Feb 23, 2020

Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder Post-Fight Transcripts: Interviews, Press Conferences

Tyson Fury Deontay Wilder Post Fight Press Interview Transcripts
RevBlogTranscriptsTyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder Post-Fight Transcripts: Interviews, Press Conferences

Tyson Fury TKO’d Deontay Wilder in an epic heavyweight fight on February 22, 2020. Read transcripts of the post-fight events like interviews with both fighters, and the post-fight press conference.

Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder Interviews After Fight

Deontay Wilder: (02:42)
My corner wouldn’t let me win out on my shield. And I’m a warrior and that’s what I do. He did, what he did. There’s no excuses and we come back and be stronger.

Bernardo: (02:52)
They did something to protect you, which is their job, which is important. Now, how do you recover from something like what happened tonight?

Deontay Wilder: (03:00)
Even the greatest have lost came back. That’s just part of it. And you take it for what it is. I can’t make no excuses tonight. Got a lot of complications and like I said, we’ll come back even stronger the next time around. This is what big time boxing is all about. The best must fight the best. I just appreciate all the fans that came out tonight and support the show. I hope everybody go back home and get back home safely.

Bernardo: (03:27)
Thank you very much, Deontay.

Bernardo: (04:02)
Tyson, describe what it feels to do what you just did. You set it, you called it, and you made it happen.

Tyson Fury: (04:11)
You know, first and foremost, I want to say, “Thank you to my Lord and savior, Jesus Christ.” I said, “Those who bring evil against me will not prosper.” I said, “Those who stand in the dark, can never come into the light.” All praise be to the one and only true God, Jesus Christ. Secondly, I just want to say big shout out Deontay Wilder. He came here tonight, he manned up. He really did show heart of a champion. I hit him with a clean right and then dropped him and he got back up a battled on into round seven. He is a warrior. He will be back, he will be a champion again, but I will say the King has returned to the top of the throne.

Tyson Fury: (04:56)
Big shout out Top Rank, big shout out Frank Warren, Bob [Aaron 00:05:01] room. MTK Global, Bob Baer, BT, [Odakayaakota 00:05:05] UK, WOW HYDRATE. Second of all, I said, “I’ll sing a song tonight, didn’t I?”

Tyson Fury: (05:16) (SINGING)
A long, long time ago, I can still remember how that music used to make me smile. Sing along if you know the words. And I knew if I had my shiver with every paper I deliver, bad news on the doorstep. I couldn’t take one more step. I can’t remember if I cried I when read about his widow bride. Something touched me deep inside the day the music died.

Tyson Fury: (05:50) (SINGING)
All together now. So bye, bye Miss American Pie. Drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry. Them good ole boys were drinking whiskey and rye, singin’ this will the day that I die. This will be the day that I die. Now did you believe in rock and roll? Can music save your malice soul and can you teach me how to dance real slow. Well I know that I’m in love with you because I saw you dancing in the gym. We both kicked off our shoes. Man I dig those rhythm and blues. Oh I… broncin’ buck, with a pink carnation and a pick up truck. See I knew I was out of luck the day the music died.

Tyson Fury: (06:57)
Thank you Las Vegas!

Tyson Fury Interview Transcript: “I Proved Everyone Wrong”

Tyson Fury: (00:00)
What have I been saying for the last six months? Everyone I told everybody I was going to knock him out, and nobody listened. Here we are. I’m not touting knockout Kane and I can’t punch, can’t crack an egg, can I? Too fat for justice Caesar. Terrible.

Interviewer: (00:19)
What do you remember about the note? [inaudible 00:00:21]

Tyson Fury: (00:25)
I don’t remember anything. It was all a blur and that was it. I remember knocking him down a few times, didn’t know where the body shot knocked him down. It was what it was. It was a great fight. I lived up to all the hype, and things rarely do, but every time I say I’m going to do something, I always do it and I have done it. And I’ve delivered again and you know, big shout out to everyone who watched me on TV around the world and big shout out to every fan who came over here. I felt like I was, I was at home here tonight. It was 99% Tyson Fury crowd, in America, in Las Vegas. This is the home of the Gypsy King. Thank you to everyone who came, you know, I can’t really say much more.

Interviewer: (00:59)
What an entrance as well. Whose idea? Your idea?

Tyson Fury: (01:02)
My idea as always. One entrance, entrance fit for a King, and which other the champion in history who come out to Patsy Cline. Crazy, crazy, nut case like me will do it, I assure you.

Interviewer: (01:13)
Tyson, the third match, [inaudible 00:01:18] is it something that would possibly happen?

Tyson Fury: (01:22)
Well, he’s got a rematch clause in the contract or whatever. You know, it’s only just started. He’s lost and I’ve just had my victory. Not concentrate in love or fighting. Who cares? Let me have me victory. Let me enjoy the spoils of war. Come on.

Interviewer: (01:32)
Everyone’s going to ask you about Joshua because [crosstalk 00:01:33]

Tyson Fury: (01:34)
No one’s going to ask me about Joshua because he could have been here tonight, but he didn’t. I took this chance. I come over here. I took over America and that’s it. I’m going to enjoy the spoils of war and enjoy myself tonight. And that’s it.

Interviewer: (01:46)
Take place now. Wild was a boom. [inaudible 00:01:50] Boom. Now while there’s no good, that’s what they’ll say.

Tyson Fury: (01:53)
You know, I’ll beat Klitschko in Germany. I beat Deontay Wilder in Los Angeles. Come back and done it again in Las Vegas. Say no more. Two time ring magazine, champion of the world. Only Sacramento history, WBC, heavy weight champion and lineal heavyweight champion of the world, number one baby. That’s it.

Interviewer: (02:11)
[inaudible 00:02:11].

Tyson Fury: (02:11)
Thanks [inaudible 00:02:14]

Interviewer: (02:16)
[inaudible 00:02:16] Everything’s kind of settled down, now how are you feeling?

Tyson Fury: (02:19)
I’m feeling all right. You know it was a good fight. It didn’t take too much punishment. Taught me a good couple of shots. I’ll be all right. I thought it was a good fight and we both enjoyed ourselves.

Interviewer: (02:27)
[inaudible 00:02:27] Everyone was happy that you[inaudible 00:02:30] How did you feel, I mean you seemed like you were [crosstalk 00:02:30].

Tyson Fury: (02:31)
I felt as strong as a bowl. How do I look?

Interviewer: (02:33)
[inaudible 00:02:34].

Tyson Fury: (02:35)
No, I’m never going to be body beautiful. Look. I ain’t got a rip in 10 pack, but you know I can fight like, do you know why I’m a pit bull in a nut ring? I can fight, I’m born and bred to fight. That’s it, it’s not about [inaudible 00:02:49] takes, it’s about what’s in here. I’m not sitting here and they said I couldn’t not be. I’m tell you why I was right. I sat out of no power. Just not town. The longest reigning champion in America, 10 defenses.

Interviewer: (02:59)
[inaudible 00:03:04].

Tyson Fury: (02:59)
Don’t know.

Interviewer: (02:59)
[inaudible 00:03:04].

Tyson Fury: (03:04)
It wasn’t that Deontay Wilder was easy, it was that I executed the game plan perfect. Knock him out.

Tyson Fury: (03:13)
No, it was to a team, a long straight shots and knock him out with the right talent. And I did buckled. And Pope now, how many times do three times, three times down? Strong guy. And he’s a tough guy and he’s a warrior. So big shout out to Deontay. What Ram was it? Seven round? Yeah. Not bad. Not too bad. No, I tried to, I tried to knock him out and round two. I really did. I put everything into that to knock him out, but I was still, I was getting off at 15 rounds. I was just getting me a second window after seven rounds. Top top Brian can is a legendary company and bobbers as well, along with Frank Lauren and BT sport and ESPN and Fox and everybody else. You know Bob [inaudible]. Bob gave me this opportunity to crack the world tonight and I just want to say thank you to everyone who tuned in around the world and everyone want come to support me over here. Yeah. You know, everybody wrote me off and they all said Deontay Wilder, Deontay Wilder, bald, you know, gypsy King has prevailed again and that’s it.

Wilder vs. Fury Post-Fight Press Conference Transcript

Tyson Fury: (01:25)
Were you not entertained?

Speaker 7: (01:25)

Speaker 3: (01:25)
Okay. Whatever. Cheers.

Speaker 7: (01:25)
Well done, Tyson.

Speaker 2: (01:30)
The champ is here.

Speaker 7: (01:31)
Champ is here.

Tyson Fury: (01:33)
Champ is here. I’ve got [inaudible 00:01:34] tie on.

Speaker 2: (01:33)
Oh, is that really?

Tyson Fury: (01:34)
I’ve got a gypsy king suit on.

Speaker 2: (01:38)
And you’re looking up at the green belt. The one belt that you’ve waited to get, that you’ve always wanted in your career.

Tyson Fury: (01:44)
This belt is the one that’s evaded me over the years and I’ve now finished up me collection, a big, big collection of every belt in boxing. A big shout at to me team, the promoters, everybody who believed in me. Big shout out, Bob Arum and Frank Warren for making this reality a dream. We always had a dream of coming over to Las Vegas and taking over, and putting on great fights. I know tonight the world was watching, Bob, and they got to see two on defeated heavyweight champions in their prime do battle.

Bob Arum: (02:20)
That is true.

Tyson Fury: (02:21)
Deontay Wilder, let me tell you, he never went down easy. I’ve got a lump on the side of me temple here. I don’t know what’s happened with it. Come right out. Hit me hard there, but I just had to overcome a lot in this thing tonight and I just always believed that if he couldn’t beat me when I was only 50% the man I am today, that he never had a chance tonight. Thank you very much for the opportunity and can’t wait for the next fight. The rematch, hopefully, if he wants it.

Speaker 2: (02:49)
Thanks. I’m going to do a couple of questions here and then open it up to the floor. You put Deontay Wilder down for only the second time in his professional career.

Tyson Fury: (02:56)
How many times did I put him down?

Speaker 2: (02:58)
Well, you put him down twice but he was down one in 2010. The first time coming in round three, what was going through your mind at that point?

Tyson Fury: (03:05)
I was pretty pissed, because I predicted round two.

Speaker 2: (03:08)
You sure did, and I held you to that.

Tyson Fury: (03:10)
Yeah. I’ll take round three. It was all right.

Bob Arum: (03:13)
I take all the money, because I predicted round seven.

Speaker 2: (03:15)
He did. Go back and watch.

Bob Arum: (03:16)
Go Bob.

Speaker 2: (03:17)
You too. He must know something about boxing. But you stuck tried and true to the game plan and that was to jump on it from the very start and that’s exactly what you did.

Tyson Fury: (03:28)
I said, we didn’t mind revealing the game plan. We had nothing to hide. I said what I was going to do, run across the ring to him, put him on the back foot, and unload big shots on him. I know, six foot nine and 270 pounds. If I hit anybody, I know them spark out. I’ve never been the type of boxer to sit down in me punches and let fly. I’ve always been a slick master boxer, jab, move, get out of the way of everything. When I made the decision to move from Ben Davison, who done a fantastic job, by the way, I done it for a reason.

Tyson Fury: (03:56)
And everybody was like, “This is a bad move. A really bad move,” but it worked out for the best and I believed in Sugar Hill. I believed in the style that he teaches and I knew that we’d get it right on the night. We did everything that I did in the ring tonight. We practiced in the gym, setting up off the jab and landing the detonation right-hand on. Deontay Wilder’s a very tough guy. He took a lot of good rights and I think they’ve done the right thing because it was only a matter of time before he got severely hurt. He was very tired in there.

Speaker 2: (04:25)
Yeah, just some kind of stats to back that up. In the first fight with Deontay, you landed 38 total power punches. In this fight, just through seven down, you landed 58 of your power shots. So that this exactly what the game plan was that you worked on with Sugar Hill. We’re going to open it up. Do you want to make an opening comment here?

Frank: (04:42)
I’d just like to say, what a fantastic performance from Tyson. It’s the best performance I’ve ever seen from a British fighter in my time in boxing. It’s the most exciting win, and where do you think where he’s come from in the last two years to where he is today, what an achievement. He is the number one box office draw, number one boxer on the planet now, no doubt about it. No doubt about it.

Bob Arum: (05:10)
Right. Now, while there’s kudos for Tyson Fury, we also have a lot of kudos for the great Kronk Gym that produced Sugar Hill`Stewart, the nephew of the great Emmanuel Stewart.

Speaker 2: (05:27)
I just wanted to give … Jay, you were asked a question earlier. You didn’t get a chance to answer. I don’t know if you remember what it was. Basically the decision to throw in the towel that was made in the corner. Was that something that was discussed? Did Mark just throw it? Kind of wanted to know about that decision to end the fight, and I’ll let you guys go.

Jay: (05:45)
All right. Check, check, check. Mark threw the towel. I didn’t think he should have. Deontay’s the kind of guy that … He’s the kind of guy that’s a go out on his shield kind of guy and he will tell you straight up, “Don’t throw the towel in.” In fact, in the dressing room when Tyson was getting his hands wrapped in one of the earlier fights, which they show on the screen in the locker room, they had a guy that got stopped. We were like, “Stop the fight, stop the fight.” And right when the ref stopped the fight, the towel came in, and Tyson looked at his people and said, “Never,” like that.

Jay: (06:21)
And I said, “Yeah, that’s the same kind of guy Deontay is. He does not want that.” And then you’ve always got to consider also that Deontay is a fearsome puncher. So that’s always a difficult thing, because he does always have that shot to land a big shot and turn things around. So, that’s what happened there. Deontay is doing well and he’ll be back. He’ll be all the better for it. But congratulations, absolutely, to Tyson and to his team, a class act all the way around and we’re thrilled to be part of the show with him.

Speaker 2: (07:01)
Shelly, while we have you up here, Jay, will you give him your microphone real quick if you have anything you’d like to say or if there’s any questions, we’re going to get their questions and then let them go. But if there’s anything you’d like to say. Obviously, Deontay Wilder has 30 days to decide if he wants to take the rematch with Tyson Fury.

Shelly: (07:16)
Well, going in and contrary to what Fury said last fight and continues, I think he knows I have a lot of respect for his ability, always did. The on tails take the time, but you will see these guys in the ring again. Everyone was saying a rematch. This is it. The winner of that will then decide how it goes, right?

Speaker 2: (07:41)
Do we have any questions for these two men, back there?

Dan: (07:46)
Straight at the back. I have a question for Tyson. [crosstalk 00:00:07:48]-

Speaker 2: (07:48)
We’re going to open it up too. I just want to let Shelly and Jay go. If anybody has a specific question for them too, so they can go take care of their fighter.

Dan: (07:59)
Well, I’ll ask Jay one question then.

Speaker 2: (08:00)
Go ahead, Dan.

Dan: (08:01)
Jay, I know it’s right after the fight, but did Deontay say anything to you or to Shelly in the dressing room afterwards that he would want to think about an immediate rematch or are you going to give him some time to think about it?

Shelly: (08:13)
I didn’t discuss it now, but I have told him many times, I don’t expect to die, but I’ve had insurance for 50 years. You have the rematch for a reason, no matter what.

Speaker 2: (08:22)
Anyone else right here?

Speaker 14: (08:26)
Jay, what is the extent of Deontay’s injuries, if any?

Jay: (08:35)
He had a small cut inside the ear, may have affected his equilibrium, and so he’s just going to get a couple of stitches there. That’s really the extent of it. It was a tough grueling fight with a tough grueling fighter. And so coming from two fights in a row, November, February, which he loves to be active, but this will give him some time to enjoy things, enjoy his family, and rest up a little bit. So I think that’s what’ll be the next step.

Dan: (09:13)
Jay, all way in the back. Can you clarify what was going on in the corner before the towel was thrown? Does Mark have the authority to throw the towel in like that? I mean, we’re you talking back and forth? Just that whole one minute long process, what was going on there?

Jay: (09:30)
Well, I’m the head coach of the team, but we do things a little bit differently. 99% of the time, the head coach of the team is also the guy that’s the lead in the corner. Ours is a little bit more like a football team, American football, where the head coach doesn’t necessarily call the plays. You have an offensive and defensive coordinator. So ours is a little bit like that. So what happened during the round, Mark said something about throwing the towel in and I told him, “Don’t do that.” I didn’t think he should do that. And then the fight went a little bit longer and then I saw the towel go in. I haven’t talked to Mark about it, but we’ll talk about it and figure out what exactly happened there.

Speaker 15: (10:16)
Jay, just what you were talking about with Deontay wanting to go out on his shield, that would lead us to believe that he will want this fight again. Whether it happens sooner or later, what is your exact opinion on his willingness to get back in there against Tyson?

Jay: (10:32)
Yeah, I think absolutely. My guess is, knowing him like I do, that he will absolutely want to rematch. I mean, these guys have put on two tremendous fights already, so I certainly think that the public will want it, and I think we’ll want it and I think they’ll want it. And so it seems a natural, so I think that’s what you’ll see happen.

Speaker 2: (10:59)
One more for Jay or Shelly and then we’re going to let them go. One more? Any? Go.

Ryan O’Hara: (11:09)
Hi, this question is for Tyson. Ryan O’Hara with fightnights.com. I want you to go into some details about referee Kenny Bayless. Do you feel that he got involved in the action too much?

Tyson Fury: (11:20)
Where am I talking too? Thank you, guys. All the best. God bless. Goodbye.

Speaker 2: (11:23)
Okay. Thank you, guys.

Tyson Fury: (11:25)
Where is this question at?

Ryan O’Hara: (11:27)
Right here. My hand’s up.

Tyson Fury: (11:29)

Ryan O’Hara: (11:31)
Well, way back here. I’m in the media section.

Speaker 2: (11:34)
In the back, Tyson.

Tyson Fury: (11:34)
Oh, there you go. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Ryan O’Hara: (11:34)
Hey, Tyson. Ryan O’Hara with fightingnights.com. The question is, do you believe that the referee, Kenny Bayless, was getting involved too much, and what are your thoughts on that? It felt like that he was getting in between you guys too much.

Tyson Fury: (11:46)
Listen, the man’s got a job to do. He done a good job. He took control of the fight. He did what he had to do. I’ve got no problems with what he did. It was what it was, you know? It was a grueling fight while it lasted and he was trying to clean it up in there. He hit me after the bell, I hit him after the bell. After we said break, we hit each other. I got a point taken off, but it wasn’t going to alter the fight. I think he did a fair job, to be fair.

Speaker 17: (12:12)
Straight back, Tyson. Straight back. Congratulations on the win. What I wanted to know from you is when you started to talk to all of us about your strategy, that you were going to go right at him and go for the knockout and be more aggressive and not box like you did the first time, was that something that you were thinking about right after the first fight? Was that something that you sort of came to the rationale about during the buildup? Was it something that you spoke to Sugar Hill about? How did that come about that that would be your strategy?

Tyson Fury: (12:40)
You know, everybody knows I’m a master slick boxer and I can jab and move around the ring for 12 rounds, but that didn’t work last time. I got a draw. Like I said, a draw is a failure to me because all I do is win, win, win. And this time, I wanted the knockout and I think the only way I could guarantee that I was going to get a win was the knockout. So when me and Sugar Hill spoke, he told me that I would knock him out and I believed in what he said. And also, Andy Lee here, he told me that we’d knock him out as well. And we worked to our game plan in the gym. We put it into practice in the ring.

Speaker 17: (13:15)
And one other question then, your adjustment, obviously a much dramatic adjustment from the first fight, while you were in the ring, did you think or notice that Deontay had made any kind of adjustments in his game plan, or was he fighting essentially the same way that he fought you, back 14 months ago?

Tyson Fury: (13:33)
I felt like Deontay’s jab had improved and he did take his time more, like he said he would. He was using his jab quite well, actually. I was very impressed with his double jab that he was using, and credit to his team for applying that in this fight. Because when you’ve got two giant guys, I think the jab is very important. It sets everything up. So yeah, I thought he was definitely an improved fighter to what I fought before, honey was heavier. I wasn’t able to bully him around as I did last time in close, because he was a lot heavier than he ever was. So yeah, I did see improvements in his game, but tonight was my night and I was never going to let anybody take it from me.

Speaker 2: (14:13)

Tyson Fury: (14:13)

Russell: (14:14)
Hi. Spartan. As Bob said, we laid out the game plan. You said to me in a private interview at Bob’s office earlier in the week that you wanted this to be the most complete performance of your career. Do you think it was tonight?

Tyson Fury: (14:33)
I’m my own worst critic and even though it was a fantastic performance and I got a great win, I know I can do better. I’ve only just started me and Sugar Hill with this style. We’ve had seven weeks to perfect a style that takes years at the Cronk Gym in and out. But I’m a quick learner and I aim to get back to work straight away, work on me balance, work on me straight punches, and we’re going to be putting people to sleep left, right and center. Don’t forget, when I came here they said I can’t punch. Deontay Wilder said himself that I’ve got two pillow fists. But you know, not bad for an old fat guy who can’t punch, eh? Done all right, didn’t I?

Russell: (15:10)
And finally, Deontay might need a bit of time to recover from this. Is there any prospect that you could fight Antony Joshua next and then Wilder afterwards?

Tyson Fury: (15:23)
The spoils of war has just happened. I need to enjoy this victory. Deontay will need time to recover from the fight. But I’m almost sure that he’ll take a rematch, because he’s dynamite puncher and anytime he can take somebody out, and with that danger, then you’re always in a fight. So I’m pretty sure we’ll do it again. We’re running back again, if he wants to, but if he doesn’t want to, then these are me promoters and whatever they want to do, I’m happy with. Whoever’s next will get the same treatment, that’s for sure. Thank you.

Speaker 2: (15:56)
Next question.

Tyson Fury: (15:57)
There he is. He’s next. [inaudible 00:16:00] Lopez. He’s the man.

Speaker 2: (16:01)
Yeah, he was actually here to call you out. I know he didn’t know that.

Tyson Fury: (16:03)
Don’t call me out. There he is. There he is. I want to see that performance over Loma next. Good man.

Speaker 2: (16:11)
Another question. Anyone?

Tyson Fury: (16:12)
Is there no one else?

Speaker 2: (16:15)
In the back, any …

Tyson Fury: (16:16)
Because I’ve got to go party.

Speaker 2: (16:17)
[crosstalk 00:16:18]. Couple more.

Kovinger: (16:23)
Tyson, congratulations on the victory. So where are you going to party? What’s the deal?

Tyson Fury: (16:28)
Tyson Fury’s official after party’s Hakkasan. Be there or be square. We’re taking over, gypsy king style.

Speaker 2: (16:36)
[Kovinger 00:16:35], was that your question?

Kovinger: (16:36)

Speaker 2: (16:37)
We’ve got one more question.

Kovinger: (16:38)
Should people recognize you now as the biggest puncher in the heavyweight division, Tyson?

Tyson Fury: (16:42)
Nah, I’m an old feather duster who can’t break an egg.

Kovinger: (16:45)
Pillow fist is not the biggest, heaviest punch.

Tyson Fury: (16:47)
Exactly. Old pillow fist here can’t crack an egg. The feather duster. But six foot nine, 21 knockouts in 30 fights ain’t so bad considering I’ve never really looked for knockouts in me career. Always looked to use me boxing skill, but with this weight alone, technique, right, should …

Speaker 3: (17:08)
That’s right.

Tyson Fury: (17:09)
We can knock out anybody, can’t we?

Speaker 3: (17:10)
Bring them.

Speaker 2: (17:12)
When I jumped on the scales yesterday at 272 pounds, everyone thought, he’s not come for a fight. He ain’t come. He’s underestimating Wilder. He’s turned up for a payday. But tonight when I was in there I felt like a beast, and this is me weight, for sure.

Bob Arum: (17:27)
A round of applause for the new heavyweight champion. Thank you. Thank you all for coming. Thank you all for helping make this a great, great event.

Speaker 2: (17:42)
Thanks, Bob.


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