Oct 4, 2022

Loretta Lynn dies at Tennessee ranch Transcript

Loretta Lynn dies at Tennessee ranch Transcript
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Loretta Lynn has passed away at the age of 90. Read the transcript here.

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Laurie Pittman: (00:00)
This is a News Two Breaking News Alert (singing).

Nickelle Smith: (00:07)
And we are starting with Breaking News. A legendary country music star, Loretta Lynn has died. She was 90 years old. According to the Associated Press, she died at her home in Hurricane Mills this morning. We have team coverage this morning as the community mourns the loss of the Kentucky Coal Miners daughter. Welcome to News Two at 11. I’m Nickelle Smith. Let’s begin with News Two, Nikki McGee, who is live at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville with a look at the late singers legacy.

Nikki McGee: (00:39)
Yeah, Nickelle. I’m out here outside the Country Music Hall of Fame where they’ve already put out a guest book and flowers are on the way. Fans have already started signing that, obviously a very emotional day for them. After that’s all signed, that will be donated to her family. Now, she was inducted here at the Country Music Hall of Fame back in 1988.

Nikki McGee: (00:57)
She was known as a strong willed female from Eastern Kentucky, as we all know, with the Coal Miner’s Daughter. Historians here say she was more of a realist, than a feminist, writing about working class women coming up through the ages. She’s been seen as a pioneer for female musicians and even influencing folks like Taylor Swift and Miranda Lambert to this day.

Nikki McGee: (01:17)
You’ll see her in the same display here at the Country Music Hall of Fame as Dolly Parton and Tanya Tucker. Now later in this afternoon at 1:00 PM, they will be reading Loretta Lynn’s bio and a ceremony they’ll be having for her. Reporting live outside the Country Music Hall of Fame, Nikki McGee, News two.

Nickelle Smith: (01:34)
All right, Nikki, thank you so much. Let’s now turn to News Two’s Tori Gessner. She joins us live from [inaudible 00:01:39] season downtown Nashville where the late country Queen got her start. Tori?

Tori Gessner: (01:46)
Yeah, Nickelle, today is Tootsie The Bar’s 62nd birthday, but now today is also a very sad day in history, as the people outside are learning of Loretta Lynn’s death. Now, Tootsie The Bar was a very special place for Lynn. After performing at the Ryman, which used to be the home of the Grand Old Opry, she and many others would walk to Tootsie’s afterwards through what’s called the Ryman Alley. Tootsie’s was even featured in the movie about Lynn’s life, A Coal Miner’s Daughter. Many tourists who visit Broadway are country music fans and fans of Lynn. They were shocked and saddened to hear about her death.

Laurie Pittman: (02:20)
First and foremost, I just found out and just Loretta Lynn is just a staple. She started … I think Carrie Underwood’s a fan. It’s upsetting, but rest in peace. She was a wonderful woman and kudos to her and her family.

Tori Gessner: (02:39)
Now, we’re told Tootsie’s The Bar will reconfigure its birthday celebration tonight in some way to honor Lynn’s life and her legacy. Live on Broadway, Tori Gessner, News two.

Madison Glassman: (02:49)
Thank you, Tori. Reactions are pouring in as the country music community and state of Tennessee mourns the loss of an icon. The Country Music Association releasing a statement reading in part, “It is not enough to say today that country music has lost Loretta Lynn, but rather, the world has lost a true music legend.”

Madison Glassman: (03:08)
Senator Marsha Blackburn tweeting, “We’ve lost a true Tennessee treasure today. Loretta Lynn was a force to be reckoned with and her pioneer for women in country music.” And the family of Charlie Daniels wrote in part, “When Dad passed, she said Country would never be the same without dad. It will definitely not be the same without the Coal Miner’s Daughter.” For more reactions to Loretta Lynn’s passing and photos remembering her life and legacy, just go to wkrn.com. Nickelle?

Nickelle Smith: (03:37)
Thank you, Madison. Loretta Lynn was popular with fans and a trailblazer inside the industry. She received nearly 40 CMA award nominations during her career. The nominations span a 45 year period with the first coming in 1967 and the latest in 2011 for her musical event with Miranda Lambert and Cheryl Crow. Loretta Lynn won eight, that is eight CMA Awards, and she won Vocal Duo with Conway Twitty four times. She was named Female Vocalist of the Year three times and became the first woman to Win Entertainer of the Year in 1972. Here’s a look at some of her acceptance speech.

Loretta Lynn: (04:17)
I like to say that I’ve won a lot of awards, and this is one that I have been nominated for, but I never did get, and this I think is the only one that I haven’t gotten. The only thing … I’m real happy, but the only thing that I’m kind of sad about is my husband is going hunting. He couldn’t make it back in to share my happiness with me. Thank you.

Nickelle Smith: (04:49)
Such a loss for Tennessee and the country music world. Our team coverage of Loretta Lynn’s death continues @wkrn.com, where we’ll find pictures and stories about her legendary life. You can also expect more stories during our later news.

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