Jan 12, 2023

Golden Globes 2023 Highlights Transcript

Golden Globes 2023 Highlights Transcript
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From Eddie Murphy’s rules to Brad Pitt and Rihanna sightings, here are the best moments from the 80th Golden Globe Awards. Read the transcript here. 

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Kevin Frazier (00:00):

The Golden Globes after-after party is right here on ET. Who needs sleep? Welcome to Entertainment Tonight. It had everything we love about award shows.

Nischelle Turner (00:09):

Yes, it did. It had laughter, tears, it had awkwardness, but one thing is for sure, the Globes returned with peak star power.

Mother is in the building.

To you.

Jennifer Coolidge (00:25):

To you.

Austin Butler (00:32):

I’m still getting used to these types of things.

Nischelle Turner (00:35):

Rihanna, Brad, Selena with her date, nine-year-old sister Gracie, and this trio of men we love. But it was Cecil B. Demille award winner Eddie Murphy who got the standing O.

Eddie Murphy (00:46):

Pay your taxes, mind your business and keep Will Smith’s wife’s name (beep) mouth.

Kevin Frazier (00:59):

You closed with a bang.

Eddie Murphy (01:00):

I love Chris and Will and it’s all love.

Kevin Frazier (01:04):

What does it mean to receive this award tonight? Because your career’s not over.

Eddie Murphy (01:09):

Well, actually my career is over.

Kevin Frazier (01:12):

Did you end it?

Eddie Murphy (01:14):

No, this is nice. It’s nice to get some recognition and to get a nice award.

Nischelle Turner (01:21):

What do people come up to you and quote the most?

Eddie Murphy (01:25):

People come up and say sexual chocolate. And they say Hercules. The strangest thing a person’s ever said to me, “Hey man, you still got that laugh?” And I said, “Yeah.” And he said, “Was that real or was that computers?”

Nischelle Turner (01:43):


Eddie Murphy (01:45):

He was dead serious.

Kevin Frazier (01:46):

Come on.

Billy Porter (01:46):

Ryan Murphy.

Ryan Murphy (01:50):

My mission was to take the invisible, the unloved and make them the heroes.

Nischelle Turner (01:54):

Ryan Murphy took home the Carol Burnett Award and gave a shoutout to Jennifer Coolidge who won Best Supporting Actress in a Limited Series for the White Lotus. Jennifer danced on the red carpet at the after party and I raised a glass. Is there any chance at all that you can come back again?

Jennifer Coolidge (02:15):

I don’t think so. I don’t know, he might, you never know.

Nischelle Turner (02:19):

Would you do it?

Jennifer Coolidge (02:20):

Yes, of course. If he could figure out, but I don’t know. There’s talk. I don’t know how he would do that, but I’m game.

Nischelle Turner (02:27):

You’ve had just this resurgence of a career.

Jennifer Coolidge (02:31):

I kind of blame this generation, this new young generation for sort of bringing me back. I feel like Ariana Grande put me in her video. That changed a lot for me, sort of overnight. I don’t know. Mainly people are just like, “She’s still alive?” If you see me in this dress tomorrow, don’t tell anyone.

Nischelle Turner (02:58):

I’m not saying nothing. I ain’t saw it. I’ve not seen anything.

Kevin Frazier (03:01):

One winner missing from the night, Kevin Costner.

Kevin Costner (03:04):

I’m just so sorry that I can’t be there. Freeway’s flooded out. We found ourself on the wrong side of the town and we couldn’t get back last night.

Kevin Frazier (03:13):

The Yellowstone star won Best Actor in a Drama Series but was forced to hunker down at his Santa Barbara ranch after torrential rain caused flooding, property damage and mass evacuations in the area this week. Presenter Regina Hall awkwardly accepted the award on his behalf.

Regina Hall (03:31):

Kevin Costner, he so much wanted to… I always like how they write this. The unprecedented weather and flooding, he has to shelter in place in Santa Barbara. Jesus. Let’s pray everyone. No, no, no. This is true. This is true.

Kevin Frazier (03:48):

Also true, you’d be hard pressed to find a bigger Yellowstone fan than Henry Winkler.

Henry Winkler (03:53):

Did you know, I met Kevin the first time in Ron Howard’s first movie. He was an extra in Night Shift and now he is the king of the world.

Speaker 10 (04:06):

Cole Hauser is here on the red carpet.

Henry Winkler (04:08):

Where? Oh my God, is he amazing or what? Rip is one of the coolest guys on television ever.

Cole Hauser (04:18):

I’m a big fan of his as well, so it would be an honor to meet him.

Kevin Frazier (04:21):

Cole Hauser walked the carpet with his wife, Cynthia Daniel, and dropped this news. We’ll get two more seasons of Yellowstone.

Cole Hauser (04:28):

I can tell you there’ll be a six and there’ll be a seventh. So that’s all I can tell you.

Nischelle Turner (04:34):

You can’t stop Yellowstone and first time winner Austin Butler can’t shake the king. This is like a monumental moment for you. Do you feel it?

Austin Butler (04:43):

I do. I think so. The Presley family, thank you guys.

Lisa Marie Presley (04:47):

It was so incredible and so spot on.

Priscilla Presley (04:50):

He nailed it.

Austin Butler (04:51):

I don’t think I sound like him still, but I guess I must because I hear it a lot.

Nischelle Turner (04:57):

Well, just listen to the California native with ET in 2013.

Austin Butler (05:00):

That’s what I’m hoping for.

Nischelle Turner (05:04):

Not only did you pay homage to Elvis in your speech, you did shout out Denzel Washington.

Austin Butler (05:08):

Thank you for your generosity in championing me when you did not have to. Doing this play that I did with Denzel on Broadway, that was the thing that changed my career. He took it out of the kindness of his heart to call Baz. I’m so grateful to him.

Speaker 15 (05:22):

Austin, congratulations man.

Nischelle Turner (05:23):

Austin was loving up girlfriend Kaya Gerber all night, leaving an after party at 3:30 AM with her asleep on his shoulder.

Jennifer Hudson (05:30):

Angela Bassett, baby. Come on.

Nischelle Turner (05:33):

Your husband’s using his phone to record everything tonight.

Angela Bassett (05:36):

He’s a sweetie. He’s a sweetheart and he believed in this moment. I think maybe he manifested.

In 1994. I stood on this stage and accepted the Golden Globe for What’s Love Got to Do With It?

Thank you, thank you, thank you, God.

Nischelle Turner (05:53):

It’s almost 30 years later.

Angela Bassett (05:55):

I know. That’s pretty amazing. That just shows you the journey.

Nischelle Turner (06:00):

Angela screamed for this lady’s journey, Michelle Yeoh, winning after waiting 40 years and no one was going to play her off the stage.

Michelle Yeoh (06:08):

Shut up, please.

I didn’t realize I was so naughty. I was like, “No.” I can beat you up, okay? And you know I could do it.

Nischelle Turner (06:16):

I think you could have impressed your newest director, James Cameron for Avatar. You’re going to join the franchise, correct?

Michelle Yeoh (06:23):

Oh yes. Oh yes.

Nischelle Turner (06:23):

Three has been shot. Four’s partly shot. Everybody’s told me that there’s new people joining that I’m going to lose my mind about.

Michelle Yeoh (06:32):

Oh my God. Stop it.

Nischelle Turner (06:34):

Okay, but our praise for fellow winner and costar Ke Huy Quan won’t stop after his emotional full circle moment. 38 years you’ve been dreaming of being here at the Golden Globes.

Ke Huy Quan (06:46):

Oh yeah, that’s true. 38 years. It feels incredible.

I started my career as a child actor in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

Steven Spielberg (06:58):

And cut. Great, Ke. Lovely. Oh my God.

Ke Huy Quan (07:01):

I am so happy to see Steven Spielberg here tonight. Steven, thank you.

That gave me the greatest joy because that man gave me my first opportunity. I got a standing ovation from Steven Spielberg.

Nischelle Turner (07:14):

Last night’s best director winner who also worked with Ke in The Goonies revealed his indie casting could have gone another way.

Steven Spielberg (07:20):

His cousin was reading for the part and we saw Ke sitting in the waiting room and said, “Can we bring this younger kid in to meet me?” And that’s sort of how it happened.

Nischelle Turner (07:30):

Come on, universe. Ke may have beat out Brad Pitt, but he still had the best night showing off a short haircut and a new smile. He got his chipped tooth fixed from last summer. Pitt was the Globe’s MVP. Yep, the stars are just like us, obsessed with Brad.

Austin Butler (07:47):

Brad, I love you.

Regina Hall (07:48):

I think they got my name wrong. Yeah, it’s Mrs. Pitt.

Nischelle Turner (07:53):

Inside the show, our eyewitness saw Brad sipping on water since he’s sober and cracking jokes at his table. The ladies next to him, that’s his manager. On the other side, his Babylon costar, Margot Robbie, who is working on a remake of Brad’s film, Ocean’s 11, costarring Ryan Gosling.

Margot Robbie (08:09):

Hopefully we’re moving ahead doing that this year.

Nischelle Turner (08:12):

Brad’s Glory also got the cast of Abbott Elementary all flustered during their best comedy series win.

Quinta Brunson (08:18):

Hey Brad Pitt. I’m going to pull it together.

Kevin Frazier (08:23):

Where you headed next?

Janelle James (08:25):

Where am I… To the after party.

Kevin Frazier (08:26):

To the after party.

Janelle James (08:27):

To rub shoulders with Brad Pitt. I’m like, “What are you doing outside Brad Pitt? You should be in a famous man location.”

Quinta Brunson (08:33):

I think we’re just going to have a little fun at the after party and then probably go home because we have these early ass call times. I may not dance a lot or drink a lot, but I’m going to have a good time.

Niecy Nash (08:42):

Quinta, get up here girl.

Nischelle Turner (08:44):

As promised, Abbott’s creator and star Quinta Brunson hit the party scene holding her two statuettes. She also won Best Performance by an Actress in a TV Series Musical or Comedy.

Quinta Brunson (08:54):

Okay, let me skip past my family text messaging. I couldn’t get back in my phone. All the text messages were going bananas.

Kevin Frazier (09:01):

And you were like, “Stop, please. I’m trying to read this speech.”

Quinta Brunson (09:04):

I really was trying to read the speech, but.

Nischelle Turner (09:06):

Tyler got a standing ovation from Eddie Murphy for his first Golden Globe win.

Tyler James Williams (09:10):

The first time I was here I was 13 when Everybody Hates Chris was nominated.

Chris Rock (09:15):

I’m very proud of this cast, especially Tyler here.

Nischelle Turner (09:19):

ET spoke to that dapper little dude alongside Chris Rock leading up to that 2006 red carpet.

Kevin Frazier (09:25):

The Golden Globes have movie stars and TV stars.

Tyler James Williams (09:28):

Yeah, we’re looking forward to it and going to the Golden Globes.

Nischelle Turner (09:31):

While Sheryl Lee Ralph lost to Ozarks Julia Garner, she told us being nominated is a win in itself. And today, a season three was confirmed.

Sheryl Lee Ralph (09:40):

I am so thankful to be here. I am so thankful to have my name called as one of the best now in the world.

Kevin Frazier (09:49):

Now, despite all the star power, it seems Hollywood might not love a comeback. After a one-year hiatus, boycotts and controversy for lack of diversity, it could be the lowest rated Globes in almost 30 years, with early numbers saying less than 5.4 million tuned in.

Jerrod Carmichael (10:04):

I am your host Jerrod Carmichael, and I’ll tell you why I’m here. I’m here because I’m Black. Look, how much are they paying you? $500,000. Boy, if you don’t put on a good suit and take them white people money.

Kevin Frazier (10:20):

Host Jerrod Carmichael came out swinging and gave us one of the most cringe-worthy moments of the night with this.

Jerrod Carmichael (10:26):

Backstage I found these three Golden Globe Awards that Tom Cruise returned. I think maybe we take these three things and exchange them for the safe return of Shelly Miscavige.

Kevin Frazier (10:44):

The joke about Scientology leader David Miscavige’s wife landed with Leah Remini, who took to Twitter to add “Where is Shelly?” But the show must go on.

Jerrod Carmichael (10:53):

Anyway, from Top Gun: Maverick, please welcome Glenn Powell and Jay Ellis.

Kevin Frazier (10:59):

Y’all have fun.

Jay Ellis (11:00):

Oh you know we going to cut up.

Kevin Frazier (11:00):

I know.

Nischelle Turner (11:01):

Listen, your brother are running around here acting up already.

Glen Powell (11:05):

They’re not meant for this environment. You can put them in nice clothes, but they’re not going to behave. We’re going to have a good time tonight.

Kevin Frazier (11:11):

The boys of Maverick lost out to Steven Spielberg’s The Fabelmans for Best Motion Picture Drama and victory was twice as nice for Steven, who also took home Best Director.

You thanked us. You said you wouldn’t be here without ET and well, we understand.

Steven Spielberg (11:24):

You heard that tonight, didn’t you? When you originated your brand, you came on the ET set in 1981 and you were there with your little mics with the ET on it, and I immediately wanted to call my lawyers to sue you. And I thought, “Oh my God, they took my title.” And look, all these years later, we’ve managed to coexist peacefully.

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