Jun 7, 2021

Logan Paul Post-Fight Press Conference Transcript June 6

Logan Paul Post-Fight Press Conference Transcript June 6
RevBlogTranscriptsLogan Paul Post-Fight Press Conference Transcript June 6

Logan Paul gave a post-fight press conference after his fight with Floyd Mayweather on June 6, 2021. Read the transcript of the news conference speech here.

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Logan Paul: (00:00)
Oh, how do I look? Am I okay.

Speaker 2: (00:12)
You look pretty.

Logan Paul: (00:15)
Got a couple of shots pretty? Thank you.

Speaker 2: (00:17)

Logan Paul: (00:18)
What’s your number? How are you all doing? That was crazy. Wow, that was crazy for me.

Speaker 3: (00:27)
First question right here.

Logan Paul: (00:31)

Speaker 4: (00:32)
Logan, When Floyd was in here a few minutes ago, he said that you simply came to survive tonight. What is your response to that?

Logan Paul: (00:39)
It’s tough. I knew if it went the distance, I won technically, but that wasn’t the game plan. When you’re fighting a guy like Floyd, the legend, the boxer, kind of relying on him to figure out the game plan and then just playing off his. I think I got him with a good shot in that first round, which kind of threw him off a little bit. And I mean, yes, surviving against Floyd Mayweather is great. He’s my second opponent. He’s my second opponent. Floyd Mayweather was my second opponent. So yeah, I mean I’m happy. I’m happy. It was good. It was good fun.

Speaker 5: (01:21)
Was there a point where he really hurt you in the fight?

Logan Paul: (01:23)
No, no. No, I never got hurt. He worked the body more than I was used to in sparring. When you got a guy like Floyd, who has been doing this his whole life, he knows every single button. And yeah, he worked the body more than I had been used to, but not…. no, no. I do neck exercises, we good. I do sit ups. Oh, I said that to him, bro. I was whispering in his ear. He’d hit me in the stomach and I go, “Bitch, I do sit-ups.”

Samuel Rodriguez: (01:57)
Hi Logan. This is Samuel Rodriguez, [inaudible 00:01:59] Media. I was wondering, Floyd said you look like a great grappler. Would you ever try your luck in MMA?

Logan Paul: (02:06)
Yeah, I was grabbing him. I was grabbing him. Yeah. Yeah, I’d do MMA for sure, because I am a good grappler. I’m a wrestler at heart, and I think it’d be silly of me not to use it in boxing to the best of my ability, sure. Yeah.

Speaker 7: (02:25)
Logan, congratulations.

Logan Paul: (02:28)
Thank you.

Speaker 7: (02:29)
People didn’t give you a chance.

Logan Paul: (02:30)
Not a chance. I made a list of everyone who said I’d lose this fight. I made a list of everyone who said that Floyd was going to dictate exactly how it went and I’m posting it. You’re all f***ed. Mike Tyson’s on it. I love Mike Tyson, but he’s on it. He told me on my own podcast, “Floyd’s going to beat his f***ing ass.” That’s what he said. Floyd didn’t beat my f***ing ass, Mike.

Speaker 7: (02:50)
You’ve accomplished so much in life. Where does this rank, this moment tonight?

Logan Paul: (02:54)
I’d say yeah, it’s the best moment of my life. And it’s crazy, because I try to be as present as possible and I try to take it all in and truly gauge how I’m feeling and what this moment is like. And on my podcast, I have super athletes come on and they talk about that what now moment. And I had a mentor here who is close to me, and before the fight, he caught me to the bathroom and he said, “As big as this is, this is just another blip on your radar of life, and you’re going to do great. And this is not the greatest thing you’ll do, but it is big. Revel the moment, cherish the moment, but you’re going to go on to do bigger and better things.” And I’m ready for them right now. Who’s next?

Speaker 8: (03:40)
Hey Logan, back here. So yeah, they were asking about MMA before. Obviously you were at WrestleMania and you got an awesome … you saw The Stunner. It was a lot of fun for yourself, I’m sure. Do you see yourself maybe doing something like that? Because it seems to go hand in hand with what you’re doing now with the entertainment and all that.

Logan Paul: (04:01)
Anytime I can entertain, I’m happy, whether it’s me getting in a boxing ring and risking my life, whether it’s me getting The Stunner in the WWE prepare for a match there, a podcast … I just love entertaining. I just like making people happy with the stuff that I love doing and what I make and creating myself and my life. And that’s my dream.

Speaker 9: (04:30)
Logan, [inaudible 00:04:31], iHeart Media. How did it feel? So you make it to the ring, and then obviously there’s a bit of a waiting game between the performances in that Floyd makes his way down the aisle. How was that, that waiting game of waiting for the biggest fight of your life?

Logan Paul: (04:46)
I was waiting to get nervous. I never did. It scares me.

Speaker 9: (04:52)
I bet.

Logan Paul: (04:54)
It makes me question my humanity. I even asked Milton and Jeff, I said, “Floyd’s in the ring. When am I going to get … when is that moment going to happen? When am I going to get nervous? When is my heart going to start beating faster?” And it just never did. I got to get checked out, dude.

Speaker 10: (05:22)
Hey Logan.

Logan Paul: (05:23)

Speaker 10: (05:24)
[inaudible 00:05:24] coming from Sports Realm. So is there a specific opponent that you are looking to go at first after this fight, and what would be the timetable for that?

Logan Paul: (05:36)
I don’t know. I don’t know. I am such an infant in this sport, and regardless of the performance that was put on tonight, this is my third fight, against Floyd Mayweather. This is my second and a half, third year in the sport. What the f*** is going on? Let me get a little good, and then sure. Yeah, I’ll be putting on prize fights. That’s the answer. I’m sure there’s a list of opponents on Twitter, people chirping, saying this, saying that. I’ll pick one, make them f***ing get embarrassed. I don’t know. I don’t know, we’ll see.

Speaker 10: (06:21)
All right. And one last question. You just went eight rounds with arguably the best boxer ever. How are you feeling?

Logan Paul: (06:27)
It’s f***ing crazy, man!

Speaker 10: (06:29)
Yeah, right?

Logan Paul: (06:29)
No, it’s crazy.

Speaker 10: (06:30)
Yeah, good for you.

Logan Paul: (06:31)
It’s f***ing crazy, dude.

Speaker 10: (06:32)
It’s a big deal.

Logan Paul: (06:32)
No, it’s a huge deal.

Speaker 10: (06:34)
Good for you.

Logan Paul: (06:34)
But I can’t … I don’t know what to make of it. I can’t comprehend it.

Speaker 10: (06:39)
Turn up tonight.

Logan Paul: (06:40)
Turn up tonight.

Speaker 10: (06:41)
Right, right?

Logan Paul: (06:42)
I guess. I don’t know. You’re invited.

Speaker 10: (06:44)
Yeah, really.

Logan Paul: (06:44)
Come on.

Speaker 10: (06:44)
Yeah, I’d love to come.

Logan Paul: (06:44)
Let’s go!

Speaker 10: (06:46)
Thank you, I’d love to come.

Logan Paul: (06:48)
Let’s go. No, it feels great, man. It’s surreal.

Speaker 10: (06:50)

Logan Paul: (06:52)
It’s incredible, man. Yeah, I don’t know.

Speaker 10: (06:58)
Thank you.

Speaker 11: (06:59)
Logan, hi. You said before the fight that you had been in the ring with a lot of experienced boxers, you’ve had the amateur fight, then you had the pro fight. How different was it being in the ring with Floyd Mayweather Jr. compared to all the other guys that you’ve ever sparred with or boxed against?

Logan Paul: (07:22)
I mean, this goes without saying, but he’s definitely the most skilled fighter that I’ve ever went against. Any little error I made, he capitalized on, and I felt that immediately. It’s an honor. It’s an honor, but I can’t say I wasn’t prepared. He’s a little slower than I expected. I imagine his age is finally kicking it a little bit, father time. Even a specimen like Floyd Mayweather, I imagine he could feel it a little bit. I saw some of his hooks. Yeah.

Speaker 12: (08:01)
Logan, Golden TV from Eye On South Florida. Two questions, what’s that around your necklace? What is that? Is that Pokemon?

Logan Paul: (08:07)
This is a Pokemon card. It’s a BGS 10 Charizard, first edition Charizard.

Speaker 12: (08:13)
Estimated value?

Logan Paul: (08:14)
It’s one of three in the world. It is my prized possession. Ever since I got this graded a 10, the momentum in my life has been crazy. This is my good luck charm. This is my prized possession. Estimated value … I mean, now, s***, this is a million dollar card, baby. This is the card that I walked out with to the Floyd Mayweather fight. This is a million dollar card. Get the closeup.

Speaker 12: (08:36)
Now, speaking of opponents, last question, would you ever consider fighting your brother?

Speaker 13: (08:40)
What? What What?

Logan Paul: (08:44)
Jake? Fighting Jake Paul? I don’t know. I don’t know, bro. We love each other, but we also love putting on big shows. Maybe down the line … again, give us some time to acclimate in this sport a little bit. I think because we had done so well on YouTube and in other verticals, people hold us to this top tier standard, which we’re happy to meet and match as best we can. But at the end of the day, we’re just getting started. I’m 26 years old. The kid’s 24. What happens when I’m 30? Where am I at? Where’s he at? Let us get good at this sport. Let us take over a little more, man. We’re just getting started and then, yeah, keep putting on big shows, doing the best we can, inspiring people. It’s a good life.

Speaker 14: (09:32)
Logan, over here. Back here, to your left. Sorry. You just beat Floyd Mayweather.

Logan Paul: (09:38)
Did I?

Speaker 14: (09:38)

Logan Paul: (09:45)
I don’t know. I don’t know, there’s no judges.

Speaker 14: (09:46)
You wobbled him, bro.

Logan Paul: (09:47)
I wobbled him. That was crazy.

Speaker 14: (09:50)
The only [inaudible 00:09:51] that he’s ever been wobbled is by you, Shane Mosley, [inaudible 00:09:55].

Logan Paul: (09:55)
Was he wobbled?

Speaker 14: (09:56)
He was wobbled.

Logan Paul: (09:59)
Was he wobbling?

Speaker 15: (10:00)

Logan Paul: (10:00)
Leonard says he wasn’t wobbling.

Speaker 14: (10:02)
He said he wasn’t wobbling?

Logan Paul: (10:04)
We’ll watch the replay. We’ll watch the replay. No, we’ll watch the replay. I don’t want trouble, dude. I don’t want any f***ing trouble, dude. Leave me out of this, dude. I’m just a boy with a dream.

Speaker 16: (10:15)
Logan, over here.

Logan Paul: (10:16)

Speaker 16: (10:16)
Real quick, back here. So there’s a lot of banter online, people saying look, Floyd, didn’t really try to put you away and he wanted to put on the show and go all eight rounds. There’s a lot of people saying you were just too big and too tough. You were in there, you took his shots. Did it feel like he was trying to put you out or carry you through eight rounds?

Logan Paul: (10:35)
Yeah, you could tell when he turned it on a little bit. I think … I mean, he blessed me with this opportunity and I’m happy about that. And I don’t want to sit here after the fact and talk s***, but I think his age finally came into play. I could see it. He was coming forward, he was putting the pressure on me. And then he started breathing a little heavier around five and six, stopped coming forward, and I had a second wind. And I mean, who knows. It’s my f***ing second opponent, give me a break. I don’t know, dude. I’m happy. I’m going to go jump in the water and get drunk.

Michelle: (11:18)

Speaker 18: (11:19)
We’ve been asked for this to be the last question.

Michelle: (11:24)
Okay. Logan, Michelle Joy Phelps with Behind the Gloves. This is actually for you and Jake, because I just spoke with Adrian Broner, and he basically says he knocks both of your asses out. Is that a fight either one of you would take?

Speaker 15: (11:36)

Michelle: (11:36)
Adrien Broner.

Speaker 15: (11:37)
Adrien Bonehead.

Logan Paul: (11:41)
Is that a … no. What?

Speaker 15: (11:44)
Who again?

Logan Paul: (11:44)

Michelle: (11:44)
Adrien Broner.

Logan Paul: (11:44)
I don’t know who you’re talking about.

Michelle: (11:44)

Logan Paul: (11:48)

Speaker 18: (11:49)
Go party.

Logan Paul: (11:49)
Yeah, I’m going to go party, man. I’m going to get the out of here and go get f***ed up. Let’s go.

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