Sep 21, 2020

Donald Trump Transcript September 21: Wants SCOTUS Vote Before Election

Donald Trump Transcript September 21: Wants SCOTUS Vote Before Election
RevBlogTranscriptsDonald Trump Transcript September 21: Wants SCOTUS Vote Before Election

President Donald Trump gave remarks about the SCOTUS vacancy on September 21 on his way to Ohio. He said he’d like to see the Senate vote on a SCOTUS nomination before the election, and that he is looking at five women as a replacement for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Transcript of his remarks here.

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President Donald Trump: (00:00)
I’m going to Ohio. Things seem to be very good. We have been doing very well with the China virus, but they’ve had pretty big spike in Europe as you know, in UK in particular. And I’m sure they’ll have that under control, hopefully soon, but we’re in very good shape. The vaccines are coming along. I just got a report. The vaccines are coming along rapidly. Therapeutics are coming along very well and we’ll see what happens, but too bad about Europe, too bad.

Speaker 2: (00:34)
Mr. President? [crosstalk 00:00:36].

Speaker 3: (00:37)
[inaudible 00:00:37] pick before Friday?

President Donald Trump: (00:39)
I would say on Friday or Saturday, I’ll be announcing the pick. Five women are being looked at and vetted very carefully. Five, and we’ll make a decision probably Saturday, but Friday, or Saturday.

Speaker 2: (00:57)
Do you plan meet with any of them in person? Do you plan to meet with any of them in person before you make your decision?

President Donald Trump: (01:04)
Yeah, I will.

Speaker 2: (01:05)
When do you plan to do that?

President Donald Trump: (01:06)
During this period of time.

Speaker 2: (01:07)
Do you think all five?

President Donald Trump: (01:09)
I don’t know. I doubt it.

Speaker 2: (01:10)
But in person?

President Donald Trump: (01:11)
I doubt it,, but we’ll meet with a few, probably.

Speaker 4: (01:15)
Have you talked to any of them yet?

President Donald Trump: (01:16)
Say it.

Speaker 4: (01:16)
Have you talked to any of them yet?

President Donald Trump: (01:18)
I have.

Speaker 4: (01:18)

President Donald Trump: (01:18)
I have. Today and yesterday, day before.

Speaker 4: (01:23)
Is it better to have a vote on your nominees before the election, or after?

President Donald Trump: (01:29)
Well, I’d much rather have a vote before the election, because there’s a lot of work to be done and I’d much rather have it. We have plenty of time to do it. There’s really a lot of time. So, let’s say I make the announcement on Saturday. There’s a great deal of time before the election. That’ll be up to Mitch and the Senate, but I’d certainly much rather have the vote. I think it sends a good signal and it’s solidarity and lots of other things. And I’m just doing my constitutional obligation. I have an obligation to do this, so I would rather see it before the election.

Speaker 2: (02:06)
What would it be [crosstalk 00:02:07].

Speaker 5: (02:06)
Are you worried about some Republican Senators, who may be a little reluctant?

President Donald Trump: (02:12)
We’ll have to see. I would think that that would be very bad for them. I think their voters, the people that voted them, put them there because of a certain ideology, or a certain feel. And they don’t want to have somebody do that. I think it’s very bad if they do that.

Speaker 2: (02:27)
What would be your concern if it happened after the election, sir?

Speaker 6: (02:30)
What makes you think that the last words, supposedly the last wishes of Dr. Ginsburg were made up? Because it supposedly came from her granddaughter

President Donald Trump: (02:37)
Yeah, it just sounds to me like it would be somebody else. I don’t believe… It could be. It could be, and it might not be too. It was just too convenient.

Speaker 2: (02:47)
What would be your concern if the vote happened after election day?

President Donald Trump: (02:50)
No concern, I just think it would be better. They asked would I rather have it. I’d rather have it before the election. I think it would be better for our country and we’ll pick somebody that’s outstanding, very qualified. They’re all qualified, but somebody that is outstanding and I’d rather see it all take place before the election. So before November 3rd.

Speaker 2: (03:12)
Are you concerned if you lost the election, it would be harder to get the person confirmed?

President Donald Trump: (03:15)
No, I don’t think so. No, I think we’re going to win. If you look at the polls, the real polls, we’re doing very well. We’re going to Ohio tonight. We’re packed. We’re packed everywhere. There’s never been, we’ve never had spirit like we have now. Even four years ago, the spirit now is greater even than it was four years ago. [crosstalk 00:03:35]

Speaker 7: (03:34)
… your message tomorrow to the UN. Did you just tape it.

President Donald Trump: (03:38)
I did. I just did it, just there. My message is a strong message on China. And basically you’ll see it, you’ll see it tomorrow, but I just did it a little while ago.

Speaker 7: (03:49)
Are you leaning towards one candidate or another?

President Donald Trump: (04:00)
I have one, or two that I have in mind. [crosstalk 00:04:05].

Speaker 8: (04:05)
… think poisoned Alexei Navalny?

President Donald Trump: (04:06)
Say it.

Speaker 8: (04:06)
Who do you think poisoned Alexei Navalny in Russia?

President Donald Trump: (04:11)
We’ll talk about that at another time.

Speaker 2: (04:16)
Is Amy Coney…

President Donald Trump: (04:17)
One of the people that’s very respected, but they’re all respected. She’s certainly one of the candidates. Yes.

Speaker 2: (04:22)
And when you go down to Miami where you meet with Barbara Lagoa?

President Donald Trump: (04:27)
I may, she’s highly thought of. And I’m getting a lot of phone calls from a lot of people. She has a lot of support. I don’t know it, but I hear she’s outstanding.

Speaker 2: (04:42)
And sir…

President Donald Trump: (04:43)
And she’s one of the people we’re looking at.

Speaker 2: (04:44)
Did you push the DOJ to name Seattle, and New York, and Portland anarchistic cities?

President Donald Trump: (04:49)
Well, I think they are, but that’s up to DOJ. That will be up to the attorney general. But certainly they are. If you look at Portland, you look at what’s going on there. What a mess. Go ahead. And we could straighten it out. All Democrats, all radical lefts, we could straighten it out so fast. Go ahead.

Speaker 9: (05:10)
When will you make a final decision on TikTok?

President Donald Trump: (05:13)
That’s working its way through. I give it a preliminary okay. They will work at two great companies, Oracle and Walmart. Now Larry Ellison’s a great genius at that kind of thing. The technology is incredible. And so if we can save it, we’ll save it. And if we can’t, we’ll cut it off. But they have preliminary. We’ll see what they could do. We have to have total security. That’s the only thing. Very important. We have to have total security. I’ll see you in Ohio. Thank you.

Speaker 2: (05:46)
Thank you, sir.

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