Aug 8, 2019

Samsung August Unpacked Galaxy Note 10 Event Transcript: Full Transcript of Note 10 Announcements

Galaxy Note 10 Announcement Transcript Samsung Unpacked
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On August 7, 2019, Samsung held the Unpacked Note 10 Event, where they had a series of big announcements about the new Galaxy Note 10. Major announcements were increased battery life, wireless charging, in-screen fingerprint sensors, and three cameras in the back for regular / wide-angle and telephoto. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will have a 6.3 inch screen and the Note 10 Plus will have a 6.8 inch screen.

The S pen has been also redesigned to have bluetooth, a gyroscope, and an accelerometer. 5G will also be available on the new device when networks start offering the high-speed internet. Read the full transcript of the event below:

DJ Koh: (01:45)
Thank you. Thank you, everyone. Thank you. I’m so glad to be back in Brooklyn to unveil the newest version of the world’s most powerful Note. Thank you. But as excited as I am — and I am very excited — I’m not here just to unveil a new device. Six months ago in San Francisco, we opened the world’s eyes to new possibilities that will drive a new decade of innovation and progress. There, I shared Samsung’s vision to be the innovator of new mobile experiences that flow with us seamlessly and continuously wherever we go, experiences that reach across every device platform and brand. Today, I’m here to show you how we are translating this vision into meaningful innovation by pioneering new technologies, creating new categories, and forging new partnerships. 10 years ago, the smartphone changed how we work, connect, and express who we are. Now, the time has come to take the next big leap into the future. It begins with a new approach to tackling [inaudible 00:03:43] progress that we call Experience Innovation. Experience Innovation is more than just the features on a smartphone. It is the integration of devices, services, and the capabilities across a universe of Galaxy devices and our vast partner ecosystem, so that experiences flows seamlessly and continually to unlock the potential of your ideas and to make your life easier. Experience Innovation is possible now because game-changing technologies, like 5G, have created the perfect conditions to the [inaudible 00:04:41]. With millions of connected devices per square mile, exchanging data at hyper, faster speeds, 5G is racing us toward new frontiers. Samsung is at the forefront of the innovations that are making this possible. 5G will enable us to download a full season of our favorite show in a few seconds. Our cities will be safer and smarter. Transportation will be faster and more reliable. Our businesses will be more productive and more efficient.

DJ Koh: (05:36)
But as 5G connects more and more devices, security becomes more important than ever and more complicated. Experience Innovation depends on trust in the network, so you connect with the services you use and the devices you depend on. At Samsung, we know the foundation for trust is security. Security must be built into the device from chipset to [inaudible 00:06:24], device to network, and app to Cloud. Through some zones of secure supply chain and the industry’s most robust risk analysis, we are setting new standards for security.

DJ Koh: (06:44)
And with the Samsung Knox, we deliver multi-layer security that is recognized by governments around the world. We are forging trust by embedding security measures into every aspect of the digital connected world. Now, Samsung is building Experience Innovation into every device we create, at every service we deliver. It is at the heart of our commitment to a generation that [inaudible 00:07:25] to live and work on their thumbs, a generation that has left work-life balance behind and embraced work-life flow, a generation that is searching for purpose and meaning in everything they do, a generation that values authenticity, flexibility and speed.

DJ Koh: (07:56)
I admire their ambitions. So for everyone who demands the best, I’m proud to introduce the newest version of the world’s most powerful mobile device, the ultimate power phone for power users. The Galaxy Note10 delivers the speed and the productivity you need to knock out the most demanding project anywhere, anytime. Unleash your creativity to share real-time stories by posting professional quality videos to your social feed. Join your friends to play multiplayer games with lag-free performance and movie-quality visuals. When your life is packed with back-to- back meetings, you will know that a quick charge will keep you up and running all day long.

DJ Koh: (09:10)
So for those who are shaping the future by reinventing the present, it is my pleasure to introduce the Galaxy Note10.

DJ Koh: (10:32)
Thank you. We are just getting started. There’s so much more to show you today, so many advances to share that will drive new mobile experience innovations for years to come. Plus, a special guest you won’t want to miss. Thank you for joining us on this journey. Now, please sit back and enjoy the show. Thank you.

Speaker 1: (11:02)
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage Head of US Product Management, Drew Blackard.

Drew Blackard: (11:19)
It’s great to be back here in New York City to introduce the incredible Note10. The Note10 is built for a new generation. It’s a generation that’s reshaping everything about how we work and how we live. These days, we’re catching up on work email one minute and gaming with friends the next. The line between work and play has pretty much disappeared, and that means we need technology that can seamlessly flow between the two.

Drew Blackard: (11:53)
These devices we’re unveiling here today are built for this new era of mobile productivity. And by productivity, I don’t just mean how we work. I also mean how we create and live our lives. To help us do all that, our devices have to be versatile, powerful, and seamlessly connected. The Note10 is all that and more. A smartphone that can do anything, designed for people who want to do everything. The Note experience has always started with a screen. After all, big screens mean more space to write, draw and create, the way only Note users can. And now, for the first time, people who’ve always wanted the power of the Note on a smaller device will be able to experience it, too.

Drew Blackard: (12:46)
We’ve packed all the power and productivity of the Note into two different sizes, so you can choose the one that’s right for you. The Note10 has everything you know and love about the Note in a smaller, more compact form factor. It’s the narrowest Note we’ve ever made. And for those diehard Note fans, the Note10+ comes with the biggest screen ever on a Note.

Drew Blackard: (13:21)
Both devices are impossibly thin, at less than eight millimeters. And, of course, they both come with a display that gives you a truly incredible cinematic viewing experience. The Note10’s dynamic AMOLED display is brilliant and utterly immersive, and it gives off less blue light to maximize your eye comfort without sacrificing color. We designed the Note10 to give you more screen with less interruptions. In fact, the front of the phone has virtually no bezels, giving it the highest screen to window ratio ever on a Note. To make room for all that screen, we made the camera cutout smaller and we centered it at the top of the Infinity-O display.

Drew Blackard: (14:06)
At the bottom, we built an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor right beneath the glass so you can easily unlock your phone. The sensor uses software based on machine learning to distinguish between real and fake fingerprints. From its immersive display to its uniform finish, the Note10 has a seamless design — just two buttons on the side. When it comes to color, we’ve designed some amazing new options. No matter which Note you choose, there’ll be a perfect color for you, including the one of a kind aura glow which creates iridescent colors by refracting light.

Drew Blackard: (14:54)
Amazing. And, of course, no matter which color you choose, your Note10 will come with the trademark feature of the Note series — the S Pen. Since the very first Galaxy Note, users have always recognized that the S Pen is more than just a simple tool. It’s the heart of the Note experience, and Note users inspire us every year to keep pushing the limits of what the S Pen can do. You’ve gone from jotting down quick reminders to taking detailed notes, from sketching pictures to creating amazing works of art. The S Pen experience has become so powerful that we’re bringing it to other devices, too, including the brand new Galaxy Tab S6 that we just introduced last week. Here. Let’s check it out.

Drew Blackard: (16:47)
It’s an amazing device. As you can see, the Tab S6 is light, thin, and designed for productivity and creativity. It comes with a souped-up S Pen, just like the Note. And you can pair it with a keyboard, which now, by popular demand, comes with a track pad. The Tab S6 is perfect for working, watching, and drawing on the go, and it works together seamlessly with your Note10. Just sync your Samsung Notes to the same account, and you can access them on both devices.

Drew Blackard: (17:21)
We’ve made Samsung notes better than ever. Once you’ve got your thoughts on the page, you can zoom in and out and highlight, so it’s easy to mark up your notes exactly the way you want. And here’s my favorite part. Now, handwritten notes don’t have to stay on your phone or tablet. You can convert your handwriting into text easier than ever, so you can save your notes as text files, PDFs or Word documents. So after a meeting, I don’t have to run back to my desk to type out my notes. I can just export them right from my device and share with my team. It can even understand multiple languages. We collected millions of handwriting samples to create a database of dozens of languages, so the S Pen can accurately convert your handwriting in Samsung Notes. And it’s all powered by machine learning.

Drew Blackard: (18:17)
Of course, the S Pen is much more than just a writing tool. It’s a creativity and productivity tool, too. Last year, we added Bluetooth connectivity to give you new ways to control your Note. Users loved being able to capture a photo with just the click of an S Pen. This year, we’re building on that foundation by giving the S Pen a new six-axis motion sensor, including an accelerometer and a gyro sensor. By detecting the direction and acceleration of your movements, the S Pen lets you control your device with simple gestures. To show you how it works, we have a product experience zone set up right outside. Let’s go there now. Please welcome travel vlogger and filmmaker Eva zu Bek.

Eva zu Bek: (19:01)
Hi, everyone. It’s great to be here. My job takes me all around the world. But today, I am right here in the product experience zone with the brand new Note10, and I’m really excited to show you how the S Pen works. Now, the thing about traveling for a living is that I end up in some pretty remote places and, most of the time, all by myself. This can make it difficult sometimes to document the experience to share with all of you. Now, when I’m traveling alone and I need a photo or a video, sometimes I’ll just ask a stranger to take it for me.

Eva zu Bek: (19:36)
But let’s face it, not every stranger is going to be able to take a good photo, and not every bystander is going to be willing to snap a picture of you. And this is why I am so excited about the S Pen with remote control, because it’ll make it so much easier for me to operate my camera when it’s just me and my tripod. Let me show you how it works. So I’ve got my Note10, and I’ve got my tripod set up right here. In order to get started with the pen, I just hold down the S Pen button to open up the camera and I’m ready to start shooting my vlog.

Eva zu Bek: (20:14)
There are so many cool modes that you can choose from. And with the S Pen’s motion tracking feature, I can switch between them all using just the S Pen without ever having to actually touch the screen. If I want to zoom out or in, I can do that with the S Pen, too. When I’m done composing my shot, I simply press the button, and there we have it. Now, when I’m traveling, sometimes I want to share with you some of the incredible places and landscapes that I encounter. So if I spot something interesting that is behind on the other side of my phone, I can simply swipe up, flip up with my S Pen, and it switches over to the back camera. It’s pretty amazing, right?

Eva zu Bek: (21:03)
I can’t wait to take the Note10 with me on my next adventure. I’m off to Mongolia to do a solo horse trek, but I won’t actually be solo because I’ll have the Note10 with me and I hope that you guys all follow along. Back to you, Drew.

Drew Blackard: (21:16)
Thanks, Eva. As you’ve seen, we’ve integrated new ways for the S Pen to control your phone more effectively, creatively, and productively. And it can be used to control other apps, too. We worked with YouTube to integrate motion controls into their app, and we’re also giving Galaxy users access to YouTube Premium. So if I want to watch one of Eva’s videos, I can play, pause, skip ahead to the next video, and control the volume all without even having to touch the screen.

Drew Blackard: (21:53)
Tonight, we’re opening up the SDK so developers can add motion controls to their apps, too. They’re going to do things we can’t even imagine. With all these new experiences, you’ll want to use your S Pen more than ever. So we gave the S Pen a new and improved battery. They can go hours on a single charge, and recharging is as easy as sliding your S Pen back into your Note. The S Pen is a perfect example of how the Note has changed the way we work and create, but it’s not the only powerful creativity tool on the Note10.

Drew Blackard: (22:34)
It also comes with a state of the art camera that lets you shoot like a pro. Look, smartphones have turned us all into photographers. We use our phones to capture our daily lives and share our most important memories. With the Note10, there’s a perfect lens for every shot, giving you the versatility to take incredible photos in a variety of situations. Our smartphones let us take amazing photos, but we want our videos to look professional, too. To do that, we need the right tools. So, today, we’re taking the pro-grade photography tools of the Note and extending them to video. With a Note10, you get a end-to-end video experience, from the picture quality to the sound, to the editing.

Drew Blackard: (23:23)
You know our life focus feature, the one that allows you to control the bokeh or background blur to get some really amazing-looking photos? Well, with Note10, you can apply bokeh to your videos, too. So if you’re shooting a close-up, you can choose an effect that keeps the focus right on the subject, and there’s some awesome effects to choose from. Cameras have always let us focus in on images. Now, the Note10 lets you zoom in on sounds. So as you zoom in, both the image and the sounds come into focus. The Note10’s video experience gives you a powerful tool for every situation, even the occasional action scene. For me, that’s chasing our twins, Jack and Eva, around the house, trying to get them on camera at the same time. So this one’s going to be perfect for me. Super Steady puts an action camera in your smartphone. We trained the Note10 with over a million frames of footage, so it can predict camera movements for different scenes. Can you spot the difference? Here, let’s see it again. So using the Note10’s built-in gyro sensor, Super Steady detects speed and shakiness to stabilize your footage for you.

Drew Blackard: (24:55)
Filmmaking isn’t just about capturing awesome video and audio. That’s why we put an entire editing suite right on the Note10.

Speaker 2: (25:02)

Drew Blackard: (25:02)
The entire editing suite right on the Note 10.

Audience: (25:02)
Yes. Sing it.

Drew Blackard: (25:04)
I love it too. Now you have all the tools you need to tell your story. And who better to try it out than one of the pros? We asked LA-based content creator, Casey McPerry, to give it a go.

Casey McPerry: (25:18)
Hey everyone, my name is Casey McPerry, and I’m a content creator based here in Los Angeles. The best camera is always the one that’s with you, and then all the different lens options really lets me be dynamic with my work. Super Steady is amazing for capturing content on the go, and keeping your footage looking smooth.

Casey McPerry: (25:47)
It’s so cool that I can now separate my subject from the background, and have a great depth and feel for video capture as well as photography. Being able to capture and edit on one device gives me the freedom to create anywhere.

Casey McPerry: (26:07)
Living in a place like Los Angeles is such a good source of inspiration for me. Because there is so much diversity and culture running these streets, I feel like the Note 10 lets me fully create content on the go all from one device.

Drew Blackard: (26:21)
So Casey and his team both captured and edited that entire video on the Note 10+. Pretty awesome, right? These days, we’re constantly sharing photos and videos to stay in touch with our friends and family. We’re always looking for new ways to personalize with different stickers and effects. Now, the Note 10 lets you make your own.

Drew Blackard: (26:47)
Mediums like augmented reality are becoming more popular by the day. The Note 10 lets you make the most of them. Today, we’re launching a new experience that combines the power of the S-Pen and the camera to let you create in entirely new ways. Let’s go back to the Product Experience Zone to see more.

Drew Blackard: (27:06)
Please welcome illustrator and artist, Sha’an d’Anthes.

Sha’an d’Anthes: (27:13)
Thanks, Drew. Hi everyone. Now, I love those apps that let you layer masks and filters over photos. As a [inaudible 00:27:21] illustrator that mainly works in TD, I look at that and I think, “Whoa, that’s pretty crazy.” I would never have dreamed that I could make something like that on something that fits in my pocket. That’s why I’m super excited about the Note 10’s new feature, AR Doodle.

Sha’an d’Anthes: (27:35)
I’m going to show you how it works, and I’m going to enlist the help of my gorgeous model, Josh, over here. Hi, Josh.

Drew Blackard: (27:41)
Hey, Sha’an. Hey.

Sha’an d’Anthes: (27:41)
We are going to open the camera app, put it in video mode, and click the AR Doodle icon in the top right corner. I’m just going to start to draw. So, I’m going to write Josh’s name here in case any of you have forgotten it already.

Drew Blackard: (27:59)
Thank you.

Sha’an d’Anthes: (28:02)
Then I’m going to use this 3D brush to draw some gorgeous leaves on Josh’s head just to match the background, you know? Over here. Then we’re going to use this Special Effect pen and set it to this gorgeous metallic pink color. So, the AR Doodle is going to sense Josh’s face and stick my drawings to his face. If he moves around, my drawings will too. If he hides his face, they disappear. When he’s back, they come back too.

Sha’an d’Anthes: (28:35)
This also works in groups of people, which means that you can personalize everyone’s filter to their personality, which I love. But it doesn’t stop there. If I hit “everywhere”, we’ve got a pre-loaded graphic here. Very cute. We are going to add some of this water brush, which I really, really love. This is an invisible pen, but basically it tracks what’s around it and shows its reflections which is awesome.

Sha’an d’Anthes: (29:03)
I’m going to grab the metallic brush here.

Audience: (29:05)
I want that.

Sha’an d’Anthes: (29:06)
And kind of draw a big spiral. You can see… I don’t really understand how it works, but the Note 10 can kind of sense its surroundings in reality and you can see the drawings from every angle, which I think is super, super cool. I’ve never seen something like this on a phone, right guys? Hello, is anyone there?

Sha’an d’Anthes: (29:27)
AR Doodle makes it super easy to add creativity to video, and I’m so excited to see how this changes the way that we work and play. I can imagine myself designing a whole exhibition while moving through a space, or I can see myself creating things that exist in my imagination and applying them to the world around us. If I can draw it with the S-Pen, AR Doodle can bring it to life.

Sha’an d’Anthes: (29:47)
I’ll be hanging out here in Product Experience Zone after the show to show you guys how to use. Please come say hey to me, and I’ll see you soon. Thank you.

Drew Blackard: (29:54)
Thanks, Sha’an. With AR, the world is your canvas. It’s just one more example of how the Note 10 lets you flex your creative muscles in brand new ways. If you chose the Note 10+, you’ll access to another AR experience that will bring a whole new dimension to your creativity and productivity through our Depth Vision camera.

Drew Blackard: (30:21)
This camera is unlike anything we’ve ever put on a Note. Together, with a wide angle lens, it specializes in measuring depth to field. It uses AR to enable some truly next level experiences, like 3D scanning. Now you can use your Note 10+ to scan an object and bring it to life.

Drew Blackard: (30:42)
Let’s go back to Josh to see how it works.

Josh: (30:45)
Thanks, Drew. The 3D scanner is so much fun. Let me show you how it works with this little guy over here. He’s a character from Samsung Kids Mode. His name is Bobby. Hey Bob, you ready? After I open up the 3D scanner app, I am ready to start scanning. Here we go.

Josh: (31:09)
Let’s make sure that I get Bobby from every angle. Okay, I think I’m almost there now. Perfect. Once I’m done scanning, the 3D file will come up on my screen. Now that I have it, I can create all sorts of amazing things. If you have access to a 3D printer, you can use these scans to make copies of the objects you scan. Or, you can create videos in three dimensions with Bobby as a main character. I’ll show you how.

Josh: (31:47)
First, let’s apply body tracking. Then, attach. The Note 10 will map his body so he can mirror your movements. Now, this will really bring him to life. Let’s take a look.

Sha’an d’Anthes: (32:01)

Josh: (32:04)
Hey Sha’an. Give us a wave. Wow, did you see that? Bobby’s able to track Sha’an’s movements. He can do more than just wave at you. I’ll show you something really cool now. Isn’t that awesome? Look at Bobby, he’s got some moves. 3D scanning is a whole new medium of artistic expression, and you can see, the possibilities are endless. Come check it out yourself here at the Product Experience Zone right after the show. Back to you, Drew.

Drew Blackard: (32:49)
Thanks, Josh. Thanks, Bobby. As you just saw, the Note 10 opens up entirely new creative possibilities. Now we can create our own AR effects using just our smartphones. Note users will be some of the first to try it out. With all this cool stuff you’re making, you’re going to need a phone that can store everything so you can relive your favorite moments over and over again.

Drew Blackard: (33:17)
Note 10 comes with all the storage capacity you need. It gives you laptop-level storage without the laptop. To tell you more about the power and potential of this extraordinary device, please welcome Pooja Vig.

Pooja Vig: (33:42)
Thanks, Drew. It’s absolutely fantastic to be here and to tell you even more about the awesomeness of the Note 10 and the Galaxy ecosystem. From the beginning, we’ve designed Note devices to be fast, powerful and long lasting, so you can always be at the top of your game. Well guess what? The Note 10 pushes those boundaries even more.

Pooja Vig: (34:11)
It’s a perfect tool for people who are always on the go, and move seamlessly between work and life. Take me, for example. I’m a working mom with two daughters, and as you could imagine, my plate is more than full. I use my Note to keep it all together whether it’s at home or at work, from jotting down reminders, to capturing special moments like this one. Yes, that is my daughter three years ago.

Pooja Vig: (34:42)
The Note helps me manage every aspect of my life. You know what? Given that our phones are with us around the clock, when our phones perform better, it’s no surprise we perform better. One of the biggest proof points of performance is gaming.

Pooja Vig: (35:04)
Smartphones are quickly becoming the most popular gaming platform in the world, especially if you’re playing a graphics-heavy game. The Note 10 delivers a truly epic experience. Here’s how. Our intelligent Game Booster actually analyzes your gaming pattern and optimizes its performance just for you.

Pooja Vig: (35:29)
To add more, the Note 10 has a vapor chamber that cools your phone down even when the game is heating up. So whether you’re a casual gamer or a hardcore, it doesn’t matter. You’ll get the best experience possible. As more console and PC gamers move to mobile, multiplayer support has become super critical.

Pooja Vig: (35:56)
That’s why we’re teaming up with Discord, so you can bring your friends directly to your Note 10 and other Galaxy phones. Now, for the first time you can voice chat with your squad, and check their mobile game status directly through the Samsung Game Launcher with Discord.

Audience: (36:17)
Heck yeah.

Pooja Vig: (36:20)
Awesome stuff. So, whether you’re LFG or you want to tell your friends GG, you can do it even when you’re AFK. From amazing gaming to all day productivity, the Note 10 is incredibly powerful. It has a super fast processor and smooth high-res graphics. With the biggest and the smartest battery we’ve ever put onto a Note, we’ve built to last all day. There’s more, your Note 10 optimizes your battery usage so you can do the things that matter most. But, if you do need a recharge it won’t take long. The Note 10 supports Fast Wireless Charging 2.0. And for the first time, the Note 10+ also supports super fast wired charging up to 45 watts. So in just 30 minutes, if I forget to charge my phone overnight, no sweat whatsoever. In just 30 minutes, the time it takes me to get through my morning Yoga routine, I have enough charge to last me through the day.

Pooja Vig: (37:42)
No doubt, the Note 10 is a very powerful phone. To keep up, we need a powerful network like 5G to support it. It’s hyper fast, and hyper connected, and it’s poised to transform every industry.

Pooja Vig: (37:59)
So what does that mean for you and me? Let’s say we’re live streaming a concert. Now, you can personalize and control your viewing experience like never before. You’ll be able to watch from different angles, and even zoom into to see your favorite singer up close.

Pooja Vig: (38:17)
Or, if you’re a car racing fan and you want to catch a crucial turn, you can pause, rewind and replay in slow-mo. Samsung is leading the way in 5G. The Galaxy S10 5G was one of the first commercial smartphones to put the power of this expanding network in your hands.

Pooja Vig: (38:40)
And now, we’re bringing that power to the Note with the Note 10+ 5G. But don’t just take it from me, industry… Thank you. Industry experts know that Samsung goes above and beyond. They are recognizing us for our leadership in creating the next generation of 5G devices.

Pooja Vig: (39:06)
5G isn’t just the fastest network. We’re also working hard to make sure it’s the most secure. With Samsung KnoX, our devices are protected by a defense-grade security platform. After all, we trust our devices with our most valuable possession, our data.

Pooja Vig: (39:27)
Knox is built into the S10 and anchored directly to the chipset to make sure the only person who can access your phone is you. With regular software updates, rest assured your phone will be secure.

Pooja Vig: (39:49)
The Note 10 keeps you connected to super fast networks, and the to the entire Galaxy ecosystem. At Samsung, we’re uniquely positioned to make sure all your devices work together to make your life better from the phones in our pockets, to the laptops on our desks, to the smartwatches on our wrists.

Pooja Vig: (40:11)
Which brings me to the newest star in the Galaxy ecosystem, the Galaxy Watch Active2. We unveiled it with LA chef and entrepreneur, Roy Choy, earlier this week. Let’s check it out. There’s so much to love about the Watch Active2. One, it looks stunning. Two, I am super jazzed that it comes in a size that’s perfect for a smaller wrist line mine. Wait, we didn’t stop there. We brought back the signature rotating bezel, which everyone adored. This time, in a digital form.

Pooja Vig: (41:23)
It gives you even more screen, and helps you track the information that’s most important to you. The Galaxy Watch Active2 is so much more than a watch. It’s a perfect companion that helps you manage your craziest days, and we all have plenty of those. And, it’s a personal trainer that coaches you on your hardest workouts. We could all use a kick.

Pooja Vig: (41:49)
It has powerful sensors that monitor everything from your stress levels to your sleep quality. It provides real-time coaching through audio and hetic feedback to help you meet your fitness goals, so your workouts are always dynamic, effective, and most importantly, fun. That’s not all. For all us runners, we’ve teamed up with fitness experts to create the Galaxy Watch Active2 Under Armour Edition.

Pooja Vig: (42:21)
Let’s see what they put together. All right, I feel like I want to go for a run. As you can see, this special edition opens up some truly incredible experiences. You get the power of the Galaxy and the Under Armour ecosystem. This includes their amazing app, Map My Run, which offers advanced real-time form coaching to help make running easier and reduce your risk of injury. Your knees are going to love it.

Pooja Vig: (43:18)
It also records your run data so you can track your progress and hold yourself true to your training plan. We could all use that. And, you can take it up a notch by pairing your watch with Under Armour’s signature connected Hover Shoes, which measure your stride and form to give you even deeper insights into your run.

Pooja Vig: (43:44)
We’re thrilled to build on our partnership and bring you these fabulous experiences.

Pooja Vig: (43:57)
My favorite thing about the Galaxy Watch 2, that I can stay connected and leave my phone behind. It comes in an LTE version so you can take the calls and send messages directly through the watch. If you’re logged into your Samsung account, you can also access other cool services like Samsung Help and Samsung Pay. If you’re listening to a beat on Spotify, you can start playing a song on your phone, then go for a run and keep listening with just your watch and your Galaxy buds.

Pooja Vig: (44:32)
Hell, you can even use your watch to snap a group selfie from your phone. How cool is that? Your Watch Active2 becomes even more powerful when you use it with your phone, because the Note 10 comes with a wireless Powershare. That means when your phone is running low on battery, you can just place it on the back of your phone to charge. Quick, simple, easy.

Pooja Vig: (45:05)
By connecting the most important devices and services in your life, the Galaxy ecosystem empowers you to pursue your passions from training for a marathon to sharing the finish line pics with your family. With the Galaxy Watch Active2, you can stay healthy, fit, and connected.

Pooja Vig: (45:27)
Now is the best part. In terms of availability, the Active2 starts at $279.00 and you can buy beginning September 13th. You can also get our awesome new Tab S6, what Drew showed you earlier, in just a couple of weeks. The Tab S6 starts at $649.00, and it’s available from August 23rd. No doubt, these new devices will help you unlock your full potential and your pioneering spirit to do what you do best no matter where you go. Now, to tell you more about the future of mobile computing, please welcome Hassan Anjum.

Hassan Anjum: (46:29)
Thanks, Pooja. How’s everyone doing? Good. These devices we’re introducing today are made to help us navigate the constant flow between work and life. I travel a lot, like many of you I’m sure, always on the go. Wherever we are, we always want to stay connected to everything that’s important to us.

Hassan Anjum: (46:53)
The Note 10 is great for working on the go, but sometimes you need that full PC experience to get stuff done. That’s why we introduced Samsung DeX two years ago. Samsung DeX gives you that familiar PC-like experience with just a monitor, mouse and keyboard. It’s all powered by a Galaxy phone.

Hassan Anjum: (47:18)
We’ve continued to improve the DeX experience every year. Today, I’m really happy to announce that DeX now works on your laptop as well. Both PC and Mac. All you need is a simple US PC cable.

Hassan Anjum: (47:39)
DeX works by extending the power of your phone to your PC. Now, we’re taking you the next level by making the two really seamlessly integrated. Today, we’re excited to announce a major new partnership with our good friends at Microsoft. We’re integrating key services into the Note 10 and really unifying the PC to mobile experience.

Hassan Anjum: (48:05)
To tell us more, please welcome from Microsoft, Shilpa Ranganathan.

Shilpa R.: (48:10)
Thanks, Hassan. Hello everyone, I am thrilled to be here with you today. Our mission at Microsoft is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. That is why I am so excited about our partnership with Samsung.

Shilpa R.: (48:27)
Today, we bring together the powerful new Galaxy Note 10, with some of Microsoft’s intelligent software experiences designed to help you stay productive anytime, anywhere. I’m really excited today to show you a few of the integrated experiences that we’ve been working on together.

Shilpa R.: (48:45)
Now, we all lead busy lives, and we’re constantly juggling many responsibilities. We switch between devices ever so often to complete tasks. This going back and forth between device is inefficient, distracting, and not to mention counterproductive. With the Note 10, we’ve worked with Samsung to integrate the Link to Windows right in the Quick Panel. If you can see it here, I have actually linked my PC to my Galaxy Note 10. It provides me with a seamless way to connect my Note 10 to my Windows PC. Once you are linked, you will have access to your most recent texts, notifications, pictures and much more from inside of your phone app.

Shilpa R.: (49:25)
I can now reply to my texts. I can also include a picture that I’ve recently taken on my phone into this message, and send it away. I can use my full keyboard. Notifications from my phone are mirrored on my PC. These notifications are natively integrated into Windows.

Shilpa R.: (49:44)
I have a friend here sending me a message on my phone. You see the notification being mirrored here. I can either reply in line here, or I can simply click the notification to be able to get my entire phone screen mirrored onto my PC.

Shilpa R.: (49:59)
Now, I can use my keyboard and my mouse like I showed you, but my favorite way to interact-

Shilpa R.: (50:03)
It’s my keyboard and my mouse, like I showed you. But my favorite way to interact is actually using touch. So I’m able to swipe up. I can look at all of the apps I have there. I could go into one of my pictures. So the picture that you just saw, I’m able to pinch and zoom, as well. And if people send me messages with pictures in them, I can do that exact same thing, as well. I’m really excited to announce that later this year, we will be enabling you to make and receive calls, as well, directly from your PC.

Shilpa R.: (50:28)
Now we’ve also partnered with Samsung on the Note10 to bring you deeply integrated productivity experiences with OneDrive and Outlook. With OneDrive, you have easy access to all of your pictures across your devices. And coming soon, Samsung Gallery will have an option to sync to OneDrive directly.

Shilpa R.: (50:48)
Now some of us take pictures to remember things, record sensitive information like driver’s licenses or passports. I’m excited to announce that our new feature, OneDrive Personal Vault, helps secure all of that information in the cloud. Now I can open my vault directly from my OneDrive app by using my biometric recognition on my Note10. I can scan all kinds of sensitive documents and store them safely. Let’s try scanning this driver’s license and it clearly is not my driver’s license. So I take a picture, OneDrive cleans it up. I have the ability to upload it directly. And then once I’m done, I can easily lock this. There you have it. Between the security available on the Note10 and in the cloud, we’ve got your back.

Shilpa R.: (51:33)
Now I get a lot of email every day and if you’re like me, you want an easy and quick way to triage and prioritize emails that need actions. With our Outlook app and the S Pen coming together in an integrated experience, we have just that. With our partnership with Samsung, you have access to quickly glance at all of your email in Outlook. So here again, I can quickly take action. If I have a meeting request, with my S Pen I have now the ability to be able to reply, as well, directly without leaving Outlook. If I have an email that I want to quickly respond to, I can actually use Outlook’s intelligence-suggested replies to be able to quickly insert that response. I can also use my pen to personalize it. And off we go. You can add a really nice touch with the S Pen inside Outlook. You could write it, you could send it. And the S Pen is really designed for productivity. And with Outlook, there will be no stopping you from getting to a productive place with your email.

Shilpa R.: (52:35)
I’m excited that we’re coming together with Samsung to innovate in hardware, software, and services. We will meet you where you are, both on your Windows PC and on your brand new Galaxy Note10. This is the start of an amazing collaboration between Microsoft and Samsung. And together, we celebrate the one thing that truly connects us, our customers. And that’s you. So thank you. Back to you, Hassan.

Hassan Anjum: (53:07)
Thanks, [Shilpa 00:00:53:06]. As you can see, this partnership with Microsoft is really going to change the way we use our phones and PCs. You can check it out yourself, for yourself, in the product experience zone after the show.

Hassan Anjum: (53:20)
The devices you’re seeing here are made for a new generation of users, a generation that relies on technology to keep going all day, wherever we are. We need all of our devices to be portable, connected, and powerful. You’ve already met the Note10, the Tab S6, and the amazing Watch Active2. And as a product guy, I’m so excited to introduce you to the next and newest member of the Galaxy family. It’s a device that’s going to usher in a new era for mobile productivity, the Galaxy Book S.

Hassan Anjum: (55:14)
It really is a beautiful device, super slim, ultra light. And it comes in two stunning colors. It’s got a gorgeous 13-inch touchscreen, perfect for watching movies or getting work done on the go. Now, it looks like a laptop, but it’s got the essence of a smartphone, the best of both worlds, thanks to our friends at Microsoft and Qualcomm. In fact, the CEO of Qualcomm, Steve Mollenkopf, is here today. Everyone, say hi to Steve.

Hassan Anjum: (55:42)
Thanks for being here. And thanks to Qualcomm, the Galaxy Book S has a powerful mobile chipset with LTE connectivity. That means you have the freedom to work anywhere, anytime. Look, your phones are always connected. So why wouldn’t you want that for your PC? Well, with the Galaxy Book S you get just that, a secure, dedicated connection. And it runs Windows 10, so you get all the benefits of a PC environment, including Microsoft Office, and the Your Phone app that Sherpa showed you earlier. And this new level of partnership is just the beginning.

Hassan Anjum: (56:29)
The Galaxy Book S represents the power of mobile computing. And it keeps up with you all day long. Its super powerful battery lasts 23 hours.

Hassan Anjum: (56:43)
So, if you’re going camping overnight and you want to take your Galaxy Book S, you don’t even have to take your charger with you. Oh, and yes, I’m one of those guys. I know I should be roasting marshmallows, but that’s a conversation for another time.

Hassan Anjum: (57:06)
And when I do need to plug in, I don’t have to carry around a separate heavy charger. I can just use the same one as my Note10. The Galaxy Book S is the perfect device for people who want to get things done on the run. It will be available starting at $999, beginning in September. Thank you.

Hassan Anjum: (57:37)
And on that note, I can’t wait for you to try it out and experience the future of mobile computing. And now please welcome back, Drew Blackard.

Drew Blackard: (57:56)
Thanks, Hassan. We didn’t just introduce new devices today. We introduced new experiences, experiences that reach across every device, service, and platform within the Samsung Galaxy. Every product we make, every experience we create, is designed to make your life better, to help you move seamlessly between work and play. Whether you choose the Note10 or the Note10+, your device will unlock a world of possibilities. The Note10 will be available starting at $949. The Note10+ starting at $1099. And you can get yours on August 23rd.

Drew Blackard: (58:48)
Preorders begin tomorrow. And for the first time, you can even preorder yours from the Microsoft Store, online and in stores across the country. We designed Samsung Galaxy devices to help you live your life the way you want. You can be creative. You can be productive. And most importantly, you can be yourself. Now, please welcome back to the stage DJ Koh.

DJ Koh: (59:20)
Thank you. Well done.

DJ Koh: (59:24)
Thank you, Drew. Thank you. What a great show so far. The Galaxy Note10, the world’s most powerful and innovative mobile experience. The Galaxy Book S, a new mobile computing category for the Mobile First generation. But we are not quite done yet. Don’t worry, I didn’t forget that I promised you a special guest. You see, I know we can’t fulfill the promise of Experience Innovation alone. New mobile experiences require open collaboration. This is an approach we believe technology companies can embrace and a responsibility we can all share. So it gives me great pleasure to share important news about the evolution of Samsung’s partnership with Microsoft.

DJ Koh: (01:00:51)
Samsung and Microsoft have worked together for many years to make computing more productive and more powerful. Now, we are beginning a new chapter of our long-term commitment to improve productivity and eliminate the gap between mobile devices and the PC. To tell you more, please join me in welcoming Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

Satya Nadella: (01:01:28)
Thank you so much.

DJ Koh: (01:01:28)
See you soon. Okay.

Satya Nadella: (01:01:37)
Thank you so much.

DJ Koh: (01:01:38)

Satya Nadella: (01:01:39)
Thank you. Thank you so much, DJ. It’s so awesome to be here at your launch event. Microsoft and Samsung have had a long history of innovation across everything that we do, hardware, software, and services. And today, what we announced and what Shilpa showed you marks the next stage of this partnership. And more broadly, a profound shift in how we interact with the many devices in our lives.

Satya Nadella: (01:02:14)
For years, applications have been built, and purpose built for single devices, whether it’s the phone, the PC, or the TV, or even your watch. But in a world of 5G, cloud, and AI, we get to rethink it all and reimagine it. We believe in a future that will be multi-device and multi-sense. Every experience will be multi-device and multi-sense, a world where the interaction model we have with computing no longer just starts with the device, but starts with the people. It includes all the devices in our lives. And together with Samsung, we are making this a reality. Our ambition is to help people be productive on any device, anywhere. From calls and text messages, to emails and photos, we are making these everyday experiences great, the interactions across all the devices seamless. As you saw today, now you can instantly sync your photos across all of the devices. You can edit, annotate anywhere, keep your most personal information secure and right at your fingertips. Access text messages, and make and take calls from your PC. And you can do it using any input, voice, pen, touch, and more.

Satya Nadella: (01:03:51)
Microsoft’s mission is to empower every person in every organization on the planet to achieve more. At any moment we want, within your arms’ reach, the greatest of experiences, wherever you are. And the combination of Microsoft’s intelligent experiences and Samsung’s powerful, innovative new devices, like the Galaxy Note10 and Galaxy Book S, make this possible. This is just a start, and there is much more to do and much more to come. And we are very, very excited about this partnership. And back to you, DJ.

DJ Koh: (01:04:36)
Thank you so much. [inaudible 01:04:36]

Satya Nadella: (01:04:36)

DJ Koh: (01:04:36)
Thank you, thank you so much.

Satya Nadella: (01:04:38)
Thank you so much. Such a pleasure.

DJ Koh: (01:04:41)
See you soon.

Satya Nadella: (01:04:41)
See you.

DJ Koh: (01:04:45)
Thank you so much for joining us today, Satya. I look forward to a long partnership, as we continue to work together to create seamless connections across the devices and experiences.

DJ Koh: (01:05:03)
I believe this partnership is a perfect example by what we mean by open collaboration. The impact of this philosophy also extends to our commitment to help create a smarter, safer, and more sustainable world. One way we’ll live up to this responsibility is through educational programs, like Samsung Solve For Tomorrow. Since 2010, we have empowered more than 840,000 students in 26 countries to find creative technology solutions to issues that affect their communities. We are also helping create a more sustainable world by using more and more recycled material in our products. And through programs like Galaxy Upcycling, which turns all the Galaxy smartphones into new IoT devices.

DJ Koh: (01:06:24)
I’m also proud of our support for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to end poverty, fight inequality, and stop climate change. Thank you.

DJ Koh: (01:06:46)
Now, the potential to use the power of technology to address the world’s most pressing challenges is greater than ever. So today, I’m excited to announce that we are deepening our commitment to help the United Nations Development Program achieve the global goals by 2030. Thank you.

DJ Koh: (01:07:21)
Through this initiative, we will offer the Galaxy community simple and powerful ways to learn about the global goals and support the causes they care about. At the heart of this initiative is the new Samsung Global Goals app on Galaxy smartphones that will increase awareness and raise funds. In addition, we are launching new special edition Galaxy mobile accessories, with the profits going to the global goals. To tell you more… Thank you. To tell you more, please welcome UNDP Administrator Achim Steiner.

Achim Steiner: (01:08:12)
Thank you, thank you.

Achim Steiner: (01:08:23)
Thank you so much, DJ. Good afternoon to all of you here in Brooklyn, this beautiful borough in New York City. Hello to everyone following this event around the world. I can feel the collective heartbeat here in the hall, and I’m sure around the world, that all this amazing technology, the power and ingenuity of technology, clearly brings us together today. But as DJ Koh just said, it’s also the power of collaboration. And I’m very proud to be here this afternoon on behalf of what is perhaps the greatest open source platform the world has ever thought of, the United Nations. And together, we are announcing this afternoon and launching a partnership that is without precedent, reaching millions of people, allowing them to be part of that open collaborative community that cares about what happens next in our world. Technology is fascinating. Technology empowers, technology connects us. The Global Goals are perhaps the greatest declaration of collaboration and interdependence that we’ve ever dared to make.

Achim Steiner: (01:09:19)
So this afternoon, in launching this Global Goals app with Samsung and the United Nations Development Program, I’m very proud to open a new chapter in helping people to come together. The Global Goals is nothing less and nothing more than an invitation for every citizen on this planet to feel that they can make a difference. Through the Global Goals app, you will be able to learn. You are able to support the global goals by letting them earn income that will allow us to do many of the things around the world that matter to all of us. And also to donate.

Achim Steiner: (01:09:53)
So let me just tell you. You may not have heard of the sustainable development goals before, but if you are part of Samsung Unpacked, if you are part of the Samsung ecosystem, and hopefully in a few months that will never ever be said again. And let me just say, the United Nations belongs to you. The Global Goals are yours. They unite us. They help us to address poverty, to deal with climate change, to also deal with pandemics, to allow the world to be connected because half the world is not yet connected to the universe that we are celebrating here this afternoon. So on behalf of a very powerful idea that today is joining hands with very powerful and ingenious technology and products, let us make the Global Goals a promise to ourselves and to the world. Thank you, DJ. Thank you to all of you that have made this possible. Thank you.

Achim Steiner: (01:10:40)
Let’s just do this.

DJ Koh: (01:10:47)
I think we must make a full turn over here. Like this, yeah.

Achim Steiner: (01:10:50)
We’re going to play together, and hopefully play together with all of you. Thank you for being here. Thank you for making this possible. Thank you.

DJ Koh: (01:10:56)

Achim Steiner: (01:10:56)
Thanks a lot.

DJ Koh: (01:11:03)
Thank you, Achim. Thank you so much.

DJ Koh: (01:11:06)
Now we have the power to inspire the Galaxy community to take small actions that can achieve exponential good. I look forward to working together with purpose and commitment to deliver new generation mobile experiences that help build a better global society. Thank you to all who joined us through the live stream from all around the world, as well as here at Barclays. Please enjoy the showcase. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Samsung members. Thank you.

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