Jun 30, 2022

Gaten Matarazzo Had an Unsettling Encounter with Vecna on the Stranger Things Set Transcript

Gaten Matarazzo Had an Unsettling Encounter with Vecna on the Stranger Things Set Transcript
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Gaten Matarazzo talks about returning to Broadway to star in Dear Evan Hansen, and the first time he met Vecna on the Stranger Things set. Read the transcript here.

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Jimmy Fallon: (00:00)
The charades champion.

Gaten Matarazzo: (00:02)

Jimmy Fallon: (00:02)

Gaten Matarazzo: (00:03)
I can’t believe we did it.

Jimmy Fallon: (00:04)
We are the champs.

Gaten Matarazzo: (00:05)
Not deserved.

Jimmy Fallon: (00:06)
No, not at all.

Gaten Matarazzo: (00:06)
At all.

Jimmy Fallon: (00:06)
No, not at all. But by the way, we kept saying, “Hey, we’re going to come back. We’re going to come back.” And what did we do?

Gaten Matarazzo: (00:11)

Jimmy Fallon: (00:11)
We came back. Yeah. I want to talk about this. Dear Evan Hansen.

Gaten Matarazzo: (00:15)

Jimmy Fallon: (00:16)
You’re coming back to Broadway.

Gaten Matarazzo: (00:17)
I am. Thank you very much.

Jimmy Fallon: (00:23)
Is it like riding a bike? Do you go, “Oh, I know how to do this. Broadway.”?

Gaten Matarazzo: (00:26)
A little bit. So if that’s riding a bike, this is like getting on a motorcycle.

Jimmy Fallon: (00:33)
Oh, it is?

Gaten Matarazzo: (00:33)
Yeah. A little bit.

Jimmy Fallon: (00:34)

Gaten Matarazzo: (00:34)
Just because I haven’t run on a show long term consistently since I was 12. And that was before my voice changed. I was only doing four shows a week then now I’m doing eight.

Jimmy Fallon: (00:46)
I could just imagine it’s just so straining on your voice to do…

Gaten Matarazzo: (00:49)
Especially. Yeah. This show is not kind to most of the performers in it and I’m playing Jared. I’m very, very excited and his track is really great.

Jimmy Fallon: (01:01)
When does it begin?

Gaten Matarazzo: (01:02)
I open July 19th.

Jimmy Fallon: (01:04)

Gaten Matarazzo: (01:04)

Jimmy Fallon: (01:05)
That’s soon.

Gaten Matarazzo: (01:05)
It is soon.

Jimmy Fallon: (01:05)
That whole cast of Stranger Things can all sing.

Gaten Matarazzo: (01:09)
A good portion. Yes.

Jimmy Fallon: (01:11)
That’s a talented cast.

Gaten Matarazzo: (01:11)
Some of them much better than I can.

Jimmy Fallon: (01:13)
I think season one, do you remember that you were doing this thing that all the rest of the cast were getting annoyed by? You kept singing Oh my God. Do you remember this? We had it-

Gaten Matarazzo: (01:22)
Oh my God. Yeah.

Jimmy Fallon: (01:23)
Yeah, yeah. You kept saying, oh my God.

Gaten Matarazzo: (01:26)
Yeah that one.

Jimmy Fallon: (01:26)
And everyone’s like, “Will you stopped saying that?”

Gaten Matarazzo: (01:28)
Everyone’s like, “Gaten”.

Jimmy Fallon: (01:29)
But that was your catch phrase at the time.

Gaten Matarazzo: (01:31)
At the time. Yeah. I wanted-

Jimmy Fallon: (01:32)
Oh my God.

Gaten Matarazzo: (01:32)
I wanted something that they’d hear just in the distance and they’d be like, “Oh, there he is.”

Jimmy Fallon: (01:38)
Can you do it one more time?

Gaten Matarazzo: (01:39)
Oh my God. I was better at it when I was like 14. I was better at it.

Jimmy Fallon: (01:45)
No, it’s so good. Someone should sample that and put it in a song.

Gaten Matarazzo: (01:48)
Well, it’s better when the roots can accompany you with it.

Jimmy Fallon: (01:52)
Can you give a little bit of the…

Gaten Matarazzo: (01:54)
Yeah. Oh my God. Yeah. Yeah, of course. It’s perfect.

Jimmy Fallon: (02:01)
Oh my God.

Gaten Matarazzo: (02:02)
That’s all we need.

Jimmy Fallon: (02:05)
In the show, I guess I got to see A Never Ending Story, of course.

Gaten Matarazzo: (02:09)

Jimmy Fallon: (02:09)
We got to that, Running Up That Hill, by the way. How about that?

Gaten Matarazzo: (02:12)

Jimmy Fallon: (02:13)
That’s taken a life of its own.

Gaten Matarazzo: (02:15)
I know. It’s great for me.

Jimmy Fallon: (02:16)

Gaten Matarazzo: (02:17)
Because it’s replaced A Never Ending Story.

Jimmy Fallon: (02:19)
Oh, yeah.

Gaten Matarazzo: (02:19)
It’s awesome.

Jimmy Fallon: (02:21)
That was your… Oh, because that was your thing.

Gaten Matarazzo: (02:22)
Oh yeah.

Jimmy Fallon: (02:22)
Oh yeah.

Gaten Matarazzo: (02:23)
That was-

Jimmy Fallon: (02:23)
We’ve done stuff with you on the show.

Gaten Matarazzo: (02:25)
I haven’t-

Jimmy Fallon: (02:25)
Do you mind doing that? But now, no. Now it’s on Sadie.

Gaten Matarazzo: (02:30)
It’s now it sucks for Sadie, yeah. But, I’m in the clear for a bit. It’s awesome.

Jimmy Fallon: (02:35)
Did you like hearing it when you were doing it on the show, when you were filming?

Gaten Matarazzo: (02:39)
I loved doing it on the show.

Jimmy Fallon: (02:40)

Gaten Matarazzo: (02:40)
Gabby who plays Susie is just awesome and incredible. She’s a Broadway kid as well.

Jimmy Fallon: (02:45)

Gaten Matarazzo: (02:45)
Yeah. She’s been Fun Home for like… I just saw her. Three or four years she ran in that show, which is a really long time, especially for a kid actor. Yeah, but she’s great. When she came on set, we heard it like 10 minutes before we shot. Then we got a harmony track set up and all that jazz. Yeah.

Jimmy Fallon: (03:06)
It was the greatest.

Gaten Matarazzo: (03:06)
It was fun.

Jimmy Fallon: (03:07)
When Sadie was on the show I was talking about Vecna.

Gaten Matarazzo: (03:11)

Jimmy Fallon: (03:12)
Who’s a new character.

Gaten Matarazzo: (03:13)

Jimmy Fallon: (03:13)
Who’s kind of taken off a little bit.

Gaten Matarazzo: (03:15)

Jimmy Fallon: (03:15)
That show Stranger Things. Yeah. Here’s Vecna and she said she had a very-

Gaten Matarazzo: (03:19)
There he is.

Jimmy Fallon: (03:20)
I go, “Was he frightening on the set?” And she goes, “Actually, no, because my first time I met Vecna, he was eating a sandwich.” Kind of takes all the frightening… I was eating a hoagie, chomping on a hoagie.

Gaten Matarazzo: (03:34)
I saw him once during filming of volume one. I saw him one time.

Jimmy Fallon: (03:40)

Gaten Matarazzo: (03:43)
I was in costume and we were doing 3D scans. You have to go into a room and they take a bunch of pictures all around, because there’s a lot of animation in the show, especially this year.

Jimmy Fallon: (03:52)
Oh yeah. It’s great.

Gaten Matarazzo: (03:53)
And it’s like a little line of the cast in costume whenever they had free time during filming and I saw-

Jimmy Fallon: (04:03)

Gaten Matarazzo: (04:04)
Yeah. I saw Vecna sitting there and I looked at him and was like, “Hi, it’s great to see you.” I hadn’t seen him since the table read. And he was just like, “Yeah, how are you? It’s good to see you.” Just like in like a lawn chair, feet up and whole half done up in Vecna gear. It is unsettling and just-

Jimmy Fallon: (04:24)
Yeah from the waist-

Gaten Matarazzo: (04:24)

Jimmy Fallon: (04:25)
From the waist down wearing like sweat pants?

Gaten Matarazzo: (04:27)
Yeah, pretty much I think. I think, if I remember correctly, I was drawn towards his messed up face. But yeah, I think I remember he was-

Jimmy Fallon: (04:35)
And then he’s just talking to you like he’s not Vecna?

Gaten Matarazzo: (04:36)
Yeah. It was like, “How are you?” He was like, “It’s good to see you.” He looked exhausted.

Jimmy Fallon: (04:40)
Everyone said… We did a bit. The roots and I did a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade and we’re on the float. We’re on a bus. They put all the people that are going to be on the floats on a bus-

Gaten Matarazzo: (04:49)

Jimmy Fallon: (04:49)
Before you go on the float. It was me and The Roots and Ronald McDonald. It’s just crazy. The guy was so nice, but he-

Gaten Matarazzo: (04:58)
That’s awesome.

Jimmy Fallon: (04:58)
He is dressed like Ronald McDonald.

Gaten Matarazzo: (05:00)
But he’s Ronald McDonald.

Jimmy Fallon: (05:01)
Yeah. And he’s having a normal conversation.

Gaten Matarazzo: (05:03)
That’s perfect.

Jimmy Fallon: (05:04)
Drinking a coffee.

Gaten Matarazzo: (05:04)
That’s perfect.

Jimmy Fallon: (05:04)
He’s like, “Yeah. The subway was crazy.” And I go, “I can’t have this. You’re Ronald McDonald.”

Gaten Matarazzo: (05:08)
Did you laugh?

Jimmy Fallon: (05:09)

Gaten Matarazzo: (05:10)
Did you-

Jimmy Fallon: (05:10)
No. I just had to tell him that you got to stop, because you’re-

Gaten Matarazzo: (05:13)
I couldn’t.

Jimmy Fallon: (05:13)
Dressed like Ronald McDonald.

Gaten Matarazzo: (05:15)
I wouldn’t have been able to breath.

Jimmy Fallon: (05:16)
I had a full on hour and a half conversation with Ronald McDonald and we were all freaking out. We were like, “Oh my gosh.” And then James-

Gaten Matarazzo: (05:22)
Of course, you have like the… You’re doing the parade. That’s pretty nerveracking. Right?

Jimmy Fallon: (05:25)
Yeah. We were nervous about that, but then we were all just freaking out that Ronald McDonald was on the thing. We’re like, and James was about to come on the bus and we’re like, “Oh, James is going to freak out that we’re talking to Ronald McDonald.” And James came on the bus. Do you remember what he said, Quest?

Speaker 3: (05:38)
Yeah. He was like, “What’s up Ron?”

Jimmy Fallon: (05:41)
He said, “What’s up Ron?” Like he’s one of our friends.

Gaten Matarazzo: (05:45)

Jimmy Fallon: (05:45)
We’re sitting talking to Ronald McDonald. “What’s up, Jay? How you doing?” He goes, “What’s up Ron?” Like him and Ronald McDonald hang out or something.

Gaten Matarazzo: (05:53)
What are the daily issues of Ronald McDonald? What are like the-

Jimmy Fallon: (05:57)
Putting curlers in the wig. Yeah.

Gaten Matarazzo: (06:00)

Jimmy Fallon: (06:01)
He’s got a curled hairstyle.

Gaten Matarazzo: (06:02)

Jimmy Fallon: (06:03)
He’s got big shoes.

Gaten Matarazzo: (06:04)
Beautifully quiff.

Jimmy Fallon: (06:05)
He’s got a quiff, Ronald McDonald.

Gaten Matarazzo: (06:05)

Jimmy Fallon: (06:06)
He’s got the yellow jumpers.

Gaten Matarazzo: (06:08)
It’s a lot. The shoes are a bit big.

Jimmy Fallon: (06:09)
Shoes are giantly big. He’s dressed like a clown.

Gaten Matarazzo: (06:12)

Jimmy Fallon: (06:13)
He’s a pretty famous clown.

Gaten Matarazzo: (06:13)
Yeah. One of them. One of the famous clowns.

Jimmy Fallon: (06:16)
He has to take a car to wherever he is going. Can’t take public transportation.

Gaten Matarazzo: (06:23)
No, I guess not. Yeah.

Jimmy Fallon: (06:24)
You can’t see Ronald McDonald.

Gaten Matarazzo: (06:24)
I’ve never thought about the struggles of being Ronald McDonald, though I got to say.

Jimmy Fallon: (06:27)
There’s got to be a documentary there somewhere. What goes on? It’s like Vecna.

Gaten Matarazzo: (06:33)
Yeah. That’s right.

Jimmy Fallon: (06:34)
The poor guy can’t even eat a sandwich.

Gaten Matarazzo: (06:36)
He can’t go anywhere. He can’t eat a sandwich.

Jimmy Fallon: (06:36)
He can’t be on his cell phone, checking his voicemail.

Gaten Matarazzo: (06:39)
He can’t have Starbucks. No.

Jimmy Fallon: (06:40)
He can’t go to Starbucks. He’s like, “Oh. I’m Vecna.”

Gaten Matarazzo: (06:43)
Yeah. I got other beep to do.

Jimmy Fallon: (06:45)
Yeah. You got big things to do. Yeah. Season four, volume two comes out this Friday.

Gaten Matarazzo: (06:49)

Jimmy Fallon: (06:50)
I know. You’ve done a great job not giving any spoilers away and I’m not going to get you in trouble.

Gaten Matarazzo: (06:58)
Well, thank you.

Jimmy Fallon: (06:59)
I just wanted… This is your wardrobe.

Gaten Matarazzo: (07:04)
That’s great. That’s fun.

Jimmy Fallon: (07:05)
Yeah. Okay, so I’m assuming that there’s a big finale.

Gaten Matarazzo: (07:09)
Yeah, as you can see.

Jimmy Fallon: (07:10)
Yes. There’s also, here’s you.

Gaten Matarazzo: (07:12)
There’s a picture.

Jimmy Fallon: (07:13)

Gaten Matarazzo: (07:14)
I look so cute in that picture, don’t I?

Jimmy Fallon: (07:14)
You look so cute here. Yeah. Oh my God. This should be the poster board, but-

Gaten Matarazzo: (07:18)
That’s the new Instagram bio picture there.

Jimmy Fallon: (07:22)
When you’re doing this, you go, “Okay. Oh my gosh.” They go, “Oh, there’s two new episodes coming out.” And you go, “Yeah.”

Gaten Matarazzo: (07:27)

Jimmy Fallon: (07:27)
I go, “Oh, two? That’s it?” And you go, “No, no, no.”

Gaten Matarazzo: (07:30)
No, no, no, no.

Jimmy Fallon: (07:31)
The first episode’s like two hours?

Gaten Matarazzo: (07:33)
First episode’s, so eight episodes, I think probably an hour and a half. But episode nine, it’s getting close to two and a half hours. It’s a movie.

Jimmy Fallon: (07:41)
That is a movie right there.

Gaten Matarazzo: (07:42)
It’s a movie. Yeah.

Jimmy Fallon: (07:42)
Coming out.

Gaten Matarazzo: (07:43)
I know.

Jimmy Fallon: (07:44)
You did a movie.

Gaten Matarazzo: (07:44)
It’s great. Yeah.

Jimmy Fallon: (07:44)
They’re all beautifully done.

Gaten Matarazzo: (07:49)
They’re basically just… It’s nine movies, practically.

Jimmy Fallon: (07:51)

Gaten Matarazzo: (07:51)
All of them are close to an hour and a half. All of them over an hour.

Jimmy Fallon: (07:54)
They’re so good. It’s all starting to pay off and everything works and it’s really cool.

Gaten Matarazzo: (07:59)
Yeah. You learn a lot.

Jimmy Fallon: (08:01)
You learn a lot. Yeah.

Gaten Matarazzo: (08:02)

Jimmy Fallon: (08:02)
And it’s scary and it’s good.

Gaten Matarazzo: (08:03)

Jimmy Fallon: (08:03)
Yeah. I want to show everyone a clip. Here’s Gaten Matarazzo in season four of Stranger Things. Take a look at this.

Gaten Matarazzo: (08:08)
Hey Steve.

Speaker 4: (08:11)
Did you guys see this?

Gaten Matarazzo: (08:12)
How many phones do you have?

Speaker 4: (08:13)
Someone was murdered.

Gaten Matarazzo: (08:13)
How many phones do you have?

Speaker 4: (08:16)
Two. Why?

Speaker 5: (08:17)
Technically three, if you count case in the back.

Speaker 6: (08:19)
Yeah, three works.

Speaker 4: (08:21)
What are you doing? You- whoa. What are you… No, no, no. Not on my tapes. Dude. What are you doing, man?

Gaten Matarazzo: (08:28)
Setting up base of operations here.

Speaker 5: (08:29)
Base of operations?

Speaker 4: (08:31)
Stop. Get off of that.

Gaten Matarazzo: (08:32)
No, I need it.

Speaker 4: (08:32)
Need it for what?

Gaten Matarazzo: (08:33)
Looking up Eddie’s friend’s phone numbers.

Speaker 4: (08:35)
Oh, Eddie. Your new best friend Eddie you think is cooler than me because he plays your nerdy game?

Gaten Matarazzo: (08:38)
Yes. I never said that.

Speaker 5: (08:39)
Seriously guys. Maybe on a Monday you can play around in here like toddlers, but it’s Saturday. It’s our busiest day.

Gaten Matarazzo: (08:45)
All right. Look, Robin. I totally empathize, but this cannot wait until Monday.

Speaker 5: (08:48)
What, because calling all of Eddie’s friends is an emergency?

Gaten Matarazzo: (08:50)

Speaker 4: (08:51)
Do you want me to strangle them or do you want to do that?

Speaker 5: (08:53)
We can take turns.

Jimmy Fallon: (08:54)
Yeah. It’s fun. Gaten Matarazzo, everybody. Season four, volume two of Stranger Things is on Netflix this Friday. And you can see Gaten in Dear Evan Hansen on Broadway starting July 19th.

Speaker 7: (09:05)

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