Aug 25, 2022

Russian strike on Ukrainian rail station kills 22 Transcript

Russian strike on Ukrainian rail station kills 22 Transcript
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A Russian missile strike on an Ukrainian rail station killed at least 22 people, including an 11-year-old boy, on the country’s Independence Day. Read the transcript here. 

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David Muir: (00:00)
Deadly Russian attack on a train station, Ukraine already on high alert as it celebrated its Independence Day and the six month anniversary of this war. President Zelenskyy last night, we reported here had warned brutal Russian attack was likely. And tonight authorities now say at least 20 people were killed in this attack. Our chief foreign correspondent Ian Pannell in Ukraine tonight.

Ian Pannell: (00:22)
Tonight as Ukraine celebrates 31 years of independence, President Zelenskyy telling the UN a Russian missile strike at a rail station in the center of the country killing more than 20 people, including an 11 year old boy and wounding, at least 22. Ukrainian officials, posting photos showing what they say is the scene of the strike. ABC news, can’t verify the photos. The attack follows US and Ukrainian warnings that Russia would step up its attacks on civilian targets today.

Speaker 3: (00:56)
President Zelenskyy marking Independence Day with a defiant message saying his country was reborn the day Russia invaded.

Ian Pannell: (01:05)
Today, the Biden Administration announcing its largest single aid package for Ukraine. $3 billion in weapons and equipment. Zelenskyy saying USA will help them to get more of the weapons they need. And overnight, multiple strikes on Kharkiv, seen in this video posted online. And the toll for Ukrainians mounting. 9,000 Ukrainian soldiers, and more than 5,500 civilians have been killed. And nearly 7 million refugees have fled Ukraine.

David Muir: (01:37)
Let’s bring in Ian Pannell reporting from Kiev. Ian, tonight not only their Independence Day, but also the six month mark in this war. So many have speculated along the way how this conflict might end. Would Ukraine, for example ever be willing to cede any of that territory in the east? And as he addressed the Ukrainian people, President Zelenskyy standing firm, does not appear to be on the table. Anything like that?

Ian Pannell: (01:59)
Yeah. I mean, I think many had expected Ukraine to be forced to give away the Donbas in the east of the country, in exchange for peace, but you’re right. Zelenskyy is adamant that they won’t do that. Instead, they want to retake not just the Donbas, but Crimea too. Six months in, this war looks set to grind on at least well into the winter. David?

David Muir: (02:18)
And we’re grateful you’re there, Ian. Thank you.

George Stephanopoulos: (02:21)
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