Dec 29, 2020

Kamala Harris Receives COVID-19 Vaccine & Speaks to Media: Transcript

Kamala Harris Receives COVID-19 Vaccine
RevBlogTranscriptsKamala Harris Receives COVID-19 Vaccine & Speaks to Media: Transcript

On December 29, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris received her coronavirus vaccination and spoke to the press briefly. Read the transcript here.

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Patricia: (00:11)
Wonderful. Okay. Would it be okay if I administer the vaccine?

Kamala Harris: (00:15)
Yes, of course. Thank you. I’m looking forward to it.

Patricia: (00:16)
Okay. So I will first sanitize your arm and then I’ll go ahead and administer the vaccine.

Kamala Harris: (00:24)
Got it. How are you doing today?

Patricia: (00:35)
I’m doing well. [crosstalk 00:00:35] Yes, ma’am.

Kamala Harris: (00:36)
It’s good to be here at United Medical Center. You guys do such good work here.

Patricia: (00:40)
Thank you.

Kamala Harris: (00:40)
Okay. Let’s do it.

Patricia: (00:40)
All righty. Ready?

Kamala Harris: (00:40)
I’m ready.

Patricia: (00:40)
You’re good.

Kamala Harris: (01:19)
That was easy. Thank you. I barely felt it.

Patricia: (01:29)
Oh really?

Kamala Harris: (01:29)
I barely felt it.

Patricia: (01:29)
Awesome. I will put the plot number and you are all set.

Kamala Harris: (01:37)
Okay. Awesome, thank you, Patricia! Thank you. Well, I want to thank United Medical Center for the work that you do in Southeast DC, serving a community that is often overlooked. So it is good to be here. And I’ve now been vaccinated, as Joe likes to say, there’s a big difference between the vaccine and vaccinations. I want to encourage everyone to get the vaccine. It is relatively painless. It happens really quickly. It is safe. The Moderna, the Pfizer. Today I had the Moderna vaccine. My husband is going to have it today as well. I look forward to getting the second vaccine. And literally this is about saving lives, it’s literally about saving lives. I trust the scientists. And it is the scientists who’ve created and approved this vaccine. So I urge everyone when it is your turn, get vaccinated. It’s about saving your life, the life of your family members, and the life of your community. And so thank you and let’s all just do what we need to do to stay healthy and safe this holiday, and every day of the year. Thank you all.

Speaker 3: (03:02)
Madam Vice President-elect, I have two questions. One is, taking this vaccine in a positive and predominantly black community, is this an effort to dispel fear and mistrust in the minority community with this vaccine particularly? [crosstalk 00:03:22]

Kamala Harris: (03:21)
So I am at Acacia today, because first of all, we have phenomenal health care providers like nurse Patricia, who serves the community and we have hospitals and medical centers and clinics like this all over the country, who are staffed by people who understand the community, who often come from the community and who administer, all year round, trusted health care. And so I want to remind people that right in your community is where you can take the vaccine, where you will receive the vaccine by folks you may know. Folks who otherwise are working in the same hospital where your children are born. Folks who are working in the same hospital where an elderly relative receive the kind of care that they needed. So I want to remind people that they have trusted sources of help, and that’s where they will be able to go to get the vaccine. So I encourage them to do that.

Speaker 3: (04:15)
And lastly on the stimulus check, Trump was trying to increase it to $20000. Looking at it since yesterday, it may not pass, Mitch McConnell is holding it up. What say you?

Kamala Harris: (04:27)
Well, I actually have a bill for that. Where a while back I recommended that folks receive a $2,000 check. And so I would urge Mitch McConnell to put my bill on the floor for a vote.

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