Feb 7, 2021

Patrick Mahomes Press Conference After Super Bowl Loss Transcript February 7

Patrick Mahomes Press Conference After Super Bowl Loss Transcript February 7
RevBlogTranscriptsPatrick Mahomes Press Conference After Super Bowl Loss Transcript February 7

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes participated in a press conference after losing Super Bowl LV to Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Read the full transcript of his remarks here.

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Patrick Mahomes: (00:01)
Not really any, they had a good game plan. They took away all our deep stuff. They took away the sidelines and they did a good job of rallying to the football and making tackles. We weren’t executing early, on a few miscues. We weren’t we weren’t on the same page, but credit to them, man, they played a heck of a game defensively and offensively and beat us.

Speaker 2: (00:23)
Okay, and was the toe a problem for you tonight, and are you going to be having surgery anytime soon on that?

Patrick Mahomes: (00:32)
Yeah, I can’t say the toe was a problem when I played two weeks ago and I played well on it. Some of these battles where you’re playing football, you have to battle through injuries. And so we’ll look at it tomorrow and we’ll make a final decision on it, if we’re going to have surgery on it, or not.

Speaker 3: (00:50)
All right. Next, we’ll go to Vahe Gregorian. Go ahead, Vahe.

Vahe Gregorian: (00:56)
Hey Patrick, as close as you are to Andy, I just wonder how cognizant of all the other things going on in the last couple of days you were and what feelings you might’ve had about that?

Patrick Mahomes: (01:09)
Yeah, it was a tragic situation all around and you’re praying for everyone that was involved. But we went into the game and I felt like he was still Coach Reid, still the same guy, but obviously we wanted to win the game, but we didn’t. So now it’s about continuing to move forward, and try to do whatever we can to keep moving forward.

Speaker 3: (01:37)
All right, let’s go to Nate Taylor. Go ahead, Nate.

Nate Taylor: (01:41)
Patrick, there was so much discussion about the offensive line today and how it was going to go against the Buccaneers pass rushes. What did you see was the big issue in that regard and how did you try to counteract what they were doing in terms of the pass rush around the second quarter?

Patrick Mahomes: (01:56)
Yeah, I just think we weren’t on the same page, as the offense in general. I wasn’t getting the ball out on time. The receivers were running routes, not to exactly where I thought they were going to be at. And the offensive line, they did good. They were good at sometimes, and sometimes they let guys through. And when you’re playing a good defense like that, you got to be on the same page as the offense and we weren’t today. And that’s why we played so bad,

Nate Taylor: (02:26)
And one more question, Patrick, this is the first time in your career where the team didn’t enter the end zone on offense. When you look back on this, just how shocking is it to know that you guys played as poorly as you did, particularly in the red zone?

Patrick Mahomes: (02:40)
Yeah, we just didn’t execute, especially on third down, and in the red zone and those are the two most important parts of the field. They were just better than us today. I don’t know what else to say. They executed at a higher level, defensively. They had a good game plan and we weren’t able to make adjustments and find ways to get in the end zone.

Speaker 3: (02:58)
All right, let’s go next to Dianna Russini. Go ahead, Diana.

Dianna Russini: (03:04)
Patrick, I know you addressed it already, but just the awful situation that happened just from your perspective, with the team, how much of this situation that happened involving the young child in car accident affect the team, in terms of you guys heading into the weekend? Did it take the air out of it, or change the vibe?

Patrick Mahomes: (03:28)
It’s hard to put it into words. It didn’t take the air out of it. Guys were still ready to go. But still, it’s a very tragic situation. And you know you want to keep that in the back of your mind and you give prayers to the families that were involved, and especially the child that was involved. So I don’t want to say it effected us on the field, they beat us. There’s no excuses on that, but you definitely, you’re praying for those families.

Speaker 3: (04:00)
All right, let’s go to Terez Paylor. Go ahead, Terez.

Terez Paylor: (04:04)
Thanks Patrick. A common theme throughout your life has been your dad, your godfather, the lessons they’ve taught you, how to deal with rough losses. I’m wondering what they’ve shared with you in the past about how to proceed forward after a disappointment like this. And what is the primary lesson you take from tonight, moving forward?

Patrick Mahomes: (04:25)
Yeah, my dad had lost in the World Series in his career and he continued to battle and continued to be who he was. And obviously it hurts right now, it hurts a lot, but we’re going to continue to get better. We have a young group of guys that have had a lot of success and learned from that, but we’ve had a few failures, and we have to learn from that and we can’t let this define us. We have to continue to get better, going into next year, being even better and preparing ourselves to hopefully be in this game again.

Speaker 3: (05:01)
All right. We have time for a couple more. Let’s go to Herbie Teope. Go ahead, Herbie.

Herbie Teope: (05:06)
Hey, Patrick, the amount of penalties in this game, how much did that is affect what you guys wanted to do from a rhythm point of view? And are you surprised at how many times the Chiefs were penalized this game?

Patrick Mahomes: (05:19)
It definitely affects you. When you have penalties and football games, especially when you’re struggling and you’re playing a really good defense, it’s hard to continue to get drives going and get in the end zone. And then, as far as defensively, when we have penalties that extend drives, that’s how teams find ways to score points. And so you don’t want to say there affects you, but you go out there and you play your heart out. You just want to go out there and try to find a way to win and try to stay away from those penalties.

Speaker 9: (05:54)
So Patrick Mahomes having to answer questions that, well, let’s be honest, he doesn’t have to answer that often. First loss of his career by more than one possession. Last time he lost by more than one possession, he was at Texas Tech. He lost to Iowa State. He’s six and 0 in playoff games, when the other quarterback isn’t Tom Brady. 0 in two against Brady. Remember that earlier one was the AFC Championship game in Kansas city, went to overtime. Brady’s team won the coin toss, Mahomes never got the ball. And not only held the single digits, they didn’t score a touchdown. It was nine, and that was on three field goals.

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