Feb 22, 2020

Nevada Caucus Speech Transcripts: Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar Speak After Nevada Results

Bernie Sanders Nevada Caucus Speech Transcript
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The Nevada Democratic Caucuses were today on February 22, 2020. Read transcripts of speeches by Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar after the results. Bernie Sanders won the Nevada Caucuses.

Bernie Sanders Nevada Caucus Speech Transcript

Audience: (00:00)
Bernie, Bernie, Bernie …

Bernie Sanders: (00:00)
Thank you. Thank you, San Antonio. And let me introduce to you the next First Lady of the United States, Jane Sanders. You’ll be very proud of her as First Lady. Based on what I have seen today in Texas, we were in El Paso, we’re here now, don’t tell, don’t tell anybody, I don’t want to get them nervous. We are going to win the Democratic primary in Texas.

Bernie Sanders: (01:12)
And this is also important, the President gets very, very upset easily. So don’t tell him that we’re going to beat him here in Texas. And now I’m delighted to bring you a some pretty good news. I think all of you know we won the popular vote in Iowa. We won the New Hampshire primary. And according to those three networks and the A.P., we have now won the Nevada caucus.

Audience: (01:59)
Bernie, Bernie, Bernie …

Bernie Sanders: (01:59)
So let me thank the people of Nevada for their support. In Nevada, we have just put together a multi-generational multiracial coalition, which is going to not only win in Nevada, it’s going to sweep this country. And in Nevada and in New Hampshire and in Iowa what we showed is that our volunteers are prepared to knock on hundreds and hundreds of thousands of doors. That no campaign has a grassroots movement like we do, which is another reason why we’re going to win this election. In Nevada. I want to thank our rank and file union members.

Bernie Sanders: (03:24)
I want to thank Make The Road and all of the grassroots organizations that helped us win there. We are going to win here in Texas. We are going to win across the country because the American people are sick and tired of a president who lies all of the time. They are sick and tired of a corrupt administration. They are sick and tired of a president who is undermining American democracy, who thinks he is above the law and who apparently has never read the Constitution in this country.

Bernie Sanders: (04:37)
The American people are sick and tired of a government, which is based on greed, corruption, and lies. They want an administration which is based on the principles of justice. Economic justice, social justice, racial justice, and environmental justice. Now Trump and his friends think they are going to win this election. They think they’re going to win this election by dividing our people up based on the color of their skin or where they were born or their religion or their sexual orientation. We are going to win because we are doing exactly the opposite. We’re bringing our people together. We are bringing our people together, black and white and Latino, Native American, Asian, gay and straight.

Bernie Sanders: (06:19)
We are bringing our people together around an agenda that works for the working people of this country, not the one percent. All over this country, workers are sick and tired of earning starvation wages. You can’t make it on nine bucks an hour or 11 bucks an hour or 12 bucks an hour. We are going to raise the federal minimum wage to 15 bucks an hour. We are going to provide equal pay for equal work for women. We are going to make it easier for workers to join unions. We’re going to create millions of good paying union jobs by rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure. And building the 10 million units of low income and affordable housing this country desperately needs. We’re going to win this election because we believe in education. We are going to have high quality, affordable universal childcare.

Bernie Sanders: (08:03)
We are going to triple funding for low income Title 1 schools. And we need great teachers in this country. We need more Latino teachers. We need more African American teachers. And because we know the vitally important work that teachers do, we’re going to fight to make sure that no teacher in America earns less than $60,000 a year. And because we believe education, we believe that all of our people, regardless of their income are entitled to a higher education. And that is why we’re going to make public colleges and universities tuition free. And we’re going to cancel all student debt in this country by imposing a modest tax on Wall Street speculation. 12 years ago we bailed out the crooks on Wall Street, now it is their turn to help the working families in this country. And together, we are going to end the international embarrassment of the United States of America, our great country, being the only major country on Earth not to guarantee healthcare to all people.

Bernie Sanders: (10:20)
So let me be as clear as I can be. Healthcare is a human right, not a privilege. We are going to end the absurd situation in which we now are spending twice as much per person on healthcare as the people of any other country, yet 87 million of us are uninsured or under insured, 30,000 die each year and 500,000 people go bankrupt because of medically related debt. In America, you should not go bankrupt because you’re struggling with cancer. The function of a rational and humane healthcare system is to guarantee healthcare to all, not make 100 billion in profits for the drug companies and the insurance companies. And we are going to take on the greed and corruption of the pharmaceutical industry. Under our administration, the American people will not pay in some cases, 10 times more for the same prescription drugs sold in Mexico, Canada, or in Europe.

Bernie Sanders: (11:56)
And when we talk about the major crises facing this country, it is a sad state of affairs when we have a President of the United States who believes that climate change is a hoax. Well the scientific community has a slight disagreement with Mr. Trump. They think that climate change is an existential threat to this planet. And our administration believes in science, not right wing extremism. And that is why together we are going to adopt the principles of the Green New Deal. Which creates up to 20 million good paying jobs as we transform our energy system away from fossil fuel to energy efficiency and sustainable energy.

Bernie Sanders: (13:21)
Brothers and sisters, this is a moral issue. We must make sure that the planet we leave our children and grandchildren is a planet that is healthy and habitable. And when we talk about issues that must be dealt with, we in fact are going to reform a broken and racist criminal justice system. We do not want to continue a situation where we have more people in jail than any other country, including China four times our size. And the people in jail are disproportionately African American, Latino and Native American. And that is why we are going to invest in our young people in jobs, in education. Not more jails and incarceration. That is why we are going to end private prisons and detention centers. That is why we are going to end the war on drugs and legalize marijuana in every state is this country.

Audience: (14:58)
Bernie, Bernie, Bernie ….

Bernie Sanders: (15:16)
Let me ask you all a question, let me ask you a serious question. How many people in this room tonight know somebody who was arrested for possession of marijuana? We are going to move forward to expunge the records of those arrested for possession of marijuana. And when we talk about broken and racist systems, we are going to bring about fundamental reform to our immigration system. I am the son of an immigrant. My father came to this country from Poland without a nickel in his pocket, couldn’t speak a word of English, had very little education. I know something about the immigrant experience.

Bernie Sanders: (16:17)
Together, we are going to end the demonization of the undocumented in this country. On our first day in office through executive order, we rescind all of Trump’s racist immigration executive orders. On our first day in office through executive order, we restore the legal status of the 1.8 million young people and their parents eligible for DACA. On our first day in office we end a border policy, which today allows federal agents to grab babies from the arms of their mothers. And throw children into cages. That is not what America is about.

Bernie Sanders: (17:25)
And together we will do what the American people have wanted to do for years and that is pass comprehensive immigration reform and a path towards citizenship. Earlier today, Jane and I were in El Paso at the memorial at that terrible shooting, terrible shooting in El Paso at the Walmart store there. And this is my promise to you, our gun safety legislation, which the American people want because they are disgusted by the amount of gun violence and mass killings in this country. Our gun safety legislation will be written by the American people, not the NRA.

Bernie Sanders: (18:26)
We will have universal background checks. We will end the gun show loophole. And we will do what the American people want and that is end the sale and distribution of assault weapons in this country. I am a United States Senator and I am on the floor of the Senate very often listening to speeches from Republican conservatives. And as you know their mantra, what they talk about all the time is that they believe in small government. They believe in getting the government off the backs of the American people. And what I say tonight to those hypocrites, if you believe in getting the government off the backs of the American people, understand that it is women who have a right to control their own bodies, not the government.

Bernie Sanders: (19:45)
And my promise to you is that I will never nominate anybody to the Supreme Court or the federal bench who is not 100% pro Roe v. Wade. We will codify Roe v. Wade, put it into law. And we will significantly expand funding for Planned Parenthood. As a United States Senator, I do understand the power of the corporate elite and the one percent.

Audience: (20:34)
Bernie, Bernie, Bernie …

Bernie Sanders: (20:35)
They have literally unlimited amounts of money. They have significant control over the media, over our economy, and over the political life of this country. But at the end of the day, the one percent is one percent. Now I don’t have a PhD in mathematics, but I do know that 99% is a heck of a lot bigger number than one percent. So what this campaign is about is understanding that if we do not allow Trump to divide us up by the color of our skin or where we were born, or our religion or our sexual orientation, if we stand together, if we fight for an agenda that works for working families and the middle class. If we get involved in the political process, if we stand for justice, if we stand for compassion, if we understand that we are all in this together. That my family has to care about your family, your family cares about my family.

Bernie Sanders: (22:12)
Brothers and sisters, if we stand together, we will not only defeat Trump, we will transform this country and create a government and an economy that works for all of us, not wealthy campaign contributors. Thank you all very much.

Audience: (22:28)
Bernie, Bernie, Bernie …

Joe Biden Nevada Caucus Speech Transcript

Joe Biden: (00:00)
Now we’re going onto South Carolina and win and then we’re going to take this back. I want to thank everyone who caucused for us, but I particularly want to thank the precinct captains, all our volunteers that are here. All the people who made all those phone calls. By the way, I plan on coming back to win this state outright. Look, I couldn’t have done it without … I want to start off, I got to recognize a few of the congresspersons here. Dina Titus has been incredible. Incredible There’s a guy named Horsford. You ever hear of him?

Audience: (00:47)

Joe Biden: (00:47)
That man can campaign, man. I know, I see him right there. You kidding me? You kidding me? And also there’s a fellow named Cardenas from that little state called California’s [crosstalk 00:01:02]. Where is he? And Phil [Velve 00:00:01:08]. Phil, Thank you. Thank you for coming from Texas. Right there. And Hillis DeLace. Where’s Hilda?

Speaker 3: (01:18)
She was just here.

Joe Biden: (01:20)
She was just there. Maybe she’s coming back here. Okay. And so, so, so many of you. I tell you what, man.

Speaker 4: (01:27)
The comeback kid.

Joe Biden: (01:28)
Well, you got it. You’re sending me back. I want to tell you something. And we’re in labor’s house, man. Labor’s house. The IBEW stepped up in a big, big, big, big, big, big way, as did a bunch of you. Look, we got to some of the best union support, I think, better than anybody in the whole damn state. But look, I heard there’s some guys called firefighters around here. They’ve been with us. ATU, iron workers, and by the way, I heard that we probably did awful well with culinary workers.

Joe Biden: (02:34)
Look, I know we don’t have the final results yet, but I feel really good. You’ve me in a position. The press is a ready to declare people dead quickly, but we’re alive and we’re coming back and we’re going to win. By the way, I want to thank all the folks at 226. They’ve been incredible to me. They’ve been incredible the way they’ve treated me.

Joe Biden: (03:07)
And, I want to tell you that the choices that they had to make were ones that made a big difference. Look, I want to get right to the point here. I think we’re in a position now to move on in a way that we haven’t been until this moment. I think we’re going to go, we’re going to win. We’re going to win in South Carolina. And then, Super Tuesday and we are on our way.

Joe Biden: (03:48)
Look, we’re here at an IBEW Hall and I want to tell you, they stepped up in a moment like at the … just the incredible right moment. And with that, the iron workers, firefighters, teachers, culinary, the ATU and so many others. I’ve said a hundred times, you’re the reason why I’m in this. You’re the ones who built the middle-class. You’re the ones who bought us back.

Joe Biden: (04:12)
And by the way, this time when we rebuild the middle class, we got to bring everybody along, everybody along, black, brown, women, men, straight, across the board. The idea that somehow people are just figuring this out kind of surprises me, but everybody’s just looking for a shot. No one’s looking for a handout. Everybody’s looking for just an even shot and they don’t feel like they’re getting a chance because they’re not. They’re being left behind. But I promise you, I give you my word as a Biden, I’m going to bring everybody along this time. Everybody along.

Joe Biden: (05:01)
That single mom’s trying to raise her kids by herself. It’s hard. That 50-year-old dad who just lost his job and he has no idea where to turn, or that college grad who can’t get started because his student debt is so high, for those communities of color that have had pollution pumped into their water that they drink and the air they breathe.

Joe Biden: (05:20)
You know, couples facing eviction will do anything, anything at all, to be able to maintain a home for their kids, or for the family that has a child with cancer and is desperately looking for help. We can fix all of these problems. Every one of them. Well, we can. It’s within our power to do it. And folks, the 100 million Americans with preexisting conditions who live in fear every day that Obamacare’s going to be taken away, I promise you it will not be. It will be expanded on where everybody will be able to have it.

Joe Biden: (05:48)
And for the immigrant who’s been demonized and the way this guy has ripped us apart in ways that we haven’t seen in any of our lifetimes, folks, we have such an incredible opportunity. I really mean this. We have such an incredible opportunity to take this country places it’s never been, lead the world again. Look, I believe that we’re … I’m a Democrat for a simple reason.

Joe Biden: (06:19)
I ain’t a socialist. I ain’t a plutocrat. I’m a Democrat. I’m a Democrat. Okay? And I’m proud of it. Look, you got to remember what made you become a Democrat in the first place. Basically, you thought everybody just deserves a shot. I really mean it. Just a shot, an even playing field. Just give us a chance. We can do anything at all, in the neighborhoods I come from and a lot of you come from. Anything at all.

Joe Biden: (06:56)
We’ve never, ever, ever, ever, ever let the country down. And by the way, I was proud to have and run with Barack Obama. And I’m proud to still be his friend. And I tell you what, I promise you, I wasn’t talking about running a Democratic primary against him in 2012 [crosstalk 00:07:23]. I was working my heart out so he could win.

Joe Biden: (07:28)
Folks, look. We can reestablish our place in the world. We can reestablish our place for ordinary, hardworking people in this country. And you know, we said it many times, with four years of Donald Trump, we can, God willing, if we win, we can make that an aberration, historical aberration. No, we can.

Joe Biden: (07:51)
But eight years will fundamentally change who we are. As I said again, many times to you all, we not only have to beat Donald Trump, we have to keep the United States House of Representatives, we have to win the United States Senate. Then, we have to bring the party and the country together. So I think it’s time. I think it’s time we get moving. I think it’s time we step up. I think it’s time we unite the party first, and then …

Speaker 5: (08:26)
Your time.

Speaker 6: (08:26)
Biden time.

Joe Biden: (08:32)
I’m counting on it being Biden time. We can bring it together. We can bring it together with your help. Look, folks …

Speaker 6: (08:39)
Jill for First Lady.

Joe Biden: (08:40)
Well, I tell you what … I tell you what I’m hearing. I’m hearing Dr. Jill for President where I go. Do you know what I mean? I tell you what. Look, you’ve all been so wonderful. I don’t want to keep you standing, but this is an important moment, an important moment. I think we’re going to look back on this and say this was the beginning of the fundamental change.

Joe Biden: (09:07)
Folks, folks, we’re in a spot now where we have to just keep moving. Keep moving and make sure. By the way, as you learned today and yesterday, the day before, we’re going to have more help coming from Vladimir Putin for our President. We’re going to have more help from Vladimir Putin who wants somebody who doesn’t think can beat Trump.

Joe Biden: (09:30)
We’re going to have more help along the way. And I turned out a couple of TV ads and I said, “Where the hell did that one come from?” And the staff looked at me and said, “That is Trump ad, they’re ads.” And so I want to … Let’s give Trump exactly what he doesn’t want. Let’s give him you and Joe Biden as the nominee [crosstalk 00:09:50]. Folks, thank you, thank you, thank you. I plan on coming back.

Audience: (09:55)
Let’s go Joe, let’s go Joe, let’s go Joe, let’s go Joe, let’s go Joe, let’s go Joe, let’s go Joe, let’s go Joe …

Joe Biden: (09:55)
By the way, one last thing. I want to ask everybody out there, tell all your friends, go to joebiden.com and contribute a little

Pete Buttigieg Nevada Caucus Speech Transcript

Pete Buttigieig: (00:01)
Thank you Assemblywoman [inaudible 00:00:03]. Thank you Congressman Brown. Thank you to Chasten, my love, who got a little more than he bargained for on that first date. Thank you to are phenomenal leadership team, to our Nevada supporters, and thank you to all of you for making this a great day for our campaign here in Nevada [inaudible 00:00:25]. To those who questioned whether a Midwestern mayor could gather a national movement around a new kind of politics, you are the answer. And to everyone who believes in what we’re building, this is your night. This is your campaign. It belongs to the most talented and energetic and kind team of organizers and staff and volunteers that I have ever seen.

Pete Buttigieig: (01:01)
It belongs to the nearly one million grassroots supporters who have gone, yes, to peteforamerica.com and who I’m hoping will help us raise that $13 million we need by super Tuesday to stay competitive and make sure we succeed. It belongs to the students and the entrepreneurs, to the veterans and the culinary workers, to the people of every religion and of no religion who agree that God does not belong to a political party in the United Sates. It belongs to the dreamers. The [foreign language 00:01:55] wondering whether this country will ever be their own. [foreign language 00:02:03]. You belong in this country. This campaign belongs to everyone ready, not only to end the era of Donald Trump, but to launch the era that must come next.

Pete Buttigieig: (02:23)
Now, that bright, bright future lies before us, but it is far from certain. It will come only if we get this nomination right. And so we are moving on from the battle born state with a battle on our hands. I congratulate my competitors on a vigorous campaign here in Nevada, and I congratulate Senator Sanders on a strong showing today, knowing that we celebrate many of the same ideals. But before we rush to nominate Senator Sanders in our one shot to take on this president, let us take a sober look at what is at stake for our party, for our values, and for those with the most to lose. There is so much on the line and one thing we know for sure is that we absolutely must defeat Donald Trump and everything that he represents in America.

Pete Buttigieig: (03:40)
This is important. We share these ideals, but I believe the best way to defeat Donald Trump and deliver for the American people is to broaden and galvanize the majority that supports us on the critical issues. Senator Sanders believes in an inflexible ideological revolution that leaves out most Democrats, not to mention most Americans. I believe we can defeat Trump and deliver for the American people by empowering the American people to make their own healthcare choices with Medicare for all who want it. Senator Sanders believes in taking away that choice, removing people from having the option of a private plan and replacing it with a public plan whether you want it or not.

Pete Buttigieig: (04:31)
I believe that we can bring an end to corporate recklessness and rebalance our economy by empowering workers, raising wages, and insisting that those who gained the most must contribute the most in order to keep the American dream going forward. But that is different from Senator Sanders vision of capitalism as the root of all evil, that would go beyond reform and reorder the economy in ways that most Democrats, not to mention most Americans, don’t support. I believe we need to defeat Donald Trump and turn the page on this era in our politics by establishing a tone of belonging, bringing an end to the viciousness and the bullying that is tearing apart our country. We must change what it feels like to live in the United States of America.

Pete Buttigieig: (05:40)
That is a real difference from Senator Sanders revolution with the tenor of combat and division and polarization leading to a future where whoever wins the day, nothing changes the toxic tone of our politics. I believe the only way to truly deliver any of the progressive changes that we care about is to be a nominee who actually gives a damn about the effect you are having from the top of the ticket on those critical frontline house and senate democrats that we need to win.

Pete Buttigieig: (06:21)
The presidency is not the only office that matters, and we have got to support those frontline races because we need them to win in order to make sure that this agenda that we have is more than just words on a page. And it is different from Senator Sanders willingness to ignore or dismiss or even attack the very Democrats that we absolutely must send to Capitol Hill, because we must send them there to keep Nancy Pelosi as speaker, to support judges who respect privacy and democracy, and to send Mitch McConnell into retirement. Let us listen to what they are telling us, and support them from the top of the ticket. It is too important.

Audience: (07:10)
Pete, Pete, Pete, Pete, Pete, Pete, Pete.

Pete Buttigieig: (07:30)
That is the choice in front of us. We can prioritize either ideological purity or inclusive victory. We can either call people names online or we can call them into our movement. We can either tighten a narrow and hardcore base, or open the tent to a new and broad and big hearted American coalition. This is our shot. This is our only shot to beat Donald Trump. So I am asking Americans to make sure that we get this choice right. Now, ours is the only campaign that has beaten Senator Sanders anywhere in the country during this presidential cycle. And here’s how we did it. By bringing in new voters, by running strong across age and gender and ideology, by reaching into cities and suburbs and rural communities alike. We’ve done it not by consolidating one extreme faction, but by growing an American majority that is united, not only over who it is we’re against, but in what it is that we are for. Ours is a coalition hungry for action.

Pete Buttigieig: (09:16)
If we mobilize fellow Americans as allies instead of pushing them into adversaries, we have shown that we can turn the page on our broken politics without turning off most Americans from our policies. And that is that support of Americans from all walks of life that has fueled our campaign. From those first contributions that helped us make it to be among the 20 candidates invited to the first debate stage, to the hundreds of thousands who have joined us since. From our grassroots donors to our amazing volunteers. Our tent welcomes supporters like the 16 year old in Las Vegas, not even old enough to vote, and a woman in Pahrump who hasn’t been involved in politics since JFK was running. It’s the student in Orangeburg who wants greater funding for HBCUs and the grandmother in New Hampton who is passionate about addressing our climate emergency. It is the inspiring young Latino lawmaker who survived a massacre and made it her mission to see that Nevada enacted the kind of common sense gun reforms that we need across the United States of America.

Pete Buttigieig: (10:54)
We speak to Democrats, to independents, and even to Republicans who can no longer look their children in the eye and explain this president, who we are now delighted to call former Republicans, and sometimes even precinct captains for this campaign. You are welcome in this house. So if you’re ready for that future when there’s no such thing as an uninsured American or an unaffordable prescription, this campaign is for you. If you believe, like the mother and fast food worker that I got to march with in Charleston seeking a fair wage so she could afford her son’s medication, if you believe that one job ought to be enough in this country, this campaign is for you.

Pete Buttigieig: (11:57)
If you were among the Americans I have met from farmers in rural Iowa to Nevadans forging a clean energy future to act as a nation on climate before it is too late, this is the campaign for you. If you know we must act in our time so that your race has no bearing on your health or your wealth or your experience with law enforcement in the United States of America, this campaign is for you. If you are for honoring our troops by seeing to it that they are never sent into endless war and never abandoned when they return, this is the campaign for you.

Pete Buttigieig: (12:59)
If you believe that our country will be a better place if we honor our teachers a little more like soldiers, and pay them a little more like doctors, this campaign is for you. If you believe in a democracy where every vote is counted and every voter counts, where nobody wins a political race by discriminating on the basis of race, this campaign is for you. In other words, if you are ready to get to work to send Donald Trump packing and start healing this nation, this campaign is for you.

Audience: (14:13)
Buttigieg, Buttigieg, Buttigieg, Buttigieg, Buttigieg, Buttigieg, Buttigieg, Buttigieg, Buttigieg.

Pete Buttigieig: (14:16)
I feel such joy when I think about the America that we are building, one that lifts people up instead of bringing them down, one that calls for leaders to walk in the way of decency and humility, knowing that the purpose of the presidency is not the glorification of the president, it is the unification and the empowerment to the American people. I saw that unity. I saw that empowerment. I saw that illumination beautifully symbolized right here in Nevada last summer during what was very literally one of the darkest moments of this campaign. We were near Reno. We were in Sparks at the high school middle of my remarks, the power went out completely.

Pete Buttigieig: (15:02)
I was talking to a dark room, speaking as loud as I could, no microphone, trying to make myself heard. And it took a moment, but then something happened. Somebody held up the screen of their iPhone, and then another, and then another. Holding up their lit phones together until the whole room was lit up. And from where I was standing, I couldn’t see who was behind each light, who was young and who was old, who was white, and who was black and who was Latino and who was Asian and who was native and who was standing on two feet and who was in a wheelchair. I just saw each little light, and knew that behind it was an American who saw when the lights went out and knew right away what to do about it.

Pete Buttigieig: (15:43)
It just took one person, one person started it and then a bunch of others began to do the same and if we can light up a high school gym like that, then we can light up a neighborhood. And if we can light up a neighborhoods, then we can light up a city. If we can light up a city, we can light up this whole country, and if we light up this country then everyone can make sure this country we love shines as a beacon around the world once more.

Pete Buttigieig: (16:21)
So I’m asking you to join us in spreading that hope. Join us in lighting up this room, because that is the hope that will move America forward. That is the hope that makes us hopefuls when we run for office and when we help those who do. It’s the hope that makes it possible for us to stand here in a room together with a candidate for president, his husband at his side, and people from all walks of life united in a common vision for the future. Join us in building that American life shaped by [inaudible 00:00:17:08]. Join us in creating that American future that faces our challenges with boldness and unity, and together we will light up this country in November. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much. Onto South Carolina, onto the nomination and onto the White House with your help. Thank you.

Amy Klobuchar Nevada Caucus Speech Transcript

Amy Klobucher: (00:07)
Because he was running against someone who had a bigger bank account, right, who was more well known and he literally floored the country and that is exactly what we’re going to do in this campaign. So we left Nevada, although it’s raining right now there, but it was beautiful all week and we had such a great time, such hospitality. We have a great team down there still working hard.

Amy Klobucher: (00:39)
They’re counting the votes, but as usual I think we have exceeded expectations. I always note that a lot of people didn’t even think that I would still be standing at this point. They didn’t think I’d make it through that speech in the snow. They didn’t think I’d make it to the debate floor. But time and time again, because of all of you and because of the people around this country that wants something different than the guy in the White House, we have won.

Amy Klobucher: (01:13)
So I want you to know, first of all, our itinerary. We are headed of course to South Carolina. But on the way tomorrow we are going to Fargo. I challenge my opponents to do a rally in Fargo. We are doing one. We’re pretty excited about that. We are then going to Little Rock. We are then going to Oklahoma City, and then we go to South Carolina. So that is our plan.

Amy Klobucher: (01:48)
And I think you all know that not only is South Carolina a important state and where we’re going to have the next debate, but from there we go to Super Tuesday, and one third of America is going to be voting. And guess what one of the super Tuesday States is? That’s right. So John and I actually went and voted today and I was actually amazed at all the people there on a Saturday voting early. And so we recommend everyone vote early, but not often. So we want to thank you for doing that.

Amy Klobucher: (02:30)
And I would say, first of all, I think that people are starting to see that in today’s politics, and this really came to us out of New Hampshire, where the nation discovered me in a big way for the first time, that empathy, humility, decency matter, and that we have that in spades and also the toughness to beat Donald Trump.

Amy Klobucher: (03:07)
Because of you, we have proved the naysayers wrong every single time. Because of you, we have built a campaign as strong and resilient as the hard working Americans of our country. Because of you, we’re going to turn back the division and the exclusion, the meanness and the hate, and defeat Donald Trump this fall. That is our plan.

Amy Klobucher: (03:36)
Some believe that the way to beat Donald Trump is to be just as polarizing.

Audience: (03:51)

Amy Klobucher: (03:56)
Could you say that again?

Audience: (03:59)

Amy Klobucher: (03:59)
And I think what we know is this, that Donald Trump’s worst nightmare is that the people in the middle, the people that are tired of the mud slinging and the name calling, will have a place to call home this November. And that has been our mission from the beginning. So if you’re working two jobs but still struggling to choose between medicine and rent, you have a home with me.

Amy Klobucher: (04:31)
If you’re frightened for your kids’ safety and sick of NRA lobbyists blocking gun violence laws, then you have a home with me. If you’re trying to raise a family and tired of corporate titans lining their pockets while you are sewing the holes in yours, you have a home with me. And if you think it is shameful that an American can be stopped and profiled because of the color of his skin, if you’re sick of a President that sees diversity as a weakness rather than our country’s great strength, then you have a home with me.

Amy Klobucher: (05:21)
There is something else that I’ve been fighting for and that is to bring heart back to the White House, to restore that basic empathy, that fundamental decency that’s been under siege since this president wrote his first toxic tweet. That was many tweets ago.

Amy Klobucher: (05:45)
I’m talking about a President who bragged about the size of his rallies while visiting a Texas hospital after a gunman killed 22 people at a local Walmart. I’m talking about a President who sided with the murderous dictator, Kim Jong-Un after a 22-year-old American student died in North Korea in their custody for trying to take a poster from a hotel.

Amy Klobucher: (06:15)
I’m talking about a President who separated innocent immigrant children from their parents and tried to deny them toothbrushes and soap and showers and then said, and I quote, “You have to take the children away.” Well, you can quote me on this. We have to take this President away.

Amy Klobucher: (06:54)
And if you think we can’t do it, if you think that we don’t have the grit, the resilience to turn the page on the racism, on the sexism, on the cronyism and the corruption, just remember that the day after this President took office, millions of people marched in protest all across this country, including in this city, including where I’m going tomorrow, to North Dakota and to Oklahoma and to Arkansas and to South Carolina. And then what happened? Thousands of women signed up to run for office.

Amy Klobucher: (07:38)
We were not just resisting. We were insisting on a better way forward. That summer as that President tried to repeal the Affordable Care Act and its protections for families, millions stood up and said no. And with that mandate, we handed him a crushing defeat. We were not just resisting. We were insisting on a better way forward.

Amy Klobucher: (08:11)
In 2018 what happened? Well, we saw the highest voter turnout in a midterm election in 50 years. Women, people of color all ran for office and won big. And we turned the House of Representatives back into the people’s house again. That’s what we did.

Amy Klobucher: (08:38)
So don’t go telling me we can’t do this. Don’t go telling me because what I see, is that we’re not just resisting, we’re insisting on a better way forward. And when I go to our rallies all over the country, what do I see? We were just in Aurora, Colorado. What do I see? A fired up Democratic base, big time.

Amy Klobucher: (09:00)
But I also see, at least in my rallies, other people joining us, Independents, moderate Republicans, people that say, “We want to be part of this.” And what we do is we say this, “We don’t want to shut people out. We want to bring people with us.” So Donald Trump can count us out if he wants. By the way, for the first time ever, he mentioned me at a rally. Yes.

Amy Klobucher: (09:39)
You know I’ve arrived now. You know they must be worried. And so as you see all these attacks, you’re going to see it, against me, just remember, it is a badge of honor. It means that we are gaining, that we are gaining in every single state in this country. And I am here to serve Donald Trump notice. I have won every race, every place, every time. I have won in 42 counties, flipped them, that he was so proud when he won them, and then I came roaring back in our own state.

Amy Klobucher: (10:24)
I have won every single congressional district in this state every time. And when you look at those swing States, you look in the middle of the country where we need to win, states like Pennsylvania, where a poll just showed me beating him by seven points, you look at that, you look at those states like Pennsylvania and Michigan and Wisconsin and Ohio and Iowa and yes, our own state. And what are we going to do? We are going to build a beautiful blue wall of Democratic votes around those states and we’re going to make Donald Trump pay for it.

Amy Klobucher: (11:16)
It is because of you that we are going to get this done, and you know how much I like to get things done. I really do, and I like to do it the right way. And I think it not only tells you something about how you campaign when you bring people with you, it tells people how you’re going to govern because the work of governing isn’t always glamorous. The work of governing is not always about standing in the corner of a boxing ring and throwing jabs.

Amy Klobucher: (11:48)
The work of governing is about standing next to someone you don’t always agree with for the betterment of this country. That is what governing is about. That is how we’re going to do this. That is how we’re going to lift up everyone in this country. People who feel locked out of the American Dream.

Amy Klobucher: (12:12)
Because I can tell you this, after what we saw in the last week of this President, after what we saw of him making mincemeat of the rule of law, of what we saw of him a few weeks back, having escorted Lieutenant Colonel Vindman out of that White House, with what we saw of him now claiming he’s going to purge people in the intelligence community from his administration, the rule of law cannot tolerate four more years of a President who thinks he’s above it.

Amy Klobucher: (12:49)
Our democracy cannot tolerate four more years of a president who thinks he can bulldoze through it, and the American Dream cannot tolerate four more years of a President who thinks he can choose who lives it. So I am asking you to keep up the work. You have been making calls from me. You have been volunteering, you have been calling all over this country from our international headquarters here.

Amy Klobucher: (13:21)
I put these headquarters here for a reason, because I think the middle of the country matters. I think that states that sometimes are considered fly-over country matter. I think we leave no one and no place behind. I go not just where it is comfortable. I go where it’s uncomfortable. I believe in bringing people with me. It is literally the opposite of Donald Trump.

Amy Klobucher: (13:48)
So we’re going to get on that green bus, a la Paul Wellstone, we are going to get on that green bus and I think I’ll end with a story about Paul. It’s my favorite one, and it’s about that last year of his life when we so tragically lost him and Sheila and David’s sister and their beloved staff in that plane crash. But what I remember about that year is, yeah, that day.

Amy Klobucher: (14:16)
But I remember something else. Paul had told our whole state that he had MS, and so he could never run back and forth in those parades like he used to always do. Instead, he would stand on that back of that bus and he would wave in those parades. He couldn’t run anymore. But here was the coolest part. He had energized so many people in those green shirts to run around that bus in endless motion that you didn’t even notice he wasn’t running himself.

Amy Klobucher: (14:50)
That’s I’m asking you to do for me. Not literally run around the bus America, but help us @amyklobuchar.com, and help us by making those calls, by talking to your neighbors, because we don’t just want to eke by a victory at 4:00 a.m. We want to win big. We want to win this for the people of this country. We want to win this for dignity and decency, and we want to win this big and get our Democracy back. Let’s go to work and do this. Thank you everybody. Thank you.

Elizabeth Warren Nevada Caucus Speech Transcript

Elizabeth Warren: (00:00)
I want to talk specifically for just a minute at the top about a threat that is coming our way, and it’s a big threat. Not a tall one, but a big one. Michael Bloomberg. Now this is important to pay attention to now, because he has skipped the first four states and he plans to come in on Super Tuesday and immediately afterwards, here in Washington, drop hundreds of millions of dollars and buy this election. He argues that he is the safest bet to beat Donald Trump. He’s not safe, he’s just rich.

Elizabeth Warren: (00:54)
And here’s the problem. He’s hiding his taxes. He doesn’t want you to see them until after the election. Who knows what lurks there? He has a history now of harassing women and of gender discrimination, and he has defended racist policies like red lining and stop and frisk. So let’s think about that. Billionaire who hides his taxes, has a bad history with women and defends racist policies. Let me just put it this way, we’re not substituting one arrogant billionaire for another in 2020.

Elizabeth Warren: (01:45)
Because here’s the thing, Michael Bloomberg is not the safest candidate. Michael Bloomberg is the riskiest candidate for the Democrats because he cannot win against Donald Trump. This election is not for sale. We are going to make this election about democracy, about you. That’s what this is about.


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