Sep 19, 2021

Gabby Petito & Brian Laundrie Utah Bodycam Footage Transcript Before Disappearance

Full Body Camera Footage Gaby Petito and boyfriend
RevBlogTranscriptsGabby Petito & Brian Laundrie Utah Bodycam Footage Transcript Before Disappearance

Full transcript of police body camera footage from the Moab City Police Department showing an officer investigating an incident between Gabby Petito and her boyfriend, Brian Laundrie. They both went missing after the incident.

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Officer Robbins: (00:32)
Driver is showing some obscure driving, possibly intoxicated. Currently doing 45 miles an hour, zone through here is twenty-five. Oh, subject just hit the curb. Correction: speed limit is 15. I’m about three-quarters of a mile into the arches just before the gate.

Officer Robbins: (01:02)
You want to place your vehicle into park and go ahead and turn it off for me. No, park.

Brian Laundrie: (01:32)
Oh, it is in park? Yeah.

Officer Robbins: (01:33)
Oh, okay. Turn off your engine. Go ahead and set your keys on the dash for me. All right. What’s you guys’s names?

Gabby Petito: (01:40)

Brian Laundrie: (01:41)
I’m Brian.

Officer Robbins: (01:41)
Gabby, Brian, okay. What’s going on? How come you’re crying?

Gabby Petito: (01:44)
I’m just crying. We’ve just been fighting this morning. Some personal issues.

Brian Laundrie: (01:50)
It’s a long day. We were camping yesterday and camping got… the stuff, wise and stuff. I’m sorry. I’m sorry II hit the bump there.

Gabby Petito: (01:58)
I was distracting him from driving. I’m sorry.

Officer Robbins: (02:01)
Can I get you to step out of the vehicle for me, ma’am?

Gabby Petito: (02:03)

Officer Robbins: (02:04)
Just hang tight right there. Do you mind if I take your keys and just put them on your hood?

Brian Laundrie: (02:08)
All good. I’m so sorry.

Officer Robbins: (02:11)
Oh no, you’re fine. I’m going to go ahead and close your door, okay? Why don’t you come over here?Okay. SO229. I have this female, that was in the passenger seat, separated from the male. Keys are on the hood. You want to tell me what’s going on?

Gabby Petito: (02:40)
Yeah, I don’t know if some days, I have really bad OCD. I was just cleaning and straightening up, back in the [inaudible 00:02:46] I was apologizing to him and saying, “I’m sorry, that I’m so mean,” because sometimes I have OCD and sometimes I can get really frustrated. Not like mean towards him. I just like, I just, my vibe is, I’m in a bad mood. And, I was just saying I’m sorry if I’m in a bad mood. I just [inaudible 00:03:07] I had so much work I was doing on my computer this morning.

Officer Robbins: (03:10)
What do you do for a living?

Gabby Petito: (03:13)
Well, he’s working at an organic juice bar, but I just quit my job. I was a nutritionist. that’s my job.

Officer Robbins: (03:19)
Oh, okay.

Gabby Petito: (03:19)
And, I just now quit my job to travel across the country and I’m trying to start a blog. I have a blog. So I’ve been building my website. I’ve been really stressed and he doesn’t really believe that I could do any of it, so, we just been fighting all morning and he wouldn’t let me in the car before. And then I…

Officer Robbins: (03:43)
Why wouldn’t he let you in the car? Because of your OCD?

Gabby Petito: (03:46)
He told me I needed to calm down, yeah. But I’m relatively calm. I’m down all the time. He really stresses me out. And this is a rough morning.

Officer Robbins: (03:59)
Well, why don’t we do this? Why don’t I sit you down in the back seat of my car? You’re not in any trouble, okay? I’m not going to be putting handcuffs on you. You obviously don’t have any weapons. I’m going to get you into the air conditioning. Let you take a breath, relax a little bit. And then I’ll come back and talk to you in a few minutes. Okay?

Gabby Petito: (04:18)

Officer Robbins: (04:23)
Like I said, you’re not in any trouble. So, just go ahead and take a seat. Watch your feet.

Brian Laundrie: (04:45)
Gabrielle…Did you talk to my fiance?

Officer Robbins: (04:45)
What’s that?

Brian Laundrie: (04:45)
Did you talk to Gabrielle?

Officer Robbins: (04:48)
Yeah, I just spoke to her. So you want to do me a favor? Let’s go ahead and get you to step out of the vehicle. Alrighty.

Brian Laundrie: (05:01)
Yes, sir.

Officer Robbins: (05:04)
You’re not in any trouble right now. So, tell me what’s going on. Come on over here.

Brian Laundrie: (05:09)
We see this gets worked up sometimes and I try and really distance myself from her. So, I locked the car and I walked away from her. What happened this morning is that she’s trying to start up a little website, blog and everything. So every time… we really had a nice morning, if anything, but she just got worked up, because we were trying to get going and get our day going, because we want to go [inaudible 00:05:28].

Officer Robbins: (05:28)
Okay. You want to tell me about those scratches on your face?

Brian Laundrie: (05:34)
She had his cell phone in her hand. That’s why I was pushing her away because she wanted… I… The keys so I could walk away. I said, “Let’s just take a breather and let’s not go anywhere, and just calm down for a minute, she was getting worked up. And, then she had her phone and was trying to get the keys from me. I was just trying to, I know I shouldn’t push her. I was just trying to push her away to go, let’s take a minute and step back and breathe and see, she got me with her phone.

Officer Robbins: (05:58)
Can I see your hand? Oh, you got mark right here.

Brian Laundrie: (06:02)
Oh, that’s from a wire.

Officer Robbins: (06:03)
That’s from a wire?

Brian Laundrie: (06:04)

Officer Robbins: (06:04)
Do you want to tell me about hitting that curve?

Brian Laundrie: (06:07)
Hitting the curb was her grabbing the wheel.

Officer Robbins: (06:09)
She grabbed the wheel?

Brian Laundrie: (06:10)
Yeah. She said, “I can’t believe you’re getting pulled over.” And then she grabbed the wheel.

Officer Robbins: (06:13)
What about the speed? Did she take over the pedal on you?

Brian Laundrie: (06:17)
If I was going fast, I’m sorry. No. It was probably just, the moment of… I’m still freaking out. In general, seeing the lights flashing out and there her grabbing the wheel, so if I sped up, I’m sorry about that. If I was speeding before that, I’m sorry about that.

Officer Robbins: (06:28)
Yeah, it took quite a bit to catch up to you.

Brian Laundrie: (06:32)
Oh. I’m sorry about that. We were just going into the park again, to get water. We have a six gallon water container we fill up, so we were just getting water for our hike. I was trying to keep everything calm and quiet because there’s plenty still to go, for a hike… I’m really sorry about that.

Officer Robbins: (06:49)
Do me a favor. If you want to go ahead and just take a seat right over here on the curb for me.

Brian Laundrie: (06:52)
And if I was speeding, I’m sorry, I apologize for that.

Officer Robbins: (06:53)
You don’t have anything in my pocket, or anything like that, do you?

Brian Laundrie: (06:56)
Nope. Just the wallet.

Officer Robbins: (06:58)
All right.And then do you mind lifting your shirt so I can check your waistband?

Brian Laundrie: (07:00)

Officer Robbins: (07:04)
I got, turn around for me real quick. Perfect. I just want to make sure that’s all, man. Go ahead and do me a favor. Take a seat. All righty. Oh, do you have your ID on you?

Brian Laundrie: (07:13)
In the car. Do you want…

Officer Robbins: (07:13)
No, we’ll just do this. Go ahead and take a seat.

Brian Laundrie: (07:18)
The keys are over there. I’ll give it to you.Wh.

Officer Robbins: (07:19)
No, you’re fine. What’s the first name?

Brian Laundrie: (07:22)

Officer Robbins: (07:22)
Brian? Is that [inaudible 00:07:24] spelling?

Brian Laundrie: (07:25)

Officer Robbins: (07:26)
BRIAN. And then your last name?

Brian Laundrie: (07:29)

Officer Robbins: (07:29)

Brian Laundrie: (07:29)

Officer Robbins: (07:29)

Brian Laundrie: (07:29)

Officer Robbins: (07:36)
Laundrie? Okay. What’s your date of birth, Brian? (silence).

Officer Robbins: (07:51)
Now, say criss-cross applesauce.

Brian Laundrie: (07:52)
Can I just sit in the shade, because I’m bald. That’s okay.

Speaker 1: (07:56)
I’ll give you some shade. Sound good?

Officer Robbins: (08:00)
All right. Just hang tight for me. SO229. I need a 29, about a name and date of birth. First name Brian, layman spelling, last name, Laundrie, lima, alpha, uniform, November, Delta, Romeo, India, (silence) [crosstalk 00:08:42] Bravo, Romeo, India, alpha, November. It’s going to be out of Florida.

Speaker 2: (08:52)
He just grabbed you? Did he hit you, though? It’s okay if you’re saying you hit him, and I understand if he hit you, but we want to know the truth, if he actually hit you.

Gabby Petito: (09:01)
[Inaudible 00:09:01].

Speaker 2: (09:01)
Where did he hit you?

Gabby Petito: (09:01)
[Inaudible 00:09:01] like this. He didn’t hit me [inaudible 00:00:09:16].

Speaker 2: (09:05)
Did he slap your face or what?

Gabby Petito: (09:35)
No, he grabbed me with his hand [inaudible 00:09:36].

Speaker 2: (09:35)
Okay. So has he been drinking?

Gabby Petito: (09:35)
No, we weren’t drinking.

Speaker 2: (09:36)
[inaudible 00:09:36] at his driving. This officer said he hit a curb.

Gabby Petito: (09:40)

Speaker 2: (09:40)
While you’re driving? While he was driving, you were hitting him? (silence). Did you already tell him all this.

Officer Robbins: (09:58)
I didn’t get that far into it. She was hyperventilating a little bit.

Speaker 2: (10:00)
She was telling me they don’t drink. But there’s a point when you put them up…

Gabby Petito: (10:05)
We don’t drink or anything. I was…

Speaker 2: (10:07)
She started hitting him.

Officer Robbins: (10:14)
She says was hitting, and he hit the curb.

Speaker 2: (10:15)
It’s Gabby, I’m sorry, I’m new, it’s Gabby?

Gabby Petito: (10:31)
Yeah. (silence).

Speaker 2: (10:31)
Do you tend to have a lot of anxiety and stress?

Gabby Petito: (10:34)
I have a lot of anxiety.

Speaker 2: (10:35)
Is it Brian. Is he usually patient with you?

Gabby Petito: (10:37)
Yeah. But I get… it just makes me… I know that he definitely gets frustrated with a lot (silence).

Speaker 2: (10:59)
Anxiety and bringing it down, buy my ex-wife, that’s why she’s my ex-wife, I’m just sharing, I know it’s a little personal, but to help you understand, we would feed off each other’s anxiety and it would spiral, do you know what I mean. And it doesn’t matter how much I loved her, it may be bad for your soul. Just saying, I’m not telling you what to do with your life, but if you know you have anxiety, look at the, look at the situations you can get in. You know what I mean? And we’re not here to be mean to you. They never, there’s a first time, and then it usually… let’s just.. We’ll go see what Brian’s saying. I think you’ve heard everything now.

Officer Robbins: (11:32)
Quick question. You said you were hitting him in the arm? Did you grab the steering wheel?

Gabby Petito: (11:36)
No, I didn’t grab the steering wheel… only for like a second, because I just saw the lights come on and it was important as like…

Officer Robbins: (11:44)
What did you grab the steering wheel and swerve or anything like that?

Gabby Petito: (11:48)
No, no, no. I didn’t touch the steering wheel at all.

Officer Robbins: (11:53)
I’m going to go ahead and close this door again. You have more?

Gabby Petito: (11:53)
Do you have any water.

Officer Robbins: (11:58)
I will see if I can find some.

Gabby Petito: (11:59)
No worries. Thank you.

Officer Robbins: (12:06)
You don’t happen to have any water with you? Can I get a bottle? Did you already give a statement to this officer?

Brian Laundrie: (12:15)
I’ve got this gentleman here.

Speaker 2: (12:18)
I noticed you have some marks on here.

Brian Laundrie: (12:22)
[Inaudible 00:12:22].

Speaker 2: (12:23)
She’s got some marks on her, too. We’re just trying to figure out what happened. I know you’ve probably told the story. This officer is probably going to be the one handling the case.You want to listen to what he has to say, and you can tell him, tell him what happened, will you, if you don’t mind.

Officer Robbins: (12:37)
Start the beginning, for me.

Brian Laundrie: (12:38)
Start at the beginning. [crosstalk 00:12:38] I don’t want to go too far back but we’ve been, for the past week or so [inaudible 00:12:47], and the flies here, like pretty intense and so the flies have definitely been getting to her. And then my feet are dirty and everything. So, I think that our little squabbles started because you’re hanging out at the coffee shop and when he got back to the van, [inaudible 00:12:59] I moved our food around, so she gets a little…

Officer Robbins: (13:04)
Sorry about that.

Brian Laundrie: (13:04)
It’s all right.

Officer Robbins: (13:05)
Do you need any water?

Brian Laundrie: (13:06)
It’s okay.

Officer Robbins: (13:07)
It’s hot out here.

Brian Laundrie: (13:08)
I was on, we were going to get water, because we ran out, but it’s okay. I don’t like to pass the bottle, but it’s okay. Thank you, though. But we just had a little disagreement there, and he was getting a little worked up and I was saying, oh it’s okay, but thanks.

Speaker 3: (13:22)
You sure?

Brian Laundrie: (13:22)

Speaker 3: (13:22)
It’s nice and cold, it’s good.

Speaker 3: (13:30)
It was just more of a disagreement in that I just wanted to slow the…

Officer Robbins: (13:30)
What was the disagreement about?

Brian Laundrie: (13:32)
It was, I wouldn’t even call it a disagreement. It was just, I’m dirty and I can’t change being dirty. I’ve got dirty feet and I’ve got sand in my [inaudible 00:13:39] and stuff like that. It was, we were at the coffee shop for so long [inaudible 00:13:47], so I guess there’s a few little things, little relationship [inaudible 00:13:51].

Officer Robbins: (13:51)
I’ve been married for over five years now, so…

Brian Laundrie: (13:53)
There’s a lot of little things…

Officer Robbins: (13:53)
I get it.

Brian Laundrie: (13:57)
We really weren’t physical before the point where I said, “All right, let’s let’s just take a breather” and walk away for a minute and I’ll lock the van up and I’ll go this way and you can go walk around the block. [inaudible 00:14:13], a nice area. You can go either way. It’s all shady, so I said, “Let just go for a little walk and breather, and come back. I’m not upset with her, but she got all worked up and she had a phone in her hand and keys in her hand, and her rings. And I was looking for the keys. I didn’t want her to go anywhere. And I figures, I don’t have my phone. I don’t really, I don’t have a phone. She goes off without me. I’m on my own. So I was saying, “Let’s just go for a walk.” And she was trying to get the keys. So I just, just back up, and that’s when she hit me. I did. I don’t want to push you.I didn’t get overtly physical. I’m just trying to keep her away. And then I got really loud and [inaudible 00:15:00] tension. I was going, “Back up, get away, just give me…”

Officer Robbins: (15:04)
Okay. So how you said you pushed her to create some distance, obviously, right? What happened after that? What got the scratches on your arm?

Brian Laundrie: (15:12)
The phone.

Officer Robbins: (15:13)
So, you pushed her and she hit you?

Brian Laundrie: (15:14)
She was I wasn’t, it wasn’t like a push, and she jumped on me. She was already swinging and I was… pushed…

Speaker 1: (15:24)
[Inaudible 00:15:24].

Officer Robbins: (15:24)

Brian Laundrie: (15:26)
A lot of anger, on her nails, on her rings.

Speaker 1: (15:27)
You’ve got three specks on your neck, you’ve got one on your left side of your nose. You’ve got one on your face, here. And you’ve got [crosstalk 00:15:38].

Officer Robbins: (15:37)
Do you mind lifting up your right sleeve for me? I’m curious about something. What’s that from?

Speaker 1: (15:45)
[Inaudible 00:15:45].

Brian Laundrie: (15:45)
I suppose, fingernails, but I’m not complaining. I’m not complaining about those.

Officer Robbins: (15:49)
Is it bruised or tender or anything like that?

Brian Laundrie: (15:52)
I’m fine. And I love Gabby. I hope she doesn’t have too many complaints about me. I just, I feel bad I had to get so [inaudible 00:16:00]. I was just trying to be loud, say, “Listen.” just to make her calm down and be like, “Look, everyone’s watching. Stop this, actually.”

Officer Robbins: (16:31)
I’ve got a quick question, for you Brian. Do you take any medications or anything like that? (silence). You don’t take any medications or anything like that? Are you normally this hyper? [Inaudible 00:16:52].

Brian Laundrie: (16:53)
My heart rate, whenever the lights flash on, it gets your heart rate up. If I see my…

Officer Robbins: (16:57)
Trust me, it does me too, and I’m the one posting them on. It gets me going a little bit too.

Brian Laundrie: (17:00)
You probably can say, “Hey buddy.” Whenever somebody walks up.

Speaker 1: (17:08)
Does she take medication?

Officer Robbins: (17:08)
Yeah, do you know if she takes any?

Brian Laundrie: (17:09)
She just gets crazy. No. No, I don’t think so. None that I know of.

Officer Robbins: (17:14)
All right.

Officer Robbins: (17:29)
Real fast, can I get your first name?

Gabby Petito: (17:31)
Yes, it’s Gabrielle.

Officer Robbins: (17:33)
Gabrielle. How do you spell that?

Gabby Petito: (17:34)

Officer Robbins: (17:34)
And your last name?

Gabby Petito: (17:39)

Officer Robbins: (17:42)

Gabby Petito: (17:43)
T as in twitter.

Officer Robbins: (17:43)
Oh, T.

Gabby Petito: (17:43)

Officer Robbins: (18:00)
ITO. You guys both live in Florida, right? That’s where you guys come from?

Gabby Petito: (18:03)
My license says Florida right now, but I’m from California.

Officer Robbins: (18:03)
So, that’s where you have it out of. SO229, I need at 29 from you [inaudible 00:18:20]. First name: Gabrielle… golf, alpha, bravo, Romeo, India, echo, Lima, Lima, echo. Last name: Petito… Papa, echo, tango, India, Charlie, Oscar. (silence). It’s going to be Florida. We’re just hanging tight.

Speaker 1: (18:52)
Where do you guys live? Georgia?

Brian Laundrie: (18:59)
Florida. Florida will be our last address. We still get mail there.

Speaker 1: (19:17)
How long have you been on this trip?

Brian Laundrie: (19:18)
Five, four to five months now. Teetering around five.

Speaker 1: (19:19)
[Inaudible 00:19:19].

Brian Laundrie: (19:19)
We were. [Inaudible 00:19:24]. Two years ago, we [inaudible 00:19:34] trip in a Nissan Centra, it’s a tiny, little car. So, I was like, “Let’s do it better, let’s get a big van, not a big… tiny van, I said, “Let’s try and do a little better, [inaudible 00:19:43]. We were going over to Portland. I don’t know if you… you probably heard wwoofing. Have you ever heard of that? WWOOFING?

Officer Robbins: (19:54)

Brian Laundrie: (19:54)
You got it?

Officer Robbins: (19:59)
I’m from California, originally.

Brian Laundrie: (20:01)
Oh yeah.

Officer Robbins: (20:01)
So, and part of my job, I dealt with empl…

Speaker 4: (20:03)
-fornia, originally.

Brian Laundrie: (20:03)
Oh yeah.

Speaker 4: (20:03)
So, and part of my job, I dealt with employees that were from all across the United States and Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada everything you can think of [inaudible 00:20:10] western. I know most of them.

Brian Laundrie: (20:15)
It’s a worldwide outfit. Three weeks on an organic farm so it’s like a volunteer working type of situation where you can work on organic farms. That’s our goal once we get over to Washington. We’ll do that from Washington, moving down into Oregon and then down into California. We’re trying to go from [inaudible 00:20:15] What part of California did you say?

Officer Robbins: (20:15)
I’m from a town just outside Sequoia National Park.

Brian Laundrie: (20:15)
That must have been a good trip here.

Officer Robbins: (20:40)
You’re going to be going through there? [crosstalk 00:20:40] But no it wasn’t too bad at all.

Speaker 5: (20:40)
So I just got off the phone with one of those two witnesses that reported it. You want me to tell you what he said-

Officer Robbins: (20:40)

Speaker 5: (20:40)
Real quick. You mind hanging with him for a minute? So-

Officer Robbins: (20:40)
Get away from both of them.

Speaker 5: (21:03)
So he said that he never saw the male strike the female. He saw the male trying to lock her out of the vehicle. She even told us that he was trying to lock her out and told him to go take a walk. So that she was trying to get in. She eventually couldn’t get in and actually clawed her way in through the driver’s door. He says “I don’t understand why she’s doing that” well I think it’s because it was the only door that wasn’t locked that she can get through. She’s trying to get it over him. He’s trying to disengage from her. I guess he hung her backpack on the back, probably so she would have her shit. So that he didn’t have to engage with her.

Speaker 5: (21:32)
Everything she’s saying is same thing. I haven’t heard what he said, but if that’s what he said it’s also what the witnesses saying. The witness says I never saw him hit her. I saw him shove her but I couldn’t tell if it was an aggression against her or a defense against her. As far as her being the aggressor. So at this point, unless the guy’s screaming that he needs to go to jail and did something to this girl. It sounds to me like she is the primary aggressor. Now the problem with her being the primary aggressor is in an instance of domestic assault, be it a male or be it a female, we shall arrest. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean they have to go to jail. We can do a citation if it meets one of three criteria, which one of them is that we can assure that they’re not going to further risk each other’s safety. But the problem with that is they live in the same vehicle.

Officer Robbins: (22:26)
That’s what I was going to say. The other part of it is-

Speaker 5: (22:28)
There was actual injury too, to the victim, which is him.

Officer Robbins: (22:32)
Right. And I’m getting conflicting stories about why they hit the curb up here.

Speaker 5: (22:36)
What’d he say, why he hit the curb?

Officer Robbins: (22:37)
Well, I’ve watched… this is what I saw first. Saw him cross the double yellow. I was doing 42 miles an hour. I was, I don’t know, probably two car lengths behind him tapping my wails at them trying to get his attention. They knew I was behind him. And then after he crossed the double yellow he merged over into the right lane and then out of nowhere just ‘boom’ went and hit the curb.

Speaker 5: (22:59)
Did he tell you why?

Officer Robbins: (23:00)
He said that she grabbed the wheel and turned it real hard. She said that she was hitting him in the arm. So-

Speaker 5: (23:07)
It sounds legit. I mean, I’m sure if I’m driving and my arm’s on the wheel and I’m getting hit in the arm, I’m probably pulling at the wheel.

Officer Robbins: (23:15)

Speaker 5: (23:15)
And I’m sure it was a little of both and usually the truth is somewhere between. He’s probably trying not to say that he hit her because he probably doesn’t want her charged with assault, domestic assault. He probably would rather say she pulled the wheel than hit him. You know what I mean?

Speaker 5: (23:28)
So unfortunately for her, just because he’s bigger and stronger even if he’s not willing to press charges, we can’t treat this differently than if it was a male on female violence. And we’re going to have to charge her and we can do a citation if there’s some arrangement that they could be made to separate them. And then we have to let them know that there’s no contact order in effect. Then we have to let him know the only way to drop is going into the police department during business hours and fill out a waiver, which by the way, what’s today? Thursday?

Officer Robbins: (23:57)
It’s too late for that.

Speaker 5: (23:59)
So it won’t be till tomorrow and they’re only there til noon I think. Which I’m sure he’s going to want to drop it.

Officer Robbins: (24:04)
Well the other part of it is they said that they’d been on four or five months that they’ve been looking at of his van together.

Speaker 5: (24:12)
Well this is really bad news so let’s talk to him first.

Speaker 5: (24:21)
He’s Brian?

Officer Robbins: (24:21)

Speaker 5: (24:21)
Did you ask him yet and take pictures of him?

Officer Robbins: (24:21)
No, I haven’t done any of that yet.

Speaker 5: (24:24)
Brian, unfortunately in the state of Utah, we don’t have discretion on some things. For example if I pull you over for speeding and I want to give you a warning I can do that because it’s under a class A, it’s a class B or under. If I want to give you warnings for all kinds of stuff I can but there’s a few things I can’t. When I say I, the police. I’m not in charge [inaudible 00:24:42].

Speaker 5: (24:43)
One of the things that the state legislature doesn’t give us discretion on is charges when it comes to a domestic assault. And it sounds like you guys are living together so you meet the statute for domestic partners. And you do have injury and both an independent witness and probably the next one we’re going to talk to as well, which we haven’t talked to yet, but the one we did talk to and your own companion have made it clear that she was the primary aggressor and that she was striking you and you received injuries. You haven’t admitted to striking her. She has not admitted to you striking her. The witness did not see you strike her. So at this point you’re the victim of a domestic assault.

Brian Laundrie: (25:21)
C’mon man.

Speaker 5: (25:23)
Even if you didn’t want to pursue this. We don’t have a choice. The best thing that we could do to not… the law says we have to charge her it doesn’t say we have to put her in jail. Okay, but it also says we have to separate you, a no contact order and that we have to put her in jail if we cannot separate you. The problem here is you guys are out of Florida living in the van together. How are we supposed to separate you guys?

Speaker 5: (25:44)
Now I don’t want to take this small 20… what is she?

Brian Laundrie: (25:50)
22 year old blonde hair blue eyed to jail.

Speaker 5: (25:52)
22 year old female to jail that you could definitely defend yourself against but at the same time we can’t say because you’re male and she’s a female we can’t treat this different than if you were the male hitting her. We’ve got to treat it the same.

Brian Laundrie: (26:02)
Yeah I know this.

Speaker 5: (26:03)
So she’s kind of in a tough spot-

Brian Laundrie: (26:04)
I know that-

Speaker 5: (26:05)
So unless you have an idea about how she can not go to jail and be separated… do you have friends in town? Somewhere she can stay? Tomorrow if you want to, it’s up to you-

Brian Laundrie: (26:13)
Can I go to jail?

Speaker 5: (26:15)
You can’t because you don’t have any charges against you.

Officer Robbins: (26:15)
You did nothing wrong.

Speaker 5: (26:15)
Now tomorrow if you wanted you’d be able to get with her again tomorrow.

Brian Laundrie: (26:20)
I’m going to take your radio. Sorry.

Speaker 5: (26:24)
If you wanted to be with her again tomorrow, cause it’s after 5:00 so the office is closed, you can go to the police department and fill out a waiver to drop the no contact order so you guys can still be together. But she’s going to have a court date online in a week or two. She’s going to have to show up for her court date online and answer. The prosecutor might drop it. She might say, for example, if you’re not willing to pursue it, if that’s your decision-

Brian Laundrie: (26:46)
I was going to say it definitely is. I’m not going to pursue anything cause it’s my fiance I love her. So what’s the problem. I’m sorry that it had to get so public. So I just want to get like the checklist of things I’ve got to do to get rid of this. [crosstalk 00:26:57].

Speaker 5: (26:59)
Well, she’ll get a paper with a court date-

Brian Laundrie: (27:01)
How do I get rid of it?

Speaker 5: (27:01)
Well the court date has to be attended in order for them to decide whether they need to continue or drop it. The first is just an initial appearance. They say “are you who we think you are? Yes. Do you understand the charges that have been brought against you, yes or no.” Yes or no the answer. “Do you have an attorney yes or no? Do you need one?” And then from there she can ask to speak with the prosecutor. The prosecutor might be contacting you and say “hey man, I know she’s 110lbs soaking wet and you’re a big strong guy and we understand you’re not even wanting to pursue this but the cops have to follow the statue. In the interest of you and justice for you as a victim what do you think?” And they can decide to still prosecute or they can to drop it. Or they can decide to give her a plea and make it kind of go away if she behaves from now on.

Speaker 5: (27:45)
That still does not eliminate the first court appearance that she has to attend. Which thankfully for you guys is going to be online. So if you’re out of town… here’s the thing if you’re out of town and she doesn’t come and do her court appearance online they could suspend your drivers license, they could issue you a warrant for her. So she needs to play ball and go. Does that make sense?

Brian Laundrie: (28:03)
Yeah [inaudible 00:28:04] I’m sorry about all this, just wanted to apologize again. So she’s got her online court date just to acknowledge that she’s her and then she’s got one for the-

Speaker 5: (28:14)
Oh, there’s automatically right now there’s something called a no contact order in place. From this point forward, until tomorrow, if you wish to drop it you have to go to 217 East Center Street Moab City police department-

Officer Robbins: (28:26)
I’ve got all the paperwork in my car. I’ll give it to you.

Speaker 5: (28:29)
And you have to ask them to give it to you. You want to fill out a waiver that you’re requesting a waving of the no contact order. No contact order means she cannot come into contact with you, she cannot talk to you, she cannot text you. She cannot go onto any premises that you’re occupying. She cannot go to your vehicle. And until you drop that or until a court date, if you don’t drop it, it stays in effect until midnight on the day of court. And then that gives you time to get a protective order, a long term one if you feel like you need one but it sounds like you don’t even want this one. So tomorrow they open at 8:00. You can go into the police department, you can file the waiver, they can remove it, then you can say “hey babe, where you at let me pick you up” and you pick her up. We’re hoping not to put her in jail but if she doesn’t have somewhere to go tonight to be separate from you then where are we supposed to-

Brian Laundrie: (29:12)
But I can’t talk to her now because of the separation right?

Speaker 5: (29:13)
Cause there’s a no contact order.

Officer Robbins: (29:14)
So tell me this. Do you guys have enough money for like a hotel room or anything like that? Cause what we could do is we’d cite her for this and then I’d give her a ride over to whatever hotel of your guy’s choosing.

Speaker 5: (29:27)
And then you could pick her up there tomorrow [crosstalk 00:29:28]

Officer Robbins: (29:28)
On your way to go pick her up, you stop over there at the PD. Sign the paperwork that they requested and then you can go pick her up quite literally within minutes.

Speaker 5: (29:37)
Unless you know someone else in town that’s a friend that she could stay with.

Brian Laundrie: (29:41)
You know unfortunately not. I don’t but I guess that-

Speaker 5: (29:47)
I don’t want her to go to jail.

Brian Laundrie: (29:50)
If she goes to jail, it’s like, that goes down somewhere? Instead of her going to a hotel, right? If you get citation I mean-

Speaker 5: (30:04)
It kind of depends though. If she goes to jail they’re going to book her and they’ll take her fingerprints. It’s going to go on her permanent history and then if they don’t convict her then it will just show that it was dismissed. It’ll show up in her criminal history but they charge is dismissed. If she is is found guilty it’ll show up that she’s guilty of domestic assault. But the charge itself will show up on her criminal history until she gets it expunged. Now, even if we give her a ticket, we’re still going to take her fingerprint and it’ll still show up. Either way it’s going to show up. There’s no way around a class A. Or is this a class B?

Officer Robbins: (30:31)
This is a class B.

Speaker 5: (30:31)
But they do require a fingerprint on her.

Officer Robbins: (30:34)
The other part is if you contact her or she contacts you, she could be charged with a class A. Which is a little bit different but it doesn’t [crosstalk. 00:30:42].

Speaker 5: (30:42)
If you were to contact her and she responds to you then she could get a new charge for violating the no contact order. No contact order doesn’t restrict you, it restricts her. So if you go talk to her and we find out and you’re not in trouble. She’ll be in trouble. So it’s in your interest too.

Officer Robbins: (30:57)
Now it makes make sense?

Brian Laundrie: (30:58)
No, I’m getting it all.

Officer Robbins: (30:59)
It’s a lot really quickly, I understand.

Brian Laundrie: (31:01)
No, no I’m getting it all. I’m just trying to figure out a way though this.

Speaker 5: (31:05)
You don’t know anyone in town? You haven’t been here that long?

Brian Laundrie: (31:06)
No, I don’t know anyone in town. If she went-

Speaker 5: (31:12)
I don’t think Seek Haven will take her when she’s the aggressor.

Officer Robbins: (31:14)

Speaker 5: (31:14)
It is a women’s shelter-

Officer Robbins: (31:16)
I’m curious-

Speaker 5: (31:18)
You can find out say “hey she doesn’t have anywhere to go.”

Brian Laundrie: (31:19)
If we did the citation, she could drive off in this car?

Officer Robbins: (31:23)
We could give you a ride somewhere.

Brian Laundrie: (31:28)
I got my backpack. You want to drive me to delicate arch?

Officer Robbins: (31:31)
Does she have a good drivers license?

Brian Laundrie: (31:38)
Yeah she’s good she’s got a drivers license, yeah.

Speaker 5: (31:40)
You trust her with your vehicle?

Brian Laundrie: (31:40)
Yeah she can handle it.

Speaker 5: (31:40)
Well, then you’d kind of be homeless for the night.

Brian Laundrie: (31:43)
And I’m mad I can’t talk to her at all. And I’ve got to do the thing so I can’t go camping.

Speaker 5: (31:46)
He can tell her what it is she needs to do to get through all this and then let her know what your plan is.

Officer Robbins: (31:52)
Here’s the problem though if we take you up to delicate arch. You’re going to be hoofing it from delicate arch all the way down to Moab Center Street so that you can fill out that paperwork. Because if you’re not there by noon tomorrow, you’re going to go looking at Monday morning. You’d be looking at Monday morning before you could actually see her again.

Speaker 5: (32:10)
Again we’re not trying to make your life hard. This is written in statues there’s nothing we can do about it. It’s designed to protect victims of domestic assault. Not everybody’s the same. This is different than normal but we have to treat everything the same. That’s just how it is.

Speaker 4: (32:30)
He can’t afford a hotel?

Brian Laundrie: (32:30)
Very little money we have for sure.

Officer Robbins: (32:31)
You want me to I’ll call Seek Haven-

Speaker 5: (32:33)
Just see if Seek Haven will take her for the night.

Officer Robbins: (32:45)
I’ll see if they’ll take either one of them.

Brian Laundrie: (32:45)
Will Seek Haven take me?

Speaker 5: (32:45)
Seek Haven’s a women’s shelter.

Brian Laundrie: (32:45)

Speaker 5: (32:45)
Actually Seek Haven will take him as a victim of domestic assault. Seek Haven will take you. And they’ll help you tomorrow.

Officer Robbins: (32:47)
And you’re like a block and a half away from the PD.

Speaker 5: (32:49)
We’ll see if Seek Haven will take him because, they actually, they didn’t take the guy but they got a hotel for a guy last time.

Officer Robbins: (32:55)
Yeah, I’ll do that.

Speaker 5: (32:56)
Seek Haven might get you a hotel. Now what she does-

Brian Laundrie: (33:01)
I’m happy sleeping outside in a sleeping bag.

Officer Robbins: (33:02)
No, no we don’t want that.

Speaker 5: (33:06)
I think Seek Haven will get you a hotel. If you want her to have the van, we don’t care. It’s up to you.

Officer Robbins: (33:24)
Yes. This is officer Robins with Moab City Police Department. How are you doing this afternoon? Not too bad. So I just did a domestic and the male is going to be our victim. Is there any way that you can help us set him up with a place to sleep tonight? Okay. 10 99. Yeah. Yes, please. Thank you. Bye.

Officer Robbins: (34:09)
So the after hours guy isn’t there at the office right now. He’s going to run from his house over there and we’re going to get y’all lined up. Don’t worry about it this is the phone call that they wait on. Don’t feel like you are making anybody extra on your behalf. We’re trying to make this as easy as possible. We’re not wanting to take her and book her or anything like that.

Brian Laundrie: (34:29)
No I really, really appreciate it.

Officer Robbins: (34:30)
And I know how rough this stuff can be. Like I said I’ve been married for 5 1\2 years. Believe me if I were to say that me and my wife haven’t had our share of spouts I’d be lying to you. She lives with anxiety. I live with a woman that has anxiety-

Brian Laundrie: (34:44)
No, both of us really [crosstalk 00:34:44]

Officer Robbins: (34:46)
Her anxiety elevates my anxiety and sometimes it just-

Brian Laundrie: (34:50)
That’s why I’m like I got to walk away, I got to breathe just and then it backfires even then.

Officer Robbins: (34:57)
I’m not going to try and sit here and give you like my advice. You’ve been on this road almost as long as what I have. There’s nothing I can tell you that’s going to really make a difference. But at the end of the day, I’m sorry that all this has happened. I’m sorry that it went to this extent.

Brian Laundrie: (35:15)
No, no. I’m sorry. Could I get my key and make like a little bag if you’re going to drive me somewhere?

Officer Robbins: (35:15)

Brian Laundrie: (35:15)
Is that all right?

Officer Robbins: (35:16)
Yeah. Would you mind watching him for me? If you don’t mind doing it from over here. We don’t want you to get hit in the road.

Officer Pratt: (35:53)
He does have marks on him the witnesses say were caused by you slapping him. And even you say you slapped him and were aggressive to him first. I don’t have anyone saying he actually punched you aggressively. It sounds like it was shoving in a manner that was probably more consistent with trying to prevent you from entering the van or to get space from you. Not to [inaudible 00:35:53] if that makes sense. So if the tables were turned, if he was beating on you and you were shoving him of course we’re going to look at it like “oh, of course, she’s defending herself to get away from this guy.” So we’re kind of looking at it the same way with him. We have to treat both fair even if he’s a bigger male and you’re a smaller female. The law doesn’t say “hey, officer Pratt and officer Robins, you can treat people different based on gender. You can’t even if it makes no sense. You probably could not physically destroy this man-

Officer Robbins: (36:19)
This is Officer Robins. Hey, how’s it going? That’s fine. I’m still going to be here for a few minutes dealing with this. We have almost as much time as you need. His name’s going to be Brian B-R-I-A-N. Last name Laundrie is L-A-U-N-D-R-I-E. In Laundrie? Well, it’s not Y it’s IE at the end. Yes.

Officer Robbins: (37:25)
So they were at Moon Flower, the organic grocery store down the street from you guys and they got into a heated argument both of them are saying it was over petty stuff. He told her to take a walk so then she could cool off. She refused, broke into the car after he had locked her out of it, she started trying to slap and scratch him. He pushed her away. They both got in the vehicle and took off and I found them out here next to [inaudible 00:38:09].

Officer Robbins: (38:08)
No, no. Well we are charging her with a domestic assault. So there’s going to be a protection order set in place between the two of them, until he’s able to get over to the PD tomorrow. He doesn’t want to pursue it, but I don’t have a choice in this as I’m sure you are well aware. So he’s going to be wanting to go over to the PD first thing tomorrow morning as they open up to get the protective order removed. But that doesn’t fix tonight. Yeah. Sorry about that. Go ahead. Yes. They both have Florida licenses. Well, the other part of it is we don’t think it’s very likely, but with her as the suspect in this, would you be able to put her up for the night?

Officer Robbins: (40:09)
Okay. I figured. I had to make sure I at least asked. It’s better safe than sorry. So, I didn’t know what that would make your life any easier or any tougher on it, so.

Officer Robbins: (40:40)

Officer Robbins: (40:40)
Awesome. And if it’s easier for you to just send me a text with a location, that works just as fine too.

Officer Robbins: (40:41)

Officer Robbins: (40:41)
All right. It sounds like a plan. Thank you. What did you say your name was, again? Pete or Philip? Phil. Okay. Alrighty, Phil. Talk to you later. Bye bye.

Brian Laundrie: (41:02)
All right. Cool.

Officer Robbins: (41:15)
Hey, Brian.

Brian Laundrie: (41:15)

Officer Robbins: (41:16)
Can I take two minutes of your time real quick back here?

Brian Laundrie: (41:18)
Of course, [inaudible 00:41:18] .

Officer Robbins: (41:24)
So, because there was an assault that took place, and you are obviously showing signs of the strikes. Do you mind if I take pictures of the injuries that you sustained?

Brian Laundrie: (41:35)
[crosstalk 00:41:35]. But maybe it’s-

Officer Robbins: (41:35)
I know it’s not super severe. I mean, you want me to call… I can call EMS if you want me to. You don’t seem like you want to go that far at all.

Brian Laundrie: (41:42)
No, I’m all good. If you want to take a photo, you can take a photo. But- [crosstalk 00:41:43]

Officer Robbins: (41:43)
I need to take pictures for my evidence because otherwise it’s going to be your say-

Brian Laundrie: (41:46)

Officer Robbins: (41:47)
… her say, my say. And the court’s going, “I don’t know.” So-

Brian Laundrie: (41:48)

Officer Robbins: (41:48)
… I have to do this part of it. Alrighty? So, It’s just going to be a couple of pictures.

Brian Laundrie: (41:48)
Is she okay?

Officer 2: (41:49)
She is. She’d like her phone. If you know-

Brian Laundrie: (41:49)

Officer 2: (42:00)
… happen to know where it is?

Brian Laundrie: (42:00)
Yeah. Yeah, I’ll go-

Officer 2: (42:03)
[inaudible 00:42:03] where is it?

Officer Robbins: (42:03)
Yeah, just hang with us. Go ahead and tell her.

Officer 2: (42:05)
Yeah. Go ahead and tell me, if you don’t mind [inaudible 00:42:05].

Brian Laundrie: (42:05)
I can grab it, just because it’s like… it’s in a spot.

Officer 2: (42:15)
Why don’t I go with you? Where are we going in the car?

Officer 3: (42:19)
Foot, right face, neck. One of his ring fingers, I think, has got a scratch on it that’s a match. And then you saw earlier…

Officer Robbins: (42:29)

Officer 3: (42:29)
That’s all a match.

Officer Robbins: (42:29)
Well, I was trying to build some consistency between the stories.

Officer 3: (42:33)
Yeah. [crosstalk 00:42:33].

Officer 2: (42:33)
Thank you.

Officer Robbins: (42:33)
All right.

Officer Robbins: (42:33)
And I need to see your hands, because that… Yeah. I’m going to get [inaudible 00:42:35].

Brian Laundrie: (42:39)
Oh, that one? That right there?

Officer Robbins: (42:49)
[inaudible 00:42:49]

Brian Laundrie: (42:49)
It could have been a cat, or it could have been a-

Officer Robbins: (42:50)
I know you said this is from a wire, but I’m going to take a picture of it just in case. And I’ll document that you’re saying that’s from a wire, not from her. It’s just I want to document everything. You know what I mean? And then your right arm.

Officer Robbins: (43:10)
You have anything on the other arm? On your back, chest?

Brian Laundrie: (43:13)

Officer Robbins: (43:13)
Anything like that? All right, let me get your neck real quick as well. Do you want to kind of tilt your head off to the right and look up?

Brian Laundrie: (43:17)
This way?

Officer Robbins: (43:17)
And then look.

Brian Laundrie: (43:17)

Officer 3: (43:18)
There we go. We’re good.

Officer Robbins: (43:21)
I don’t know where it is.

Officer 3: (43:21)

Officer Robbins: (43:24)
And then this is just for a precaution. Do you mind lifting your shirt for me? I mean, we can go back here if you want some privacy. I just… I want to, like I said, I want to do a very thorough job. I want to make sure that you don’t have any additional injuries you don’t even know about.

Brian Laundrie: (43:34)
I don’t know how high.

Officer Robbins: (43:34)
I’m good. Right?

Officer Robbins: (43:34)
Do you mind… Here, pull your collar down for me a little bit? And the other side? All right. That looks good.

Officer Robbins: (43:47)
So, I talked to my contact over there at [inaudible 00:43:50]. The people that can help with hotel rooms and stuff like that are out of the office. I’m just playing phone tag when a couple people, trying to get it all lined up. Because certain people have access to the corporate card. He doesn’t. So, we’re trying to get everything lined up. This is going to take us a few minutes to get that lined up, get her cited, and stuff like that.

Officer Robbins: (44:06)
Like I said, we’re going to be handing her a piece of paper that has a court summons, date, stuff like that. And she’ll be able to deal with it [inaudible 00:44:17].

Officer Robbins: (44:17)
Okay? So, you want to hang tough?

Officer Robbins: (44:22)

Officer 3: (44:22)

Officer Robbins: (44:23)
You want to go ahead and finish getting your stuff? [crosstalk 00:44:25].

Officer 2: (44:32)
She’s got her cellphone. She’s calling her parents, just to feel better. She doesn’t want to not be with him tonight.

Officer Robbins: (44:33)

Officer 2: (45:07)
That’s what we said.

Officer Robbins: (45:07)
… no choice in the matter.

Officer 2: (45:33)

Officer Robbins: (45:33)

Officer 2: (45:34)
So [Press 00:45:34] sounds like he’s calling his supervisor. At least that’s what he said.

Officer Robbins: (45:34)
[inaudible 00:45:34].

Officer Robbins: (45:34)

Officer 4.: (45:34)
How? Okay. How far do you want to go with this thing? Do you want to go with this case? Do you want to write her for domestic assault in both of those.

Officer Robbins: (45:34)
Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Officer 4.: (45:34)
Okay? [inaudible 00:45:34] too many times [inaudible 00:45:34] respond there. They separated. They wouldn’t charge him. With, you know, then they end up getting much worse more treatment.

Officer Robbins: (45:34)
Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Officer 4.: (45:37)
In no manner, shape, or form [inaudible 00:45:37]. What happened here is slap [inaudible 00:45:41].

Officer Robbins: (45:37)

Officer 4.: (45:55)
[inaudible 00:45:55] domestic assault.

Gabby Petito: (45:55)

Officer Robbins: (45:55)

Officer 4.: (46:13)
And [inaudible 00:46:13].

Gabby Petito: (46:13)
Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Officer 4.: (46:45)
[inaudible 00:46:45].

Officer 4.: (46:49)
Did she attempt to [inaudible 00:46:49]?

Officer Robbins: (46:49)
She went to smack him.

Officer 4.: (46:49)
[inaudible 00:46:49]

Officer Robbins: (46:49)
Well, he’s got a swollen right eye.

Officer 4.: (47:16)
[inaudible 00:47:16].

Officer Robbins: (47:16)
Scratches. So, we’ve got to go find this guy. [inaudible 00:47:20].

Officer 3: (47:23)
She forgot to [inaudible 00:47:23].

Officer Robbins: (47:35)
Was it intent and attempt? Or intent or attempt?

Officer 3: (47:37)
Has intent.

Officer 3: (47:37)

Officer 4.: (47:38)
If I intent… if I attempt to get a basketball [inaudible 00:47:38].

Officer Robbins: (47:38)

Officer 4.: (47:38)
What was her intent?

Officer 2: (47:38)
I don’t know.

Officer 4.: (47:38)
If you ask her what were your intentions when you slapped him. If she says, “I meant to hurt him.” [inaudible 00:47:38].

Officer 3: (47:38)
I mean she definitely [inaudible 00:47:38].

Officer Robbins: (47:38)

Officer 4.: (47:38)
[inaudible 00:47:38] One way to word it, like when you scratched him, were you intending to cause him physical pain? [inaudible 00:47:38].

Officer Robbins: (47:38)

Officer 4.: (47:38)
Is that what you were attempting to do? It’s [inaudible 00:47:38] an attempt.

Officer Robbins: (47:38)

Officer 4.: (47:38)
You intended to cause him paid or have him [inaudible 00:47:38]. What was the answer to that question will seal your fate. Because the only way you know what her intent… or what she was attempting to do is by asking her.

Officer Robbins: (47:38)

Officer 4.: (48:49)
[inaudible 00:48:49].

Officer 2: (48:53)
[inaudible 00:48:53] that way.

Officer 3: (48:58)
Gabby. This is very, very important question. How you answer this question is going to determine what happens next. But the only person who can answer this question is you.

Gabby Petito: (49:04)
Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Officer 3: (49:05)
Think very hard before you answer the question. Do not quickly answer it. Think very hard.

Officer 3: (49:12)
When you slapped him those times, were you attempting to cause him physical pain or physical impairment? Was that what you were attempting to do to him?

Gabby Petito: (49:23)
No. Never.

Officer 3: (49:26)
What were you attempting to do? What was the reason behind the slapping and stuff? What was it you were attempting to accomplish by my slapping him.

Gabby Petito: (49:35)
I was trying to get him to stop telling me to calm down.

Officer 3: (49:40)
Well, it doesn’t sound to me like she attempted to injure him.

Officer Robbins: (49:41)
It’s your call. This is 100% your call. I support you either way.

Gabby Petito: (49:48)
I just-

Officer Robbins: (49:49)
I’ll let you get back to your parents. Okay?

Gabby Petito: (49:50)

Officer Robbins: (49:55)
I hate to say [inaudible 00:49:56] at this point. She openly admitted to me earlier that she was striking him in the arm. And he said that she was striking him in the arm.

Officer 2: (50:13)
[inaudible 00:50:13].

Officer Robbins: (50:14)
He said she was. And that’s what caused him to hit the curb. She said that she got hurt. I might [inaudible 00:50:19].

Officer 2: (50:19)
Well, she said that too. That she started distracting him by hitting him. And the he turned and looked at her, and that’s why the marks not [inaudible 00:50:38]. And she said it was her fault that he swerved because she was distracting him by hitting him. But she said she didn’t try to hurt him. It wasn’t malicious. She thought that he wasn’t listening to her.

Officer 4.: (50:41)
So assault is an attempt with unlawful force or violence to do bodily injury to another. The code for bodily injury, the definition says, bodily injury is infliction of pain, or physical impairment, or illness. So you can go just now, I’m just going to… I’m recording.

Officer Robbins: (50:59)
So am I.

Officer 4.: (51:00)
And the society, and the judges, and everyone can judge me for this. I am looking at a 110 pound female-

Officer Robbins: (51:05)
Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Officer 4.: (51:06)
… And her fiance, who have no means to be separated. He doesn’t want to pursue it. She’s not a threat to him more than slight abrasions from her fingernails. I don’t care if we use the actual letter of the law to not charge. But, I also don’t care because it literally does possibly make perfect sense to go full on domestic assault and do the whole thing. This is your opportunity to make the decision. Let’s-

Officer 4.: (51:29)

Officer 4.: (51:29)
Go ahead.

Radio: (52:44)
[inaudible 00:52:44].

Officer 4.: (52:57)
I better go on that. You got this? [inaudible 00:53:01].

Officer Robbins: (53:01)
I’m making this decision. I’m going to cite him. I’m going to go-

Officer 4.: (53:02)
Okay. Would you feel more comfortable handling that guy?

Officer Robbins: (53:08)

Officer 4.: (53:09)
Go handle that guy.

Officer Robbins: (53:09)
Go handle that guy? Okay.

Officer 4.: (53:11)
If you’re more comfortable.

Officer Robbins: (53:12)
Well, I’m… It’s six, one way, half dozen the other.

Officer 4.: (53:16)
It’s up to you.

Officer Robbins: (53:17)
I mean, it’s a headache whether I go left, or it’s a headache whether I go right.

Officer 4.: (53:19)
Well, another option is to not charge him but separate them for the night. If they find themselves together again, what is it to you? You separated them. You provided for his safety. If he doesn’t have enough sense to stay away and you got them separated, it’s on him.

Officer 2: (53:32)
We can’t babysit them all night [inaudible 00:53:32]. So that’s up to them what happens after they [inaudible 00:53:38].

Officer 4.: (53:40)
You can separate them and say, “Don’t… Let this cool off until tomorrow.” If they don’t let it cool off, and we hear about it, we’ll hear about it.

Officer 2: (53:47)
They’re camping in the part tonight, we’ll let you know.

Officer 4.: (53:50)
And if there’s some fighting going on, you already was Mr. Nice Guy.

Officer Robbins: (53:53)

Officer 4.: (53:54)
You already gave them a chance. What you can’t do by law is separate someone and say, “If we hear from you again, we’re going to arrest you.” Because then if one of them really needs help, they may not call the police and get help. The law says you cannot, literally, you may not say, “If we get more calls with you guys tonight, one of you is going to jail.” You can’t threaten like that.

Officer Robbins: (54:10)

Officer 4.: (54:11)
It’s true, because it stops them from wanting to call the police to get help. Does that make sense?

Officer Robbins: (54:12)

Officer 4.: (54:16)
So, go full, or nothing, or in between, and separate them and kind of give them the nod, the wink. Like, “Hey, you know, just stay separated.” It’s up to you. I’m going to go handle that. You got very capable help with you here. And I trust you.

Officer Robbins: (54:29)
All right.

Officer 4.: (54:30)
I will.

Officer Robbins: (54:37)
Alrighty man. So, we’re still going to be going through. I do need some things from you. Do you mind if I get a picture of your driver’s license?

Brian Laundrie: (54:42)
Yeah. Of course. I was thinking it was in the car [inaudible 00:54:47]. This is me.

Officer Robbins: (54:46)
Uh-oh. I’ve got to see this.

Brian Laundrie: (54:54)
I know it was mayonnaise hair.

Officer Robbins: (54:55)
You’re certain that this is still your mailing address, right?

Brian Laundrie: (54:57)
Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Officer Robbins: (54:57)
Let’s do it the right way.

Officer Robbins: (54:57)
All right. And then, Brian what is your phone number?

Officer 4.: (54:57)
I just want to say thank you guys for helping us.

Officer 3: (55:14)
Oh yeah, no problem.

Officer Robbins: (55:15)
Have a good day.

Officer 4.: (55:15)
You too.

Brian Laundrie: (55:15)
My phone number?

Officer Robbins: (55:15)

Officer Robbins: (55:15)

Officer Robbins: (55:18)
All right, Gabrielle. Can I get your phone number?

Officer Robbins: (55:49)

Gabby Petito: (56:06)
It should just be in like Zion [inaudible 00:56:06].

Officer Robbins: (56:06)
Okay. Do you have any problems with me taking a picture of it? I have to have IDs and stuff like that for my investigation.

Gabby Petito: (56:10)
No, that’s okay. That’s okay.

Officer Robbins: (56:13)
Okay. Here. So, this is what I’m going to do. I’ve decided I am not going to cite you for domestic violence battery. Okay? It was only going to be a class B misdemeanor. However, the domestic violence portion of it enhances it. Makes life a major pain in the butt, especially… Your 22, right?

Gabby Petito: (56:41)
Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Officer Robbins: (56:42)
So, I’m choosing not to cite you today. So you are not going to be charged with anything.

Gabby Petito: (56:46)

Officer Robbins: (56:47)
All right. But this is what I do have to do. I am separating the two of you tonight.

Gabby Petito: (56:52)

Officer Robbins: (56:52)
Okay? I want you guys both to be tonight away from each other. Relax, breathe. Crying, because there’s no reason to be crying now. Okay? This is… I understand that this can feel like it’s a nightmare, but you’re coming out as the golden flower on top of it all. Okay. So you’re going to be taking the van tonight, and you’re going to go somewhere else. I am going to get him lined up with a hotel room tonight. I want you guys to stay away from each other, for both of your guys’ sake. From what you told me and what he told me you guys have a bunch of little things that are building up, building up, building up, and finally the little string that you guys were tight-walking on broke tonight. Does that sound about right?

Officer Robbins: (57:40)
So I just want everybody to breathe, get a chance away from each other. Go eat a meal, talk to your parents, whatever it is you got to do.

Officer 2: (57:48)
In here?

Gabby Petito: (57:48)

Officer Robbins: (58:03)
Just hold it so I can get a picture.

Officer Robbins: (58:09)
So, like I said, that’s what I’m going to be doing tonight. Hold on.

Officer Robbins: (58:13)
This is Officer Robins. Oh. Perfect.

Officer Robbins: (58:38)

Officer Robbins: (58:44)
Awesome. Thank you, Phil. Is this your cell phone that I called? Okay. Okay. Well, go ahead and save my number into that phone, and I’ll save your number, or this number into my phone. That way I can contact the on-duty after hours person. So, because I literally had to Google it. So, perfect. Thank you, Phil. I appreciate your time. [inaudible 00:59:42]

Officer Robbins: (59:49)
All right. So, I’ve got him a hotel room tonight. So, here in just a minute, I have to keep you guys separated for right now. Don’t contact each other. Don’t wave at him. Okay? Do you want me to say anything to him? Because I can do that for you.

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:00:03)
Do you want me to say anything to him? Because I can do that for you. You want me to let him know that you love him and that you’ll see him tomorrow and stuff like that? I can do that for you.

Gabby Petito: (01:00:07)
And make sure that he doesn’t forget a phone charger. It’s definitely dead.

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:00:13)
Oh he’s bad about that too?

Gabby Petito: (01:00:14)

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:00:15)
Okay, I’ll make sure that he has a phone charger. Okay?

Gabby Petito: (01:00:16)

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:00:19)
And if I have anything else, please keep your cell phone on so I can call you if I have more questions, alright?

Gabby Petito: (01:00:22)

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:00:22)
Alright, so just kind of sit tight for me real fast, I’m going to go talk to Brian.

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:00:22)
Alright Brian, so a couple of things.

Brian Laundrie: (01:00:22)
Couple of things?

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:00:22)
Couple things. One, I got you a hotel room tonight.

Brian Laundrie: (01:00:32)
Thank you. Is there anything outside? I like outside.

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:00:43)
Number two, and this is probably the biggest one. She claims that she did not have intent to hurt you when she was slapping at you. So technically speaking, it does not fit the letter of the code. So I am not going to be charging her with DV-

Brian Laundrie: (01:01:03)
Domestic Violence.

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:01:04)
Exactly. This is what I am going to do, however. I’m not going to release you guys together. I want you guys to stay away from each other tonight. Okay?

Brian Laundrie: (01:01:14)
That’s fine.

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:01:16)
She’s agreed to it. Take some time to yourselves. You guys both have the exact same stories to what led up to the incident. So taking some time tonight-

Brian Laundrie: (01:01:26)
I really appreciate you guys, honestly. Really appreciate it.

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:01:29)
Taking tonight away from each other is going to be the major breaker in all this. I think that will help you guys, especially tomorrow when you guys meet up. So she does have a couple of messages for you. One, she says she loves you. She’s looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Two, don’t forget a cell phone charger.

Brian Laundrie: (01:01:46)
Yeah he watched me fumble around the entire… took me three laps around the car to find me one.

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:01:49)
Did you find one?

Brian Laundrie: (01:01:49)
I found one.

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:01:49)
Okay. The other thing is, I don’t want you guys to contact each other. I realize we’re all chatting-

Brian Laundrie: (01:01:57)
When you said she was gonna text me or whatever, I was going to send her a message that said, ” Please don’t message me but I love you”. But yeah-

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:02:01)
But tonight-

Brian Laundrie: (01:02:01)
Don’t do anything. Yeah.

Brian Laundrie: (01:02:06)
She’s passing on her love and saying good night and stuff like that, all that ooey-gooey stuff that I do to my wife too. Okay? So-

Brian Laundrie: (01:02:11)
I appreciate it coming from you.

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:02:16)
Just try to not contact each other unless, like I said, earth shattering, something happens, you guys have to jump in the car right now and drive back to Florida there’s something up with your parents. That kind of circumstance.

Officer 223: (01:02:25)
You call us at 911.

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:02:27)
Exactly. Other than that just, have a meal by yourself, catch a breath. You’re going to be in a hotel room watching TV. It’s probably been a few months since you’ve actually got to sit down, relax in some air conditioning and watch TV.

Brian Laundrie: (01:02:38)
That’s a good idea.

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:02:39)
So take some time to yourselves-

Officer 223: (01:02:40)
And clean his feet! In a shower.

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:02:41)
Yeah take a shower man, you got some change of clothes. You got some Tony’s in there, right? All right. Good, good, good. Because they’re going to have everything that you need, shampoo, conditioner all that good stuff.

Brian Laundrie: (01:02:50)
All right.

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:02:50)
Her main concern was to make sure you have a cell phone charger so you guys can meet up tomorrow. Okay?

Brian Laundrie: (01:02:56)
I really appreciate it.

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:02:56)
So, I’m going to walk her over here to the car. Okay? And if you’ll just go stand over here in front of his pickup real quick, we’ll get her out of here and I’ll give you a ride over to your hotel.

Brian Laundrie: (01:03:15)
All righty. You’ll give her my keys won’t you?

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:03:15)

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:03:15)
All righty Gabrielle, you want to step out for me? As you can see I have keys in my hand which is good, it’s okay? So, something that I do that I emphasized to him and I don’t know if I emphasized to you or not, don’t text each other tonight. He wants to pass on the same message you passed to him, he’s really looking forward to talking to you again. But I told him and you, unless there’s earth shattering emergency news, don’t text tonight, okay? Even with the good nights, I love yous. He’s saying good night now, he saying he loves you now, and you guys can talk tomorrow morning, okay? He’s going to go to the hotel. I’m going to give you the keys to the van. [inaudible 01:03:48]. All righty?

Gabby Petito: (01:03:50)

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:03:51)
So, here’s that. I’m giving him a ride over to the hotel. Okay?

Gabby Petito: (01:03:55)

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:03:55)
Everything’s going to be okay

Gabby Petito: (01:03:55)
Will it be okay if I drive… For me to get him in the morning? I’m just curious.

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:04:05)
I’m not going to tell you where he’s going to be at tonight.

Gabby Petito: (01:04:07)
I know.

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:04:08)
Like I said, I want you guys to be separated. But I can tell you this-

Gabby Petito: (01:04:11)
I just don’t usually drive the van so I just wanted to make sure it’s not far.

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:04:18)
No. It’s basically from here to Moonflower. Okay? So not far at all. So let’s get you in the van, let’s get you on your way. Alrighty? You want that Gatorade by the way?

Gabby Petito: (01:04:30)
No thank you.

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:04:30)
You got enough water?

Gabby Petito: (01:04:31)
[inaudible 01:04:31].

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:04:31)
Also, something I want you to know. Here, can you stand over here real fast for me? If you go over to City Market they have a list of places where you can get yourself a shower for like four or five bucks, something like that they’re pretty cheap. A place where you can shower, decompress, de-stress a little bit, alrighty?

Gabby Petito: (01:04:55)
Yeah I just showered yesterday at one of those.

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:04:57)
Well, you didn’t have today happen yesterday. It does my wife wonders. When she gets stressed out, it’s like, “get in the shower, come on, just get in the shower”.

Gabby Petito: (01:05:05)
That does sound really good, actually.

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:05:06)
Go take a shower, relax. Take some time for yourself and like I said, don’t text each other tonight. Text each other tomorrow morning after your eyes open up and you’re fully awake, had coffee or your morning routine, okay? All right Gabrielle, you have a good night, okay?

Gabby Petito: (01:05:34)
Thank you.

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:05:34)
All right guys.

Brian Laundrie: (01:05:34)
[inaudible 01:05:34].

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:05:34)
Ready for a ride?

Brian Laundrie: (01:05:38)
Nice meeting you. [inaudible 01:05:38]

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:05:38)
My door is open, just climb in the back seat for me.

Brian Laundrie: (01:05:40)
Back here?

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:05:42)
Yeah. You can put your backpack back there too.

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:05:48)
Thank you, I appreciate it.

Officer 223: (01:05:48)
Sorry about that approach. I don’t know what the hell I was doing.

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:05:48)
It’s all right it was an interesting pullover I’m sorry.

Officer 223: (01:05:52)
Thanks man.

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:05:53)
Daniel, by the way, sorry I didn’t formally introduce myself. I’m Daniel, I’m 229 so if you hear that-

Officer 220: (01:05:56)

Officer 223: (01:05:56)
223. Ryan.

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:05:56)
See I hear you guys all the time, I just don’t know your numbers.

Officer 220: (01:05:57)
What was your first name?

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:05:57)
Daniel. It was nice meeting you guys. We’ll see you.

Brian Laundrie: (01:06:13)
You listen to [inaudible 01:06:13].

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:06:13)
What’s that?

Brian Laundrie: (01:06:13)
I said, “You listen to [inaudible 01:06:22] music”.

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:06:23)
You like it?

Brian Laundrie: (01:06:25)
I was wondering, do you get to play your own personal music when you drive?

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:06:28)
Heck yeah, dude. I got my own phone hooked up to this thing.

Brian Laundrie: (01:06:30)
You’re just jamming all day.

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:06:31)
Yeah. Hey man, it’s not too hard to go a few hours without having anything interesting happen. Or anything to get the old blood pumping real good, you know what I mean?

Brian Laundrie: (01:06:43)
I stuck my hands up because I didn’t want to scare you when you pulled over.

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:06:45)
Oh no, no. That wasn’t a traditional stop to say the least. So don’t feel bad.

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:06:51)
SO 229 [silence 01:06:55] already know, she did want to pass on her good nights and loves yous and stuff like that, okay? And she understands that I don’t… I didn’t tell her where you’re staying because like I said, I’m trying to keep you guys away from each other for tonight.

Brian Laundrie: (01:07:25)
Where did you say I was going?

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:07:27)
Say that again?

Brian Laundrie: (01:07:29)
Where’d you say I was going?

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:07:30)
I just told her that you were going to a hotel. Okay? So like I said, it’s my request, not legally obligated to hold to it. But I want you guys to take some time away from each other because it will make a world of difference.

Brian Laundrie: (01:07:50)
You have no idea. [inaudible 01:07:50].

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:07:51)
Oh, you’re not in any trouble. You got handcuffs on? I didn’t tell you that I’m taking you to the jail. No, I told you I’m taking you to the hotel. So like I said, my main concern… I told her to go take a shower like I told you to because she seems a lot like my wife. And things that really works for my wife is when she gets stressed out to go take a long, hot shower. So I gave her a place to go where she can get a hotel room, or not a hotel room but get a shower tonight for like four or five bucks. Really cheap.

Brian Laundrie: (01:08:19)
Oh awesome. Thank you for that.

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:08:22)
No problem.

Brian Laundrie: (01:08:24)
[inaudible 01:08:24].

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:08:31)
Oh I’ve got quite a few. Like I said, my wife has really, really bad, bad anxiety and she takes medication for it daily. And sometimes it’s just not enough. Sometimes it builds up and it happens. I mean…

Brian Laundrie: (01:08:44)
My doctor told me I had anxiety, he prescribed me medication [inaudible 01:08:53] I believed that if I took the medication I might put myself off balance and be more anxious. That’s probably just a part of my anxiety.

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:08:58)
Well, I will say this. When my wife got put on the medication, within a week I saw a complete turnaround in her attitude, her demeanor. I mean, she wasn’t nearly as aggressive or angry or anything like that. It was a considerable difference in her day-to-day life. It made her quality of life better, even. You know what I mean?

Brian Laundrie: (01:09:24)
No, no, I know this.

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:09:28)
And it’s made my quality of life a lot better too, because I don’t have her being as stressed. Five and a half years of marriage, I know it’s not very long, but at the same time you learn a lot in the first five years. How long have you guys been together?

Brian Laundrie: (01:09:45)
We’ve known each other since the start of high school. But we’ve been in a relationship for three? [inaudible 01:09:53]

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:09:55)

Brian Laundrie: (01:09:57)
[inaudible 01:09:57] Five months of traveling together. [inaudible 01:10:00].

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:10:01)
I used to, I used to drive a truck. I used to be a commercial motor vehicle driver, you know, the big trucks. And I took my wife with me and we would easily spend a couple months on end without going home or anything like that. And being cooped up in a little eight by eight cage is what I called it, because you didn’t have any time to yourself. So to speak. You didn’t have time to… you know, you’re going through Arizona, you can’t just turn off the road and go see the Grand Canyon or anything like that, so.

Brian Laundrie: (01:10:31)
[inaudible 01:10:31] Well, that was one of the major advantages of having her with me was I could say, “Hey, I’m hungry. Can you get me something to eat?” She was able, because I was driving and she wasn’t, she was able to go back, get into the cooler, lunch or whatever. So there was that as an advantage.

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:10:58)
[inaudible 01:10:58] I’m just shy of two years living out here but my grandfather’s lived out here for like 40. So I’ve been through here a couple of times. But you know, growing up in California, have you ever been there?

Brian Laundrie: (01:11:38)
Yeah. Two years ago [inaudible 01:11:38]

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:11:38)
I love driving the One. I absolutely love it, but

Brian Laundrie: (01:11:43)
I’m really looking forward to going back there. It’s beautiful here, but the desert’s [inaudible 01:11:50]. Coming from New York and the Appalachian trail, all trees and waterfalls and rivers and you come here and it’s all-

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:11:54)
Well, if you take the 80 across to get into California. Takes you up over Donner Pass and into Sacramento, it’s not any different at all. But you said you’re going to be going up to Oregon to see her grandmother or her grandmother’s friend?

Brian Laundrie: (01:12:13)

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:12:13)
So you’ll be probably, excuse me. You’ll probably be coming down the five. You won’t be able to tell the difference between California and Oregon up there, except for the fact that there’s going to be a sign that says, “Welcome to California”. But at the same time, since you’re going to be coming from the east side of Oregon, you’re going to be driving through Oregon and going, “There’s no difference between Utah”. It’s actually desert in the south east corner of Oregon. It’s a lot of high desert atmosphere like what this is. It’s not the red rock or anything like that, but, there’s nothing out there for 120 miles it seems like.

Brian Laundrie: (01:12:48)
What was your favorite part of growing up in California? I mean like parks or [inaudible 01:12:54]

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:12:55)
Parks? Look, if you don’t hit Sequoia National Park while you’re in California you are doing yourself a disservice. If you don’t go and see Yosemite while you’re in California, you’re doing yourself a-

Brian Laundrie: (01:13:07)
Yosemite? I regret not being there longer, we were staying there for three nights? [inaudible 01:13:13]

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:13:14)
It’s like coming to Utah. You come here with the intention of one or two days, and then it turns into a week and you’re like, “Whoa, what happened to the time?” Yeah, trust me. I get it.

Brian Laundrie: (01:13:21)
Building the van was so great because the Nissan Sentra we tried to camp out somewhere like the sleepover at Walmart type situations. And now it’s all BLM land and it’s-

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:13:34)
Wherever you want.

Brian Laundrie: (01:13:35)
[inaudible 01:13:35] you go to the side and you got to bed but it’s a [inaudible 01:13:38].

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:13:54)
But yeah. Sorry, my radio was going off. But no. Sequoia National Park, there is nothing like it. Got to see the General Sherman tree. You got to go and see Moro Rock and climb to the top. You like hiking it’s about a mile and a half hike. Well worth it.

Brian Laundrie: (01:14:12)

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:14:13)
Got to do it. It’s really, really cheap for their tent sites up there. Do you have a National Park Service pas.

Brian Laundrie: (01:14:21)
Mm-hm (affirmative).

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:14:22)

Brian Laundrie: (01:14:24)
That thing is the dream it’s $90, no $80 once. And it’s like you go to three parks [inaudible 01:14:29]

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:14:31)
Exactly. Well, the other thing of it is with that drive, if you go through Yosemite, you’ll drop down into Fresno and then you’ll turn off to go to Kings Canyon National Park. If you drive through Kings Canyon National Park the road literally takes you through to Sequoia National Park. And the Kings Canyon is actually bigger than the Grand Canyon.

Brian Laundrie: (01:14:55)
Ah, well damn.

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:14:57)
Yeah. I’m dead serious. I’m dead serious. And it is a sight to behold. I’ll tell you what.

Brian Laundrie: (01:15:05)
[inaudible 01:15:05].

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:15:05)
Yeah it takes you straight into sequoias, and then when you get into, I think they call it Sierra Highway still up there, but you’ll take that down and you’ll pop up into a town called Three Rivers. It’s where I’m from.

Brian Laundrie: (01:15:18)
Three Rivers?

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:15:20)

Brian Laundrie: (01:15:25)
[inaudible 01:15:25]. Sequoia right?

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:15:28)
I think the furthest I lived away from it was like 12 miles from the entrance. I just hope you don’t get motion sickness because it’s… I think I counted it out to 32 hairpin turns and it’s about 25 miles an hour the whole way up and down. It’s very, very slow. It takes about an hour to travel that 30 miles, 35 miles, whatever it is, but it’s worth it.

Brian Laundrie: (01:16:01)
Yeah I grew up in [inaudible 01:16:01] next to the mountains and hiking [inaudible 01:16:18].

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:16:01)
All right. We’re here.

Brian Laundrie: (01:16:01)
And you said that I didn’t have to file anything?

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:16:24)
We got [silence 01:16:24] We’re going to come in here. We’re going to accompany you to [inaudible 01:17:07].

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:17:06)

Tyson: (01:17:07)

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:17:08)
Officer Robbins, Phil called for me?

Tyson: (01:17:10)
He did, yes.

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:17:11)
This is Brian Laundrie.

Tyson: (01:17:13)
All right.

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:17:14)
So he’s going to get you all set up with your hotel room and he’s going to take care of it from here.

Brian Laundrie: (01:17:18)
All right. Well, thank you so much.

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:17:20)
Alrighty. And like I said, just remember my requests. I think it’ll make a big difference in your guys’ next couple of weeks at the very least.

Brian Laundrie: (01:17:27)
I really appreciate it, thank you so much. For everything.

Officer Daniel Robbins: (01:17:29)
No problem. It’s nice to meet you, Brian.

Brian Laundrie: (01:17:31)
Nice to meet you. Have a good one.

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