Aug 28, 2021

Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley Pre-Fight Press Conference Transcript

Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley Pre-Fight Press Conference Transcript
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Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley took part in an August 27 pre-fight press conference before their Sunday, August 29 boxing match. Read the transcript here.

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Luke Thomas: (05:04)
(silence). We are here at the Paul vs. Woodley open workouts here in downtown Cleveland.

Brian Campbell: (05:11)
Just days out from the fight when the unbeaten Jake Paul takes on former UFC welterweight champ, Tyron Woodley.

Luke Thomas: (05:17)
This is not an exhibition. This is a pro boxing contest.

Brian Campbell: (05:21)
Bigger, younger, stronger than Jake, but Tyron’s got some of those things that you can’t learn.

Speaker 1: (05:25)
Tyron, the chosen one.

Luke Thomas: (05:29)
You said this out loud. People are coming up and saying, “You’ve got to knock this guy out.”

Speaker 2: (05:33)
This is a [inaudible 00:05:33]. This is [inaudible 00:05:36].

Speaker 3: (05:37)
Three and oh with three knockouts.

Speaker 1: (05:38)
The problem child, Jake.

Speaker 4: (05:40)
When I beat him, there will be no excuses, because he was trained by Floyd Mayweather.

Brian Campbell: (05:44)
This Sunday night, August 29th, only on Showtime pay-per-view-

Speaker 5: (05:47)
You should expect violence.

Speaker 4: (05:49)
A movie. A knockout.

Speaker 5: (05:50)
I’m going out there to [inaudible 00:05:52]. I’m going to turn him into a meme. Every punch, violence.

Luke Thomas: (06:02)
We are live in downtown Cleveland, Ohio, and now just minutes away from today’s press conference for Jake Paul versus Tyron Woodley. Hello, everyone. My name is Luke Thomas. This is Brian Campbell. We’re the hosts of Morning Kombat, but we’re going to get you ready before we throw it to Brian Custer for today’s press conference. BC, we were at yesterday’s open workout, and there was a lot about what kind of physical preparation, examinations we could make from afar. Both guys appear to be in great shape, as well as the rest of the card as well. But today, it seems, is this the last chance for the mind games to play a role?

Brian Campbell: (06:35)
I think that’s a very smart way to look at it. Jake Paul is a troll by nature. So whatever you think of his chances coming in and you look at the odds makers, it’s very close right now. You wonder if the mental edge, something he has a great job of getting in people’s heads, attracting fights with so many different names across the fight sphere. Whether these fights are realistic or not, people want to see this guy. Some people want to see this guy go down. This’ll be the last chance for the two fighters to try to plant those seeds just days out from this fight.

Brian Campbell: (07:03)
Special night, Sunday night, special time, 8:00 PM Eastern for this pay-per-view, and Luke, a special example of what this subgenre of pay-per-view boxing can be. It’s a little bit celebrity. It’s a little bit crossover. It’s a little bit of mixing multiple worlds together with Woodley in the MMA background. I’m interested to see what kind of words and mind traps they exchange just as much as I’m interested in figuring out who’s going to win this fight. I think that’s the most attractive part of this. We really have no idea coming in.

Luke Thomas: (07:28)
Absolutely. I mean, everyone who says they know what’s going to happen, it isn’t to say that they’re wrong. I just feel like there’s a strong degree of unpredictability here, BC, and also, it’s kind of funny. Jake Paul only has three fights. This will be his fourth professional contest. Remember, this is not an exhibition. This is a real pro fight.

Luke Thomas: (07:44)
I’m thinking back on Tyron Woodley’s career now. He had words with Conor McGregor at the UFC 205 I think weigh-ins or press conference that day. But when I think about his opponents we see, I don’t think he’s ever had an opponent, certainly not at the UFC level, that ever antagonized him this way, that ever dared him to get a tattoo if he lost, that ever would have gotten in his face and said the kinds of things he was saying about, “Collect all you can on the sponsorships. This is your last hurrah.” Is there anything analogous from his UFC run that compares to this?

Brian Campbell: (08:15)
Really, it doesn’t. I think the only comparison is in getting a chance to sit down with Tyron yesterday as we did, not only is he cut up for being relatively around our age, which is a real indictment-

Luke Thomas: (08:23)
Yeah, there was a real difference [crosstalk 00:08:24].

Brian Campbell: (08:25)
… on our personal choices right there, but just that he was so calm and confident that almost saying, “Look, everyone out there, you got this wrong.” Okay, maybe they did exchange words. Maybe they’ll do that today in a few minutes behind us. But in terms of the size disadvantage or the perceived one with this fight being an eight-round, 190-pound catch weight fight, right in that light heavyweight cruiserweight gap in terms of boxing terms, we thought, “Well, Woodley’s campaigned at 170 and [inaudible 00:08:53] welterweight. What about that weight difference? What about that four inches of difference?” Woodley says, “It’s not a difference at all. This is my walking around weight.”

Brian Campbell: (09:00)
So it just adds further to the conversation that both guys are rightfully expecting this to be the toughest challenges of their boxing career. For Woodley, this is day one of his boxing career, more or less, no amateur background, his first professional fight, his first time focusing this directly on this one skillset, but with both of them not having the proven track record, yet having a short history or in Woodley’s case a longer detailed MMA version of this history of being able to deliver that knockout blow, we talked just a minute ago about the mind games. Anything could give them the edge over the one. We talk about Woodley did camp with Floyd Mayweather. Well, can that give him the edge? Literally when it’s this close in terms of matchmaking and questions that still need to be answered, anything could lift the other one up [inaudible 00:09:41].

Luke Thomas: (09:40)
No doubt about it, and we were talking here about Jake Paul and his mind games and whatnot. Still, it deserves to be noted while Woodley hasn’t had to face this kind of an opponent who can do the kinds of things he’d probably want to do with the press conference here just minutes away, on the other hand, Jake Paul has never had an opponent. Yes, Ben Askren was experienced, but Tyron Woodley is very experienced with MMA and, frankly, I would argue at a higher level. He was a defending UFC welterweight champion. He has been in places that not only has Jake Paul never been, Jake Paul’s never had an opponent who can even come close to the kinds of heights in competitive combat sports endeavors that Tyron Woodley has had.

Brian Campbell: (10:20)
Absolutely. That means that we already know intangibly in terms of the foundation of who Tyron Woodley is as a fighter, we already know he’s got a chin. We already know he’s tough. We already know there’s a will to win, to persevere through some tough times. I think the fun part from an entertainment value of the question’s not answered yet from Jake Paul through three professional bouts, four rounds, three knockouts, and maybe not the type of competition level that the boxing purists can embrace and understand. But this is Jake stepping out of that and going up to a higher level. This is certainly without question the biggest threat that he has faced, the guy that has the capability of knocking him out.

Brian Campbell: (10:58)
But what I want to see even more than that, I know they’re both going to have one punch power. I assume we’re going to see action based on the personalities between them and the inexperience, if you will, on the boxing side. I want to see, though, what Tyler Woodley’s transferable skills become, though, as a boxer beyond just that looping right-hand, which was a knockout punch for him in MMA. He won the UFC welterweight title five years ago, knocking out Robbie Lawler with a beautiful right-hand. Time done with Floyd Mayweather, time done in camp with the great Cuban trainer, Pedro Diaz, can he transform that into a jab, into combinations, into swiveling and moving? We could end up being really surprised at how easily he made that transition because of these foundational elements we’re talking about.

Luke Thomas: (11:38)
I want to talk more about that in just a minute. Let me set the table, if we can, for just a second. If you want to purchase the pay-per-view, now’s a great time. Remember, it will air on Sunday, not Saturday, starting at 8:00 PM in the East. You can go to Sho, S-H-O, dot-com/ppv. You can see there’s the URL underneath my sweat-stained shirt. As well, if you’re in the Cleveland area or you’re going to be, you can go to Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse, and there are some tickets still available.

Luke Thomas: (12:02)
Now, BC, you mentioned something about Tyron Woodley and what kind of advantages he might be able to confer or are conferred upon him based on the fact that he has some striking background in mixed martial arts. Still, let me pause at maybe a slightly different scenario. Tactically and strategically, there are going to be some really important questions for him here. Does he try to go for broke in saying, “This guy’s only got three fights. If I put pressure on him early, this will get him out,” or does he try to play the slow game and draw him into the fifth, sixth rounds before then applying the pressure? What makes the most sense for Tyron Woodley, given his overall competitive advantage and maybe some of the physical tools that he brings as well?

Brian Campbell: (12:38)
This is why it’s going to be so intriguing to find out how these game plans are played out and whether these game plans, by the way, can be shaken up, let’s say, by getting hit with a big shot earlier, led into a brawl. But foundationally what we’re saying, what we already know about Tyron Woodley is he does have the fighting spirit, the fight IQ, the professionalism, the experience, and on top of this, he’s also got the proven stamina, too. I mean, he was a five-round championship-level fighter in the UFC. Could it benefit him? Should this be more of a boxing match that pushes more towards the sixth, seventh, eighth round, where we can find out a lot more about Jake Paul than Tyron Woodley?

Brian Campbell: (13:10)
My question is, though, what I just teased. If Woodley gets hit with a big bomb early, if Jake Paul is saying, “He may have a little bit of edge on me in certain expertise areas here, but I am the naturally bigger guy, and also, I’m a bit of a daredevil.” Jake Paul is fun to watch because he goes after it. I wonder if you can pull Woodley from that game plan. I wonder what happens. Is the more skilled guy going to win this, or is it just the guy more willing to go for it, Luke?

Brian Campbell: (13:32)
At this level of boxing, you can never really be sure. It can be a wild card. It can be some fun outcomes. I think that’s all part of the juice that’s heading into Sunday night. It’s not a traditional boxing match by any means, even though Jake Paul has been working hard. It’s been part of his plan to try to win over those purists. Those hardcores on the boxing side have been a little like, “Get away from me,” but in the transitioning point, Jake’s not backing away from what he thinks he can do for those same boxing purists by providing a big platform that makes boxing headline news again and then this whole fight about fighter pay, because he’s not just talking about the UFC MMA side. He’s talking about taking less money to give to people on this card, the championship fighters that are fighting below him, like Amanda Serrano and the Co-Main Event, more money than they’ve ever made.

Brian Campbell: (14:12)
I’m not trying to paint Jake Paul here as the patron saint Robin Hood, but he’s certainly not trying to just take from boxing and give nothing back. I think that’s an interesting sort of sub-storyline heading in as we try to figure out who’s going to win this one.

Luke Thomas: (14:24)
You asked him yesterday, “Of all of the critics you’ve had to overcome, of all the audiences you’ve had to convert to your side, which one remains the holdout?” The answer was, as you had kind of indicated with the question, it’s the boxing purists. There’s certainly the MMA fans watching this who will probably not be converted one way or the other, but even I was somebody who was skeptical of him. Again, I’m not here to say he’s a championship-level boxer. He’s pretty far from it, but he is taking it seriously and he is sort of committed to the craft. He has escalated the various levels of challenges, this being the chief among them.

Luke Thomas: (14:53)
Still, I want us to reflect on yesterday if we can a little bit, BC. What was your biggest takeaway, good and bad? Let me start if I may. With Tyron Woodley, here’s the good that I saw. He came in phenomenal shape. He looks to be in excellent condition. From what I’m hearing, the training has gone phenomenally well, given all the things that it can. That’s what I liked. But what I didn’t like was when I asked him what happened in the end of USC run, he was saying, “Well, I kind of got caught up in the lifestyle.” True, but there was no acknowledgement that 40 is different than 30 is different than 25. I think that plays a role, too. What did you pick up on?

Brian Campbell: (15:22)
I picked up on certainly what I mentioned earlier, Woodley’s just overall calmness in this moment. You don’t see those nerves of like, “Will I be able to cross over into this new sport? Will this opponent who people want to think is nothing, even though there’s something there boxing-wise in Jake Paul,” we’ve seen that through three fights, regardless of the matchmaking and certainly answers … The questions need to be answered this Sunday night. But Tyron just seems so calm. There could be something in being too calm, going in there and not giving your opponent the full amount of respect.

Brian Campbell: (15:51)
Of course we’re going to find that out when they touch gloves. But I liked Woodley’s confidence in that regard, and with Jake, he knows that he’s the big moneymaker. He knows that if he can keep winning and if he can keep winning spectacularly, that opponent list in terms of names can only get higher and higher. He’s talking a lot about Jorge Masvidal. He hasn’t shied away from putting McGregor’s name out there, even though he doesn’t think it could happen or even Canelo’s name, for better or for worse. We know Tommy Fury is on this undercard.

Brian Campbell: (16:20)
So look, Jake Paul, I love the homecoming angle. I love the confidence he’s shown, but it almost feels like even though Woodley’s the toughest fight of his career and we’re not really sure who’s going to win, the business machine almost has Tommy Fury on the pay-per-view main card-

Luke Thomas: (16:34)
[crosstalk 00:16:34].

Brian Campbell: (16:34)
… the half-brother of heavyweight champion Tyson Fury. That could be a tough two-feature test. So it’s like Jake’s not just the fighter here. He’s almost half promoter, half wheeling and dealing, half setting the future for the matchmaking. It’s very interesting.

Luke Thomas: (16:45)
The Tommy Fury angle is interesting to hear, because if you read UK media, that’s all they’re really talking about. Look at any interview with Tommy Fury from a month or two ago, and all the questions are about Jake Paul. We asked Jake Paul about it, but what’s kind of funny is Tommy Fury’s response yesterday, BC, was, ” Listen, there’s YouTube boxing, and then there’s me. Don’t confuse the two,” that he would take on Jake Paul. Obviously, it’s a big fight. I think anyone would say as much. He said he could sell 50,000 tickets or more if the fight was staged in the UK.

Brian Campbell: (17:09)
Easy. He said easy.

Luke Thomas: (17:10)
Easy, easy. Yeah, but he was trying to draw a distinction. In a similar vein, we asked Jake Paul about it, and he was … What do we want to say? Lukewarm about the idea. It didn’t exactly seem to him to be the best one, because he said that while Tommy Fury might be an interesting challenge for this reason or another, he’s not going to move pay-per-views like a Jorge Masvidal might. So what I’m trying to say is, BC, media has created this angle. Both fighters seem moderately willing, but they didn’t seem like they were very gung-ho about it.

Brian Campbell: (17:38)
Well, it seems like from Jake’s perspective, he needs to see the attention that’s going to be brought to Tommy. He’s got both the split attention of being Tyson Fury’s younger brother, but of having the Love Island reality TV background in the UK, a tabloid sensation. He wants to see how the American audience is going to accept that and embrace that, and that could be an interesting match, moving forward, because Tommy Fury, although six and oh as a pro, still hasn’t yet established and identified himself as more of legitimate fighter trying to be great than just guy with a name, guy with a platform.

Brian Campbell: (18:07)
So this is a great test for him. He’ll be taking an Anthony Taylor on this pay-per-view main card, who is a fighter with MMA and pro boxing experience, is also a sparring partner in the Paul camp. So you’ve sort of got the beginning of storylines being built. Before we can even talk about a Masvidal or any future point like that, you’ve got to get through Tyron Woodley. Luke, as a whole, I mentioned his confidence, which I liked. We both mentioned he’s in great shape. But I could not have just been more impressed overall. After talking to him, you got the feeling that he’s not going to go in there necessarily with just one punch, that there’s going to be a game plan and an execution and that physically, he may still be able to deliver that at a very high level.

Luke Thomas: (18:42)
There’s no doubt about it. I mean, even in his last UFC fight, we talked about it. The UFC run that he had at the end, it was not a particularly great one. He lost four in a row, and he was getting stopped. Then he was getting injured into the Colby Covington fights and beyond. But in the Vicente Luque fight, his last one, he did show a competitive fire, BC. He didn’t win the contest. Luque, by the way is maybe at the top of his game and one of the best welterweights-

Luke Thomas: (19:03)
… to win the contest. [Luchay 00:19:01], by the way, is maybe at the top of his game and one of the best welterweights on the planet. Nevertheless, he rocked Luchay early.

Luke Thomas: (19:07)
And here’s the thing about it. Luchay, unlike Jake Paul, is an extremely experienced competitor and a decorated striker in his own right, certainly within the mixed martial arts contest. He knows what to do if he gets rocked.

Luke Thomas: (19:19)
The question is going to be, does Jake Paul really have that competitive instinct that he’s going to need if a guy like Tyron Woodley lands on him?

Luke Thomas: (19:26)
No one knows, but I am very curious.

Brian Campbell: (19:29)
And then, the fighters are sitting down behind us and lining up and prepared. They will speak in just a matter of moments.

Brian Campbell: (19:33)
But I also think in that slide for Woodley, some of that was mental. Some of that was a failure to pull the trigger and launch. So, he’s got a new opportunity and a new sport and a very high platform with the lights shining bright Sunday night on Showtime pay-per-view to prove to us that it was an aberration, that there was a hiccup in the training and the focus, whatever.

Brian Campbell: (19:53)
We’re not talking as much about where does he go from here?

Brian Campbell: (19:55)
Tyron Woodley says he’s not here at age 40, just for one pay day. He’s here to prove that he can be a legitimate crossover boxer. He has a lot to prove beyond, “Let’s just end the Paul hype. Let’s get that big money bag.” You got a guy who’s trying to get bigger fights moving forward in the future.

Brian Campbell: (20:10)
And this is also an option in this day and age and the connection with boxing and MMA. Separate sports, but sometimes they bump up against each other. A lot of the ways they bump up is the big money you can make sliding over from MMA and boxing. We’ve seen that talked about endlessly in the headlines.

Luke Thomas: (20:23)
It’s so funny to watch too, as well, BC.

Luke Thomas: (20:26)
Actually, you know what? We’ll put a pin in this conversation. And we’ll talk more about this after the press conference.

Luke Thomas: (20:31)
But one more reminder., if you would like to purchase it. Or again, the fights are going to be on Sunday, not on Saturday. They will start at 8:00 PM in the east. And of course, it will take place at Rocket Mortgage Field House. Tickets are still available if you’d like.

Luke Thomas: (20:45)
All right, with that, let’s go to the man who is hosting today’s press conference, Brian Custer.

Brian Custer: (20:53)
Well, good afternoon, everybody. Welcome to the Buckeye State, also known as Cleveland, Ohio, Believeland, or commonly known as The Land. This is the final press conference for Paul versus Woodley.

Brian Custer: (21:11)
I’m Brian Custer and the host of Showtime Championship Boxing. And Paul vs Woodley, main event of a stacked card of boxing. It is presented by Showtime Pay-Per-View, Most Viable Promotions, along with Holden Productions.

Brian Custer: (21:27)
And it all goes down Sunday, August 29th, 8:00 PM, Eastern. That is 5:00 Pacific Time on Showtime pay-per-view. Now, you can purchase the fight right now, if you want through The Showtime App is also available through all the major cable satellite providers here in the US and Canada, as well.

Brian Custer: (21:53)
And you will see the problem child, Jake Paul, biggest fight of his career thus far. And he’s taking on the former UFC world champion Tyron ‘The Chosen One’ Woodley.

Brian Custer: (22:08)
The co-feature, arguably pound for pound, the best female fighter in the world, the unified featherweight champion, Amanda ‘The Real Deal’ Serrano defending her straps against the super bantamweight champion Yamileth Mercado.

Brian Custer: (22:34)
You’ll also see the US debut of the UK’s two most popular attractions, the heavyweight Daniel Dubois and Tommy Fury, who of course is the brother of the heavyweight champion Tyson Fury.

Brian Custer: (22:51)
And this event all goes down at the Rocket Mortgage Field House. Tickets still available. You can get them This fight is really a continuation here of Showtime championship boxing, what we are calling our sizzling summer of delivering fight fans unification, championship, high meaningful fights, as well as entertainment.

Brian Custer: (23:20)
And the man with the master plan is the president and the GM of Showtime Sports. He’s Mr. Steven Espinoza.

Steven Espinoza: (23:32)
Thank you, Brian.

Steven Espinoza: (23:33)
I’d like to start by thanking Rocket Mortgage Field House, the Ohio Athletic Commission, and Barstool Sports Book, all of whom were instrumental in bringing this event to fruition.

Steven Espinoza: (23:45)
Showtime has been in boxing a long time. It’s got a long history in the sport.

Steven Espinoza: (23:51)
But the thing about boxing is it has a way of always surprising you. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, along comes someone like Jake Paul and upsets the apple cart and changes everything.

Steven Espinoza: (24:06)
And personally, I find it exciting. It’s exciting to see the spark change and innovate and evolve. And it’s exciting to be here today on this card. And personally, I’m very proud of this card. It’s got some of the best fighters in the world, from world champions to a promising up and coming heavyweight to some really promising prospects. This card has a little bit of everything.

Steven Espinoza: (24:36)
But the other thing about this card is it’s filled with fighters that didn’t listen, that didn’t listen when they were told no.

Steven Espinoza: (24:45)
We have two young women, one from Puerto Rico, one from Chihuahua, Mexico, who didn’t say no when they were told that they couldn’t become professional boxers. We have two young men who left their country to pursue their dreams in Ivan Baranchik, leaving Belarus, and Joe Cusumano in Sicily. You had Charles Conwell. Well-documented his challenges. Anthony Taylor and Tommy Fury and their journeys.

Steven Espinoza: (25:13)
And of course, there’s Jake Paul, who didn’t listen when they said he couldn’t become a pro boxer. And Tyron Woodley, 11th of 13 kids. Didn’t listen to those who said he couldn’t become an MMA fighter. And then didn’t listen when they said he couldn’t box either. No one on this card has been handed anything. They’ve all beaten the odds. And I’m proud to have each and every one of them on this card.

Steven Espinoza: (25:40)
But the great thing about boxing is that all of this, in some level, doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter because, to borrow a phrase, boxing don’t lie.

Steven Espinoza: (25:53)
Boxing is the ultimate truth teller. The ring is the ultimate truth teller. When Sunday night rolls around on some level, none of this matters. Your resume doesn’t matter. Your social media followers, your social media audience, doesn’t matter. The UFC belts doesn’t matter. The nine titles in seven different weight divisions doesn’t matter. Your fan base in the UK…

Steven Espinoza: (26:18)
None of that matters because again, boxing is the ultimate truth teller.

Steven Espinoza: (26:25)
So, for all the hype and the hoop law, all the all access and the social media, make no mistake. These are fights. At the end of the day, these are fights, the purest form of competition. And the great thing about boxing, when two competitors enter that ring, each time they enter that ring Sunday night, they get a chance to rewrite their own history. Doesn’t matter what happened last week, last month, last year. It doesn’t matter where you came from, who you lost to, who you beat. It all comes down to that moment of truth Saturday night with two fighters in the ring. And I can’t wait.

Steven Espinoza: (27:07)
Thank you all.

Brian Custer: (27:15)
Thank you, Stephen. And thank you for your vision. Let me bring here to the podium, to the co-producer of this event.

Brian Custer: (27:23)
He is the founder of Most Valuable Promotions. He is Jake Paul.

Jake Paul: (27:36)
What’s up, everybody?

Jake Paul: (27:38)
Man, this is exciting times. Cleveland, bringing it home. A big week of business.

Jake Paul: (27:43)
First and foremost, I want to thank Steven Espinoza and Showtime. Everyone’s been super, super amazing. And when we partnered with Showtime, we knew that this was going to be a massive event. They’re the best in the business. And that’s why Most Valuable Promotions, [Nikisa 00:27:58], myself, we made the decision to go with Showtime.

Jake Paul: (28:01)
And seems like it’s going well. Pre-buy’s on track, like the Floyd Mayweather-Logan Paul event. I texted Floyd last night, said got pre buys. So, this one is turning into a historic moment.

Jake Paul: (28:18)
I want to thank everyone for being here. Great week of business. My venture capital fund, Anti-Fund leading a $30 million Series C round in the simple bet.

Jake Paul: (28:28)
Want to thank Barstool Sportsbook, Dave Portnoy, shout out to you guys for being the main sponsor.

Jake Paul: (28:36)
And today is actually women’s equality day. So, I told my mom this morning, how much I love her, told my girlfriend, she’s right there, how much I love her. And shout out to all the amazing women out there.

Jake Paul: (28:49)
And for this whole week, Amanda Serrano was saying like, “Oh, I’m on the card. I’m on the card.” To me, it didn’t seem right that she was just saying she was on the card. I want to make her the co-main event, talk to Showtime about it. We’re making Amanda the co-main event. And she’s deserving of that. She’s one of the greatest to ever do it.

Jake Paul: (29:13)
Happy women’s equality day.

Jake Paul: (29:14)
And let’s start this press conference off.

Brian Custer: (29:25)
Let’s get right into it. All of you, we’re here to hear from the fighters. That’s what we’re going to do.

Brian Custer: (29:29)
And of course, to start the card off, Cleveland’s going to get a treat because they’re going to get one of their homies native Clevelander, was in the 2016 Olympics. Charles Conwell, unbeaten, 15-0. And 11 of his wins have come by knockout. And he’s taken on another unbeaten fighter in Juan Carlos Rubio, 18-0. Nine of his victories have come by knockout.

Brian Custer: (30:01)
And Charles we’ll start with you. Let the people know A) what does it mean to be fighting back here at home, fighting on this card? What should they expect come Sunday night?

Charles Conwell: (30:14)
Hey everyone. Can you all hear me?

Charles Conwell: (30:17)
All right.

Charles Conwell: (30:18)
Yeah. It’s amazing to fight back at home in the city, bringing it back home. I’ve got a lot of local support back here at home. I know a lot of people that doesn’t get to see me fight back at home. So, to bring it back here and just to have all the local support and everyone back on home, I’m just ready to put on a show and show him what bad news is all about.

Brian Custer: (30:38)
Juan? Unbeaten fighter. You’ve certainly taking on another unbeaten fighter. But when you look at it, you certainly haven’t fought anyone that has the resume like Charles. Talk to me about fight. And what should people of Cleveland expect when you guys get in the ring?

Translator: (30:57)
Juan Carlos, [foreign language 00:30:59].

Juan Carlos Rubio: (31:17)
[foreign language 00:31:17]

Translator: (31:27)
It is true. I haven’t fought someone in this category or this level, but I feel very strong. I am very well-prepared. And I’m ready for Sunday to give a great show for the people of Cleveland.

Brian Custer: (31:40)
Of course, the first fight of the night. And then once we get to the pay-per-view, you’re going to see the US debut of Tyson Fury’s younger brother, Tommy Fury, unbeaten, 6-0, four knockouts, taking on Anthony Taylor who’s making his second professional fight.

Brian Custer: (32:05)
Tommy, we already know what Tyson Fury is all about as a fighter. What will we learn about Tommy Fury that’ll come Sunday night?

Tommy Fury: (32:15)
Just like to say a big thank you to everyone turning out. Really appreciate it, guys. Love to see you all. I’m very happy to be in Cleveland, very happy to be performing in front of all you guys.

Tommy Fury: (32:24)
Obviously, Tyson’s very familiar over here. I’m about to be very familiar over here. And I’m coming with own package, my own game, and my own money. You’re going to see that Sunday night.

Brian Custer: (32:35)
Anthony, Tommy’s talked about his excitement making his US debut. You can spoil that. And he’s also talked about Jake Paul a lot. You think he’s overlooking you, Anthony, at all?

Anthony Taylor: (32:51)
Absolutely. I’ve been telling everybody, Tommy just feels like he’s flying into Cleveland, stepping in a ring, and facing off with Jake Paul. Hey, I’m your opponent, bro. Don’t look down on me. Yeah, I mean, I’m 5’7″. Of course you’re going to look down. But I mean, just because you beat up six bumps, you ain’t going to beat me up.

Brian Custer: (33:15)
Tommy, give you the final word here.

Tommy Fury: (33:17)
I just want to say one thing. If this month thinks I’ve overlooked him, he’s very wrong.

Tommy Fury: (33:21)
I’m training like I’ve got a shot at all these belts on Sunday night. I’ve put myself away for eight weeks and grilled myself to the limit. I’ve been to hell and back for this fight. Jake Paul doesn’t come into my mind once. I’ve not thought about him. I don’t think about him. The only mind I thought about and have been thinking about for this whole training camp is Anthony Taylor.

Tommy Fury: (33:38)
Sunday night, I’ll get the job done. And then whatever else lies ahead, we can think about then.

Tommy Fury: (33:42)
But until then, this one’s getting knocked out cold.

Anthony Taylor: (33:46)
That’s what they always say, man. I’m telling you. I’m telling you not going to touch me. You not going to knock me out. You fought catfishes, bro. I’m not that guy.

Anthony Taylor: (33:54)
You’re not that guy, pal. Trust me.

Tommy Fury: (33:57)
What have you done? What have you done, big man? What have you done?

Anthony Taylor: (33:59)
I’ve fought tougher opponents. Who have you fought?

Tommy Fury: (34:01)
I hope the bottom the bottom of your boots is going to be sponsored because everyone’s going to be looking at them.

Anthony Taylor: (34:04)
Everybody you fought been paid off by Queensbury.

Tommy Fury: (34:06)
Paid off by Queensbury? You know I say?

Tommy Fury: (34:09)
The more they talk, the weaker they are. Talk all you want. Enjoy the limelight. Lap it up. Get as many deals as you said. Take all these cameras in because I swear to God, you’re going to give everybody an interview in the room because [crosstalk 00:34:22].

Anthony Taylor: (34:22)
I’m not buried.

Tommy Fury: (34:22)
Lap it up. Lap it up. Because after Sunday night, it’s over for you. It can be back to whatever you’re doing. So, enjoy all this. Enjoy the cameras, lights. You go ahead. I won’t stop you. Go ahead, go ahead, go ahead.

Anthony Taylor: (34:34)
You’re not a fury. You’re not cut from the same cloth. Your brother?

Brian Custer: (34:36)
Here’s the great thing, folks. That’s what starts the night off. That starts the night off. That’s the first fight you’ll see on pay-per-view.

Brian Custer: (34:44)
Then we get into a couple of 140 pounders. And we get Cleveland’s own, another one, the unbeaten container, Montana Love, 15-0, seven knockouts, taking on Ivan Baranchyk, 20-2, 13 knockouts. He was, of course, in the 2020 fight of the year.

Brian Custer: (35:09)
Montana, let me start with you. First time fighting here at home in a couple of years, first time really taking on a real top contender. What do you think this fight means to your career?

Montana Love: (35:24)
This fight right here means everything to my career. I’m introducing myself to the 140 pound division with this fight here, beating an ex-champion. This would definitely launch me in a whole other category.

Brian Custer: (35:40)
Ivan, only two losses in your career.

Ivan Baranchyk: (35:44)

Brian Custer: (35:44)
Both of them have come to south paws. He’s a south paw. Will that be an issue for you Sunday night?

Ivan Baranchyk: (35:53)
I’m happy to be here and I’m happy to fight on this show. I learned a lot after my last fight and I will have a training camp. And I want to show you guys, you knew my worst, and I need to realize everything, what they did in my training camp. And I will do it.

Brian Custer: (36:32)
Love it. Montana, give you last word here. What do you think folks of Cleveland and the boxing world will be saying about Montana Love after this fight?

Montana Love: (36:43)
My city, they, they behind me a hundred percent. They support me a hundred percent. They know how we come in.

Charles Conwell: (36:51)
Yes, sir.

Montana Love: (36:52)
We training hard. We excited for this. They know. They know, you know what I’m saying? All Jake fan is going to be my fans know?

Charles Conwell: (37:01)
Yes sir.

Montana Love: (37:02)
Here we go.

Charles Conwell: (37:02)
We do it different in Ohio. Facts.

Montana Love: (37:05)
Straight up.

Charles Conwell: (37:05)
The milk is different here. I’m telling you, I’m sorry, Ivan, but you’re going to feel that bone structure.

Montana Love: (37:11)
Let him know it.

Brian Custer: (37:12)
The next fight is going to feature some heavyweights and the US debut of the UK attraction Daniel Dubois. 16-1, 15 knockouts. But he’s taking on the Sicilian nightmare in Joey Cusumano, 19-3. He’s got 17 knockouts.

Brian Custer: (37:36)
And Joey, I’ll start with you, my friend, because you told the Boxing News, “I believe it’s going to be a great fight. I believe someone’s going to get knocked out.” You tell us why you believe someone’s going to be stopped in this fight.

Jose Cusumano: (37:56)
We’re two big power punches. And we’re both exciting fighters. We like to fight. We like to bang. So, I feel-

Jose Cusumano: (38:03)
It’s exciting, fighters, we like to fight. We like to bang. So I feel like we’re going to come out and that’s what we’re going to try to do. It’s the heavyweight division, it only takes one punch.

Brian Custer: (38:12)
Daniel, it’s your US debut, you’ve talked about looking great in front of the US audience. What you call in impressive fashion. Your last three knockouts have all been in the second round. What does impressive fashion mean to the people of the United States?

Daniel Dubois: (38:35)
It’s mu US debut so I want to look good and I want to win in devastating fashion. My approach is seek and destroy so it’s going to be the same again. I can’t wait. This car is right for me and I’m ready for the fight. I can’t wait.

Brian Custer: (38:51)
Heavyweights. We all know what heavyweights bring. That’s all action. And then we get to what Jake has now dub as the coal main event. It’s featuring Amanda “The Real Deal” Serrano, 41 and one, with 30 knockouts taking on the WBC super bantamweight champion, Yami Mercado. Manda, we all know the history, the rivalry of Puerto Rico versus Mexico. You said, this is the fight though that will steal the show. Tell us why.

Amanda Serrano: (39:40)
First I want to thank Showtime, Jake Paul, for believing in me and putting a female fighter on your card. Sorry, might steal the show.

Jake Paul: (39:51)
Amanda and I have a bet to see who’s going to get a doper knock out.

Amanda Serrano: (39:55)
I don’t have that much money. Remember I am a female boxer.

Jake Paul: (39:58)
The bet is we have to jump in the ocean or something like that, remember?

Amanda Serrano: (40:01)
Okay. We’ll talk about it, but thank you so much for putting your faith in me, my team, for everything that we’ve been through. Yeah, Puerto Rico versus Mexican. Mexico, two champions, listen, these are my babies. My only babies that I have and it’s going to be very, very hard for her to beat me, for her to take these back to Mexico, she’s going to go home empty handed.

Brian Custer: (40:29)
Yami, you heard that? You’re coming up and wait to fight Amanda. She, without question is a big puncher. Will your power carry up to this heavyweight and be enough to take her out? Mauricio Madera will do the translation.

Yamileth Mercado: (41:01)
[foreign language 00:41:01]

Mauricio Madera: (41:02)
Yes, I’m coming up in weight class, but in super bantam I’m one of the biggest fighters. I’m very well-prepared, I feel very strong and I’m pretty sure I’m going to win on Sunday and prove that we’re up to the challenge and that we are not as weak as some people have commented before.

Brian Custer: (41:50)
Manda, we’ll wrap it up with this. You and Jake, you’ve got this bet on, who’s going to have the doper knockout. What would an explosive performance do considering there’ll be so many eyeballs watching this fight? Do you think this will be the fight that will solidify you as pound for pound best female fighter in the world?

Amanda Serrano: (42:14)
I hope so. I train every fight as if I am that. I hope that people can acknowledge that women are here and we’re champions as well. We work just as hard. I hope that we can steal some of Jake Paul’s fans and some of the younger viewers to see that woman boxing is awesome too. Yeah, I want to thank Yami for taking the fight, but she’s not winning.

Brian Custer: (42:43)
Then we get to the main event. The problem child fighting in his own town. First time as a professional fighter, three and O. All three of the victories come by knockout, but he’s taken on the former UFC champion. He’s known as the chosen one, making his professional boxing debut, and Tyron Woodley. Jake, is this the fight where all the naysayers, all the critics say, “You know what? This cat’s for real.”

Jake Paul: (43:20)
Yeah. 100%. Tyron Woodley, he really is the chosen one. We chose him to get his ass beat. Five time UFC champion, dah, dah, dah, explosive, dah, dah, dah, knockout power. That’s all cool. But none of that matters Sunday night, and I’m sending him into retirement, turning him into a meme and people will see, oh my gosh, this kid can fight. He’s got skills. He can take a punch. That gas tank is nice. That inside fighting is nice. That body work is nice. That job is nice. That one, two is nice. Oh and then he came with the overhand, oh that’s nice. So we got a hook too. We got a check hook. Oh my God. People are going to be surprised. I haven’t shown shit. I could fight [inaudible 00:44:10] too. I might come out [inaudible 00:44:12]. I haven’t even shown that yet. Yeah, this is my coming out party.

Brian Custer: (44:18)
Tyrone, you’re also making your boxing debut. You told the MMA Hour you are here to take over and people are going to see that Jake is going to get hurt in a way we never even imagined. Explain that to us.

Tyron Woodley: (44:36)
I’m almost… Hello? Hello? Yeah. I’m almost falling asleep over because it’s-

Jake Paul: (44:42)
Yeah. You’re going to be falling asleep on Sunday, bitch. You better sleep this whole week, get your nap in.

Tyron Woodley: (44:49)
It’s disgusting how much of a clown people feel they have to be to be recognized. It’s disgusting how much clout people have to chase. When you really look into what the word clout means is the appearance of authenticity. It’s appearance [inaudible 00:45:02] real deal. It’s appearance that you really about that action, but I’m really like that. At the end of the day, walking around, looking foolish, where the fuck is your shutter number one? Number two [crosstalk 00:45:14].

Jake Paul: (45:15)
Sunday with no shirt on.

Tyron Woodley: (45:16)
You can say what you want to say, but you do what you think you’re supposed to do based upon what we’ve done. When I say we, I say fighters, jumping up on a ring and screaming and yelling and doing the memes and all this other stuff, the whole money thing, the whole bling thing, that’s all built to build the fight. But we here, I ain’t got shit to say, you’re getting hurt on Sunday. [crosstalk 00:45:35] fucking cheerleading [crosstalk 00:45:40] people that are around you have lied to you. They’re not hurting you. They don’t want to lose a bag. They’re not pushing you. So when you get on a Sunday, you can wear whatever you want to wear. You can come out with that dumbass robot. You can do whatever you want. You will get fucking knocked out. You can make as many bets. The only thing I’m betting on is myself. I’ve been betting on that the whole time.

Tyron Woodley: (46:06)
To be honest, sorry, all y’all people in the media, I’m just ready to fight. I ain’t got no shenanigans. I ain’t got no BS. I ain’t got no razzle-dazzle. I should have brought my dogs some [inaudible 00:46:16] whites to clean himself up after I knock the shit out of him on Sunday. That’s the only thing I regret not bringing.

Brian Custer: (46:22)
Is the bet still on?

Tyron Woodley: (46:25)
It was never a bet. It was just him saying that I worship Tyron. He’s a legend. I played him on a video game and career mode and I want to get his name tattooed on me. That’s all I heard. I didn’t hear a bet because there’s no way you fucking beat me on Sunday.

Jake Paul: (46:40)
Yeah. I got a tattoo artist coming to tattoo you after I knock you out.

Tyron Woodley: (46:44)
I wish. You brought you tattoo artist, are you comfortable with him? You should not have done many tattoos. [crosstalk 00:46:50]. You don’t even have to do it, Batman, pay me a bag and I’ll let you slide.

Jake Paul: (46:55)
I already paid you a bag.

Tyron Woodley: (46:56)
Pay my charity a bag and I’ll let you slide.

Jake Paul: (46:57)
I already paid you a bag and yesterday you were talking about [crosstalk 00:47:00]. I paid you four times more thar you’ve ever been paid. [crosstalk 00:47:10] four times than you’ve ever been paid. [crosstalk 00:47:10]. You should be thanking me, son.

Tyron Woodley: (47:13)
I’m going to thank you by punching [crosstalk 00:47:15].

Brian Custer: (47:14)
There are going to be a number of media members here who have questions for you. I’ll wrap it up with this. Is for both of you. I’ll start with you Tyron. For the people who are going to buy this pay-per-view, for the people who are going to come out to Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse, what can you guarantee them that they’re going to see Sunday night?

Tyron Woodley: (47:36)
It’s time to go big, all aspects, all categories. I’m going crazy. You know what I mean? At the end of the day it’s been a long time coming. I’m blessed for the moment. Blessed for the opportunity. Thankful for the coaches in my corner, the people that surround me. I’m thankful for the haters. I’m thankful for the people that counted me out because all it was, was just for me reassuring. Anytime you get adversity, anytime you get the BS and all the people that are coming against you, that tells you that it’s so much powerful, what you’re about to do. And I’m about to make a scene on Sunday.

Brian Custer: (48:05)
Jake, same question. For the people who are going to buy this pay-per-view, they’re going to come out to the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse, what can you guarantee them on Sunday night?

Jake Paul: (48:14)
Look. Another show. Another massive bull performance. A boxing clinic. People know how I’m coming. Three and 0, three KOs, that for a reason. I didn’t even get warmed up in my last fight. This guy is going to go to sleep and he’s going to get it turned in to another meme. Like I said, just like his best friend, his little guy, Ben Askren, who he was in the corner of, turned him into a meme, ended his career. After Sunday, no one ever [crosstalk 00:48:46] watch this guy. No one’s ever going to talk about this guy ever again. He’s a speed bump in the road of the Jake Paul career. He’s a [crosstalk 00:48:53]. He is a body that I am using [crosstalk 00:48:59] content to my highlight reel.

Tyron Woodley: (49:00)
Look at you, you’re a clown, man. You’re a clown.

Brian Custer: (49:02)
I know there are members of the media-

Tyron Woodley: (49:04)
A cruel clown too.

Brian Custer: (49:05)
Who have questions. We have a mic just that we just ask that you identify yourself and ask your question.

Keith Idec: (49:13)
This is Keith Idec from My question is for Jake. Jake, how much of a step up do you feel that Tyron Woodley is for you in your fourth fight?

Jake Paul: (49:23)
It’s a big step up. I mean, there’s no other fighter at four or three and 0, who’s taking fights against world champions. I want challenges. I want to push myself. If I’m in training camp training and I know I’m going to beat somebody, I’m not motivated. I like stepping into the unknown. I like pushing myself and that’s what this fight is about. This is a test. I expect him to come out sharp. He looks like he’s in shape. He’s got the coaches doing the whole spiel, the whole shebang. This is going to be a fun one.

Elie Seckbach: (49:58)
Hey everyone, how’s it going? Elie Seckbach, EsNews. Jake, you had camps at Big Bear, Vegas and now Puerto Rico. What was different about this camp versus the other camps?

Jake Paul: (50:08)
I think isolation creates perfection. And when there’s no distractions to the highest level, not one person in the way of your goal. When you have a one point at attention, there’s nothing more powerful. Puerto Rico is amazing. Training in that heat, that humidity, it prepared me. It got my cardio on a whole another level because there’s nothing else like that. Training in Big Bear, high altitude, it’s hard to breathe, but it’s almost harder to breathe in Puerto Rico.

Speaker 6: (50:37)
[inaudible 00:50:37]

Brian Custer: (50:37)
[inaudible 00:50:37]

Tyron Woodley: (50:37)
I think in general, in general in combat sports, you started seeing one person do something and it looks cool or look like it was a bag behind it and people started to replicate it. To think about this fight, is a fight. It’s not the YouTuber versus the TikToker versus this versus that. This is a real fight. You know what I mean? If you look at the way that we’re even just built and you look at the determination, this is a fight. Some people before was brainwashed and it was tricked into a point of taking it lightly. I feel like that’s why they came up sharp. The first day we signed, even before we signed it, I was jogging. I was getting ready, because I didn’t know if it was going to be a fight. It was always a fight. For me, being able to train and being able to have just the fun again and the passion behind it and be impressed in a different way, made it great. I can’t really speak for everybody, but I feel like this fight in particular is the only one of this new sizzle realm of the entertainment aspect really exploding in combat sport, that’s a real fucking fight as well.

Speaker 7: (52:14)
Question for Jake, Jake right here. When you decided to fight Tyron, is it truly bad blood between you and him or is there some level of respect of what he’s accomplished in the UFC and this is just a lot of talk?

Jake Paul: (52:25)
No, I mean, there’s no real respect. I’m going to show on Sunday that getting a UFC championship doesn’t mean shit in the world of boxing, to be honest. I don’t respect what he’s done at all.

Tyron Woodley: (52:39)
You just said you did two seconds ago.

Jake Paul: (52:42)
To be honest-

Tyron Woodley: (52:42)
Fucking clown.

Jake Paul: (52:43)
To be honest it started in the locker room with the Ben Askren fight. After he got choked out in the first round I told him, I said, “You and your best friend are going to have a lot in common after tonight. You both got finished in the first round.”

Tyron Woodley: (52:56)
You remember what I told you?

Jake Paul: (52:58)
That’s really where it started.

Tyron Woodley: (52:59)
You remember when I told you?

Jake Paul: (53:00)
I don’t, I was knocking out your friend and focused on that. Do you want to tell everyone what you told me, buddy?

Tyron Woodley: (53:08)
I don’t need to. I’m going to show you on Sunday.

Speaker 7: (53:10)
Follow up question for Tyron. Do you feel like you’re being overlooked in some aspects because of how the UFC career ended and how Jake is talking to you? Do you feel like people have underestimated what you’re going to bring to the ring on Sunday?

Tyron Woodley: (53:22)
We saying talking. He ain’t showed me shit yet. At the end of the day I don’t feel like I’ve been under estimate, I feel like the real recognize real. Anybody that has a flicker on a bone or old school that really can just say what they really believe and not what they think sounds cool. Anybody who can really see the training, the mindset, the intensity I’ve been putting in this camp-

Jake Paul: (53:42)
You got three different coaches. Floyd Mayweather did one workout with you and we haven’t heard from him since. So I think he knows something that we don’t know.

Tyron Woodley: (53:52)
Back to what I was saying because I didn’t know what that piglet was. But at the end of the day, I don’t really get into what people say because a mouth will say anything. I’m about action.

Speaker 8: (54:02)
Jake, over here. Over here, sir. You are young. You are rich. You are admired by millions of people around the world. You are relatively charming, relatively handsome. Why is it that so many people around the world want to see you not only lose, but being embarrassed and sent to that place where time doesn’t exist? Why is that?

Jake Paul: (54:25)
Well, I think just going off of what you’re saying, jealousy is one of the biggest evils in this world. I think there’s a lot of people that are jealous that don’t think I deserve to be in this spot, that wish they could be here. I’m polarizing. I get it. I’m loud. I do stupid shit. I go to press conferences with my shirt off because I don’t give a fuck what people think. Most people aren’t like that. They hold what’s inside their mouth. They are scared to rub people the wrong way. I don’t give a shit.

Jake Paul: (54:54)
No, the haters don’t sign my paycheck. I do. That’s why people don’t like me. That’s why some people want to see me lose. They think this is a circus. They don’t think this is good for boxing. Well, guess what? It is. I’m here to stay and I’m going to knock out this fucking guy and move on to the next one. I am overlooking Tyron Woodley. Most people sit up here like Fury and he’s like, “Oh, I have a tough opponent.” No. When I know what’s going to happen, when I’m confident in my skill, I’m already thinking about the next opponent.

Tyron Woodley: (55:22)
Based on [crosstalk 00:55:23].

Jake Paul: (55:23)
Why do you think this guy’s sitting right behind me right now? [crosstalk 00:55:27] what’s going to happen [crosstalk 00:55:28].

Fury: (55:28)
Don’t mention my name [inaudible 00:55:31].

Jake Paul: (55:32)
When you know what’s going to happen, it’s easy. This is an easy sport.

Brian Custer: (55:38)
Why would you not buy and come out to this fight? It goes down this Sunday, August 29th. It is 8:00 PM. That is 5:00 PM Pacific time. 8:00 Eastern. Showtime pay-per-view. You can purchase the fight right now,, do it through the Showtime app, all the major cable satellite providers, or you can go ahead and purchase your tickets right now, Thank you so much for coming out. Thank you so much for all of those who are going to support this fight. Gentlemen, we’re going to have some face-offs here.

Speaker 9: (56:21)
[inaudible 00:56:21] from the bottom [inaudible 00:56:22].

Speaker 10: (57:00)
Okay and [inaudible 00:57:15]. Camera’s in the back. Okay, Amanda. Thank you guys. Standby. We’ll do a group shot in the end. All right can we have Johnny. Come on down.

Speaker 11: (57:30)

Speaker 10: (57:31)

Speaker 12: (57:31)
Hey, can I get a stool?

Speaker 11: (57:35)
You just hang out.

Speaker 13: (57:39)
All right. You’re pretty big.

Speaker 11: (57:40)
You’re going to go right here guys [crosstalk 00:57:41]-

Speaker 10: (57:42)
Right over here, Johnny. Right here.

Speaker 14: (57:51)
[inaudible 00:57:51].

Speaker 10: (57:54)
All right. Face out.

Speaker 11: (57:55)
Face out, guys.

Speaker 10: (57:55)
Face out, gentlemen.

Speaker 15: (58:09)
Face the cameras in the back of the room, please.

Speaker 10: (58:11)
All right. Next.

Speaker 11: (58:12)
Next. Come on. Come on, next. Take your time. Come on down. Come on, Montana.

Speaker 14: (58:24)
[inaudible 00:58:24]. You’re not the real Fury.

Speaker 16: (58:27)
[inaudible 00:58:27].

Speaker 14: (58:27)
Tommy Fury.

Speaker 16: (58:30)
[inaudible 00:58:30].

Speaker 14: (58:32)
Tommy ferry. You’re a cat fish. You’re never going to, this the last time you’re going to see Jake Paul. You’ll never step into America after I’ve finished with you.

Speaker 16: (58:43)
You’re a [inaudible 00:58:43].

Speaker 11: (58:43)
Hang tight, Anthony.

Speaker 10: (58:53)
Okay. Gentlemen, face south. All right. Thank you very much. [inaudible 00:59:05] boys. Can we see the heavyweights? Right down in front. Perfect. Thank you. 3, 2, 1, face south. Okay. Thank you. Champ versus champ. Right in front, ladies. Okay. Ladies, face south… Thank you. Tyron, James.

Speaker 17: (59:29)
Forward, please.

Speaker 10: (01:00:37)
Face south. [crosstalk 01:00:37] best shot. Face south.

Speaker 18: (01:01:04)
Let’s go. Okay, guys. We’re going to do a group shot.

Speaker 10: (01:01:05)
Jake, Ty, you guys want to step down [inaudible 01:01:07].

Speaker 18: (01:01:07)
That’s it guys. Thank you, Ty. Step down, same order. Montana, you’ll go right after Gillespie. [inaudible 01:01:44]. You’re good, here you go.

Speaker 17: (01:01:08)
Can we get the left side?

Speaker 10: (01:01:43)
Anthony, you good? All right. Thank you guys.

Speaker 20: (01:01:44)
Do it then. Do it then, bitch.

Luke Thomas: (01:02:42)
All right. Here we are. Luke Thomas [crosstalk 01:02:44] –

Brian Campbell: (01:02:44)
Tensions [crosstalk 01:02:44] –

Luke Thomas: (01:02:44)
Brian Campbell. The press conferences, technically over BC, but there is still, you can see a little bit of heat behind us. Actually just over to the right of us, you can’t see it quite on camera, I’m not sure, is Tyron Woodley’s mother who is sparring verbally with members of Jake Paul’s team. In fact, you can see right behind us here.

Brian Campbell: (01:03:02)
Tyron Woodley, right over our shoulder. He’s got beef with the opposing camp here. Things are heating up inside the crowd, we expect them to heat up inside the ring. Of course, on Sunday night you saw and heard the intensity [crosstalk 01:03:15]-

Luke Thomas: (01:03:15)
Oh. Now they’re fighting actually, just to the right of us here. Hang on a second.

Brian Campbell: (01:03:17)
Oh, this match up. Chairs have fallen down. Trying to keep cooler heads, keep everyone safe, but the bad blood’s real. This’ll be a real fight, come Sunday night. Security filing in to sort this thing out.

Luke Thomas: (01:03:30)
Yeah. Police are here actually, just to the right of me. If you want to put the camera on here for just a second. Tyron is upset because people are going, or at least verbally sparring with his mom who is actually quite a nice lady.

Brian Campbell: (01:03:43)
A real sweetheart, but very vocally in support of her son.

Luke Thomas: (01:03:46)
Yeah. She’s obviously the number one cheerleader. It does look like security is here and it does look like it’s going to be calmed down, but that got a little dicey there for a moment.

Brian Campbell: (01:03:59)
You heard the trash talk between them. There’s a lack of respect for experience… For toughness, and that’s coming out right now.

Luke Thomas: (01:04:09)
Actually, it’s not calming down at all.

Brian Campbell: (01:04:11)
No. It’s coming out, as you can see right there. Also, Jordan Maldonado, the trainer and manager of Amanda Serrano is also in the midst of it at the moment here.

Luke Thomas: (01:04:22)
I’m not exactly sure what started it. Just as the press conference’s face offs were ending, to the right of me, and our backs are to the stage, I heard and I just tweeted, “Tyron Woodley’s mother was verbally sparring with members of Jake Paul’s camp”. Jake Paul’s entourage. There’s 20, 30 guys deeper. You can see them in the orange here in various places throughout the Concourse and the ballroom. It just kind of escalated from there. I don’t know exactly what the source of it is. Jake Paul appears to be far away from it. There you could see Tyron Woodley’s mom.

Brian Campbell: (01:04:59)
They’re trying to separate the two.

Luke Thomas: (01:04:59)
Yeah. I just heard Tyron say he’s demanding an effing apology. I’m not sure from who here. Boy, he is animated. He is animated.

Brian Campbell: (01:05:11)
We’ve got police, we’ve got security for the event. It seems to be calming down, although Tyron Woodley is getting out of here [crosstalk 01:05:17]-

Luke Thomas: (01:05:16)
Tyron Woodley is walking away. Tyron’s now to our left. He was walking away. Yeah. I guess he’s upset that they got in his mom’s face. There she is right behind us, you could see her just behind us. Tyron Woodley’s mother.

Brian Campbell: (01:05:35)
Certainly this [crosstalk 01:05:36] –

Luke Thomas: (01:05:36)
Yeah. This got a little bit hairy.

Brian Campbell: (01:05:38)
This personal grudge has gone to a next level ahead of this fight, Sunday night. Showtime Pay-Per-View, 8:00 PM, Eastern when this five fight pay-per-view main card kicks off for all things Paul, Woodley.

Luke Thomas: (01:05:49)
Yeah. It looks to me like everything was fun and games until they got in his mom’s face. At that point, I guess Tyron wasn’t having it. It’s okay. He can walk through, it’s okay.

Brian Campbell: (01:06:01)
Tyron Woodley cuts right in front of us.

Luke Thomas: (01:06:03)
Yeah. It’s okay. Just let him go through, cause they’re not on us anyway here. Thank you, Courtney. Guys, we’re on camera here. Go ahead. Go ahead. Go ahead. Go ahead. Go ahead.

Brian Campbell: (01:06:10)
Chaos ensuing here, as we start to sort all of this out.

Luke Thomas: (01:06:13)

Brian Campbell: (01:06:14)
Our takeaway, Lucas, cooler heads [crosstalk 01:06:16] prevail. Apologies, of course, to anyone caught in the crossfire there. But it’s a real fight, Luke, and we’re going to see Sunday night while the resumes of both in the pure boxing professional sense have been mixed, haven’t been anything but real. The beef is real. The preparation for a real fight is real. Luke, how much do you think all of this chatter [crosstalk 00:01:06:38]-

Luke Thomas: (01:06:38)
Oh, hold on. It’s not over yet.

Brian Campbell: (01:06:40)
This drama.

Luke Thomas: (01:06:40)
No, they’re still going after it. Right over here, just to my right.

Brian Campbell: (01:06:45)
Members of the extended teams.

Luke Thomas: (01:06:45)
You know what? They need to clear the room. Can I be honest about this? The security needs to clear the room and… You know, BC, back in a different part of my life I was a bouncer in New York city. This is a true story.

Brian Campbell: (01:06:56)
Yeah. If you don’t mind, if you can bar back the tables over there, and then kind of clean this area up and then maybe get me a [crosstalk 01:07:01]-

Luke Thomas: (01:07:00)
True story. If you’re actually working security at a bar, the number one thing they tell you is to get everyone out who’s involved.

Brian Campbell: (01:07:05)
Get everyone out. Lou DiBella here, the promoter of Amanda Serrano. Lou, if you can step in and clear that. Tensions remain high, Luke. I did want to ask you though, as they clean this up, what role does this play into Sunday night’s fight?

Luke Thomas: (01:07:17)
Well. I was going to say this got, this was something of a testy press conference, at least from Jake. It actually broke my heart a little bit. I’m not rooting for Jake, I’m not rooting for Tyron, but Tyron was a very decorated UFC champion. He’s one of the best welterweight champions we’ve ever had. Which again, is one of the more marquee divisions at his career to just get slandered in the way that he was. He was playing it nonchalant. But honestly, it’s hard for me to believe he wasn’t taking some of that to heart, or at least offense, anyway. Not that he was believing it per se, and then for his mom to get involved, it set him off.

Brian Campbell: (01:07:49)
That could take the drama, the heat, if you will, inside Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse on Sunday night. That can certainly add to what we’re already going to see, which are two hungry fighters looking to make a statement, looking to prove something. Now it’s gotten a lot more personal, Luke, as you look at our sponsor, Barstool Sportsbook, that’s why those odds have been so close. Because it’s what we don’t know about each fighter in a professional boxing sense. That makes this matchup so interesting.

Luke Thomas: (01:08:18)
Right? Look at the odds.

Brian Campbell: (01:08:19)
You see the current update from Barstool Sportsbook. Minus 190, Jake Paul you’re betting favorite, but Tyron Woodley at plus 155 is a lot more than a puncher’s chance in the idea of who’s going to win this fight.

Luke Thomas: (01:08:33)
No doubt about it. If you want to get more information about these odds and everything else that the Barstool Sportsbook has to offer, get the app. The Barstool Sportsbook app, it is available right now in your app store, whether you have an iPhone or an Android, go and check that out. As you can see, the odds kind of narrowing a little bit. Boy, I have to tell you. Jake Paul will say, and I want to be clear, Jake Paul was not the one having words with Tyron Woodley’s mother.

Brian Campbell: (01:08:57)
It’s his extended team.

Luke Thomas: (01:08:58)
It’s his extended team, and that could be trainers listening to some friends. It’s hard to know exactly who was doing what, I guess we’ll figure this out as time goes on. But I got to say, if it wasn’t personal before, BC, it’s personal now.

Brian Campbell: (01:09:11)
No question about it. Yeah. What do we always have as a rule on the playground? Any joke but a mom joke, right? This is taking it certainly from a personal standpoint to the next level. It does make you wonder. Does that mean more fireworks on Saturday? Does that mean Tyron Woodley can get off his game plan? You said coming in, what would be the potential mind game that each of these fighters use this media event for to plan? I’m not saying this was a planned mind game from Jake Paul against Tyron Woodley, but this has an opportunity to change the demeanor that Woodley could bring into this matchup on Sunday. For better or worse, we’re not going to know, Luke,

Luke Thomas: (01:09:46)

Brian Campbell: (01:09:46)
But a very interesting set of events. It got personal, there’s no question.

Luke Thomas: (01:09:49)
It didn’t affect Jake, but it did affect Tyron. All right, well that is it for us. That’s Brian Campbell, I’m Luke Thomas. We’re the hosts of Morning Kombat. You can check us out at Combat with a ‘K’. We are done for today, here for the presser.

Brian Campbell: (01:10:01)
But if you want more breakdown on Paul, Woodley fight week today… This is Thursday 5:00 PM Eastern on the Morning Kombat channel on YouTube. We will continue this conversation, sort out the themes, the narratives, the feeling from fight week as it all points toward that Sunday night, 8:00 PM, Eastern. Cannot wait, Luke Thomas, after seeing this.

Luke Thomas: (01:10:22)
Not at all. You can see us, you can follow us there below again. Morning Kombat will be on YouTube at 5:00 PM today. Until then, if you don’t see us for today’s show, we will catch you at the weigh-ins. For Brian Campbell, I’m Luke Thomas. We’ll see you guys later.

Luke Thomas: (01:10:38)
We are here at the Paul vs. Woodley open workouts here in downtown Cleveland.

Brian Campbell: (01:10:45)
Just days out from the fight, when the unbeaten Jake Paul takes on former UFC welterweight champ, Tyron Woodley.

Luke Thomas: (01:10:51)
This is not an exhibition. This is a pro boxing contest.

Brian Campbell: (01:10:55)
Bigger, younger, stronger, in Jake. But, Tyron’s got some of those things that you can’t learn with Jake.

Speaker 19: (01:11:00)
Tyron. The chosen one.

Luke Thomas: (01:11:03)
You said this out loud, people are coming up and you saying, “you got to knock this guy out”.

Speaker 14: (01:11:07)
This is a war to me, this is game shit.

Brian Campbell: (01:11:11)
Three and zero with three knockouts.

Speaker 19: (01:11:12)
The problem child, Jake Paul.

Speaker 20: (01:11:15)
When I beat him, there will be no excuses because he was saying about Floyd Mayweather.

Brian Campbell: (01:11:18)
This Sunday night, August 29th. Only on Showtime Pay-Per-View.

Speaker 14: (01:11:22)
You should expect violence.

Speaker 20: (01:11:23)
A movie, a knockout.

Speaker 14: (01:11:24)
I’m going out there to hurt this kid.

Speaker 20: (01:11:26)
I’m going to turn him into a meme. Every punch. violence.

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