the last six months.

Conor McGregor: (17:56)
You little rabbit. I’ll smack him.

Question 10: (17:59)
[crosstalk 00:17:59] sent you to a place where time doesn’t exist six months ago. We want to know why should anyone expect anything different on Saturday?

Conor McGregor: (18:08)
It’s one more fight I won than your little sissy ass, you little fanny pad.

Question 10: (18:13)
Why should we expect anything different on Saturday? Conor, in all sincerity, why would it be different on Saturday?

Dustin Poirier: (18:21)
He said he’s just putting his hammers on, his hard hat. My boots been strapped for the last 10 years. I’ve been working my ass off.

Question 10: (18:27)
Thank you.

Question 11: (18:37)
Question for Conor. Despite your feelings towards Dustin, Habib, and Nate, do you still think it’s important to have a strong rival to help you get better and establish legacy?

Conor McGregor: (18:50)
Yeah. F**k the whole roster. F**k the entire roster. I see the way it is. You try and be nice to them, you try and help them out, but f**k them all now. It is what it is and that’s it. I’m coming for all of them.

Question 11: (19:05)
Dustin, do you think it’s important to have a strong rival, as well?

Dustin Poirier: (19:10)
Do what?

Question 11: (19:11)
Is it important to have a strong rival, do you think?

Dustin Poirier: (19:14)
All these guys are rivals. We’re competing to be the number one fighter.

Question 11: (19:19)
Question for Dana. Conor mentioned Allegiance Stadium. We’re getting back to the T-Mobile arena, but is there any hope to get to Allegiance soon?

Moderator – Dana: (19:28)
I don’t know. I’m assuming some day we’ll have a fight that we’ll put over there. We’ll see what happens. We’ll see what happens this weekend and throughout the rest of this year.

Question 12: (19:43)
Question for Conor. I’m curious. You’ve been talking a lot about legacy. How much would a trilogy fight with Nate Diaz interest you?

Conor McGregor: (19:54)
It’s for sure going to happen. It must happen. More than that, it must happen, it will happen. I look forward to the day.

Question 12: (20:00)
For Dustin, since being over at AT&T, you and Mike Brown really have developed a solid relationship. How much do you credit him for becoming the fighter that you are today?

Dustin Poirier: (20:11)
He’s helped out a lot in my growth and my evolution as a mixed martial artist, combining everything. My kickboxing, with my wrestling, my jujitsu. He’s a great guy to have in your corner.

Question 12: (20:23)
Last thing from me for Conor.

Conor McGregor: (20:25)
Louisiana wasn’t good enough for you, was it? You left Louisiana. It wasn’t up to scratch to get you to where you needed to be, was it?

Question 12: (20:33)
For Conor, what else do you feel you still have to accomplish? You already were a simultaneous two division title champ. What else do you have on your radar to accomplish?

Conor McGregor: (20:44)
Strainers, scraps, fights. That’s what I love to do. It’s what I’ve been doing my entire life and that’s it. More mega fights.

Dustin Poirier: (20:55)
Why are you guys reaching out to people in the boxing world that I know? Trying to bring in boxing expertise?

Conor McGregor: (21:01)
Shut your mouth.

Dustin Poirier: (21:04)
Why are you guys reaching out to my friends to bring into camp?

Conor McGregor: (21:08)
What? Nobody’s coming on, you tit. [inaudible 00:21:10] Pauli Malignaggi inspiring in the lead up to [inaudible 00:21:14] Floyd, one of the better boxers on this f**king planet, you stupid tosspot. We didn’t ring anyone’s ass for any bleeding info on you, you dope.

Dustin Poirier: (21:21)
Yeah, we both did the same to you.

Moderator – Dana: (21:26)
Go ahead, sir.

Question 13: (21:26)
Question for Conor. Conor, the lack of trash talk last time around made things easier for Dustin, he said. Can you regain, in an intimidation factor, after losing it? How do you regain a psychological edge?

Conor McGregor: (21:43)
I don’t give a bollocks about all that. Lock me in the cage with him. You’re going to see what’s happening.

Question 13: (21:50)
For Dustin, you knew the trash talk was coming this time around. How do you prepare for that?

Dustin Poirier: (21:57)
I don’t. I just don’t care about this stuff anymore. I don’t care about this.

Question 13: (22:01)
Okay. For Dana, how much do you appreciate the back and forth, as a promoter?

Moderator – Dana: (22:08)
It doesn’t matter one way or the other to me. It doesn’t matter to me.

Question 13: (22:13)

Moderator – Dana: (22:14)

Question 13: (22:14)

Question 14: (22:17)
TMZ Sports. Conor, congrats on making the cover of Forbes.

Conor McGregor: (22:26)
Thank you so much.

Question 14: (22:26)
How long until you’re a billionaire?

Conor McGregor: (22:26)
By the time I’m 35. I’m 32 now.

Question 14: (22:29)
35. Okay. You’ll be 33 next week. Do you want the boss, Dana, to get you anything for your birthday?

Conor McGregor: (22:38)
No, I have everything I need. I have everything I need.

Question 14: (22:41)
Everything you need. Dustin, Conor tweeted about first I’m going to take a shot as a weasel. Are you going to stand and bang or are you going to take a shot?

Dustin Poirier: (22:49)
I’m going to shell his chute.

Question 14: (22:52)
Have a good night.

Moderator – Dana: (22:59)
All right. Guys, Forest Griffin has a question here that was sent in by the fans.

Question 15- Forest Griffin: (23:05)
Thank you, guys. Gentlemen. I have the fan’s decided question from Socios App. That question is … I’ll start with you, Dustin. What is the worst part of fight camp and what is the best part of fight camp?

Dustin Poirier: (23:19)
The worst part is probably, for me, at the end of camp, my body’s hurting. I’ve been doing it for nine weeks in a row and I’m ready for the fight to be here. That final, last two weeks of camp, getting to this week, is the roughest.

Question 15- Forest Griffin: (23:31)
What’s the best part? I have a feeling I know.

Dustin Poirier: (23:33)
I love the beginning of camp. I love the beginning of camp, getting back with the guys in the gym, feeling good.

Question 15- Forest Griffin: (23:39)
Thank you. Thank you. Conor, same question to you?

Conor McGregor: (23:41)
I love it all. There’s not one bit of it I hate. I love every bit of it, from the start, to the middle, to the finish, to gearing up, to right now, here at the presser, to the weigh in tomorrow, and to the fight on Saturday night. I absolutely love it all.

Question 15- Forest Griffin: (23:54)
Absolutely. The best part of any fight camp is the actual fight. That is the correct answer.

Moderator – Dana: (24:03)
All right. We’ve got time for one last question. Go ahead, sir.

Question 16: (24:06)
Dustin, Connor, in interviews this weeks, said he admits he was looking past you in the second fight, looking more at Manny Pacquiao. Do you look at that as an excuse and do you feel like you got the best of what was left of him in that fight?

Dustin Poirier: (24:20)
I beat him. It’s a fight. It’s up to you to get prepared. I beat him. What’s his excuse going to be on Saturday, is what I want to know.

Question 16: (24:28)
Conor, history has shown when you are active, you are sharper. Do you think you’ll look back on this five year stretch and regret only fighting three times in your prime?

Conor McGregor: (24:39)
I don’t regret nothing I’ve done on this planet, as long as I live. I love my life. I’ve done some incredible things and I’ve had an incredible career. Long may it continue.

Question 16: (24:50)
Conor, should we expect to check calf kicks this fight?

Conor McGregor: (24:56)
You’ll pay to see that.

Question 16: (24:59)
Finally, Conor, I’ve watched all your interviews this week. It seems like you’ve been hesitant to give the official “Mystic Mac” prediction for this one. Can you go on record-

Conor McGregor: (25:09)
No, I said I’m going to take him out in a stretcher. He’s going out in a stretcher in this fight.

Question 16: (25:14)
What round, sir?

Conor McGregor: (25:16)
You’ll pay to see that.

Question 16: (25:18)
Thank you.

Moderator – Dana: (25:19)
All right. We’re going to get this stuff out of here and square these guys off for a face off. Thank you. We’ll see you at the weigh ins tomorrow.

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