Feb 16, 2023

Former South Carolina GOP Governor Nikki Haley Rally Transcript

Former South Carolina GOP Governor Nikki Haley Rally Transcript
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Former South Carolina Governor and U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley officially launches her bid for Republican presidential nomination in Charleston, South Carolina. Read the transcript here.

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John Hagee (00:00):

… Who calls the stars by name, who holds the seven seas in the palms of his hand, who breathed into dust on creation’s morning, and man became a living soul. As we gather here, we ask that you bless this day with your presence and your peace. We do so at the command of Saint Paul, who wrote to pray for all men, for kings and all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life. Dear lord, make us be instruments of your peace. Where there is hatred, let us show love. Where there is injury, let us show pardon. Where there is doubt, let us show faith. Where there is despair, let us show hope. Where there is darkness, let us show light. Where there is sadness, let us show joy. We pray for the peace of our nation, peace that can bring healing to our wounds, peace that can bring confidence for tomorrow and joy for today.

When Solomon was anointed king of Israel, he requested one thing of God; a wise and understanding heart, saying that the fear of the lord is the beginning of wisdom. On this special day, we petition the courts of heaven to give Ambassador Nikki Haley a wise and understanding heart. Give her wisdom that is supernatural. King David writes, “For he will give his angels charge over you, to keep you in all of your ways.” May the angelic escort of almighty God go before Ambassador Haley to prepare her way, and behind her to be her rear guard. As she has been a defender of Israel, so let her experience the promise of God given to Abraham and to all who are righteous, “I will bless those who bless you.”

The word of God says in Micah 6:8, “He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the lord require of you but to do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God?” Lord God, king of the universe, as we encounter both trial and triumph, may we always act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with you. May all who hear this today receive this blessing that is recorded in the word of God. May the lord bless you, and may the lord keep you, and may the lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you. May the lord turn his countenance upon you and give you peace. In the authority of your name, and for you glory, we pray and ask these things. And all of God’s children said amen, and amen.

Audience (03:00):


Nikki Haley (03:09):

To honor America with the singing of our National Anthem, please welcome South Carolina native and American Idol winner, Candice Glover.

Candice Glover (03:14):


Audience (03:14):


Nikki Haley (05:55):

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the podium the former chairman of the South Carolina Republic Party, Katon Dawson.

Rodney Atkins (06:08):

( singing)

Katon Dawson (06:08):

Wow, wow, and I get to follow Pastor Hagee and Candice. How about that? And then they told me it was my job to warm the crowd up. It can’t get any hotter than this. So, good morning. It’s another great day in South Carolina. A lot of new faces in the crowd. New faces, we’re going new places. I really appreciate those civil cadets behind me, because it always makes you feel safe, doesn’t it? It is a privilege and a pleasure being with you today. All of you could be somewhere else, all of you, but you chose to be here with us today, making history; very special occasion and special history.

Nikki Haley has always been underestimated in every race and adventure she’s undertaken. They wanted me to tell you how I met Nikki Haley, and I first met her seeing her in action while in her first race for the State House. It seems she was given out Doughnuts. That would be Krispy Kreme doughnuts, to be exact … To moms and dads, while dropping off their children at middle school. I walked up and I was told to come see Nikki, because she was different. She worked hard. She was honest, and I went up to her, and I looked down and I asked her for one of those doughnuts. And she looked up at me and she said, “You in my district?”

And I started to laugh, and I was just … I said, “No,” and she said, “Well, I’ll let you have one.” So then she looked at me and she said, “You know I’m going to win, don’t you?” And I went, “Wow. Wow, she’s got a lot of confidence. ‘I’m going to win.'” And I thought, “She’s winning against a 30-year incumbent in South Carolina, who has won 15 straight elections. And she just told me, ‘You know I’m going to win.’ Hmm, okay.” Went to my car and said, “Man, I love that kind of enthusiasm. I hope she enjoys herself when she goes back home,” but she won, overwhelming.

And then came a South Carolina governor’s race in 2009, underestimated again. She was in last place when she started, at a state Republican convention with all the heavy hitters; a sitting attorney general who hadn’t lost, a two-term lieutenant governor, a very, very popular upstate congressman. And here was Nikki Haley in last place, and she’s coming up to the podium. There are 4,000 activists at this convention, and I had known Nikki because I got a doughnut from her, so I knew her. I shook hands, and she looked at me again, and this friendly voice, and she said, “You know, Katon, I’m going to win this thing.”

And so what I have learned is, don’t underestimate Nikki. They put her on the back bench at the House, and y’all, for the longest time they called her Nikki Who? And I went, “Wow, they underestimated Nikki again.” So once again, when you underestimate Nikki Haley, you’re making a mistake. Second of all, when she tells you something, you might better believe it. So ladies and gentlemen, our country was started against all odds, right here in Charleston, South Carolina, all the way to downtown Boston. You’re sitting in a place where the country was started. Some will argue, but I can tell you, go read the things on the side of the buildings. Benjamin Franklin’s office was right down here, where he printed brochures for the churches. It was started here by a very, very small group of patriots, and nobody told them they had a chance, nobody.

And the lesson learned here is, they started against the King of England the most powerful army ever, to birth a new country. The lesson learned here is, a small group of patriots can turn into a big group very quickly, if you have the right leader. If you want to change the country, you’ve got to change the leadership. It all starts here today. Now I call the former two-term governor of the state of South Carolina, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, and with your courage, hopes and prayers, she will be the next President of the United States.

So let’s do a little … Let’s do a little work right here. I want all of you here today to pull these things out. Everybody, pull your cell phones out. Please don’t take a picture of me. All I did was get a doughnut. You’re going to see nikkihaley.com, or you’re going to text to that number. This is the start of a movement, a start here today on changing our country and making a new direction. Please, donate to us. Help us. Volunteer. This is America. We’ve got to be proud enough to want to keep it and change it. Thank you very much for being here today.

Rodney Atkins (11:55):


Audience (11:55):

Nikki, Nikki, Nikki, Nikki, Nikki-

Nikki Haley (11:55):

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Cindy Warmbier.

Aaron Tippin (11:55):


Cindy Warmbier (14:09):

What a miracle. What a miracle for all of us to be here today, and especially for me. I’ll try to be quick and I’ll try not to cry, because this is a happy occasion. Seven years ago, I was a happy mom in the suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio. All right, there’s some Ohioans. As you can tell, I never planned on being a public speaker. All I can tell you is right now, I’m missing my first paragraph. Oh, thank you. I never planned on this, and you’re going to understand this. I never planned on fighting one of the world’s biggest, brutal tyrants in the world, and here I am doing it.

My son Otto was invited to North Korea on an organized tour. He was taken hostage, tortured and murdered by the government of North Korea. But because of him I’m here, so let’s all give some love out to Otto, and thank him for bringing this stage to me. Thank you, Otto. Our story was in every newspaper and on every TV station in America. We never got to talk our hug Otto, and the way he came back was horrific. But there’s a lot you don’t know, and that’s why I’m here. I came here to tell you how Nikki Haley changed my life, to tell you that Nikki was a glimmer of light in the darkest period of my life, to tell you why America would be lucky to have Nikki Haley in the White House.

I poured every ounce of energy into bringing Otto home, and I didn’t know what to do with myself. I wanted justice for Otto, but I didn’t know how. I met Nikki at the 2018 State of the Union address, nearly a year after we had buried Otto. I was asked prior to the State

Cindy Warmbier (16:00):

… union if there was anyone I wanted to meet. Guess who I picked? I always admired Nikki and wanted to meet her. She agreed, no questions asked. She embraced me and we became friends. I was able to confide in her and seek direction in the world I knew nothing about, how to stand up and be strong and not be intimidated. Nikki invited me to attend a UN national security meeting with her. I was able to see her standing up and fighting for what is right. It was contentious and tough. When I thanked her for allowing me to attend, I asked her, and this is the key right here. “How are you so strong?” Because I saw strength in Nikki and I wanted it for myself. She said, “You have to stand up. If you’re not strong, the bad guy sense it. They sense your weakness.” And then she walked me through how to fight.

When we were begging the Obama administration for help, they told us to be quiet and be patient. Nikki told us the opposite. She told me it’s okay to be afraid like I am now. But I had to push through fear. She told us to be loud and fight back, to fight for justice, to fight for ourselves and to fight for Otto. Fred and I made our personal mission to seek justice for Otto. We passed laws and Otto’s name, ceased North Korean assets, and helped closed down illegal businesses run by the North Koreans. None of this would’ve been possible without Nikki’s leadership and encouragement. There’s a lot of people in politics who will happily tell you how highly they think of themselves. Nikki is like that. She won’t tell you about our private conversations. So I will tell you about the texts and emails she sent me, making sure I was okay, appealing my resolve. I will tell you how she promised me she would do everything she could to make sure that the world never forgot Otto.

She’s still doing that. How she took on North Korea wearing a pendant with Otto’s name on it that Fred and I have given her. I will tell you about her strength, her compassion, and her belief that every human being is worth fighting for. I will tell you that Nikki didn’t help me because it was her job. She did it as a mom, a friend, and a fighter who made my fight her own. That’s why I’m here today, to tell you we need a leader in the White House who inspires us to become the best versions of ourselves, who understands our fears and pushes us to conquer them. I’m here to tell you that we meet Nikki Haley fighting for all our children the way she fought for Otto. To tell you we need a patriot who reminds us every day that no matter what happens, you are blessed to be Americans. I am here to tell you Nikki Haley is that leader, that fighter, that patriot. I hope you will join me in supporting her. Thank you and God bless America.

Speaker 1 (21:10):

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome United States representative from South Carolina’s fifth Congressional District, Ralph Norman.

John Hagee (22:33):

All I can say is wow. Look at this crowd. Look at this crowd. When Nikki said we were going to have thousands to come. I said, “Where are you going to put them?” I now know where they’re putting, everywhere. They would be in the rafters. By your presence, you make the Democrats very nervous. Folk, the only way Democrats might get a portions of this crowd is if they had steaks, filet mignon, salads, chocolate mouse. They would fill up a telephone booth is all they would do. My name is Ralph Norman. I represented the Fifth District and I’m so honored to be in the great city of Charleston, South Carolina. There’s something iconic about Charleston and having this event now. Charleston, as Kate said, is a wonderful place full of rich history.

This is important because I know what we are kicking off today will make history. I want to thank all of our law enforcement in where we are now. They do not get enough credit. I want to recognize Nikki’s husband, Michael Hay. Michael, not only are you the First Gentleman, but I want to congratulate you on your many years in the Army National Guard. Thank you for [inaudible 00:23:57]. Folks, I cannot describe how honored I am to stand here today to speak on behalf of my good friend, Nikki Haley. What as some of you know, we go back in 2004, we were both elected as freshmen of the members of the South Carolina legislature. And folks, back then I had brown hair. I didn’t have all of these wrinkles, didn’t have a turkey neck.

But you know who has not changed? Nikki Haley. She has not changed at all. I need some of her genes. Nikki and I immediately became kindred spirits as we took on the Columbia machine that has ruled our great state of far too long. Though we felt as if we were small fish in a big pond, we were really not afraid to stand up to the establishment and the good old boy system. That is why Nikki and I hit it off immediately. I was told and I agreed not to fold to the so-called establishment and guess who didn’t it either, Nikki Haley. We’re not going to stay silent today. As some of you may have read back in January, a group that started out as five of us grew to 20 to challenge the leadership in Washington DC and to return the government back to you, the people. And do you know who has been right along with me, as she’s been in Congress? Nikki Haley.

Nick and I are Republicans. But folks, let me tell you something. We are conservatives first. We can’t say that about every Republican in this state or country. Nikki made a name for herself as she stood up for the true conservative values in the State House. And everyone, all of us can see, she was destined for much bigger things. It became very clear to me that God had crafted a purpose for her life and it did not stop in the State House. When she first announced her candidacy for governor, I was proud to be one of the first elected officials to come out forward. Nikki led our state to a prosperity that we have not experienced in a long period of time.

During Governor Haley’s tenure, South Carolina was a national leader in economic development and that’s why she was dubbed the jobs governor. She turns South Carolina’s economy around and transformed our state to a manufacturing powerhouse. And let me tell you the secret, you know how she did it? Folks, she cut taxes, she cut regulations. Get this, 85,613 jobs were created in all 46 counties. 21.5 billion in capital investment were made during her administration. You know just as she made the call for Cindy with Otto, I was with a group the other day and one happened to be an industry… I think it was either Michelin or one of the tire companies. She made the call. She calls the citizens to recruit for South Carolina. That’s what Nikki Haley does. The unemployment rate hit a 15-year low. And when she left office, South Carolina, [inaudible 00:27:41], she was able to move thousands from welfare to work. And it’s because of her leadership in South Carolina, we are known as the beast of the southeast. It was because, folks, of her distinguished accomplishments as governor, her ability to negotiate on behalf of the taxpayers, and her gentle but powerful strength that made her the ideal candidate for meeting that big name as the ambassador to the United Nations under the Trump administration. As ambassador, Nikki displayed her warrior mentality by fighting to protect American ideals and principles from being destroyed by foreign adversaries, trying to undermine our great republic as I speak today.

Speaking of President Trump in 2016, President Trump was exactly what the Republican Party and our country needed. You see, for too long the Republican Party has been marginalized and watered down by liberals in both government and throughout the media. But when President Trump came along along, he reminded Republicans how to stand boldly for our beliefs and commitments to the freedoms that we enjoy today. And I want to thank Donald Trump for his service and his place as one of the great leaders of all time. During the Trump years, folks, the American people recognized what qualities we needed in a leader. Nikki Haley has those very qualities desperately needed in America today. A fierce, a bold leader who will fight for America. You know it was in the 1979 that Great Britain elected the first woman prime minister, Margaret Thatcher.

She was known as the Iron Lady because of her bold leadership style. I believe Nikki Haley is America’s version of Margaret Thatcher. She is a fighter, but she fought fights in a very calm demeanor, but folks don’t let that calm demeanor fool you. Nikki will be a leader with an iron fist and a velvet glove. Nikki loves America and it people and will not sit by idly and watch the radical left hope destroy our country as is now happening before our very eyes. Nikki recognizes that economic security is national security. She will fight against the woke culture. She will fight to secure our borders, which is ushering in the fentanyl that is killed over a hundred thousand of our youth last year. She will fight to become energy independent. She will fight for a strong military because she believes its peace through strength. She will fight to support our only democracy in the Middle East, Israel. She’ll appoint true conservatives to the highest court of the land, our Supreme Court. She is a loving mother who believes in the sanctity of life and that it begins in the womb. And most importantly, Nikki Haley is a faithful servant of our almighty God. Like most of you here today, I believe Republicans are desperately looking for the new leadership at the top of the ticket, a new fresh vision for our nation defined by real solutions over political rhetoric. And perhaps most importantly, a Republican nominee who can defeat the socialist Democrats who are currently dismantling the very fabric that has made our country so great for over 232 years. In closing, America’s looking for a leader who will fight for American values. They’re looking

John Hagee (32:00):

… looking for a leader who will fight to keep America strong and safe, a leader who will fight for the very freedoms that we all enjoy and hope to pass on to future generations, a leader who will fight for America with an iron fist in a velvet glove. That is why I’m here in Charleston, South Carolina today, to introduce to you a leader who will soon make history, folks. A leader who likes to say, “It’s a great day in South Carolina.” But Nikki, I think it’s now, it’s a great day in the United States of America. Folks, let me say, I really don’t know what title to introduce my good friend. Is it Madam Ambassador? Is it my friend, my governor? But here’s how I’m going to introduce her, the future President or The United States. Join me, Nikki Haley.

Nikki Haley (35:27):

Wow, this is fantastic. Thank you so much. It’s a great day in South Carolina. Thank you all for being here. I have to say, before I start, I’ve got to give a shout-out to the people who took the podium before me. To Pastor Hagee, I still say, “I want to be you when I grow up.” Thank you Candice Glover, you are a star and a source of pride for South Carolina. That was amazing. Katon Dawson, you will forever be the best party chairman South Carolina has ever had. To Cindy and Fred Warmbier and their family, you will always have my heart. Otto is so proud of you today. I know that. And to Ralph Norman, you know I would’ve been right there with you in Congress holding them accountable. God bless you. I love you. Thank you so much.

I’m so glad to be with the people I love in the state I love to talk about saving the country I love. I have always had a deep belief in America, but I know America is better than all the division and distractions that we have today. And I’m confident that the American people agree. We’re ready, ready to move past the stale ideas and faded names of the past, and we are more than ready for a new generation to lead us into the future. I come here today with a vision of that future. I see a strong America full of opportunity, that lifts up everyone, not just a select few. I see a proud America, confident in who we are and what we stand for, and I see America leading the world in freedom and in peace.

But this vision isn’t just mine. It’s the core of our nation’s history, and it called to my parents over 50 years ago. I am the proud daughter of Indian immigrants and I am blessed that they are here today. My parents left India in search of a better life. They found it in Bamberg, South Carolina, population 2,500. Our little town came to love us, but it wasn’t always easy. We were the only Indian family. Nobody knew who we were, what we were, or why we were there. But my parents knew. And every day they reminded my brothers and my sister that even on our worst day, we are blessed to live in America.

They were right then and they’re right now. My parents came to a country that was gaining strength and growing in confidence, but that was then, now America is falling behind. Our future is flipping, our leaders are failing us, and no one embodies that failure more than Joe Biden. Right now, in the greatest country in human history, we have too many families paying too much for groceries, too many mothers searching frantically for baby formula, and too many children who are so far behind in the classroom, they may never get ahead. We have too many small businesses who can’t afford rent and too many big businesses getting taxpayer bailouts.

We have too much crime on our streets, too many drugs flooding our cities, and too few police and border patrol. And from Joe Biden on down, our leaders put too much trust in big government and too little trust in the American people. They have us spiraling towards socialism with a new trillion-dollar spending bill every few months, and a national debt over $30 trillion. This is not the America that called to my parents. And make no mistake, this is not the America I will leave to my children. We must stop socialism before it’s too late, it’s weakening America from within. But there’s something else that’s eating away at our national core.

On Biden and Harris’s watch, a self-loathing has swept our country. It’s in the classroom, the boardroom, and the backrooms of government. Every day we’re told America is flawed, rotten, and full of hate. Joe and Kamala even say America’s racist. Nothing could be further from the truth. The American people know better, my immigrant parents know better. And take it from me, the first minority female governor in history, America is not a racist country. This self-loathing is a virus more dangerous than any pandemic. It’s a system of a lack of pride in our country and a lack of trust in our leaders, and it ignores the values that have sustained America since our founding. I have traveled around the world and back, I’ve seen what else is out there. America isn’t perfect, but the principles at America’s core are perfect. And the American people are not full of hate, we’re full of love and we are sustained by faith. I always go back to the book of Joshua, “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid. Do not be discouraged for God will be with you wherever you go.” Strengthening America, believing once again in America is the only way to defend ourselves from those who want to destroy us. When America’s distracted, the world is less safe. And today our enemies think that the American era has passed. They’re wrong. America is not past our prime, it’s just that our politicians are past theirs.

Joe Biden isn’t leading from behind, he’s not leading at all. On his watch, a terrorist mob conquered Afghanistan and killed our troops. Iran is on the brink of getting the bomb. North Korea is launching more missiles than ever. Russia started the biggest war in Europe in 75 years. And in communist China, we faced the strongest and most disciplined enemy in history. It is unthinkable that Americans would look at the sky and see a Chinese spy balloon looking back at us. China’s dictators want to cover the world in communist tyranny, and we’re the only ones who can stop them. But let me be clear, we won’t win the fight for the 21st century if we keep trusting politicians from the 20th century. America is on a path of doubt, division, and self-destruction, a path of fading patriotism and weakening power. The stakes are nothing less than our survival. And you and I and every American is being summoned to bold action. And so I have an announcement to make. I stand before you as the daughter of immigrants, as the proud wife of a combat veteran, and as the mom of two amazing children. I’ve served as Governor of the great State of South Carolina, and as America’s ambassador to the United Nations. And above all else, I’m a grateful American citizen who knows our best days are yet to come if we unite and fight to save our country. I have devoted my life to this fight, and I’m just getting started. For a strong America, for a proud America, I am running for President of the United States of America.

When I look to the future, I see America strong once more. We’ll end inflation and build an economy that works for all, just like we did in South Carolina.

Nikki Haley (48:00):

In the America I see, every child gets a world-class education because every parent gets to pick their child’s school. And no politician will be able to close those schools ever again. In the America I see, police know we have their backs, and criminals know we have their number, and our states will be safe again. In the America I see, we stop the surge of drugs and illegal immigration. That means having a real border and mandatory E-Verify like we got done In South Carolina, businesses must hire Americans, not illegals. In the America I see, everyone has full confidence in our elections. Voter ID will be the law of the land just like we did in South Carolina. The America I see is freer and better for all, because Washington will finally serve the people instead of the political class. We’ll end corporate welfare and bailouts for big business, and we’ll end the earmarks and pork that fuel big government. And when it comes to our politicians, we’ll light a fire under them.

Their job is not to say things on TV, their job are to do things in DC, like solve problems instead of ignoring or creating them. In the America I see, the permanent politician will finally retire. We’ll have term limits for Congress and mandatory mental competency test for politicians over 75 years old. Most of all, I see a strong America because I see a proud America. Strong and proud, not weak and woke, that’s the America I see. The America I see will win the fight for the 21st century, we’ll have the courage and confidence to defend our values and defeat our enemies. In this America, the Armed Forces of the United States will be stronger and more capable than ever. A strong military doesn’t start wars, a strong military prevents wars. In this America, we’ll start pumping more oil and gas, and stop buying dirty oil from Venezuela. We’ll stand with our allies from Israel to Ukraine, and stand up to our enemies in Iran and Russia. And in the America I see, communist China won’t just lose. Like the Soviet Union before it, communist China will end up on the ash heap of history.

Realizing this vision won’t be easy, it will take an unparalleled level of commitment from all of us. It requires faith and a willingness to move past the status quo. And it will require doing things we’ve never done, like sending a tough-as-nails woman to the White House. We need someone who can shake up Washington and the political class. I’ve done it before, starting right here. I will always be grateful to the people of South Carolina who took a chance on me.

Speaker 2 (53:50):

We love you.

Nikki Haley (53:52):

I love you too. When I ran against the longest-serving legislator in the state, no one said I had a shot, but together, we won. When I ran for governor, people said, “Nikki who?” but together, we won. We cut taxes, created thousands of jobs and revitalized our economy. Business Journal started calling South Carolina the Beast of the Southeast, which I love. And when President Trump nominated me for Ambassador to the United Nations, people said I didn’t have the experience. Then I went to work. I told the world that America would have the backs of our allies. And for those who didn’t have our backs, we were taking names. The dictators, murderers and thieves of the UN didn’t know what hit them. I’ve been underestimated before, that’s always fun. And I’ve been shaking up the status quo my entire life.

As I set out on this new journey, I will simply say this, may the best woman win.

Speaker 3 (55:33):

We got your back.

Nikki Haley (55:34):

Oh, I got your back too. All kidding aside, this is not about identity politics, I don’t believe in that. And I don’t believe in glass ceilings either. I believe in creating a country where anyone can do anything and achieve their own American Dream. The college student who’s paying too much and getting too little from her education, the young adult in his first real job wondering how he’ll ever afford a mortgage or start a family, the single mom working two jobs and three times harder than everyone else, the small-town dad who saw his factory leave town and thinks his future went with it. I’m fighting for all of us because all of us have to be in this together. But hear this, unity does not come from faint hearts or watered-down compromises, that just leaves everyone wanting more. Real national unity comes from boldly proclaiming our national purpose and persuading opponents to join us. My purpose is to save our country from the downward spiral of socialism and defeatism. I aim to move America upward, toward freedom and strength.

I’ll take this message far and wide in the days ahead, and I have a particular message from my fellow Republicans. We’ve lost the popular vote in seven of the last eight presidential elections. Our cause is right, but we have failed to win the confidence of a majority of Americans. Well, that ends today. If you’re tired of losing, put your trust in a new generation. And if you want to win, not just as a party, but as a country, stand with me. As my family and I start this journey, we ask for your prayers, and yes, of course, we ask for your vote. But there’s something else we need even more, something our country needs above all else, it’s your spirit and your belief in America. Look past the failed ideas of the leaders in Washington, and find the courage to be part of the solution. Cast off the fear that our best days are behind us, and join the movement for our country’s renewal. See the same America I see, and stand for America together with me.

I’m more confident than ever that we can make this vision real in our time, because that’s what I’ve seen my entire life. As a brown girl growing up in a black and white world, I saw the promise of America unfold before me. As the proud wife of a combat veteran, I saw our people’s deep love of freedom and the determination to defend it. As governor, I saw our state move beyond hate and violence and lift up everyone in peace. And as ambassador, I saw that America is still the standard. Where we lead, the world follows. When we speak, the world listens. Who we are, the world wants to be. I’ll never forget the day, as ambassador, when I stood on the Simón Bolívar Bridge, between Columbia and Venezuela and South America. I watched thousands of Venezuelans walk by, holding their babies in the hot sun for hours, to get the one meal they might get that day. Where they came from, they’ve been killing zoo animals for food.

They were fleeing socialism and yearning for freedom. When I left the bridge, the families started to gather around me. I didn’t understand why they flocked to someone they had never met. And then, it hit me. They didn’t care who I was, they cared where I was from. In me, they saw America, and in America, they saw hope. The time has come to renew that spirit and rally our people. Our moment is now, our mission is clear. Let’s save our country and secure our future, and let’s move forward together toward our destiny in a strong and proud America. Thank you. God bless you and God bless America.

Speaker 4 (01:01:00):


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