Jun 4, 2020

Piers Morgan Rudy Giuliani Interview Transcript: Get into Shouting Match Over Trump & Protests

Piers Morgan Rudy Giuliani Heated Debate about Trump
RevBlogTranscriptsPiers Morgan Rudy Giuliani Interview Transcript: Get into Shouting Match Over Trump & Protests

Rudy Giuliani went on Good Morning Britain and got into a testy interview with Piers Morgan about the protests and Donald Trump tweeting “when the looting starts, the shooting starts.” Things got personal with shots at each-other’s careers. Read the transcript here.


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Rudy Giuliani: (00:06)
Good morning.

Susanna Reid: (00:06)
Just after the September, the 11th attacks and you were being praised for your calm leadership, your cool head in the wake of what had happened. You were even dubbed at one stage, America’s mayor. What do you make of president Trump’s response? Because he has been criticized for not being able to calm the situation down.

Rudy Giuliani: (00:32)
President Trump is criticized for everything by the left-wing media. He has handled it exactly correctly. Immediately he brought the FBI into it. President Obama used to delay weeks before he brought the FBI into it. President Obama had many, many more of these incidents than president Trump. The difference is that the left-wing media, including the international media, treats president Trump in a totally different way and exaggerates all the situations involving him. He expressed immediately his horror at what happened. He brought the FBI into it. He, along with everyone in this country, Republican, Democrat, liberal, conservative, condemns what the police officer did. For example, I don’t believe they’ve been charged harshly enough. I think the Minnesota authorities and Minneapolis authorities have badly mishandled this case, and they should be charged with first degree murder, particularly the police officer who had his knee on the neck of Mr. Floyd while he was being told constantly that the man couldn’t breathe.

Susanna Reid: (01:46)
Well and that’s [crosstalk 00:01:47]

Rudy Giuliani: (01:47)
I was a prosecutor for 17 years of my life.

Susanna Reid: (01:50)

Rudy Giuliani: (01:51)
And I prosecuted over 70 police officers. And I believe that the mayor, the governor and the authorities in Minneapolis have badly mishandled this case. [crosstalk 00:02:01]

Susanna Reid: (02:01)
Okay. And that’s fair enough, and I’m sure that many, many people will agree with you. But my point was about president Trump rather than your view of it. [crosstalk 00:02:11] For instance, shortly after what had happened and then the protests, he had tweeted using a phrase that a bigoted police chief had used decades ago, “When the looting starts, the shooting starts.”

Rudy Giuliani: (02:24)

Susanna Reid: (02:24)
Now, many people think that that was a totally inappropriate way [crosstalk 00:02:29] to calm down protest when that’s [crosstalk 00:02:33] almost a threat of violence that even Twitter took action over.

Rudy Giuliani: (02:37)
Of course it wasn’t. That’s part of what you do. That’s part of how you deliberately misinterpret president Trump, because the left-wing media has some kind of a hatred of him. That’s actually [crosstalk 00:02:51]

Susanna Reid: (02:51)
How is it appropriate to use [crosstalk 00:02:51]

Piers Morgan: (02:51)
Rudy, Rudy, Rudy. Its Piers. [crosstalk 00:02:57] Rudy, Rudy, Rudy.

Rudy Giuliani: (02:57)
You know that’s true.

Piers Morgan: (02:57)
It’s Piers Morgan here.

Rudy Giuliani: (02:57)
You know that’s true. And the reality is [crosstalk 00:02:59] reality is whoever made that statement, the statement can mean a lot of different things. For example [crosstalk 00:03:05]

Susanna Reid: (03:05)
No, it was a Miami police chief.

Rudy Giuliani: (03:07)

Susanna Reid: (03:07)
Who said that he didn’t care [crosstalk 00:03:09] about accusations of police brutality. He was a bigoted person himself. Why would president Trump [crosstalk 00:03:15] quote something like that?

Rudy Giuliani: (03:16)
He didn’t quote him.

Susanna Reid: (03:17)
When he’s trying to calm the situation down?

Rudy Giuliani: (03:20)
He didn’t quote him. He used that expression, probably not knowing where it came from. The reality is that this became out of control because the mayor of Minneapolis who is a left-wing, progressive Democrat, failed to protect the citizens of his city from riots.

Piers Morgan: (03:41)
Yeah, but Rudy [crosstalk 00:03:42]

Rudy Giuliani: (03:41)
Not only that [crosstalk 00:03:42]

Piers Morgan: (03:42)
Can I just in?

Rudy Giuliani: (03:43)
He gave [crosstalk 00:03:44]

Piers Morgan: (03:44)
Rudy, can I jump in?

Rudy Giuliani: (03:44)
Please let me finish.

Piers Morgan: (03:45)
It’s Piers Morgan here, first of all.

Rudy Giuliani: (03:47)
No, let me finish.

Piers Morgan: (03:47)
Well, it’s Piers [crosstalk 00:03:49] I want to say hello first.

Rudy Giuliani: (03:51)
Please have the courtesy of letting me finish. I’m up here at one o’clock in the morning to answer your questions.

Piers Morgan: (03:53)
Yeah, Rudy…

Rudy Giuliani: (03:54)
So I would think you would give me the courtesy of answering.

Piers Morgan: (03:57)

Rudy Giuliani: (03:57)
I know you don’t like my answers, but I would think you would give me the courtesy of giving them.

Piers Morgan: (04:02)

Rudy Giuliani: (04:03)
You have a completely warped picture of what happened, which is not atypical.

Piers Morgan: (04:08)
Rudy, can you hear me?

Rudy Giuliani: (04:10)
I mean, this is constantly what is being done to president Trump by the left-wing media.

Piers Morgan: (04:14)
All right, Rudy.

Rudy Giuliani: (04:16)
He has handled this really superbly.

Piers Morgan: (04:19)
Okay, Rudy.

Rudy Giuliani: (04:20)
Many fewer incidents [crosstalk 00:04:22] president Obama.

Piers Morgan: (04:25)
Can you hear me, Rudy? It’s Piers Morgan.

Rudy Giuliani: (04:27)
I can. I can hear you interrupting me, sure.

Piers Morgan: (04:29)
Okay. Well, A, it’s good to talk to you again. It’s been awhile. Secondly, I’m sorry.

Rudy Giuliani: (04:33)
Well, it’s nice to talk to you, but [crosstalk 00:04:34] I do want to answer.

Piers Morgan: (04:35)
Rudy, I’m sorry, but you’re talking total claptrap. Sorry.

Rudy Giuliani: (04:40)
No, I’m not, Piers.

Piers Morgan: (04:41)
Yeah, you are.

Rudy Giuliani: (04:42)
I am absolutely not.

Piers Morgan: (04:42)
You are. With respect [crosstalk 00:04:44]

Rudy Giuliani: (04:43)
You’re talking political propaganda.

Piers Morgan: (04:44)
You keep saying it’s the left-wing media that have somehow misquoted Donald Trump. The president of United [crosstalk 00:04:51]

Rudy Giuliani: (04:50)
I didn’t say they misquoted him. [crosstalk 00:04:51] I said they misinterpreted him.

Piers Morgan: (04:51)
The president of the United States’ job when this kind of thing happens is to keep temperatures down, not to put fuel on the fire. For the president of the United States [crosstalk 00:05:04]

Rudy Giuliani: (05:04)
He didn’t do that.

Piers Morgan: (05:04)
To tweet that [crosstalk 00:05:05] “When the looting starts, the shooting starts”, directly quoting a racist police chief back in the sixties who used dogs and guns on black people.

Rudy Giuliani: (05:18)
Do you think he went to a book and took that out of a book?

Piers Morgan: (05:21)
I don’t care, Rudy. [crosstalk 00:05:22] I don’t care if he knew where it came from or not.

Rudy Giuliani: (05:26)
Of course he didn’t.

Piers Morgan: (05:27)
He was quoting [crosstalk 00:05:28]

Rudy Giuliani: (05:27)
That’s a media creation [crosstalk 00:05:29]

Piers Morgan: (05:28)
He was quoting an infamous line.

Rudy Giuliani: (05:29)
Because of the way you demonized him.

Piers Morgan: (05:31)
And he was quoting an infamous line.

Rudy Giuliani: (05:33)
It’s disgusting how you people have become political propaganda, rather than journalists.

Piers Morgan: (05:37)
Who are you people?

Rudy Giuliani: (05:38)
You gave up being journalists years ago. [crosstalk 00:05:40]

Piers Morgan: (05:40)
I’ve known Donald Trump.

Rudy Giuliani: (05:41)
You are political propagandists.

Piers Morgan: (05:41)
I’ve known Donald Trump 13 years. I’ve been very fair minded about him as I’m sure you’re aware.

Rudy Giuliani: (05:47)
You really haven’t, Piers.

Piers Morgan: (05:48)
I’ve interviewed him many, many, many times. And I have found [crosstalk 00:05:52]

Rudy Giuliani: (05:51)
Well, if you’re trying to sell people that he deliberately quoted some racist, then you are engaging in absolute prying and deception. [crosstalk 00:05:59] please let me finish my answer.

Piers Morgan: (05:59)
I’m telling you, you shouldn’t give him a pass. Why are you giving him a pass?

Rudy Giuliani: (06:06)
Please let me finish. Why do I give him a pass?

Piers Morgan: (06:10)
Why do you say he didn’t [crosstalk 00:06:11] know where that quote came from? How do you know that?

Rudy Giuliani: (06:15)
Because I’ve know him for 30 years and I know he’s a fair man who doesn’t have a racist bone in his body. You know that too. And therefore you’re going through politically correct propaganda, so you can be popular in a [crosstalk 00:06:30]

Piers Morgan: (06:29)
No, I heard the president used the phrase, “When the looting starts…”

Rudy Giuliani: (06:34)
You know he’s not a racist.

Piers Morgan: (06:36)
Can you let me finish?

Rudy Giuliani: (06:38)
You know that. Well, ask a question and I’ll answer it.

Piers Morgan: (06:41)

Rudy Giuliani: (06:41)
But then don’t interrupt me.

Piers Morgan: (06:42)
If you just stop talking for a minute, I’ll tell you what my question is.

Rudy Giuliani: (06:46)
Did you want me on here to answer the questions or did you want me on here so you can make a political propaganda point?

Piers Morgan: (06:52)
Well, I see the only person making political propaganda statements is you so far.

Rudy Giuliani: (06:55)
I haven’t made any political propaganda statements.

Piers Morgan: (06:57)
You have. You said the whole thing [crosstalk 00:06:58] is a left-wing myth. Everyone’s got it in for poor old Donald Trump. And I’m telling you that when this thing started, the president’s job was to calm things down. Instead, he said, “When the looting starts, the shooting starts.” And from the moment he said that [crosstalk 00:07:12]

Rudy Giuliani: (07:11)
That happens to be true, by the way.

Piers Morgan: (07:12)
From the moment he said that, there’s been total carnage on the streets of America.

Rudy Giuliani: (07:16)
I don’t care who said that, Piers. That happens to be true.

Piers Morgan: (07:17)

Rudy Giuliani: (07:17)
That happens to be an accurate statement.

Piers Morgan: (07:20)
And you think that’s a sensible thing, Rudy?

Rudy Giuliani: (07:23)
When you begin looting, people then protect themselves [crosstalk 00:07:23]

Piers Morgan: (07:25)
A sensible thing for the president to do?

Rudy Giuliani: (07:25)
Do you know, and did you report that a police officer was killed? Assassinated last night?

Piers Morgan: (07:32)
Yeah. I think what’s been going on in these [crosstalk 00:07:34]

Rudy Giuliani: (07:35)
Did you report that?

Piers Morgan: (07:36)
No, but I’m asking you [crosstalk 00:07:39]

Rudy Giuliani: (07:38)
Doesn’t that make your point that when the looting starts, the shooting starts? I don’t care who said that.

Piers Morgan: (07:44)
So you stand [crosstalk 00:07:45]

Rudy Giuliani: (07:45)
I have prevented numerous riots in my career. That is an accurate statement.

Piers Morgan: (07:49)
And you know where that quote comes from [crosstalk 00:07:51]

Rudy Giuliani: (07:51)
Accurate warning that if you continue to loot, you are going to bring about violence.

Piers Morgan: (07:56)
So you think it is right?

Rudy Giuliani: (07:57)
These people have [crosstalk 00:07:57] put hundreds of police officers in the hospital.

Piers Morgan: (08:00)
All right. Do you think it’s right [crosstalk 00:08:02] If I may jump in…

Rudy Giuliani: (08:03)
They killed a man yesterday. The president was warning them, if you loot, you are going to provoke violence. He may have picked a quote that comes 30 years ago from some nutty, horrible racist, but that is not what he did on purpose. That’s what you attributed to him because they are prejudice against him, and because what [crosstalk 00:08:23]

Piers Morgan: (08:23)
Why would any president say that? [crosstalk 00:08:25]

Rudy Giuliani: (08:25)
The kind of journalism you engage in [crosstalk 00:08:26]

Piers Morgan: (08:26)
Oh, stop banging on about left-wing journalism, Rudy. [crosstalk 00:08:30] Rudy, stop banging on about the left-wing. I’m not the left-wing media. I’ve written more [crosstalk 00:08:38]

Rudy Giuliani: (08:38)
Well, I don’t know what you are, but what you are now [crosstalk 00:08:38]

Piers Morgan: (08:38)
I’ve written more fairly about president Trump than anybody.

Rudy Giuliani: (08:41)
It’s totally [crosstalk 00:08:42] and defamatory.

Piers Morgan: (08:42)
When the president says, “When the looting [crosstalk 00:08:45]

Rudy Giuliani: (08:46)
And you’re not allowing me to explain it, because I have to talk over you.

Piers Morgan: (08:47)
No, you know what? You’re talking over me all the time.

Rudy Giuliani: (08:50)
Well, you’re darn right I am, because you’re lying to people, Piers.

Piers Morgan: (08:52)
I’m not lying.

Rudy Giuliani: (08:53)
You’re lying to them [crosstalk 00:08:57] and you’re misleading them. That was not deliberately taken from a racist. That is an accurate statement. When people begin looting, they provoke violence. The proof is the people who have been killed here by the rioters, not by the police. And by the way, there were only nine people, nine black people, unarmed that were killed by the police last year in America. There were hundreds of times more than that. Black people killed by other black people that the police have to prevent, including black police officers, like Captain Dorn, who was slaughtered last night, and it was ignored by the left-wing media.

Piers Morgan: (09:39)
There you go again. The left-wing media. Why don’t we get back [crosstalk 00:09:48]

Rudy Giuliani: (09:48)
Ignored. But [crosstalk 00:09:48] police officer was hardly covered in the Times, the Washington Post.

Piers Morgan: (09:48)
Why don’t we get back.

Rudy Giuliani: (09:48)
I bet you didn’t cover it. You want to bet you didn’t cover it?

Piers Morgan: (09:52)
Why don’t we get back [crosstalk 00:09:53]

Rudy Giuliani: (09:53)
Because it goes against your false narrative of police brutality. [crosstalk 00:09:57]

Piers Morgan: (09:57)
You know what we covered?

Rudy Giuliani: (09:58)
Which you exaggerate.

Piers Morgan: (10:00)
If you let me finish, I would say that the deaths of anybody in these protests and some of the rioting that’s going on is completely unacceptable. I don’t care if you’re left, right, whatever you are, whatever political persuasion. It is [crosstalk 00:10:14]

Rudy Giuliani: (10:14)
I don’t even know what you’re talking about now.

Piers Morgan: (10:15)
But I do know that when the president of the United States uses [crosstalk 00:10:19]

Rudy Giuliani: (10:19)
Oh, stop that. You’ve said that 40 times. That was not a quote that was taken from a racist.

Piers Morgan: (10:24)
It’s one of the most infamous quotes in America. You know it, and I know it.

Rudy Giuliani: (10:28)
It is not. I’ve never even heard it before. I’ve been in law enforcement for 20 years, Piers. I wouldn’t have known where that came from. What a bunch of garbage.

Piers Morgan: (10:36)
Where did he get it from?

Rudy Giuliani: (10:37)
What a bunch of garbage you’re spewing?

Piers Morgan: (10:38)
Where did he get it from?

Rudy Giuliani: (10:39)
It happens to be factually correct. No matter who it came from. If you start looting, people are going to start shooting.

Piers Morgan: (10:47)

Rudy Giuliani: (10:47)
They’re going to kill people, and they have killed people and you don’t cover it.

Piers Morgan: (10:51)
Right. So just to clarify [crosstalk 00:10:53]

Rudy Giuliani: (10:52)
Because you’re a bunch of phonies, that’s why.

Piers Morgan: (10:54)
Oh, really? You know what, Rudy [crosstalk 00:10:54]

Rudy Giuliani: (10:56)
And I am fed up with you.

Piers Morgan: (10:56)
Rudy, what happened to you?

Rudy Giuliani: (10:59)
You are professionally unethical.

Piers Morgan: (10:59)
What happened to you Rudy?

Rudy Giuliani: (11:01)
Nothing happened to me.

Piers Morgan: (11:02)
You used to be [crosstalk 00:11:06] one of the most. [crosstalk 00:11:06] You used to be one of the most revered people in America.

Rudy Giuliani: (11:07)
Watching how much you people lie, and distort.

Piers Morgan: (11:09)
Yeah. Let me just tell you something.

Rudy Giuliani: (11:10)
You are disgraceful.

Piers Morgan: (11:10)
You know what, Rudy?

Rudy Giuliani: (11:10)
You’re disgraceful.

Piers Morgan: (11:13)
You know what, Rudy? You used to be one of the most respected and revered people in America, if not the world. You were someone we looked up to.

Rudy Giuliani: (11:19)
Oh, who wants to listen to you, Piers. I mean, really. You can say anything you want, because I have no respect for you the way you’re covering this, and this nonsense about the fact that a man you know, and you know he’s not a racist, that he went and borrowed that deliberately from a guy who said it 30 years ago.

Piers Morgan: (11:41)
He should never have said it. And you should be big enough to admit, he should never have said it. That’s the problem. You’re so wound up with supporting Trump [crosstalk 00:11:51] you can’t see the wood for the trees.

Rudy Giuliani: (11:55)
Big enough to say that you people, misinterpreted him. You misinterpreted it on purpose to create [crosstalk 00:11:59]

Piers Morgan: (11:58)
I quoted him from his own tweet. What are you talking about?

Rudy Giuliani: (12:03)
Well, the question is, did he know that came from some racist 30 years ago? Well, he didn’t know that.

Piers Morgan: (12:10)
I don’t care if he knew it or not.

Rudy Giuliani: (12:11)
And the only reason [crosstalk 00:12:11] you don’t accept that [crosstalk 00:12:13]

Piers Morgan: (12:13)
I don’t care if he knew it or not. Why the hell was he using such inflammatory language?

Rudy Giuliani: (12:17)
It isn’t inflammatory. It’s accurate.

Susanna Reid: (12:19)
When the [crosstalk 00:12:19]

Rudy Giuliani: (12:19)
It’s an accurate [crosstalk 00:12:19]

Susanna Reid: (12:22)
When the looting starts, the shooting starts. [crosstalk 00:12:22]

Piers Morgan: (12:22)
Is he going to shoot them? [crosstalk 00:12:22]

Rudy Giuliani: (12:22)
It is an accurate warning.

Piers Morgan: (12:25)

Rudy Giuliani: (12:25)
And it actually happened. People have been killed by the looters, including an innocent man last night, who was guarding his friends store, who was African American and his life matters too, but not to you.

Piers Morgan: (12:39)
Why is president Trump [crosstalk 00:12:41] why has he not [crosstalk 00:12:41]

Rudy Giuliani: (12:41)
Because it doesn’t fit your narrative. You didn’t even report on that man being killed.

Piers Morgan: (12:45)
Why has president Trump [crosstalk 00:12:46]

Rudy Giuliani: (12:46)
Because you don’t care about him, because it doesn’t fit your false narrative.

Piers Morgan: (12:49)
Why has president Trump [crosstalk 00:12:50]

Rudy Giuliani: (12:50)
And what happened to me is the same thing that always happened to me. I happened to be in favor of truth and justice.

Piers Morgan: (12:56)

Rudy Giuliani: (12:56)
And you people are in favor of a phony political narrative.

Piers Morgan: (12:59)
Really? You know what, Rudy, I’m sorry [crosstalk 00:13:02]

Rudy Giuliani: (13:02)
You’re a disgrace, and the interview is over as far as I’m concerned.

Piers Morgan: (13:03)
You sound completely barking mad. Do you know that?

Rudy Giuliani: (13:06)
No, I don’t.

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