Aug 1, 2020

Transcript: Donald Trump Says He May Ban TikTok, Talks Low Income Housing

Trump Says he Will Ban TikTok
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Donald Trump spoke with reporters outside the White House on July 31. He said he may ban the Chinese social media app TikTok. He also talked about Herman Cain, immigration, and low income housing in suburban areas. Read the transcript of his press conference on the way to his helicopter.

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Reporters: (00:00)
… to President Obama. President Obama.

Donald Trump: (00:03)
Yeah. Go ahead. Please, go ahead.

Reporters: (00:06)
Your reaction to President Obama, sir?

Donald Trump: (00:10)

Reporters: (00:11)
Your reaction to President Obama? He said that you’re targeting minorities and attacking voting rights.

Donald Trump: (00:17)
Well, he did a bad job for minorities. I did much more for minorities than he did. And if you look at our numbers prior to the plague coming in, and those numbers will soon be back, you’ll see I did a much better job than Obama did by far for African Americans, for Asian Americans, for women, for anything group you look at, far better than Obama did. Yeah.

Reporters: (00:49)
Mr. President, why weren’t you at John Lewis’s funeral?

Donald Trump: (00:49)
Yeah, go ahead please.

Reporters: (00:50)
What do you say to the people [inaudible 00:00:50]-

Donald Trump: (00:50)
Well, we don’t want that to happen. [crosstalk 00:00:53] Yeah, we don’t want that to happen. But people have to come into our country legally. Right now we have 267 miles of wall. We’re doing very well on keeping the drugs out and keeping people out that aren’t supposed to be here. But people have to come into our country legally. [crosstalk 00:01:09] Go ahead.

Reporters: (01:17)
[inaudible 00:01:17].

Donald Trump: (01:17)
We’re taking a look at it very strongly. We’re working with representatives of DACA, and we’re also working on a big immigration bill, which is merit-based and something that people are going to be very happy with. We’re doing a very big immigration bill and we’re doing a very big healthcare bill. The other thing we’re working on very strongly, and it’s very important, is prescription drug prices. The drug companies are not exactly happy. In fact, I assume they’ll be taking ads. But we’re doing a drug prescription bill, in a sense. We’ve already signed it for the most part. One goes into effect very soon, that’s going to get us to be tied with or lower than the lowest drug prices anywhere in the world. Right now, the United States, because of what has happened over years, we have the highest prescription drug prices in the world. We will soon have the lowest.

Reporters: (02:14)
Mr. President [crosstalk 00:02:14]

Donald Trump: (02:14)
Go ahead, Jennifer.

Jennifer: (02:14)
Are we expecting a TikTok decision today?

Donald Trump: (02:19)
We’re looking at TikTok. We may be banning TikTok. We may be doing some other things. There are a couple of options, but a lot of things are happening. So we’ll see what happens. But we are looking at a lot of alternatives with respect to TikTok.

Reporters: (02:33)
Mr. President, the suburban lifestyle dream [crosstalk 00:02:38]-

Reporters: (02:39)
What is your feeling about-

Donald Trump: (02:40)
About what?

Reporters: (02:40)
The delay on election on Hong Kong.

Donald Trump: (02:44)
We’re going to have a report for you tomorrow on that.

Reporters: (02:47)
Suburban lifestyle dream, why would low income housing in the suburbs destroy the suburban lifestyle dream?

Donald Trump: (02:55)
So we ended a rule that was a very horrible rule for people in suburbia and the suburbs. That rule has been a very unfair rule for a long time, and it was going to be made a lot worse by Biden and Cory Booker. It’s a rule that basically you build low-income housing and you build other forms of housing. Also having to do with zoning and destroy people that have lived in communities in suburbia for years, they’ve lived there and they want to destroy their lives and destroy what they have. That has been going on for a long time. I ended the rule, so people living in the suburbs will no longer have that problem. Thank you. Thank you very much.

Reporters: (03:36)
[crosstalk 00:03:36] they share the dream, sir.

Reporters: (03:36)
Are you worried Herman Cain caught COVID in Tulsa? [crosstalk 00:03:39]

Donald Trump: (03:42)
Herman Cain was a great man. He did a fantastic job. He was respected by everybody. He was loved by everybody, and we will miss Herman Cain.

Reporters: (03:51)
[crosstalk 00:03:51] Are you worried he caught COVID in Tulsa?

Donald Trump: (03:54)
No. I don’t think he did, no. Thank you. [crosstalk 00:03:57]

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